6 Mayıs 2023

Swinging Success


I am married to Judy, we were both twenty-seven. We have two kids already, two-and-a-half-year-old Jaden and eighteen-month-old Katie. Tonight, we are having dinner with Ken and Angela, they were Judy’s friends, and two years respectively older than us. Ken and Judy were at school together, he was a few years ahead of her.My sex life was mediocre. I was not pleasing Judy, and she let me know regularly. It started on our first night on honeymoon and never stopped.“Get your cock over there.”“Move faster.”“Move slower.”“Deeper.”“Shallower stabs.”No sooner would I comply than she would change it up, her tone irritable. I knew we were in trouble, as the tension was now entering our normal lives. She showed little affection in general. ***Now we were at dinner and Angela watched us. I was sure she could see my hurt. I was still smarting from putting on the wrong color shirt to match Judy’s outfit. The topic meandered to swinging, and I just could not understand it.“I heard that it has saved some marriages,” Ken said,“How can organized cheating save a marriage?”“Just the idea of having a different experience could ignite a spark,” Judy said.She squeezed my hand with the hand that left a welt on my shoulder before we arrived. Judy was beautiful, blonde. Shoulder-length hair with a wide smile, and gentle brown eyes, now. At home, they were a bit harsher. I was sure I would qualify as abused. Angela also liked the idea of swinging, and before long I was the only one against it.“Look, Jason,” Judy told me, “we can try it once, with Ken and Angela. We trust them as friends, right?”“Yes, but Judy, this is something more than a borrowed lawnmower. This is my love for you.”“And it will not change, Jace.”I kept quiet but did not miss the nod Judy gave Ken.“Let’s just try it bud, I promise you that Judy will still love you,” Angela hinted.“And besides, we do Üsküdar Escort need some help, Jace.”“Now why say that Judy, Jesus.”I felt the sting. I was a successful businessman. My only lack was sex.“Sorry Jace, I should not have.”She kissed my cheek, her lips hard. I knew I would pay the price, so I shrugged and looked at Angela. Her eyes were soft, compassionate. Judy looked triumphant. She wanted this.“Come, pretty boy,” Angela said. “I have been wanting a piece of you since I met you.”She took my hand. I heard Ken say similar things to Judy, who giggled. Angela led me to the bedroom and closed the door. She pulled me closer and kissed me softly.“I can see you are hurting. Let me relieve you just a little.”“Okay, and Angela, I do think you are beautiful.”“I appreciate hearing that. Ken has also been rather cold.”She pulled me to the bed and pushed me down, then she started to strip me. I was nervous. She pulled my trousers down and reached for my cock.“Nice one, Jace.”“Judy says it is small.”“Nope, just perfect.” She sucked me in, and I did not last. She gobbled it all up.“Are we done?” I asked“Hell no, but I sensed you need some quick relief. Take my clothes off.”I unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off. Her bra followed, and I kissed her nipples, sucking them in softly.“Good, Jace. Be patient, I want that sweetness with which you always treat me.”“Okay Ang, will you teach me. I am so scared of doing it wrong.”“Sure, get my pants and panties off.”I pulled them down, and she pulled my face to her pussy. I buried my face in her, hearing her cum hard. I did not stop, and eventually, she pulled me up after she came three times.“Push in gently, and hold when you are fully in, no rutting,” she asked me. It was the most amazing sensation as she kissed me on my journey into her.“Now, move slowly Jace, and I mean slowly. Üsküdar Escort Bayan Three counts out, three counts in. Do it until I cum again, then we change.”I felt her hands on my butt as she pulled me close. I heard her climb the hill of pleasure, but I focussed on holding it until she came hard, moaning loudly.“Shorter stabs, use half your cock, keep the other half inside.” I listened again and five minutes later she just about screamed into my mouth as I kissed her. I loved kissing her fuller lips, and we seemed to like playing with each other’s lips. She flipped us over and settled on my cock.“Ang, how is it that I am lasting. I rarely last, and she also does not like me cumming in her.”“You have relaxed with me Jace, I have not made you feel inferior, and I get the feeling she does.”“Yes, sorry.”Angela lay down on me, her chin on mine. We kissed and then she started to flex her hips gently, keeping most of my cock in her as she kissed me. I had my hands on her hard butt, stroking her gently. I pulled my one hand up to her small firm breast and tweaked the nipple, making her moan as it triggered another orgasm. She just kept flexing her but gently, and I felt myself boil over, cumming the hardest I have ever cum.“I gather you liked that?” Angela said, then her head rolled back as she came as well. “Let’s do that again,” she said as she came down, and she started again.She kissed me and increased her speed. I had both her nipples in my hands now. We both reached our combined climaxes, and we came loudly. She flipped us over.“Fuck me Jace, not hard, but harder than before.”I did, and she was now properly loud as she came twice more before I buried myself as deep as I could, cumming hard. I lifted her with me and carried her to the shower where I pulled out and we cleaned up, but not before she came twice Escort Üsküdar more on my tongue. We dried off and started to dress.“Angela, how do I go back to what I now realize is frigidity?”“I have the same problem. Can we do coffee tomorrow? I need to talk to you Jace, something else is bothering me.”“Okay, how about lunch.”“Perfect.” We kissed again and left the room. Judy and Ken were having coffee, and I could see she was puzzled.“Jesus, Judy,” Angela said. “All I can say is wow.”“Likewise,” I said. I realized I would want this to happen again, soon. We said goodnight and left.“Was it really that good?” Judy asked as we drove home.“It was, but different. She was not you, my love.”“Ken was also not you, Jace.”“Was it what you wanted?”“Yes, just to try.”“Would you do it again?”“Maybe.” Judy shrugged, looking out the car window.I took Nicole, the babysitter home. I thought maybe the swap worked because for the first time we made love properly when I got home. I even came in her which surprised me. The next day I met Angela. She had a folder with her.“Jace, there is no easy way to say this. Ken and Judy have been fucking for a while.”She opened the folder, and I saw what she meant. The oldest photos were where Judy’s hair was cropped short, which was when we were engaged. Things made sense and I barely contained my hurt.“Why am I not shocked. This explains our sex life.”We spoke a little more about the affair, but our conversation changed to a future between us, and it filled me with a lot of hope. We finished lunch and I paid.“Come, Angela, I want you to give copies to my lawyer. If yours gets taken we have more. I will also take a set.”“Okay.”We walked to my lawyer’s office. She was eager to start proceedings. I kissed Angela inside the lawyer’s office, saying that I will make some other plans too. Angela left and I sat with my lawyer. I changed my will and made Angela the beneficiary. I had a feeling Angela and myself will end up together, so I did not deem it a dumb move.“Perhaps you should not tell Angela just yet until you are sure where she is at.”I agreed and walked to my car, then drove to my office. Judy was there.

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