18 Mart 2023

Taking Care of Business Ch. 07


The rest of the winter saw Ryan and Beth visit their secret sex room several more times till Beth put an end to their sessions. Ryan had asked about moving on from their bare room to his or her place. She thought he was getting too serious and told him it was over.

Winter gave way to spring and warmer weather. Warmer weather also meant fewer people working overtime. By mid-Spring it was announced that the workload was manageable and that overtime was going to end at the end of the week. On Friday a few stragglers worked a couple hours when the department manager told the few that stayed that he was treating them to dinner. They all ate, drank and had a good time. When the group left the restaurant a smaller group went to the adjacent night club to continue the fun. Ryan was reluctantly in that group. He wasn’t much for clubs but the alcohol he had already consumed combined with the constant please from a beautiful co-worker named Melanie convinced him to stay.

Melanie was a big girl but so very beautiful. She was a light-brown haired MILF with big breasts that just begged to be squeezed and an incredibly sexy tan. She always wore revealing clothing and Ryan was enjoying the view of her cleavage. Melanie sat close to Ryan. After an hour or so of drinks Ryan finally had enough liquid courage that he accepted Melanie’s invitation to the dance floor.

The dance floor was packed so Melanie and Ryan were dancing very close together. She put her arms around Ryan’s neck and pulled him to her. Their bodies swayed together as they danced. Ryan was a bit concerned because the feel of her breasts against him combined with the smell of her perfume was making his cock grow rapidly against Melanie’s stomach.

Melanie felt him growing and smiled. She began to grind against his cock. She wanted to get him worked up and then find a secluded place to fuck him. After a couple songs Ryan was ready to go back to the table. If for no other reason, he thought, to get a drink and let his raging hard-on calm down. Melanie and Ryan repeated the cycle multiple times over the course of the night.

Eventually Melanie and Ryan were the only two co-workers left at the club. They were both somewhat drunk and feeling good. Ryan was grinding back against Melanie as they danced and she was wet and read to make her move. As the got to the dance floor for the final time, Melanie put her arms around Ryan’s neck, pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply. Ryan didn’t miss a beat. He kissed her back, matching her passion.

They broke their kiss when the music stopped. Melanie grabbed Ryan’s hand and said, “let’s go somewhere else.” She led him out of the club and to the alley behind the club where her Forrester was parked. Ryan was concentrating on her ass swaying as she walked. He didn’t realize she had stopped at her car. Ryan walked into Melanie, pinning her to her car.

“Sorry,” Ryan mutter as he tried to get his balance. He could smell the scent of her shampoo mixed with her perfume and his cock jumped. Melanie felt his hard member and began grinding her ass against Ryan. Soft groans escaped his mouth and he couldn’t take the teasing any longer. I have to have her, thought Ryan, I hope she wants it too.

Ryan moved her long hair to reveal her neck. He began to plant kisses to the back and side of Melanie’s neck. Melanie moaned her approval and continued to grind against him. Ryan knew if they kept this up he would shoot his load in his pants instead of in her cunt. Ryan moved his lips to Melanie’s ear and whispered, “I want you Mel!”

The feel of his breath on her ear sent chills down her spine and his words stoked the need between her legs. It had been a long time since a man told her he wanted her…sexually that is. Melanie twisted around and pulled her t-shirt off, exposing her magnificent double-D breasts and red satin and lace bra. She unhooked the bra and pulled it off, releasing her love globes. There were no tan lines on her beautiful big breasts. Melanie dropped her shirt and bra onto the hood of her car, pulled up her skirt and kneeled before Ryan.

Ryan was shocked etiler escort when Melanie removed her shirt and bra, even more so when she unzipped his pants. Her hand disappeared as she reached inside his pants and through the fly in his underwear. When her hand reemerged, she had pulled his hard cock out. Melanie slipped Ryan’s cock in her mouth and began moving back-n-forth on his pole as she jacked the base of his cock. This was totally out of character for her. Melanie was typically a shy girl but this excited her and the excitement of the moment had taken her over.

Her excitement showed. Melanie was sucking and rubbing Ryan fast. She couldn’t stop herself or even slow down. The excitement from being half naked in a public alley with a cock in her mouth on top of all the teasing had consumed her. It overtook Ryan as well. He knew he wouldn’t last long, especially the way she was sucking his cock, slipping her tongue under the ridge of his head and down the shaft and jacking the base of his shaft.

Ryan barely got the words of warning out, “I’m cumming Mel!” Melanie swallowed the first shot but pulled away while she continued to jack him off. Melanie aimed his cock and each squirt left a trail of semen from her neck to her chest to her big boobs. God that is so hot, thought Ryan.

Melanie kept milking Ryan’s cock till the last drops of his cum dribble from the tip. She licked and sucked the final drops from the head and then released his cock. Ryan stumbled back a step or two as Melanie stood up. She massaged the white cream into her skin. Melanie couldn’t believe she was acting like such a little slut but she liked it.

Ryan was hot for Melanie and wanted to return the favor while his cock rejuvenated. He took her hand and led Melanie to the front of her car. There Ryan kneeled before Melanie and pulled her red lace thong down. Once Melanie stepped out of her thong, Ryan pocketed it and turned his attention to her tan, hairless mound. Hmmmmm, thought Ryan, she tans naked.

There was little doubt how aroused she was. Melanie was exciting by the feel of the cool spring air on her bare mound, she moaned slightly as she felt Ryan’s warm breath and she had to bite her lip when she felt his wet tongue teasing her mound. Ryan was entranced by the strong scent of her arousal and he had to taste her.

Ryan gently pushed Melanie’s leg up onto the bumper of her car, revealing her most intimate secret. Melanie leaned back on the hood as Ryan’s tongue found her engorged clit. Ryan licked gently, teasing her clit. Melanie was not in the mood to be teased. Melanie climbed up onto the hood of her car, laid back, spread her legs wide and completed revealed the delicate pink folds of her bald pussy to Ryan. Ryan dove in, his tongue licking as her wet hole. Almost immediately Melanie felt the old familiar feeling building in her crotch. It had been awhile since she had that feeling. She knew it would not take long for that feeling to build and explode. Ryan moved his mouth to her clit, took it in his mouth and began to suck and lick the sensitive nub.

“Mmmm…” Melanie bit her lip to stop from screaming. Ryan was really good and she would explode very soon if he kept it up, she thought. Ryan was trying to slowly tease Melanie, but her orgasm was building as he lightly licked and kissed her clit. But even his light teasing was going to put Melanie over the edge soon.

Melanie wanted it to last longer too but she could fee her orgasm growing quickly. It has been so long since I’ve had sex, though Melanie, longer since I’ve had good sex, longer still since a man took the time to make love to my body and put my needs before his. It was getting harder and harder to stifle the moans that Ryan’s tongue was eliciting from her. Reb wasn’t kidding, Melanie thought, he is a great lover.

Ryan dipped his tongue down to Melanie’s wet hole and back to her clit. “AAAAAA…” groaned Melanie out loud. She couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Ryan was bringing too much pleasure to her body and she no longer cared if any halkalı escort one saw or heard her. Melanie moved her hands to her big boobs. She massaged her breasts before pinching and pulling her hard nipples. “Faster Ryan,” Melanie groaned. Ryan began licking her clit faster as he sucked it. Melanie’s moans were getting louder and louder, her hips grinding her pussy into his face. “ooOOOO…” Melanie groaned loudly as her body tensed and her orgasm erupted. Ryan sucked her clit in his mouth. “Yes baby, yes baby, don’t stop,” is all Melanie said. Years of sexual frustration from bad or no sex were being washed away with wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure.

As Ryan felt Melanie’s body relax a bit, he released her throbbing clit and stood up, looking down at her heaving chest. Melanie was stilling pinching and pulling her nipples, her eyes shut and she was still softly groaning. Ryan stood over her till she stopped, opened her eyes and looked up at him. “Thank you,” she said breathlessly, “been awhile.” Ryan smiled back at Melanie. The length of his hard cock rested against Melanie’s wet slit. Melanie felt his hard cock against her sensitive pussy, “How about you come with me and I’ll put that to good use.” It made Melanie feel good that a man found her arousing enough to get another boner after he already came once. Ryan stepped back and helped Melanie down from the hood of her car.

They walked to the back of Melanie’s car where she opened the hatch-back, climbed in and folded the back seats down to give them more room. This also gave Ryan a wonderful view of Melanie’s wet pussy. It was all Ryan could do to not just grab her hips and plunge himself deep inside her. Melanie lay down on her side and motioned Ryan to lie next to her. Ryan climbed in next to Melanie, pulling the hatch-back closed behind him. Melanie tugged on Ryan’s shirt as he lay next to her, “Let’s get your clothes off.” After several minutes of wriggling, pulling and pushing, Ryan’s clothes and Melanie’s skirt were lying in a pile on the front seat.

Melanie and Ryan embraced. Ryan pulled Melanie close, feeling her soft skin against him as they kissed feverishly. Melanie pushed Ryan back and rolled on top of him. They continued to kiss as Melanie reached between their bodies, took hold of Ryan’s throbbing cock and slipped her hot pussy down his rod. Ryan moved his hands to Melanie’s big tits and began to massage them.

Melanie moaned as she rode Ryan’s hard cock. She rocked back-n-forth on all fours as Ryan thrust his hips to meet her mound. His cock inside her felt good but she was extra aroused knowing that anyone could see what they were doing, could see her naked body, see her pussy being fucked. It surprised her how much of a slut she was being but also how excited she was being naked in public.

Their body’s fell into a mutual rhythm that increased slowly as their excitement grew. Melanie was so aroused that she experienced mini orgasms with each deep thrust. Ryan could tell because her moans got louder with each orgasm. “Pinch my nipples,” commanded Melanie as another orgasm flowed through her body.

Their slow, steady fucking was driving him crazy. His orgasm was slowly building and building. He had to fight the urge to just hold her hips and pound her wet pussy. His self-control was almost gone when Melanie sat up as far as she could, put her hands on his chest and began to fuck Ryan wildly. Their bodies slapped together as she bounced up and down on his cock. Ryan thrust his hips in time with her downward motion. His hands remained at her hard nipples, pulling and pinching.

“AAAAA…” moaned Melanie, practically screaming, “yeah, pinch my nipples baby…harder….harder…AAAAAAA.” Melanie was totally lost in her lust as she continued to pleasure herself with Ryan’s cock.

Ryan was enjoying the pleasure of Melanie’s tight cunt as well. “Mel, yes Mel…don’t stop…YESSS!!!” Finally he let go and shot after shot of hot cum was unloaded deep inside her.

Melanie felt Ryan’s cock expand and the hot cum innovia escort inside her. The feeling was the last push she needed as an intense orgasm exploded through her. Melanie continued to slide up and down Ryan’s spasming cock. Her voice became a high-pitched squeal, “AAAA…AAAA…AAAA…RYAN!!”

Ryan was lost in the intense pleasure as Melanie’s pussy contracted around his cock as she bounced up and down. Just when he was seeing stars and thought he was going to pass out from the pleasure, Melanie slid down his pole, her legs gave out and she collapsed on top of Ryan. Both were breathing heavy and the walls of Melanie’s cunt were still quivering, milking his partially limp tool. Ryan could feel the warm, sticky juices that flowed from Melanie’s sweet pussy all over his balls, thighs and pelvis with more trickling down his cock.

Melanie rolled off of Ryan once she regained some strength in her legs. “I think we should get dressed and go, but I don’t know if I can drive,” said Melanie.

“Don’t worry,” said Ryan, “I can drive us to my house and you can stay over, regain your strength.”

She didn’t know if she liked the idea of staying at Ryan’s house but why not? Her ex had the kids and they just had sex so she didn’t have anything to hide from him. “Ok,” Melanie said reluctantly.

Ryan reached to the front seat and grabbed their clothes. He handed Melanie her skirt, “I’ll get dressed and then grab your shirt and bra.”

“Thanks…can I have my thong back too?” Melanie held out her hand.

Ryan pulled them out of his pocket and handed them to her, “Aaahh, sure.” Ryan climbed out of the car’s back door as Melanie put on her skirt and thong. He grabbed her shirt and bra, walked to the back of the car, opened the hatchback and handed them to Melanie. Melanie dressed quick, handed Ryan her keys and he drove them to his house.

Once there, Ryan opened the front door and led them into the living room. Melanie asked for a pillow and blanket so she could crash on the couch. She was feeling a bit weird about being here.

“Mel,” Ryan said, “we’ve been grinding on each other all night, kissing and we just had sex besides your car, on your car and in your car…in any alley…in public…we’ve seen each other completely naked! I think it would be fine if you slept in bed with me. I have a queen sized bed so there is plenty of room.”

Melanie was hesitant. She wasn’t going to but hearing Ryan’s words over and over again in her mind made sense. “Ok.” Melanie gave in, “where’s your room?”

Ryan led her to his bedroom. “You need a t-shirt to sleep in?”

“No thanks,” Melanie said, “I like to sleep in the nude.” Melanie began to strip off her clothes. He’s right, she thought, he’s seen and felt it already, why be shy around him now.

Ryan striped as well before flipping off the lights and climbing into bed with Melanie. Melanie curled up next to Ryan. He moved his arm under her head and Melanie snuggled closer, laying her head on his shoulder, arm on his chest and leg draped over his. In no time, they were both sleeping soundly.

Melanie awoke early the next morning to find they were spooning. Ryan had one arm still under her head while the other was draped over her and their fingers were intertwined. Shit, thought Melanie, I need to get out of here. She wasn’t looking for anything to happen but years of lousy or no sex, Reb’s story of Ryan’s sexual prowess, her horniness and alcohol led to their unexpected delight. But this was happening all too fast.

Melanie carefully extracted herself from Ryan’s arms, God it felt so good to be held, Melanie thought to herself. She felt around on the floor in the dark and found her skirt, shirt and bra. Hell with my thong, I gotta get out of here before he wakes, she thought. Melanie went to the bathroom and dressed quickly. Melanie’s thoughts were conflicted as she peaked into the bedroom to verify Ryan was still asleep.

Part of Melanie wanted to strip naked, crawl back in bed, enjoy being held and see what happens. But the part that won said no, what if it was nothing more than a one night stand for him…what if you get hurt again. Melanie slipped on her shoes, picked up her purse and quietly left.

Ryan woke later in the day to find Melanie gone. When he saw she was gone with no note he figured it was just a drunken one nighter for her. Come Monday he decided to act like nothing happened and neither ever mentioned it again.

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