18 Mart 2023

Susan from Philly Pt. 03

Big Tits

In Philadelphia on business and reconnecting with coworker from Philly who had met me in my hotel room when I arrived and we spent the night together (Susan from Philly Pt 02). We had meetings and training sessions set up for the next couple of days.

I awoke, naked and alone in my hotel room. There was a light under the bathroom door and I could hear a hair dryer running. It took me a minute to realize where I was – Philadelphia, Susan my coworker had conned her way into my hotel room and was in my bed dressed in a black negligee, stockings and heels when I got to my room. She had fucked me senseless and we had fallen asleep together.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was only 6:15 AM. Not sure why she was up so early. I really had to piss and figured we had seen plenty of each others body’s and that she would not mind if I came in. As i got up the hair dryer stopped. Reaching the bathroom door I slowly opened it and saw her wonderful ass in front of me. Susan was naked standing in front of the mirror working on finishing her hair (shoulder length brunette). She looked into the mirror and smiled at me.

“Do you mind if I piss” I asked.

“No, mind if I watch” she answered.

“Of course not.”

I stepped to the toilet next to her, taking in the curves of her ass and tits. She was avcılar escort looking down at my cock. As I reached the toilet, I took hold of my cock, aimed at the bowl and began to piss.

Susan was staring at the piss coming out of my cock. She reached out with her hand and asked “may I?” I nodded and she reached to hold my cock while I pissed. She had stepped near my side and was reaching around to hold my cock. As I continued to piss she moved my cock around, aiming all around the bowl and sometimes missing. Her breasts were rubbing up against my arm. When she had missed the bowl a bit she commented “that is harder than it looks to aim correctly.” I had never had another person hold my cock while i pissed and it was an exciting experience.

Soon I was finished and she released my cock. I shook it off, turned and kissed her. “Why are you up so early?” I asked.

“I have something to finish for our meetings today and need to get in and get them done.”

Nodding, I patted her on the ass and walked back into the bedroom. I noticed there was another suitcase in the room. She had clearly come prepared. Reaching the bed, I grabbed the alarm clock and set it for 7:30 AM. I did not have to be to the office until 9 AM and needed some more sleep.

As ataköy escort I laid in bed I could hear clothes rustling and she went back into the bathroom, closing the door and making the bedroom dark again.

I had just dozed off when I felt Susan sit on the bed next to me, her hand coming to rest on my naked ass. I turned on my side to face her. She was dressed in a black lace bra that really showed her tits off, with a black garter and stockings. As I rolled over she reached out and began to massage my cock.

“Looking at your cock made me hungry” she said.

My cock was beginning to stiffen in her hand. She pushed my hips rolling me onto my back. Still rubbing my cock she bent over and took the tip into her mouth and began sucking. Soon my cock had risen to full attention and she began to slide her mouth up and down. Her hot wet mouth was driving me crazy. There are very few things better than a morning BJ. I reached out to touch her breasts. She moaned onto my cock as I began to squeeze her tits, but she never lost concentration on sucking my cock.

She was now deep throating me and began to squeeze and play with my balls. Love my balls being played with during a BJ and she was squeezing them in all the right ways.

My bahçelievler escort hand slid down her body trying to reach her slick shaved pussy. She pulled up from my cock and looked at me.

Smiling she said “let me do this, you just relax.” She then continued her oral assault on my cock. Susan really enjoys sucking cock and is very good at it.

Shortly I was getting closer to cumming and began to push my cock deeper into her mouth and into her throat. I never like to surprise a woman with a mouth full of cum. “Do you want it in your mouth?” I asked.

She did not answer, she just deep throated me and then began to stroke my cock faster as she held her mouth over the tip of my cock. It was clearly having the desired effect. Soon I was filling her mouth with hot sticky cum. She stroked me to get every drop out and into her mouth. She leaned up, looked right at me, opened her mouth to show me and then proceeded to swallow it all with a smile on her face. Leaning up to my face she kissed me and I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

She kissed the tip of my cock and said “thanks for breakfast” as she got up from the bed. Reaching into her suitcase, she slipped a black gstring on over her garter. She stepped back into the bathroom and i heard her brushing her teeth. Do not want cum breath when you get to the office. Stepping back out of the bathroom she was wearing a blue mid length knit dress that clung to every curve of her body.

Moving to the bed she bent down and kissed me, groped my cock and said “see you at the office.” She then left.

I fell back to sleep wondering what the rest of this trip was going to be like.

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