16 Mayıs 2023

Sydney Pt. 04


The past few days had been confusing. At times I found myself incredibly excited with the events at Dancer’s. Knowing that I paraded half naked in front men made my body tingle with desire. I thoroughly enjoyed the sexy clothes that I purchased with Ty. I was slowly coming to the realization that men found me sexy and attractive. Yet I found myself uncomfortable at times. My mind kept returning to the sensations I felt from Kerry’s soft erotic touches. I found myself strangely attracted to Kerry. I could not get her out of my mind.

Ty and his family were of town for a few days so I filled my time shopping for new clothes. I could not wait to wear them for Ty. My favorite was a tiny white bikini that was so skimpy it made me wet thinking about the looks I would get. It barely hid anything. The bikini top only covered about half of each breast. From the side, in fact, you could see nearly my entire breast. The bikini bottom left most of my ass exposed, as it was no bigger than a thong. I was getting so turned on thinking about it that I didn’t hear the phone ring. I snapped out of my lust filled trance and raced to the phone hoping that it would be Ty.

I grabbed the phone and was taken back when I heard, “Hi Syd. Its Kerry how are you?”

I was stunned to hear her voice. How did she get my telephone number? “Er hi Kerry, I’m fine thank you.”

Before I could think of anything else to say she said, “Ty gave me your number and asked me to see if you were okay. He thought you might want to hang out with me at the pool while he is gone. You know, give you something to do.”

Wow my mind was racing with all types of thoughts. I was telling myself that this didn’t feel right yet I was strangely excited to see her. I instinctively replied, “That sounds like fun. How do I get to your place?”

Kerry gave me directions and I told her that I would be there around eleven. Kerry replied, “Great I can’t wait to see you.” My legs became wobbly and my body tingled with excitement.

I went upstairs changed and grabbed my new bikini. I was looking forward to seeing what effect it would have on the men at the pool. I got to Kerry’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Within moments the door opened and I saw Kerry standing there in front of me in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. It was even smaller than mine her body practically falling out of it.

I found myself mesmerized, staring at her curves with more than just a passing fancy. How could I be feeling these desires building within me? Why was my body responding this way? My face flushed with excitement could not disguise my inner feelings. I suspect Kerry picked up on it as she said, “Well I’m glad you like. It is so nice to see you again.” With that she leaned over and gave me a soft moist kiss on the lips and welcomed me in.

Once inside she directed me to her room so that I could change into my bikini. I changed and looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled to myself. Not bad, not bad at all. I gasped in horror as my eyes wandered down to my bottoms. The bikini bottom did not cover all my pubic hairs. I tried adjusting my bottom several times but with no success. I could not go out like this. Damn!

Deep with my thoughts I did not realize that Kerry had come in and was standing behind me until I heard, “Syd that suits looks great. You have such a sexy little ass.” My body stirred upon hearing her and I turned to face her.

“Wow and your tits look great,” she said.

“Thanks, but I can’t go out like this.”

“Why not silly you look great. I can’t wait to see how many heads we turn.”

“I can’t the bottom is too small and I can’t cover myself properly.” I said as Kerry lowered her eyes to my mound.

She smiled and laughed out loud, “Syd don’t be silly. That is easy to fix. We just need to trim your bush down to a manageable size. See look at mine.”

My body tensed up as Kerry wearing the red G-string bikini approached me and then stepped out of her bottoms to expose her clean shaven pussy. My eyes stared at her clean-shaven pussy for what seemed like an eternity. I heard Kerry say, “Here touch it and feel how smooth it is.”

Before I could do anything she quickly took one of my hands and placed it against her pussy. Her pussy was already wet. It felt so soft and smooth that I unconsciously rubbed my fingers up and down her exposed slit.

“Oooooh that feels so nice Syd,”

My hand pulled away embarrassed to have lost myself in the moment, “I’m sorry Kerry I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Nonsense that felt wonderful.” she replied as she positioned my hand on her pussy.

“I’ve never touched another pussy before. It feels so soft and so exposed.” her wetness coating my fingers.

Kerry grabbed my hand and led me to the edge of her bed, “Sit here and take your bottoms off. I’ll get the clippers and we can make your pussy feel nice and soft like mine.”

She headed to the bathroom as I took my bottoms off. I gasped to see that my bottoms had a wet spot on them already. I placed my hand on my Sarıyer escort clit and felt tremors shoot within me. I could not believe that I was so wet.

Kerry came back and had me lay down on her bed, “Lets get you shaved and then we can explore some more.” I leaned back and spread my thighs. My pussy was now wide open for Kerry to see its engorged state.

Kerry immediately took the clippers and trimmed my pubic hairs down to a short stubble. Kerry took great care constantly reassuring me how good my pussy was going to look. She left for a moment and came back with a hot towel that she placed over my exposed mound.

“We need to soften the hair as much as possible before we start to shave,” she advised. “Warm water softens the hair. When you do this at home it will be easier if you do it right after you’ve taken a shower.” She said.

I closed my eyes knowing the hot towel was making my pussy tingle with desire. I jumped feeling Kerry’s hand rub across my pussy as she removed the hot towel. I did not object as my mind was consumed with the erotic sensations building within me. I looked down to see Kerry applying a generous amount of shaving cream and once again caressed my pussy while doing it. I was beginning to respond to her touch. My hips rotated slowly under her soft touch. I was losing all control. No don’t I thought to myself but it was an empty threat as I knew that I was already consumed and filled with a sexual energy that pined to be released.

I noticed Kerry’s face was flushed; her eyes glazed over with a wanton lust. I was turning her on. Oh my god how could this feel so good yet feel so wrong I thought. I closed my eyes and slid my hand inside my bikini top and began to rub my breast.

In just a couple of minutes Kerry had manipulated the razor around all my folds. She took a warm wet towel and wiped the area clean. Again, she made a special effort to caress my lips gently. I moaned softly as she wiped the towel up the length of my slit.

My body was on fire and I had lost all control of my inner urges. I pulled both my breast out from the top continued to rub them leaving my entire body on display for Kerry to see. I didn’t care. Kerry momentarily brought me out of my trance to explain the final step, which was the application of the aloe lotion to the entire pubic area.

“I originally was going to let you do this for yourself but you seemed to be so engrossed that I decided to enjoy the experience myself.” I moaned softly in anticipation as my hands continued to explore my breasts.

With lotion in her hands and she began to cover my entire pussy with the moisturizing liquid. As her fingers gently caressed the soft folds and crevices of my pussy I began to let out moans of pleasure. I was quickly responding to her expert touch. When her fingers probed my asshole I jumped and I jumped again when her hands found my clit.

Knowing that I was now very aroused Kerry inched forward. When her tongue touched my folds I realized what was happening. I stopped caressing my breasts and put my hands down on her head forcing her down into my pussy.

“Ooooh, that feels nice,” I said softly. “Does it feel nice for you too?”

“It feels and tastes wonderful,” she assured. I felt her tongue once again nibbling on my clit sending tremors through my body. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to have an earth-shattering orgasm. I moaned aloud as I felt Kerry begin to finger fuck my wet pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, please don’t stop. It feels so good.” I moaned as my hips bucked underneath her expert licks.

Kerry was going faster and faster, and then reached one hand down and underneath me. She started to tease my asshole. I knew that it wouldn’t take much longer before I came. I grabbed both my nipples and squeezed them hard as the first shock waves erupted in me. My body thrashed and contorted as I absorbed each wave of immense pleasure running through my body.

“Ooooooooh my god, Im cummming. Im cummmming, yes yes…” I groaned as I hungered for each intense tremor ripping through me not wanting it to end. I lost track of where I was and who was pleasuring me. I didn’t care. All that matter was the lust for pleasure raging deep within me.

Opening me eyes, hands still kneading my nipples, I found Kerry lying next to me. She pushed up against my warm body; the bare skin of my tits coming into contact with her stomach as she lowered her lips to meet mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and caressed her sides as the kiss escalated.

Kerry slipped her tongue between my lips. Soon our tongues were in a full French kiss, our breathing becoming deeper and more labored as we savored the warm feel of our mouths.

“Ummm,” I murmured as I looked into Kerry’s eyes, “that was incredible.” I could feel the passion in my own body, and could sense Kerry’s as well. My hands found her naked ass and I pulled her closer to me.

I felt guilty for a moment knowing that I was kissing another woman, but then again Kerry had initiated Escort Silivri the contact. All I wanted to do was to explore her curves. I was so turned on. I was consumed with pleasuring her.

My hand found her breast and I slowly withdrew it from her top. Her nipple was erect as I gently squeezed it. Kerry let out a soft moan as she whispered in my ear, “Make me cum Syd. I am so turned on.”

My lips reached down to suck on her gorgeous tit as my hand searched for the warmth of her wet pussy. Kerry pushed her hips up to meet my hand. Her pussy was so wet and hot, my finger slid easily inside the depths of her folds, eliciting a long soft groan, “mmmmmmmm, oh yea baby, make me cum.”

My fingers found her clit and she was soon grinding her pussy hard into my hand. I could not believe what I was doing. I was so turned on by another woman. I wanted to cum again.

Kerry leaned down and whispered, “Syd please eat my pussy, Im so close to cumming. Make me cum Syd.”

I looked at her as I slowly but sensuously worked my way down to her pussy. Licking and kissing every one of her curves and mounds; my eyes never loosing contact with hers. I slowly spread her lips exposing her hole for me to explore. I extended my tongue and took my first taste of a woman’s pussy. My tongue swept between her lips and brought an involuntary gasp from her. Her hand moved behind my head holding me close to her hot and wet pussy.

Just as she had done with me, I flicked her clit with my tongue while I let my fingers tease and gently probe her ass. Kerry began to buck her hips to meet my tongue as she moaned, “yes yes that’s it, eat my pussy baby, suck on it. Feels soooooooo good. Make me cum.”

I pushed my finger inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her as my tongue flicked back and forth sucking on her clit every so often. Kerry was on fire and moaning loudly as she pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I continued to slowly tongue tease her clit until she screamed in delight, “Oh that feels so good, don’t stop I’m so fucking close.”

I slowly took the rigid little bud of her clit between my teeth and began to nibble on it with my tongue, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she moaned softly.

She gasped repeatedly, arching her back off the bed, forcing her aroused pussy against the moist lips of my hungry mouth. She screamed, “Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhh! Oh…! Ohhhhh!!! Im cummmming.” She moaned mindlessly pushing her hips against my face as I continued to tongue her engorged clit.

After a few moments I stopped licking her clit and stared at her swollen cunt lips. Her orgasm had subsided, trying to catch her breath; she just lay there on the bed.

Finally, Kerry sat up and looked at me, “Sydney where did you learn to eat pussy like that? You made me cum so good. It was wonderful.”

“Kerry, I had never been with another woman in my life. You turned me on so much I just tried to do what I thought I would like. I’m so fucking horny I wish Ty were here to fuck me. I need to cum with his dick inside me.”

I saw Kerry roll to the side of the bed and reach for something, “Well It may not be like the real thing but it works just fine,” as she pulled out a rubber strap on cock, attached to a holster. The cock was pink and stood on end as if erect. My eyes grew wide in astonishment as I saw Kerry fastening the strap on to her waist.

Kerry crawled back in bed with a wickedly sultry look that made my body quiver with eager anticipation. She leaned down and pushed hard up against my body, letting her tongue roll across my lips and deep into my mouth. Her hands roamed down to my breasts sensuously caressing them as she whispered in a low sultry voice, “Play with my cock.”

Instinctively my hand went down and took hold of the cock. Shivers ran through me again. I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. I was out of control with lust and desire. Consumed with a fiery feeling deep within me. Kerry slowly started to slide her body down mine heading for my wetness.

I could feel the tip of the lubricated strap on rub up and down my body as Kerry continued to grind down toward my pussy. She had a lust filled look as she ran the tip of her cock across my trembling lips. The mere touch of her cock on my pussy sent shivers throughout me. I instinctively thrust my hips upwards wanting to feel her in me.

Then with a quick thrust Kerry buried her cock into my eagerly awaiting hole. I let out a short gasp as I felt the cock burrow deep inside me just like Ty’s cock. I felt that sense of fullness that only a cock could bring. Kerry let it lie in me for a moment before slowly retracting it.

I could feel my desire rise and with it an oncoming orgasm, the strap on sliding in and out of me with ease. I grabbed Kerry and pulled her down on me as I search out her tongue.

“Fuck me Kerry, Fuck me hard. This feels so good…” I moaned.

Kerry alternated between slow deep thrusts and quick shallow ones, driving me further into a state of ecstasy. She continued to ease Topkapı escort bayan her cock into me, very slowly at first, but for being a woman, she really seemed to know how to use a man’s cock. I was closed to cumming again and I knew it wasn’t going to take long.

“I groaned, “I’m so close. Make me cum please make me cum. Fuck me hard and fast Kerry, I’m almost there.”

With that she increased the speed and intensity of her thrusts. I wrapped my legs around her little ass and screamed, “oooooh yes ooh ooh ooh my goooooood….” as my whole body shook and spasmed out of control. Wave after wave ripped through my body as Kerry continued to pound me.

I kissed her luscious lips with and animal fervor as she slowly eased up on her thrusts. Caressing and holding her tight I let out a soft gasp of subsiding pleasure. “Oh, that felt sooooo goood.”

Kerry pulled her cock out of me and told me to get on my knees. “Sydney I am not done with you yet. You said you needed a good hard fuck and that is what you are getting. I am going to fuck you nice and hard.”

Quickly and beyond my control I found myself on all fours looking back at Kerry. Wanting her in me, deep inside me, I grunted, “oh yes baby fuck me again.”

Kerry slapped my cheeks; sending hot painful sensations within me. It did not matter how much it hurt, as I was lost with my lust filled passion. She slowly pushed her cock in until I felt it hit my cervix, again I moaned and buried my head into the bed.

Kerry held onto my butt cheeks and groaned, “Pussy, you’re going to get a real good fucking.”

Pumping her cock, in and out, faster and faster. Slapping my butt with a sharp intensity I savored the sensations. At first, I felt a little sore, but being so wet and with her spanking me, it started feeling incredible. I knew I was going to have another orgasm if she kept it up.

Her pounding slowed down much to my surprise, “I am so close why are you stopping?”

Just then I felt her finger tease the rim of my asshole. Consumed with fire and desire I whined, “Please please fuck me make me cum again.”

Suddenly I felt her finger penetrate deep into my bowels; my ass instinctively pushing back onto her finger as she proceeded to finger fuck my hole.

“Oh my god,” I shouted loudly. “this feels so good. Please fuck me, fuck my ass, just make me cum.”

I felt her cock slide out of my pussy and soon it was gently pressing at my asshole. My asshole opened up as it slowly engulfed her cock. Slowly but surely Kerry began to increase the pace and depths of her thrusts. “Oh God, I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” I moaned.

My body was filled with wanton lust as Kerry pumped my ass. A rush of heated passion tore through my insides. I flicked my clit once, then twice and then I yelled, “Mmmm, I’m going to cum, ohhh. Don’t stop. Fuck my ass. Spank me, I’m cummmmming.”

Suddenly my body began to convulse as I furiously worked on my clit while taking Kerry’s pounding in my ass. I was over the edge and had lost all rational thought process. I groaned loud and long, “Fuck, ooooh Im cummming, Fuck, Fuck,….ooohh god yes yes yes.” My body shook violently and erupted with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. Then my body went limp and I collapsed on the bed.

When I opened my eyes Kerry lay next to me slowly stroking my back as I tried to regain my senses. It was so incredible to have made love to another woman. I looked up at her and pulled her lips to mine. “That was incredible.”

We held each other tightly and snuggled our body’s close for what seemed like an eternity. Our bodies exhausted with pleasure it felt oh so good to be there.

“Lets not sit around here too long. We have some tanning to do as well as some heads to turn.” She said.

“Oh I don’t know I’m feeling so nice right now snuggled next to you.”

“Syd this pool is a great place to party. We can lie out and relax, have some drinks, listen to some music, and laugh at all the guys walking around with hard-ons after seeing us. Who knows maybe we can put on a show for them? Come on lets go.”

With that she was up and out of bed as I struggled to regain my senses….. Just as I was getting my bikini on my phone rang. It was Ty!

“Hey baby” I cooed. “Sydney, I am back in town. I couldn’t stay away from you. We need to hook up. Can you meet me at your place in say 30 minutes?”

“Yes baby. I am on my way. See you soon Ty”

I gave Kerry a pouty little face and said “I am sorry Kerry but Ty is back in town. I have to go.”

I leaned down and gave her a warm kiss. We caressed our bodies as we continued to mold ourselves into one. As much as I wanted to see Ty, I didn’t want to leave Kerry. She touched a part of me that Ty couldn’t do. I gave Kerry one last kiss and bent down to take a long suck on her tit. She was such an amazing woman. I told her “Kerry I cannot wait for us to hook up again. You are an amazing woman. “

I got home before Ty so I decided I would surprise him with my new little white bikini. I undressed and donned my new bikini on and put on a pair of my black open toed 4″ heels. I looked at myself and thought that I looked spectacular. I knew Ty would love this look. I felt a warmth spread throughout my body as I lusted after my son’s best friend. I am such a fucking slut.

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