1 Ağustos 2021

Taking My Wife’s Place


Taking My Wife’s PlaceIt had took me over a year to talk my wife into sucking and fucking another guy. Once she did it she went wild having two cocks at once. After that she would do just about anything kinky I wanted she even did two BBCs at once. I don’t think there is any thing more exciting than watching you wife sucking and fucking two big cock at once. I loved seeing her have multiple orgasms, but I have much pleasure watching and being real close to their cocks. Especially licking her pussy or ass they fuck her. I always lick her cum filled pussy making her scream with pleasure as enjoy the feel and taste of their sticky cum.My past has something to do with my fascination with cocks. My best friend and I started jacking off together looking at porn mags, advancing to jacking each others cock and rubbing them together I would always cum quickly while I stroked his fat uncut cock. One night I was straddling his thighs with both my hands wrapped around both of our cocks. Like always I was extremely excited and told him I wanted to suck his cock if he promised not to tell anyone. Of course he promised and I moved down taking a hard cock into my mouth for the first time.Even as we were dating and having sex with girls I was sucking his cock every chance we had. I also sucked some of my other close friends cocks. Even being caught by my sexy mom didn’t stop me. I loved pussy but I also loved cock and cum. All through school I had buddies fucking my eager mouth, a few times I was sucking one and the other hard cock was waiting his turn. Every grew up and married and my cum eating days came to a end. Until I married Catherine, everyone’s dream woman. Catherine was 32, long curly light brown hair with blonde highlights. Her beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. Her firm 34 C cup tits were as perky as a eighteen year olds, with a flat toned stomach and hips that caught everyone’s eye. Long well shaped legs leading up to her tight, firm to die for ass. The thick bushy cunt hair covering her pussy was always neatly trimmed to a one inch landing strip. Her thick puffy cunt lips protruded way out past the silky hairs. Okay I’m drifting away from when I took my wife’s place. One of our first fuck buddies would do Catherine on Saturday nights with the other guys. There were other women always here including Catherine’s sister. But Mike our first friend always came every Tuesday also. He was a good looking younger guy with a 9×7 uncut cock, the guy could cum and be ready again after about ten minutes.On the Tuesday he was coming over Catherine caught a late call from her sister with a family emergency. I went to call Mike to cancel when my phone rang. It was my brother from Florida and we talked quite awhile with time getting away from me. I had just hung up when the doorbell rang, it was Mike and I invited him in. Telling him to get comfortable in the great room while I went to get a couple beers. I felt bad knowing he was going to be so disappointed that Catherine was not here.Getting the beers from the fridge and letting the dog out I went back into the great room. Mike was naked already sitting on our leather couch. I had goose pimples all over as I looked at his massive heavy nevşehir escort veined cock sticking straight up and twitching around.” I was thinking about Catherine on the way here!” he said flashing a big smile. He was not bashful about showing his big cock. “Is she still upstairs?” he asked as I handed him a beer.I sat down on the couch beside and told him about where she was and how I didn’t call him when I should have. I didn’t take my eyes from his long, fat cock as I told him. Pre-cum was oozing from my rock hard cock just from looking at his. I was having flashbacks of my teenage years. I wanted to suck his big cock.” I understand Tom, I just hate to hear that. I’ve been thinking about fucking Catherine’s pretty mouth and pounding her sweet cunt all day! Obviously I’m all excited and ready to go.” Mike said.”I could take her place for you Mike. I sucked some cocks back in my teenage years and I really got into it. I would love to suck your big cock and let you fuck my mouth.” I confided in him. Knowing how much he loved dirty talk.”Are you serious ?” he asked. His thick heavy veined monster twitching around. “I’m very serious Mike, I want to lick and suck your cock just like my wife does!'”I’ve never did anything with a guy before, but this is so fucking kinky. Having the husband of the wife I’m fucking, sucking my cock!”Would you want me to cum in your mouth too just like I do Catherine’s?””Oh, yes I certainly would, I love the taste and feel of hot cum gushing into my mouth.” I told him standing up and slipping my shirts and shorts off, releasing my rock hard cock. ” Just seeing and thinking about sucking your fat cock has me so excited Mike.”” I would have never guessed you to be a cocksucker Tom. “Get on your knees for me I want you to suck my fucking big cock, just like your pretty wife does.”Dirty talk always excited Mike when he was with my wife and I found it just as exciting. I knelt down in front of him my heart pounding rapidly. Leaning over I licked the dark mushroomed shaped head, gathering up his sticky, tasty pre-cum. Swirling my tongue all over the smooth rubbery head. Getting the huge head glistening with my saliva. Then I started sliding my tongue up and down the long length of his shaft licking and kissing every inch of his hard fat cock. Moving down and licking and sucking his big, tight balls.” I know you are loving licking my cock and balls Tom, tell me you are! Just like your wife always does!”I looked up at him, ” I love licking and tasting your big cock Mike. I can see why Catherine enjoys your cock so much.” I kept licking his hard flesh covering it with my split and saliva.” You are doing just about as good a job as she does Tom. I know how excited you get watching me fuck her mouth!”My cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet from the excitement of licking a cock again.” Mike I am ready to cum, how about letting me cum on your big cock, then I will clean it up!””I like that Tom!”I raised up and moved closer until my cock rubbed against his. Smearing my pre-cum all over his fat cock. ” You have a nice big cock too Tom!” He said looking down as I pressed my cock against his and gripped them with both of my hands. ordu escort My cock was just over seven inches and extremely fat, not bad compared to Mike’s 9×7 monster. It felt so good having our hard cocks pressed together and I started stroking them. “I want to suck your big cock with my cum all over it Mike. Just like my wife I love cum.””I’ve never done anything like this before but it feels fucking great!” Mike said.I pumped my fists furiously up and down our throbbing cocks. It was only a short time later I let go of his cock and stroked mine like there was no tomorrow feeling my cum building up inside ready to explode. I aimed my cock at Mike’s as my thick white cum started gushing out. It splatted all over the length of his cock and down on his balls. I kept pumping and squeezing my shooting cock until the last of my cock oozed from the tip. I had covered his massive cock with my cum.” Damn I loved that!” Mike said. I moved back down lowering my head sticking out my tongue I licked his cum coated cock, gathering up my thick, tasty cum. Swishing it around in my mouth, before swallowing it. I had always ate my own cum since I was a teen. I licked every inch of his twitching cock and balls again gathering up and swallowing all of my cum. Mike was moaning loudly jerking his hips around.”Tell me what you want Mike!!” I rubbed my lips over the wet, sticky head of his cock.”Suck my big cock Tom, suck my cock just like your wife does!!!! I want to fuck you mouth!!” He gaspedI parted my lips and moved down taking the big rubbery head into my mouth. My lips were stretched to the limit around his thick cock. I swirled my tongue over the sensitive flesh and started eagerly sucking his cock. It felt so good to have a cock in my mouth after all these years. I moved my head down taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, loudly sucking his slick flesh as I looked up at him.Mike put his big hands on my head pushing my head down, the head of his cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag slightly. Just like from my younger cock sucking days I relaxed my throat and let his slick cock slide further into my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down greedily sucking his cock. I so much loved the feel and taste of having a cock in my mouth again. Mike kept jerking his hips up and down holding onto my head tight, cramming more and more of his long, fat cock into my mouth. Finally his big, tight balls pressed against my chin. He held me down with all of his monster cock between my lips for as long as he knew I could take it. He pulled my head up letting his delicious cock slip from my lips. I caught my breath from having his huge cock down my throat.” Mike I love sucking your big cock, just like my wife does! I’ will do anything you want, fucking anything!” I moaned He told me to open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue.. I did as he told me knowing what he was going to do. I loved watching him do this to my sweet loving wife and now to me. He gripped the base of his cock and slapped my lips and tongue with his hard cock. No wonder Catherine loved this so much. The sting from the his massive cock was exciting for the lack of a better word. The combination rize escort of my saliva and his pre-cum splashed around running down my chin. I licked his cock as he kept slapping my mouth. Right now I was just like Catherine, I was his cock whore wanting his cum.”Beg me to suck my big cock Tom!! Beg me to cum in your mouth.!!” He said slapping my mouth even harder. My cock was hard already from the pleasure of sucking his cock.In between the hard slaps I was able to do as he told me, begging to suck his cock and have him cum in my mouth. He crammed his throbbing cock into my mouth and I clamped my lips around it. I started sucking his delicious cock as he shoved it all the way down my throat, his big cum filled balls slapping my face. He grabbed my head, pulling my hair and started roughly fucking my mouth. Jerking his hips up off the couch and pumping his slippery cock back and fourth in my mouth. It was pure bliss letting him fuck my mouth like he was fucking a pussy.” Ohhhh that’s it Tom suck my cock, suck it…..damn your are fantastic at sucking cock.!!! You are as good as your wife!!”He fucked my hungry mouth for about ten minutes then he pulled back until just the head was between my lips. Gripping his cock tightly he started furiously pumping his fist up and down. I sucked even harder on the big mushroomed shaped head knowing he was very close to cumming. All of a sudden his thick, hot cum started squirting into my mouth like a fire hose. His cum tasted delicious and I swallowed as my mouth filled. Some of his cum oozing out the corners of my mouth. My mouth filled two more times and I managed to swallow all of it. He pulled his still squirted cock from my mouth. Some of his hot sperm splashing across my cheeks and chin. I kept my mouth wide open as he guided the stream of cum into my mouth. I swished it around in my mouth letting some of it ooze over my lips. I shivered all over finally swallowing his slippery cum. He shoved the head back into my mouth and I greedily sucked the last of his cum from the tip of his cock. Looking up as his lust contorted face. I sucked his cock like a hungry baby sucking mother’s milk filled tit. I let his cock slip from my lips raising up as I gathered up the sticky cum on my face and then sucked it from my fingers.” Sorry for getting so carried away Tom.” Mike said ” NO need to say your sorry I enjoyed every second of sucking your cock Mike. Of course I want to do it again after we rest up.” I told him moving up to sit beside him on the couch. As we sat there sipping our beers and talking my phone went off with a page. It was Catherine telling me her sister’s k** was fine but she was spending the night with her since they were still at the hospital. I texted her back telling her I was happy with the good news and loved her very much. “Anyway you can spend the night and skip work tomorrow Mike? I asked.”Just you and I ?” he replied.” Until Catherine comes back in the morning and sees me sucking your big cock.!” I replied.”You really want your wife to see you sucking my cock?””Yes I think its time and as much as she loves pussy I’m sure she will be fine with it.” I said”How can I turn that down my friend!””Plus I want to suck your cock at least one more time tonight!”We got two more beers and went into the master bedroom with Mike following me. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass Tom he asked and I knew he was looking at my smooth tight ass. For Catherine I had my whole body waxed.”Not yet.” I replied as we entered the bedroom.

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