18 Mart 2023

Summer Vacation with My Wife’s Family


My wife, Cathy, and I have been married for a few years now, and I’ve always gotten along well with her side of the family. My side, notsomuch, but that’s a different story. Hers is a family that sticks together, no matter what, and loyalty is a big deal to them. As I came to learn, it’s a huge thing.

Cathy’s dad was one of those guys who went out for a pack of smokes and never came back, leaving her mom, Karen, to raise the children on her own. At 25, Karen had three young daughters, no income, no husband, and since the only place her ex had been able to get a job was in Montana, they moved away from any safety net their families could have provided, which wasn’t much to begin with. Karen’s parents were both drunks and her ex’s parents wouldn’t speak to her, blaming her for ruining their son’s life. Once she accepted that her ex wasn’t coming back, she went out and got a job, made arrangements to pay the rent, and they got on with their lives. I’m sure there were some tears in the beginning, but Karen is a tough old bird and she managed to raise my Cathy and her sisters to be strong, independent women.

After five years of marriage, Cathy and I managed to save up enough to put down a deposit to buy a small cottage on the lake, and we made plans to spend July there with her family. It’s a tiny cottage, but they’re used to living in cramped quarters and I figured I’d be fine, too. I was wrong.

We took possession of the property and arrived at the cabin a few days before everyone else so we could clean it up and make it as livable as possible. The cabin has two bedrooms, a bathroom, living area, and kitchen. One of the bedrooms has bunkbeds, and the other has just enough room for a queen-sized bed. It’s a tight fit, but it’s a pretty comfy bed. This was one of the few things we splurged on for the cabin – money well spent.

There was a ton of work to do to get the cabin livable before her family arrived, and we went to bed exhausted each night. I’d hoped to christen each and every room with Cathy while we had the cabin to ourselves. My wife is gorgeous and she’s the most adventurous sexual partner I’ve ever had, but by the time we made it to bed each night, we were too tired to play. I figured we’d have time to sneak in a bit of fun once everyone was settled in. We could play quiet if needed, but that’s not how things worked out.

The girls arrived en masse on Friday night, as the little Camry bounced down the rutted driveway. Tanya was at the wheel, with Karen as the co-pilot. They were three hours late, so they either left late or got lost on route, and as this was my wife’s family, it was probably both. They’re a gorgeous and talented group, but punctuality and sense of direction are not abundant gifts on their side. Katrina was waving from the back of the car, and once it finally rattled to a stop, everyone got out to say their hellos.

While they may not have strong navigation skills, they certainly have fine genetics. Tanya got out first, sprinting across the yard to give Cathy a hug. She was wearing a sleeveless grey t-shirt and denim shorts, and apparently no bra to restrain her perky breasts. She scooped up my wife and they danced their sisterly greeting, while Karen and Kat got out of the car. Kat was the youngest, typically more posh than her free-spirited sister, and was wearing kozyatağı escort a flowing black skirt with a white, sleeveless blouse. Her fine blonde hair was done up, a stark contrast from Tanya’s free flowing locks, and while she wasn’t heavily made up, her naturally pretty face had been perfectly highlighted by Maybelline. The difference in the girls’ personalities was obvious through their choice of clothing: Tanya is an easy-going, talented writer, and Katrina is making a name for herself in fashion, despite being barely 23.

Karen shared the same golden hair as her daughters, with wisps of grey that turned to silver when the light caught them. She’d turned 45 earlier this year, but looked more like an older sister to the three girls than their mom. She wore a loose-fitting t-shirt with a pair of tailored shorts that showed off her excellent legs and surprisingly tight ass.

I realized then that I was going to be trapped in a tiny cabin with four of the hottest women in all of Montana, for an entire month. It was going to be a hard month, but I was sure I could handle it. Nope.

After everyone had said hello, I got the bags out of the car and moved everyone into the cabin. The girls were staying in the bunks in the second bedroom, and Karen took the pullout couch in the living room. Like I said, it was tight quarters, but we had the an acre of open property and a crystal-clear lake to play in, so I was confident we’d enjoy ourselves for the month. What I hadn’t planned for was the lack of privacy.

For the first three weeks, it seemed like there was at least one other person with me in the cabin at all times. The girls were very open with each other and I saw more tits and ass that month than in my entire four years of college. Apparently closing doors wasn’t important to any of them and I found myself treated to quick flashes of gorgeous skin as they changed their clothes, got ready for bed, or jumped out of the shower. I tried to be a gentleman and look away whenever possible, but it didn’t matter where I was in the cabin; it was next to impossible not to see some delicious breasts and tight asses. Not that it mattered much, as the girls were in their bikinis more often than not. The physical contact was even worse: the close quarters made it challenging to move around without running into another body, and the girls were extra touchy-feely this trip. I chalked it up to them being excited about being together for the whole month. Needless to say, I was sporting serious wood most – if not all – of the time.The problem was, Cathy wasn’t up for any quiet bedroom fun, which was not typical of her, and the lack of privacy meant I wasn’t able to find release on my own. The bathroom had one of those pocket-doors that barely closed due to a faulty latch, and the hot water tank was tiny, so showers longer than three minutes turned icy.

By the end of the third week I was going nuts from sperm-retention syndrome, and that’s when the girls told me they were going to town to do some shopping. I don’t know if I’d ever been so happy to see them go spend money, but I was willing to give them each a credit card just to have some time to myself. My heart broke on the morning of the planned shopping trip when Karen said she wasn’t feeling well, küçükyalı escort and might just stay home. She told the girls to go without her, and she was going to rest and try not to bother me for the day.

Cathy gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye, and whispered, “Try to have fun today,” in my ear before giving me a big kiss and a very welcome little grind. I wasn’t expecting that, and my dick swelled at her familiar touch. Confused, I went back to the cabin to check on Karen.

As the Camry bounced and rattled towards the road, Karen was in the kitchen wearing the apron I usually wore while grilling. “You’ve been working so hard to take care of my little Cathy, and all of us, that I thought maybe you’d like something hot for breakfast today,” she said with a smile.

Our meals in the cabin had been pretty mundane – none of us were gourmet chefs, and we usually just had cereal and toast for breakfast, veggies and snacks throughout the day, and burgers or fresh fish and salad for supper. Cathy and I had stocked the house with good wine and great beer, so the food wasn’t a huge deal. I thought Karen was offering to make me some eggs and bacon, but when she turned sideways to pour me a cup of coffee, I realized she had something else on the menu.

As Karen turned, I saw she wasn’t wearing anything other than my apron and a smile. The tips of her breasts were hidden behind the fabric, but the side view gave me a spectacular glimpse of her full body. I could see the dark tanlines against her fair skin, and the plump curve of her bare ass as she wriggled it, giving me a delicious show as the smell of fresh coffee filled the room. Just as she handed me the cup, the phone rang, breaking me out of my trance.

It was Cathy, and she had me on speaker. “Has mom given you your special breakfast yet?” she asked, and I could hear the two other girls giggling in the background.

Being the verbal expert I am, I replied with, “Uh, what?”

Cathy laughed, and then said, “Look. I know I told you we’re a close family, but I didn’t tell you how close. Mom and the girls know how hard you work to take care of me and make me happy, so they wanted to give you a special thank you to show you how much you mean to all of us. We’ve been trying our hardest to tease the shit out of you all month, but you didn’t take the bait at all. I’m sure you’re just about ready to explode.”

To this I replied, “Uh, what?” Wow. I am so smooth.

As I listened to Cathy, Karen walked over and ran her hands down my arms, feeling my muscles through my thin t-shirt, and then they trailed to my waist where she hooked her fingers behind my belt and pulled me to her. I could hear her nails trace down the fabric of my shorts, and feel her light fingers trace the outline of my throbbing cock.

“You’ve proven that you’re loyal, and that’s a big thing to us. So, for the rest of the vacation, we’re going to take care of you. Mom wanted to be first, but try to be gentle. It’s been a while for her, but I think she knows what she’s doing. I love you ‘hun, thank you for being so awesome.”

I heard her say she loves me, and then the phone clicked off, but I still couldn’t remember how to talk. I think I managed to mumble a “goodbye and I love you, too” but it’s hard to mutlukent escort be sure, as the only thing I really remember was Karen unbuckling my belt and unzipping my shorts, exposing my throbbing cock to the cool morning air.

“Oh, very nice,” she said, and then licked my shaft from my balls to the tip. She flicked her tongue to capture a bit of precum while making little moans of enjoyment, and then swirled it to tease the swollen head. She stroked my shaft as she took me deep into her mouth, and with a free hand guided my hands to the back of her head. I never thought I’d feel the back of my mother-in-law’s head as I filled her throat with my cock, but I’m not gonna lie, it was an amazing experience. Her fine blonde hair felt like silk as my fingers wove through it, pulling her head forward as my hips rocked back and forth.

I tried to pull her up to me so I could explore the rest of her sexy body, and maybe have a taste of that vintage ass, but she stopped sucking and looked up at me and said, “No – not yet. right now I want to finish you off. It’s been a long time for me, and I love the taste of you. We’ve got all day to play, but let me do this first.”

Who was I to argue with my wife’s mother?

I stepped out of my shorts which had pooled around my feet, and slowly walked backwards to sit in the easy chair. Karen moved along with me, understanding what I was trying to do. She kept bobbing her head as I sat down, and I’m still amazed at how she managed to do that without even slowing down. Once I was sitting, I undid the ties on the apron and let it fall, giving me perfect access to her soft and full breasts. I cupped each one in a hand, feeling her hard nipples press against my palms as I gently massaged. She kept on sucking, but her moans got louder, muffled around my cock; she was clearly enjoying everything, but there was not way she was enjoying it more than I was.

I kept playing with her gorgeous breasts, but she was so skilled at sucking that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I pinched and played with her nipples a bit more, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I leaned back into the chair and warned her I was about to explode. She kept on sucking, speeding her pace and stroking my shaft furiously. Right before I exploded, she looked up at me to give me a huge smile, and that pushed me over the edge, causing three weeks of tension to explode into her mouth and down her throat. After the first five or six spurts, she pulled her mouth off of me to catch her breath, and I still kept spurting, landing one last shot of cum onto her cheek. We both sat for a moment, catching our breath.

“Oh, I bet that feels better now, doesn’t it,” she asked, as she scooped away the errant shot with her finger.

I was too mentally spent to answer verbally, so I leaned down and gave her a big kiss instead. I could taste my saltiness on her lips and when I slipped my tongue into her I could feel my juices mixed with her saliva. She kissed back with an intensity I’ve never felt before, and I realized I might have been the first man she’s been with in years. Apparently it was her plan to get everything she could out of this vacation, and I was more than willing to provide her with whatever she wanted.

While that was the first time I’d cum with another woman after I got married, it was far from the last time that summer. I spent the rest of the day inside Karen as much as possible, and when the girls got back from their shopping trip they wanted to hear all about our day. After that, they gave us a little fashion show to demonstrate what they’d found in town. So much lingerie, so little time. But that’s a story for later, if you’re interested.

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