18 Mart 2023

Take Control


I crawl up behind him, doing my best not to be seen – OR heard. If he catches me, I’d be in deep trouble. I know this, and I have known this ever since the beginning. My hands are shaky with excitement. It would be the first time EVER that I take control. I feel exhilarated. I stand up shakily, behind his chair. His eyes are closed, and he looks so relaxed. I take a deep breath, holding it as I wrap the blindfold gently across his eyes. I see his hand twitch, and hear his breathing alter. But not for long, and he is back in his quiet slumber. I make my way quietly towards his front, facing him, his hand barely missing my leg, as I bend over him to tie down his hands. First his left, then I make my way to the right. I hear the sharp intake of his breath, as he is jolted awake by my hard-handed excitement.

My hands still momentarily. I see his fingers twitch, and decide to finish what I started. In my most seductive voice, I ensure him that everything is fine, and that he should relax. I can see his sexy smile spreading over his lips, but then it is replaced with a frown. He tries to jerk his hands free, but my knotting skills are higher than expected, even if I have to say so myself. I smile slyly to myself. His fingers are outstretched, as if he is reaching for something, and I rub my bare leg against his gentle fingers. I hear his excitement in his breath, as I lean over, my breasts brushing against his chest. My voice sounds seductive and mischievous as I whisper into his ear, “Tonight we will be playing by my rules. Nod if you understand.” I feel him nodding, even before my sentence is complete. I bite at his ear lobe, my teeth snapping just beside it, making him jerk away a little.

My beylikdüzü escort hands start their slow torment on his body. He is only wearing his black jeans. It’s such a pity that they will be destroyed tonight. I smile as the cold metal of scissors touches his skin, making goosebumps rise up his chest, and over his back. My mouth follows the path wet, warm, wanting. I move off of his lap, my hands trembling slightly as I start cutting into the material of his jeans. He will be super pissed at me.

I shrug, Oh well. I continue my war path with his jeans. Oh how I will miss these jeans. They hug every line and contour of his perfect body. I sigh, inaudibly. It doesn’t take long before I can remove the pesky piece of cloth hiding his body from me. And then I have to deal with his boxer shorts. luckily he doesn’t wear anything underneath that, else I might faint! Before I start shredding his boxer shorts, my hands dwell over his perfectly formed hips. Slowing down only to tease his skin. He is very sensitive to touch, and his skin is very reactive. I draw a line from his naval up to his jaw. My mouth follows in pursuit, making him squirm beneath me. I smile, kissing him hard and passionately. Then his boxers are removed, and I start my sexual assault on his erection. My hands are struggling with the proper procedure.

I take a deep breath to calm myself, and my hand folds around his penis. I feel it throbbing. Pre-cum slowly forming droplets on a very sensitive head. I fall to my knees before him, my bare tits touching his skin and becoming erect with excitement. First I start off by kissing his V-line, down the left beyoğlu escort side, slowly, then the right side. My tongue enjoying the taste of his bare skin beneath my hot and wanting mouth. My nails forming patterns on his skin, as I work my way down. I gently bite at the base of his cock, my tongue gently soothing every bite mark. Then I work my way up, his erect cock throbbing against my mouth, and then finally in my mouth. My tongue is making slow, careful swirls across the very tip, savoring the taste of pre-cum droplets, and teasing him even more…

I start slowly, my mouth barely covering the tip. Going deeper, and faster, making him gasp, trying to push himself deeper into my mouth. My fingers are expertly playing over his skin, tantalizing him, almost overloading his senses. I feel the build of his orgasm, and stop suddenly. I get up, moving away from him. This leaves him yearning, wanting for sweet release. I can see him trying to look around, trying to see where I am. His voice sounds hoarse when he finally speaks, “Playing this game will only get you fucked mercilessly when I get up here, Baby girl.” I see the sadistic smile cross his lips, and know that he is mad. He looks so sexy when he is mad.

I move closer to him, just barely trailing my fingers across his skin. He is straining to get loose from my restraints, his hands keep clenching. I grab the ice from the table, deciding to play a little longer before I finish him off. The ice is gleaming on his skin, making it look even more seductive, and I desperately want to follow the cold, wet trail. From his broad shoulders, over his neck, down his chest, past his bizimkent escort naval. I go down, moving slowly, my hands trembling. I use the ice until it melts completely, and my mouth starts following the same path.

Then I’m on his lap. He can feel my seeping wetness against his throbbing cock. My mouth closes on his, hot and hungry, forcing him to kiss me back. I rub my wetness all over his cock, keeping him from slipping inside me. my hands are on his back, nails biting into his skin, as his cock massages my clit. I moan, a deep, throaty moan. I see his hands straining against the restraints. With a quick move of his hips, he enters my wet pussy. I gasp loudly at the sudden intrusion. With my disorientation, his mouth closes on my nipple, his tongue twirling the stiff, erect and overly sensitive tip. I move on his lap, his cock sliding in and out inside of me, His tongue makes way for nipping teeth, and I moan.

Then I push him back, stripping off the blindfold. He smiles as he sees me. I’m moving my hips faster, making him thrust into me deeper. Faster. Harder. Bringing him back to the verge of orgasm in mere minutes. I stop moving completely. Hearing him gasp at the sudden change is driving me crazy. I let him slip out of me. He is almost dripping wet. Or is it me? I don’t care. Using a hand, I rub his cock against my clit. Moving my hips upon him, bringing myself to orgasm using his erection. Just as orgasm enshrouds me, I allow him to slip inside me.

I’m moving fast, my hips grinding like never before. He starts thrusting up, into my stiffening pussy, making me gasp and moan. Riding him hard, fast, makes me feel powerful. And then I feel him burst within me. The warm liquid shooting deep into me, leaving him breathless. I kiss him lingeringly once more. My hands trailing down his body, as he rests his head on my breasts, his mouth still teasing my nipples.Almost too soon I slide off of him, untying his restraints. I smile seductively, then with a last teasing kiss, I step back into my room, leaving him to his peace and quiet.

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