19 Ocak 2023

Summer Nowhere Part One “The Summer Home”


written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 Every year the Clark family goes on its annual summer vacation trip. They own a house out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless amounts of trees and a lake that spans on for miles. While on these vacations, it is rare to come across another soul, which is what they liked about it. They got to escape from the world and just have a little fun and relaxation before heading back into their daily lives. As time went on, these trips seemed to no longer excite their children. They wanted to stay home and spend the summer hanging out with their friends and doing whatever it was that teenagers did during the summer. The Clarks always managed to drag their kids along anyways, but this year was the hardest. The Clarks were seconds away from losing their only tradition and something needed to be done in order to keep it going. So … they let each of their kids invite a friend. Colby, their oldest child of seventeen, decided to bring along his friend Brian. Brian, who was also seventeen, had moved to their town only six months ago and Colby had taken it upon himself to be friends with the boy. He thought inviting him would make him feel like he really did have a friend and really did belong where he ended up, which Colby believed to be the truth, with or without the summer trip. Hannah, the youngest child at sixteen, decided to bring Isobel, who had been her best friend since first grade, when they both realized they had that same birthday. So this trip was not going to be a complete and total waste. Besides, Hannah şişli escort had a plan to set Isobel and Brian up. She felt they were perfect for each other and Colby agreed, match making is what she did and she felt she did it well. “So anything big planned this summer?” Mrs. Clark asked from the front seat of their brand new 2012 Mazda CX-9, of which Mr. Clark had been very proud of and would not shut up about at the beginning of their seven hour drive. “Anything fun and exciting?” “I am thinking a week long camping trip,” Colby informed her, he was big into the outdoors and always made an effort to go camping. “Show Brian and Iso what the real outdoors are.” “Eww,” Isobel laughed, pulling her head out of her book long enough to give Colby a disgusted look. “You can count me out. Me and the outdoors do not get along.” “Maybe it’s because you like to destroy nature,” he made a smart ass remark to her. “Cutting down her beautiful trees to make those precious books out of her.” “Well we had to do something to make her more enjoyable,” she laughed, blushing slightly. Isobel was a giant nerd, her head was always in a book and she was smarter than the average human. Colby liked to make fun of her and get on her case about it, it was his main source of enjoyment. “That sounds like fun dear,” Mrs. Clark finally wrapped up the conversation, though it was far from over. They all spent the rest of the trip joking and playing games. Though after a while games became pointless. I spy was a hard game to play when you ran out of things in the car and the mecidiyeköy escort only thing outside of the car was an endless amount of trees. “I spy with my little eye, something green,” Colby laughed out loud. “A tree,” they all laughed out loud in response for the sixth time. They did this a few more times before moving on. “Here we are,” Mr. Clark informed them all, as they turned onto a long dark road. The trees that lined the road were so close together that they blocked any sunlight from making its way though. To Hannah, it had always felt like they entered a black hole, only to come out on the other side of paradise. Once on the other side of the black hole, the world lit up. There were trees of every shade of green for as far as the eye could see. A beautiful log cabin stood in the middle, surrounded by flowers and decorated with earthy decor. You could just barely see the lake the lay behind the cabin, which stretched for miles. It truly was paradise and it was all theirs for the entire summer. “This place is rad,” Brian smiled, slapping Colby on the back as he continued to look around. “You guys own this?” “Yep,” Colby laughed. “Welcome to the Clark’s home away from home.” “It is amazing,” Isobel spoke quietly, her eyes scanning as much as she could take in. “I can’t believe you have kept this hidden from me for so long Hannah.” “It was my best kept secret,” Hannah smiled, looping her arm through Isobel’s. “Care to see the rest of it?” “Definitely,” Both Isobel and Brian said at the same time, making everyone laugh. “You şişli eskort guys go explore,” Mr. Clark said with a smile, opening up the back of his SUV. “Mom and I will get the car unloaded.” “Right this way then everyone,” Colby pointed to the front door of the cabin. “Your tour will begin through those doors.” —– “I still can’t believe that you guys own this place,” Brian said in amazement as he crawled into bed. They had placed another twin bed in each of the kids rooms so that their friends would have a place to sleep other than the floor or the couch. “This summer is going to be so awesome,” Brian continued on, making Colby smile. He was glad his friend was excited. “Thank you so much for inviting me. I know there were many other options you could have picked from.” “I think I made the right decision,” Colby assured Brian. “I am glad that you like it here.” “Are you kidding,” he exclaimed, “I love it here. This place is amazing. I am so jealous you get to come here every summer.” “Yeah well it gets boring without friends,” Colby sighed, “So I am equally as glad that you are here. The summer is going to be so much better now that there is someone to do stuff with.” “There is always Hannah,” Brian informed Colby. “What about her, she is fun to hang out with.” “Hannah prefers things like laying out and getting a tan,” Colby laughed, “Or reading some cheesy romance novel. She is not really good for the fun.” The boys continued to chat for a while until Brian fell asleep. Which finally gave Colby his opportunity. Colby climbed out of bed and threw on a shirt and a pair of shorts over the boxers he was already wearing. Once he was clothed, he made his way out of the bedroom. This caused Brian to wake up. Brian quickly and quietly pulled on a shirt and a pair of shorts as well and followed behind Colby.

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