14 Mart 2023

Surprising My Friend


I walk into the room and you are laying on your back with your boobs pulled out of your shirt taking a picture. Seeing you laying there with your nipples hard and sticking straight up. It made me want you so bad and I instantly get wet and feel my nipples tighten up.

I cross the room climb up and over top you. I then take one of your rosy tips into my mouth. I suck and swirl my tongue around the tip and flick my tongue back and forth quickly. I then blow slightly on your nipple cooling it off before suckling it back into my warm mouth.

I press my hips against yours slowly grinding against you with our clothes still on. I then switch to your other nipple because I can’t leave it out! I give her the same treatment before I slide up slightly kissing all over your chest. I kiss up to where your neck meets your shoulder and kiss and lick your neck swirling my tongue in random patterns licking any way up to just behind your ear as I take your earlobe into my mouth sucking gently as I lightly nibble it.

I can feel you tensing under me and trying to push your neck closer into my mouth. I love hearing you whimper and moan “yes ” softly. My nipples are so hard they almost hurt. “Touch me baby” I say before feeling you start to slide your hand up the bottom of my shirt. I am so thankful I took my bra off when I got home as I feel you take my boob in your hand just feeling it’s weight and lightly squeezing it several times. I moan against your neck loving every touch.

I whimper as you start beylikdüzü escort to roll my nipple in between your fingers. I kiss down your jaw under your chin, flicking my tongue all the way across. Finally getting to the other side, I spend extra time on your neck.

This time just flicking my tongue here and there licking and sucking your neck then swirling my tongue around the part in my mouth. I decide we need to be closer so I slide my knee between your legs so you can rub and grind yourself on me. “Oh yes” you whimper as you rub yourself up and down humping my knee.

I stop with your neck and kiss up to your mouth finally tasting your sweet kiss as we passionately make love with our tongues. Rolling onto our sides we simultaneously each grab a handful of the others boobs while we are kissing and moan into each other’s mouths as we start squeezing and rolling our nipples almost in sync with each other.

I take my hand and slowly but deliberately slide it down your stomach I can feel it tighten as it tickles a bit. I push your shirt up a little and slide my hand down into the front of your pants. I touch your wet warmth for the first time in a week. “Heaven” I sigh into your mouth I have been waiting for this moment all week I hated being called away from you because of work.

I swirl my finger around your clit slowly. You moan back into my mouth and lift your hips pressing yourself into my hand. I slide my finger down gathering beyoğlu escort your juices on my finger before going back up to your clit. I switch between swirling your clit in circles, flipping it back and forth, and then taking several fingers together rubbing up and down from the top.

I need more room, I help you slide your pants off quickly pulling your panties down and off at the same time. “You have too many clothes on” you say pulling on my shirt. We both quickly lose the rest of our clothes removing all the barriers between us.

I push you onto your back and climb over top you pressing our naked bodies together. “I love when our boobs rub against each other!!” I kiss you again. I roll to my side and I touch all over your thighs and trail my fingers back up to your heat before sliding a finger deep inside feeling your wetness.

I slide my finger in and out of you wiggling it slightly after I push it in as deep as possible. I wiggle my finger more firmly, you are getting wetter and wetter. I add another finger lightly stretching you as I slide them in and out of you. “Oh God yes!!”

As I pump my fingers inside you faster and faster, the heel of my hand is hitting your clit each time. You start moaning and thrusting your hips up forcing my fingers in deeper. You are so wet I can hear a squishing noise and I’m loving it. I grind my palm into your clit as I push my fingers in deep scissoring my fingers repeatedly. “Oh my God!!” bizimkent escort you moan as you hump my hand hard.

I decide that its time. “I have to taste you now!” I slide down and take a long lick trying to lap up as much of your juices as I can before settling on your clit. I can tell your getting close and I suck your clit into my mouth and suck on it like a pacifier. “Mmmm oh yes” you say as you thrust up against my mouth.

I pause a second before I swirl my tongue around it again and then flick my tongue on it several times before moving down slightly and sliding my tongue deep into you tasting ALL of your wetness. “You taste so good baby” I say between licks then lick my way back up to your clit.

I flip your clit back and forth, and sideways. I then take long licks up and down before swirling my tongue around it again. I can feel your legs start to quiver as you start to thrust up into my mouth with a lot more enthusiasm.

I suck your clit deep into my mouth all of a sudden with deep suction. Then I release and suck it hard and light, before I lightly bite down on it lightly while it’s deep in my mouth. You are so close.

I pause lifting my head and telling you to “Cum for me baby Let me taste” that seems to be your undoing as I suck your clit back into my mouth you let out a loud moan gripping my head with your thighs afraid I’ll stop. Not knowing I would never stop until I had the last drop.

I feel your whole body tighten up and release as I get a face full of your sweet juices. I slowly lick you trying to gather every last drop sending little shocks through you as your coming back down. “Mmmm baby I love making you tremble and shake around me.”

I slide back up and kiss you deeply letting you taste yourself on my tongue. I smile down at you “Good morning Sunshine did you miss me?”

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