18 Mart 2023



Her sweat glistened as it beaded and ran down her cleavage and thighs. The heat in the sauna was stifling, making it hard for her to breathe, but at the same time it relaxed every muscle in her body to the point of bliss. Despite her sweating, her body was built for the heat – tanned, lithe, and toned – she loved nothing more than laying out in the sun on a beach for hours on end. Sadly, given her location in northern climes, she was forced to settle for the coed sauna at her local gym during the winter. Though it was a poor substitute for the refreshing heat of the sun, she still craved the heat, and used it to shake the cold from her bones at least twice a week during the winter months.

Lucia glanced up at the door when it swung open, and watched as the man who entered do a double-take at seeing her sitting in the sauna glittering with sweat, her towel wrapped tightly to her curves, barely long enough to cover the tops of her shapely thighs and butt. She was used to the looks she got from men in the sauna – despite being coed, it was rare that she shared her time there with any other women. Most were likely put off by having to share the confined space with men, but Lucia reveled in their leers and chose to take them as compliments. She kept her eyes mostly closed, and watched secretly through her lashes as the man snuck surreptitious looks at her body while he took a seat on the other side of the room. A ghost of a smile dusted her lips as she watched him adjust his own towel in an attempt to hide the growing bulge inside it. She quickly found herself craving more than just heat.

Wanting to see if she could make him pitch a full tent, Lucia feigned ignorance to his attention as she stretched out luxuriously on the bench. She lifted both legs onto its hot wooden surface and leaned backwards, using her hands to support her and arching her back like a cat, her head tossed back so that her loose ponytail hung free from her sweat-soaked back. She let an audible sigh of pleasure escape her lips, and watched through veiled eyelids as he fidgeted uncomfortably, and tried in vain to hide the now obvious lump in the front of his own towel. She saw wet beads begin to form on his brow, though whether it was a result of the heat or arousal was not clear. She assumed the latter and smiled.

Tossing her hair from her face, she turned her head to face him, still lounging on the bench like a swimsuit model. He looked to be in his thirties, slender and fit looking, with a smattering of chest hair leading a trail down to his towel. He had thick brown hair, close-cropped like a military member, and an equally well-maintained moustache of the same colour. She allowed her gaze to linger on him for long enough to make him clear his throat with discomfort before she finally spoke.

“Isn’t the heat just glorious?”

He seemed shocked that she had spoken to him, and stammered to respond as his eyes lingered on her smooth, wet body. His response was less than verbose.


She chuckled to herself at the effect she was having on him. He shifted himself yet again in an attempt to hide his erection, making her laugh out loud – a heady, sultry laugh that seemed as thick as the air inside the sauna.

“You’re not very talkative.” she teased.

He seemed genuinely flustered then and blushed a shade redder than the heat which had already flushed his skin.

“I’m sorry,” he replied “I was just… lost in thought. I’m…” he began to introduce himself before realizing the necessity to offer a customary handshake would require him to stand up and reveal his overwhelming and already ill-concealed arousal.

She smiled broadly at his discomfiture, and using her left hand to hold her towel in place, stood and sauntered towards him. She leaned forward to where he sat, and extended her right hand towards him.

“No need to get up. I’m Lucia.”

“Hi Lucia. Very nice to meet you.” he said, his gentlemanly instincts strong despite being so clearly thrown off by her straightforward approach. “I’m David.”

“Very happy to meet you David.” she purred as she took as seat near him on the bench, leaning forward and looking into his eyes while simultaneously exposing several inches of cleavage. “I can see you’re very happy to meet me too.”

David blushed beet red instantly. “I’m really sorry…” he said “I was just so surprised to see you in here… I should go, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

David stood up in a bluster, his towel tented directly out in front of him a healthy six of seven inches. He made a feeble effort to cover his shame as he moved to escape the heat and Lucia’s gaze. Reaching out with her right hand, she grasped the bottom edge of his towel as he passed her on the way to the door, and with a soft tug, she unravelled it from his waist and let it fall to the floor. He gasped as his raging erection was exposed to the heat, and turned his face towards her in shock.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked as she admired his manhood in profile. bahçeşehir escort She gestured with her hand, letting it linger mere inches from his shaft. “Mmmm… looks like ‘he’ wants you to stay right here.”

David’s naked body glistened with moisture as he slowly turned to face Lucia where she sat on her bench, leaning in towards his crotch. She smiled up at him and ran a fingertip teasingly along his chest and stomach, drawing a line in his sweat that worked its way unerringly towards his member. He closed his eyes and shivered despite the heat as she traced the length of his shaft lightly, working up and down the top and under sides with her fingertip. A bead of liquid, either precum or perspiration, formed on her fingertip as she brought her hand back towards herself. She licked it off with a long, out-stretched tongue, and moaned softly to herself.

“Mmmm. I always crave salt when I sweat this much.”

David’s breath was audible as he swayed before her, not wanting to say a word that might make her stop playing with his cock. She gripped his meat overhand, like a handle, and steered his naked bum to the bench beside her while she rose to stand in front of him. With slow and measured movements, she un-tucked her towel and held it before her, folding it into a square. As the square grew smaller, David gasped at her revealed curves. Faded tan lines showed around her hips and pelvic area, the paler skin standing in contrast to the dark but well-trimmed triangle of pubic hair. Her breasts had no such tan lines, revealing her penchant for topless sunbathing. Her pink nipples stood hard and erect as small rivulets of sweat ran between her round and ample mounds.

“Oh my god.” he said, leaning back on the bench and admiring her while his dick stood up at attention in his lap. “You’re incredible.”

She smiled as she bent over at the waist, placing the folded towel between his feet on the floor on front of his bench. She lingered there a moment, bent in two with her sizable butt stuck out behind her to counter-balance, and allowed her lips to kiss their way up his humid thighs to his manhood, which pulsed and jumped as she planted her sloppy kisses on it. She grinned as she ran her tongue up its length while looking up into David’s eyes. He shuddered and groaned as she dropped to her knees on the folded towel between his legs and ran her hands up and down his thighs. Leaving her hands resting on his knees, she leaned in and used her tongue to slather his low-hanging balls with her saliva. He moaned and shifted to allow her better access as his testicles slung low away from his body due to the temperature.

“That feels so fucking good.” he uttered. “God yes work my balls Lucia.”

She chuckled lustily as she began to draw his balls into her mouth one at a time, sending shivers up David’s spine. She sucked gently on first one, and then the other as her tongue teased them. Looking up at him past his achingly hard and bright red erection, she opened her mouth wide and ever so slowly took both testicles into her mouth at the same time. She hummed softly, letting the vibrations do her work as the mouthful of scrotum pinned her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. David swore and ran his hands through her soaking wet hair, down to her shoulders, massaging them in his firm grip as she in turn massaged his ball with her mouth. Their eyes met, his thick and heavily engorged shaft resting on her forehead as she stared back up at him and then winked lewdly.

“Jesus Christ.” he moaned. “I need your mouth on me baby.”

Lucia moaned affirmatively as she began to use the wide flat of her tongue in broad, sloppy licks; starting with his balls she moved upwards, licking perspiration from his hot and pulsing shaft. She gripped his rod by the base, and sticking out her tongue, she began to slap his cockhead against herself. Her nose, forehead, tongue, cheeks, and lips all received a tattoo of rhythmic slaps while she grinned and moaned in response to his involuntary twitching. Pausing for a moment, she spit a sloppy wad of saliva onto him. It hit the tip squarely and deflected down his shaft. With her hand she spread the thick sloppy spit out over his length, lubricating it fully. She smiled up at him as she leaned closer, trapping his meat between her heavy, tanned breasts.

“Fuck my tits, David.” she moaned softly.

David groaned as he placed his hands on either side of his butt on the hot wooden bench for leverage as he began to thrust his manhood between her soft tits. She squeezed them together tightly and threw her head back, chuckling with pleasure as she felt his rock hard cock glide against her skin. She licked her lips as their eyes met again, egging him on as salty sweat trickled from his brow. His breath came in ragged gasps as the exertion of his thrusts and the heat of the sauna took their toll.

Suddenly, and without warning, Lucia pulled away, her wet tits swinging freely as she thrust her mouth bakırköy escort forward and down, impaling herself onto his dick in an instant. David gasped with pleasure as she held herself deeply on him, bobbing her head ever-so-slightly up and down while his cock head tickled her tonsils. Wet, mild, gagging sounds came from her throat as she bobbed, her hands on her knees as she knelt between his legs. Interlocking his fingers, David wrapped his hands around the back of her head and pulled her face into him, holding her nose tightly to his belly as deep as he could go. Her breathing became an audible wheeze, sputtering as she coughed saliva out around the base of his shaft. With a grunt of satisfaction, he released her, and she came up gasping for air like a landed fish.

“Oh god yes.” she muttered, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. “Gag me with that dick.”

Placing one hand on either side of her head this time, David began to push and pull her up and down his length, at first slowly and smoothly, and then faster and harder. Lucia gagged each time his cock forced entry into her throat, her drooling, open mouth making a loud * GAK GAK GAK* with each down stroke. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth with her bobbing head, slapping lightly against his knees. David grunted louder with each thrust, and his balls began to pulse along with his shaft signalling imminent eruption. Lucia’s eyes squeezed tightly shut as she sustained his last few brutal tugs on her head, until he finally climaxed while pulling himself deep into her throat.

“Ohhh fuck!” David yelled. “Take all my cum Lucia!”

Lucia’s throat spasmed in time with each thick and salty burst of cum that David launched into her belly. She struggled on the edge of gagging and coughing it up, but managed to swallow each and every jet of semen, moaning happily as she did. She stayed deep on him until his cock seemed drained and then slowly backed off of him. Though he lost some of his rigidity, his manhood remained thick and upright, nearly ¾ hard despite her servicing. She grinned up at him mischievously from behind sweat-slicked bangs. David watched Lucia’s sleek, panther-like curves in awe as she stood and moved beside him. Bending at the waist, she placed both hands on the bench in front of her, and with an exaggerated arch of her back, presented her pussy towards the sauna door. Using her curled toes, she moved the folded towel from between his feet to the floor behind her ample butt, and nodded towards it while looking back over her shoulder.

“Your turn.” she said with a wink. “Lick my clit.”

Feeling downright awkward and ungainly compared to her confidently erotic movements, David scrambled to his knees on the towel behind her, taking in the powerful aroma of her pussy. While both of their bodies were soaking wet, her slit glistened with a wetness that stood out and made the rest of her body look like the Sahara. Grabbing one large cheek in each hand, David spread her open and buried his face into her, lapping at her clit voraciously. Lucia screamed almost immediately and her entire body shuddered in ecstasy as she had an immediate orgasm. She pushed herself into his mouth, grinding her slit up and down on his face, using him as he had used her only moments ago. David clutched her thighs and hung on for the ride as she seemed to come down slightly, only to immediately begin the climb to a second orgasm.

“Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!” Lucia screamed as she ground her slit onto his mouth. “Lick my clit baby!”

Struggling to keep up with her gyrations, David quickly found his face soaking wet with more than just sweat. From his nose to his neck, he felt her fluids running down his face, coating him with her aromatic secretions. David moaned as he tasted her, his vibrations driving her to new heights of wild ecstasy. In short order, she climaxed on his tongue a second time; this time becoming too sensitive to continue, and pulling away from him slightly. David stood up, stretching out his cramped knees, and Lucia looked back at him over her shoulder.

“That was fucking amazing.” she said. “And now I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Glancing down, she smiled as she saw that he was still nearly fully erect, and reached back with a hand to guide his head to her pussy. Slowly and gently, she began to run his manhood up and down her slit, coating it in her juices. They both moaned softly at this simple pleasure, and she kept it up, teasing him for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly David felt himself begin to lose control, as his hands drifted to her hips, grasping her as he began to thrust shallowly without even realizing it. At first Lucia seemed not to notice, as his cock slid past her slit as she played with him, but suddenly he was lined up perfectly, and she gasped as his head split her lips apart and entered her ever so slightly. She threw her head back and locked eyes with him again, biting her bottom lip as he stood transfixed, revelling başakşehir escort in the glorious feeling of her warm pussy grasping his cock head. He squeezed her hips with his strong hands, causing her eyes to roll back for a moment and her lip to bleed ever so slightly from the pressure of her teeth.

“Fuck me.” she ordered. “I want every inch.”

Without missing a beat, David slowly drove his cock home in one smooth motion. Lucia’s back arched and she moaned like a cat in heat for a moment, before letting out a purr of satisfaction.

“Ohhh my god yes.” she said, adjusting her hand position to brace herself from hitting her face on the bench. “Now fuck my pussy.”

With a grunt as each thrust drove home to the hilt, David’s cock began gliding in and out between her sopping wet lips. She matched his pace, pushing back into him on each slow stroke, and moaning every time her butt pressed into his belly as he buried himself inside her. His cock twitched as she engulfed him, growing fully erect again as David began to increase the pace and strength of his thrusts. Lucia, unable to match his tempo, stopped pushing back, and instead lowered her head down so that she rested on her forearms on the bench in front of her, bracing herself for his vigorous thrusts.

“Harder!” she yelled. “Oh god fuck me harder!”

David began to hammer her pussy intensely, his balls slapping audibly off of her lips as he leaned into his thrusts. Her tits started to sway back and forth, her hard nipples grazing over the bench, causing her to arch her back and orgasm a third time. Placing her head into her arms, she bit down on herself to stifle her screams and gasped for air through her nostrils. As she came down, she began a whining moan of overwhelming pleasure while David maintained his hard pumping of her now dripping pussy, seemingly semi-conscious from an overdose of pleasure. Sensing from her squirming that she was growing overly-sensitive to his fucking, David slowly pulled himself from her. Clumsily now, as if totally exhausted from her last climax, Lucia turned around and sank back to her knees in front of David as he stood facing her.

“Oh my god that was amazing.” Lucia gushed as she lazily stroked his gleaming cock and planted a sloppy kiss on its sticky head. “Where do you want to cum baby?”

David closed his eyes for a moment and shuddered as Lucia continued to stroke him while she awaited his answer. He opened them in time to watch her take his pussy-slick meat back into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily despite her sleepy-looking eyelids. They were both drenched in sweat now, and beginning to smell with the primal scent of and man and woman au naturale. Lucia moaned contentedly as she polished his bright red head with her mouth, rolling it around and flicking it with her tongue. David reached down and touched her below her chin, tilting her head back so that she looked up into his eyes while still teasing him with her tongue.

“I’m going to cum all over your gorgeous face.” David said lustily. “I’m going to plaster you in my cum.”

Lucia’s sticky smile spread ear to ear as she stared up into David’s eyes. Slowly and smoothly, she pushed her mouth forward onto him, never breaking eye contact as she took his entire length into her mouth. She gagged slightly as he pierced her throat, but managed to keep her eyes open anyway. David stroked her hair as she held herself impaled on him, watching in awe as she demonstrated incredible stamina for deep throat. She pulled back just as slowly as she had advanced, his chest heaving as she took several deep breaths, her lips connected to his head by thick strings of saliva.

“I want to feel your hot cum all over my face.” she whispered, before clearing her throat to speak up. “I want to you cover me in cum.”

David moaned softly and grasped her by the hair, pulling her onto his shaft for one more quick mouth fuck before he was ready to explode. Lucia opened her mouth wide, and stuck out her tongue to slather his balls as he thrust home each time. The *GAK GAK GAK* of her gagging was audible, though she never flinched or faltered as he pumped her mouth. In short order, David approached the point of no return. Using his handful of her hair, he tilted her head back once again, and watched as she continued to stroke his cock aimed directly at her own face.

“Oh yes David. Cum for me!” she begged.

“Oh fuck yes.” he replied. “Stroke that hard dick. Tell me how badly you want my cum.”

Lucia’s eyes burned with intense sincerity. “I need it so badly. I need to feel your hot cum splattering all over my face. Please cum for me baby.”

“Oh my god!” David groaned. “Here it comes!”

Lucia’s mouth opened wide, tongue extended, eyes locked with his as his first blast caught her in the left eyebrow, leaving a white line dangling across her eye and onto her cheek. His next two successive shots ricocheted off of her left cheekbone to land across her nose and ear, respectively. Lucia adjusted her aim, and the next two jets of pearly white cum landed squarely on her tongue as the velocity of his ejaculation began to wane. Luica’s mouth closed as she savoured the taste of his seed, and she leaned in to stroke out several dribbling shots onto her pursed lips. Finally, she took him gently into her mouth one last time, and milked out the last few remaining drops onto her tongue.

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