12 Mayıs 2023

Susan Learns What She Likes, At Last!


Susan Learns What She Likes, At Last   I couldn’t believe it…there he is, right in front of me after all these years! I wonder if he even knows me, remembers me? I’m here in 7-Eleven and he’s right there, three people ahead of me in line. What’s he doing out here in my little town, all this way from P…n? Should I catch his eye? Should I walk right over and say “Hi”? Will he remember me? You know, in the way that I want him to? He doesn’t look much older, even though it’s been 15, no 20 years. He looks even more self-assured, confident. That’s what got to me. He always looked as though he knew what to do. No hesitation. And he did! Not only did he know what to do, but also, he did it! Boy, I’m just looking and I’m already wet. Then, I always did get wet around him. I’m going over to him and see if there’s anything left, I don’t give a hoot, even if he says “who?” “Hi, it’s me, Susan. Remember?” “Susan, wow, it’s you! Of course I remember. How are you? How have you been?” “Oh, I’ve been just fine.” “What are you doing, still working?” “Yes, I’m still working. I’m still a secretary for an accounting firm here in M…d”. “Are you married? To that guy you were seeing, what’s his name, Phil?” “I’m sort of married, and yes, to Phil, but it’s complicated”. “Would you like to talk? We always had such good times just talking”. “Yes, I’d love that, but I guess you’re busy”. “Well, just by chance, I’m killing time here. The guy I was supposed to meet can’t make it, so I have a little time. Why don’t we get a cup of coffee and talk for a while if you like? Would you like that?” “I’d like that. Where should we go? We could go to that Starbucks or the quiet place across the street. Pendik escort bayan It’s right behind the main drag.” “You lead the way, let’s go to the quiet place. Starbucks is full of kids.” (Boy, I’m glad he said the quiet place. I feel safe in there. You know, safe from prying eyes…) “So, tell me about yourself, tell me if you’re happy, and about your “sort of husband” Phil?” “Well, I live with Phil; have been for about 15 years. You could say we’re married, but no license, no wedding. I’m comfy with him, and he doesn’t make too many demands on me. It’s like it always was. Basically, celibate.” “And how are things with your Mother? Are you on good terms with her? I know there were issues, heavy issues for you.” “Wow, that’s an understatement! Heavy issues! Things with Mother are kind of quiet now, after the big blowup. But you don’t know about that, do you?” “Susan, remember the deal we had back then. Nothing’s changed. Everything is the same between us. You can talk to me without fear of what I think. I am your Dutch uncle. I want nothing from you, and anything you say is safe. No one will ever know a word of what you say. And, I guess I must reiterate the big rule… no sex! “I am maybe the only male in the universe that doesn’t want sex with you and never will. As you know, all males want to get in you ( except me) and everything they say and think is colored by that, whether they know it or not. And, as you also know, that is not a reflection on your physical or sexual appeal. You are an attractive woman.”It’s just our deal. Remember, a wonderful woman did it for me years ago, and I promised her that I would Escort Beykoz do the same for a worthy woman. You are that woman if you want to be, as you were years ago. So, if you want to, open up and tell me anything and everything you want to. Especially, the painful parts.” “I don’t know where to begin,” I murmured, “there’s so much and it’s all painful. I guess I’ll start with the most painful of all, Mother.” “Take your time, get yourself back together, don’t cry, just start”. “OK, here goes. My Dad disappeared when I was little, maybe six or seven. I don’t really remember him much, except that he was big and warm. Mother was devastated, I guess, and never recovered. She never had another man, but she had lots of men if you know what I mean.” “No, you’d better tell me what you mean explicitly and in detail. This is the kind of stuff that helps you. Tell me everything.” “Well, it started when I was little, about eight or ten. When I was scared, I would jump in bed with Mommy. And it was warm and secure. As the years went by, I always jumped in with her to feel good. She was big, warm, soft, and comforting, and the scary went away. By the time I was 16, I still had no men in my world, except for the occasional man that she brought home for an evening. Then, she would drink and laugh with these men, and I shut my eyes and ears to what she did with them after I went to bed. And, I knew when they stayed the night, that it meant that I couldn’t jump in bed with her in the morning. It made me angry and I hated them.” “And later, when you were older, say 16 or 17, did you still get in bed with her when you were scared???” “I got Cevizli escort in bed with her whenever I could. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to feel her body against mine, and, you might as well know, I wanted her to do things. I wanted her to do those things that revolted me, but made me scream! Scream with pleasure.” “Can you go on?” “I began to feel very good when she put her hair on me. You know she’s very dark-haired, not like me, but almost black, and her hair down there is thick and bushy. She would put it against my back, my ass, and I would die of the pleasure. I wondered when or if I would ever have hair on my puss as thick and bushy as hers. Well, the answer is never. I’m fair and my hair is soft and pale. Anyhow, I became inflamed when I felt her puss hair on my ass. And then, later, she started to rub my back, and I flew with the birds from the pleasure of that. And one thing led to another and she began rubbing my ass, and eventually my puss. Now you know some of the worst or the best of it.” “And I sense there is more?” “Oh, yes, more. Lot’s more.” “Once in awhile one of these men she brought home would hang around for a few days. I guess until he got all she had to give. When she went out for some milk or whatever, they would start on me. They would try to get me into her bed, but I didn’t want to be touched. You know, I am repulsed by the sight and thought of men’s bodies. Their “things” make me sick. These guys thought it was fun to run around naked so I could see their “things”, their “cocks”, you know. Well, it made me ill.”That’s why I never married Phil, because he wants to show me his cock, and he wants to do it to me, put it in me! So, our “marriage can never be that, I just keep him at bay and do the minimum to keep him happy.” “You mean you’ve lived with this guy for years and you have no sex with him?” “I don’t know if you consider it sex, but all I do is rub his cock once in awhile, and only until he let’s his stuff go.

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