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Subject: Summer with Granddad – Part 2 Summer with Grandad � Part 2 Gay, Adults If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * Benny was both excited and terrified to attend the first Friday night shared evening meal. He knew he shouldn’t be. Everyone he’d met that day had been nothing but wonderful to him but he had yet to meet the notorious flirt, Mikhail. He wasn’t sure he would be able to resist his predicted advances. Eddie noticed Benny was a little nervous, so he reassured him that everyone was going to love him. The meal went better than expected and Benny was made to feel welcome but not so much so that he was uncomfortable in any way. Even Mikhail seemed to be on his best behavior as he was introduced to Benny. Perhaps Grandad was wrong about him, Benny thought. The next day would prove to be another story. When they got back to the house, Benny kissed his grandad good night then went to sleep in his own room. He got a very restful sleep and when he awoke the next morning, he found Eddie sitting on the back porch chanting once again. Benny joined him and because he did not know the chant, he was just present in the moment. Benny visited one of the musicians that morning and was pleased to join him in playing a new tune on one of his spare guitars. Miguel knew the song he had composed by heart so it was lucky for Benny that he had transcribed it for accompaniment. By the second time around, Benny was playing it very well and Miguel complimented him on his ability. Benny had to admit that he hadn’t had much time to play since he’d started college, so Manuel invited him to stop by and play anytime he felt the urge. Benny thanked him, said goodbye and left to explore the woods beyond the stream. Benny had always wanted to walk naked in the forest, so he removed his sarong and walked the paths enjoying the liberty being textile-free brought. While he was walking, he ran into the rather interesting JJ again. They stopped to chat. “Bonjour, young Ben.” He kissed Benny on one cheek and then other in greeting. “And how are you ziss fine morning?” “I’m well, JJ,” Benny answered. Then he felt like playing so he asked, “Are you following me by any chance? You’ve run into me naked two days in a row now.” JJ gave a hearty laugh and answered, “I can assure you, mon cher. If I was, you would know it and zerfore would not have to ask.” Benny smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind. What brings you to the woods this fine morning then?” “I am picking wild mushrooms for a salad and you?” That was when Benny noticed the small basket JJ was holding behind his back. “Just enjoying the beauty and stillness of my natural surroundings.” “Zat was very poetic, mon cher. Are you a poet?” “No, JJ, I leave that to the professionals like yourself.” JJ stepped a little closer, just inches from Benny and replied, “Ah but you have a poet’s heart,” he said as he reached out and touched the middle of Benny’s chest. “Zat is zee most important sing. Do you not agree?” “I will take that as a compliment and bow to your superior knowledge on the subject.” JJ gave another hearty laugh and commented, “You are a poet and a diplomat. Be careful, mon cher, or I might just fall in love wiss you.” Then he said, “Adieu” and left Benny alone to continue his walk. As Benny was about to emerge from the woods, he wrapped the piece of fabric, he had been holding, around his waist once more then continued back into the community. He went home and found Eddie waiting for him. He told his grandad about his encounters with JJ and asked if he thought it was a coincidence his running naked into JJ two days in a row. “It’s probably just a coincidence. JJ is known to draw inspiration for his poetry from nature, but perhaps you should remain covered tomorrow and see what happens.” istanbul travesti “I’ll take your advice and do that. Thanks, Eddie.” * The next morning after meditation and breakfast, Benny went back to the stream but decided to remain covered and just sit beside it instead of getting in. He waited for quite some time but JJ did not appear. He thought it must have been a series of coincidences and he was about to get up to leave when Mikhail showed up on the other side. He was wearing shorts and a tank top which complimented his muscular physique. “Good morning, handsome man. You take deep with me?” Benny thought a moment then realized deep meant dip. “Oh, no, I was just leaving. You go ahead.” Mikhail shrugged then took his shirt off. His nips and areolas were large and dark. Benny liked what he saw. Then Mikhail slipped his shorts off and Benny’s jaw dropped. Mikhail’s cock wasn’t long but it was as big around as a beer bottle! “What the fuck?!” Benny muttered. Mikhail stepped into the water, waded through it and walked out the other side, making his way over to where Benny was standing. He got within a foot of Benny and asked, “You like what you see?” Benny didn’t know how to answer that. He really just wanted to reach out and touch it, hold it, suck it. He shook his head to clear it and responded, “Uh, yes, of course. You’re a very… uh, sexy man.” Then he thought, Damn, I can’t believe I said that! “Thank you very much. I think same about you.” Mikhail moved closer. Now Benny could feel the man’s breath on his face. “You still not take deep with me?” “I really wish I could, but I promised my… Eddie that I would meet him back at the house. Another time maybe?” Mikhail shrugged, put his hands on Benny’s shoulders, leaned forward and kissed him lightly on one cheek and then the other. Benny wanted to melt but somehow resisted. When Mikhail pulled back, he looked into Benny’s eyes and said simply, “Next time,” then turned and walked back into the water giving Benny a great view of his awesome bubble butt. Benny turned and almost ran back to Eddie’s house. He burst through the door causing Eddie to come out of his studio and ask, “What happened?! You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” “Not a ghost, Eddie, a god. Why didn’t you tell me Mikhail’s cock was so freakin’ thick?!” “Oh, did I forget to mention that?” Benny quickly closed the distance between them and smacked his grandfather on the arm. Eddie grabbed his arm and said, “Ouch! Okay, maybe I should have told you but wasn’t it a great surprise?” “Well, yeah… but I would have preferred to have known ahead of time. I made a fool of myself in front of him.” “I doubt that very much, but why don’t you tell me about it.” Benny filled him in on his encounter with Mikhail and when he was finished, Eddie burst out laughing. Benny smacked him on the arm again, just not as hard as before. “I’m sorry but I did warn you he was a notorious flirt.” “Fine… but dammit, how am I going to avoid bending over for him the next time I see him?” “You don’t have to avoid him at all. I was merely suggesting that the chase can be fun. You do whatever you want.” “Okay, I’ll think about it.” * The next morning, Benny resolved to stay away from Mikhail so he went for a nude walk in the woods again. After about thirty minutes, Benny saw movement to his right and when he looked, he saw that it was JJ. “Bonjour, JJ. How are you this fine morning?” “Bonjour, mon cher. I am well and how are you?” “I’m well too, thanks.” “I see you are taking zee opportunity to walk in nature once more… au naturel.” “Yeah, I enjoy communing with nature in my natural state.” “Well zen I must say you look very good doing it.” “Merci, JJ. I was just about to head back to the house. Walk with me?” “Mon plaisir, mon cher.” They walked together as far as JJ’s small house kadıköy travesti where he asked Benny, “Would you like to come in for a cup of tea or a coffee?” “I think I could spare some time for a cup of tea, merci,” Benny answered. JJ filled the kettle and put it on top of the stove then showed Benny around his little home. Benny noticed a guitar in the corner and asked if JJ played. “Not well, but I strum on it once in a while for inspiration. “May I?” Benny asked, “I mean while we wait for the water to boil?” JJ motioned for him to pick it up. Benny did then sat down and began to play the tune Miguel had taught him. “I have heard ziss one before.” “Yes, Miguel taught it to me. It’s one of his.” “Yes, Miguel is very talented. Too bad he only plays with his guitar… and women.” Benny chuckled at that. “I’m sure there are plenty of men… and women… you can play with here in the community,” Benny commented as he continued to play the tune. “Zat is true but I have had all of zem at one time or anozer.” Then he looked directly at Benny and said, “New conquests are always so much more fun.” Benny laughed at the same time the kettle began to whistle. JJ got up and poured their tea while Benny put down the guitar and joined him at the small table in the kitchen area. They each shared a little about their lives while sipping their tea, but soon it was time for Benny to be getting back to Eddie’s. He bid JJ adieu, gave him a big hug and left. When Benny got home, Eddie asked how his morning had gone. He told him about seeing JJ in the woods and how they’d had a nice conversation back at his place. He also mentioned that he had a chance to play JJ’s guitar while he was there. That put a thought into Eddie’s head that he resolved to take care of the next day. Benny posed for Eddie that afternoon and a few hours later the painting was finished. “Wow, Eddie, it’s amazing how fast you work!” “I prefer a looser style for my paintings and a more detailed style for my drawings. Your father carves wood and your grandmother sculpts. Have you ever considered trying your hand at creating something?” Benny thought about it then answered, “I’ve thought about it. I even took art classes in high school but I never really felt comfortable in any particular medium.” “Then perhaps it’s time to invent something of your own, a new medium if you will or perhaps you could mix media. Would that interest you?” Benny’s face brightened. “Yeah, I think it would!” “Let me set up a temporary studio in that corner of the lounge, supply you with lots of different media and you can just experiment, play around, have fun. What do you say?” “Sure, Eddie. I’m game.” He smiled and hugged his grandad. He’d been in France less than a week and he was already having the time of his life. * Benny went for a dip in the stream the next morning and ran into Mikhail. He was wearing shorts and a tight tank top once again, but quickly shucked them and joined Benny in the cool, clear water. “I look for you yesterday but I not find you. Where you go?” “I went for a walk in the woods. I find it peaceful there. Do you ever walk there?” “Not for long time but I will tomorrow if you say you walk with me.” Benny couldn’t help but chuckle. Mikhail was no longer being subtle. He clearly wanted Benny. This was fun! “I can walk with you tomorrow. I can only do it after meditation and breakfast though. Is that okay with you?” Mikhail’s face lit up as he answered, “Da, is good with me.” “Good, I have to go now but I’ll see you then.” “Da, I see you.” Benny dried off with his sarong then walked home pleased with how the wet fabric accentuated his cock. When he arrived, Eddie wasn’t there but there was a guitar with Benny’s name on it. Benny removed his wet sarong and hung it up to dry then he picked up the musical instrument, sat down to tune bakırköy travesti it then played a few different tunes. By the time Eddie got back, Benny was sounding pretty good. He finished the song he was playing and Eddie applauded. Benny did an Elvis impression saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much,” which made Eddie laugh. “Seriously, Eddie. Thank you for the guitar. Where did you get it?” “I went into town to this morning. There is a store where you can buy almost anything… used of course. They had one so I bought it for you. I’m glad you like it.” “I do.” He got up, laid the guitar down on the chair then hugged his very thoughtful grandfather. * The next morning, Benny found Mikhail waiting patiently for him on the path at the edge of the woods. “Dobraye Ootra, Mikhail!” His face lit up at Benny’s use of Russian. “Good morning you too, Ben!” They kissed each other on one cheek and then the other. “Before we start walking, I have to ask you if would be alright if I walk in the nude. I usually do but I wanted to make sure you didn’t mind.” “Why I mind? You are beautiful man. You should be naked all times.” Benny smiled and said, “Spaseebah,” as he removed his sarong. “Would you like to walk nude as well?” Mikhail got a strange look on his face. “What’s wrong, my friend?” Benny asked as he placed his hand on Mikhail’s arm. “If we see people, they stare.” Benny found it hard to believe a man like Mikhail who usually oozed so much self-confidence was actually insecure about his appearance. “Yes, I suppose they do. But I’m sure it’s only because you are so…” he couldn’t say hung, so he opted for, “sexy and they are trying to figure out ways to get you into bed so that you can fuck them silly.” Mikhail laughed out loud and responded, “Spaseebah, Ben. You make Mikhail feel better.” Then he hugged Ben again. “I’m glad. Besides, the only one I run into in these woods is JJ.” “Ah, he see me naked many time. He like my dick.” Benny thought, I’m sure he does. Mikhail took off his tank top and pushed down his shorts then asked, “We fuck now?” as he got up close and personal with Benny. But Benny backed away slightly saying, “Nyet, Mikhail. Now we get to know each other. We walk together and learn about each other. Then after a while… maybe we fuck.” “How long I wait?” Mikhail asked. Benny laughed and said, “I’ll let you know. For now, grab your clothes so that we can walk and talk. Okay?” Mikhail nodded and picked up his clothes. He folded them into a neat bundle then the two of them set off to get to know each other better. When they arrived back at the edge of the woods, Benny stopped to tie his sarong around his hips once more while Mikhail put on his shorts and shirt. They walked back to Mikhail’s caravan, hugged then Benny said, “See you soon,” and continued on home. He ran into Eddie on the way and his grandad couldn’t help but say, “I saw you and Mikhail emerging from the woods. Did you two finally do the deed?” “Nyet, Eddie. We were just walking and talking. He wanted to but I told him that waiting was better. Besides you were the one who told me to make him wait.” “Yeah but I didn’t think you’d actually do it, not once you saw his cock!” Benny laughed and admitted, “I was tempted, but I am determined not to make that mistake again.” Eddie knew to whom he was referring so he left it there. “I’m proud of you, Ben. How goes it with JJ?” “Slowly. He’s being a real gentleman and I like that.” Eddie nodded and agreed, “Yes, JJ is a real gentleman. I’ll give you that.” Over the next week, Benny met Mikhail for naked walks a few mornings a week and for tea with JJ a few afternoons a week. He was thrilled to have two men after him and not have to worry about any of them, himself included, expecting a romantic entanglement. Meanwhile, Eddie had set up a space for his young grandson to create and he spent a few hours a day experimenting, playing and generally having fun with all kinds of media. Again, He thought to himself that he was having the time of his life and Eddie couldn’t have been more pleased. (to be continued in Part 3)

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