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Subject: Tales of a Young Slutboy 1 Dr. Young led my husband and I into his small, cozy office at the mental health clinic, and he closed the door. The lighting was dim, and inspirational posters littered the dark walls as if designed to be an intimate setting. “Thanks for coming. Please. Take a seat, both of you.” My husband and I sat down on the black, leather armchairs that immediately relaxed me. Dr. Young sat down on his desk and gave us a polite smile. His brown eyes softened as if with sympathy the more he focused on me. Why did he look slightly familiar for a white-haired, elderly man on the cusp of retirement? I didn’t know him outside of therapy, but still. He smiled again. “So, Geoff. Are you ready to talk about the past today?” I sighed, passing a hand through my buzzed head. I nodded. So many years ago, so much bottling it up inside, so many struggles just to find the love of my life who sat on my right side. My husband took my hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze, not saying a word because it was my time to speak with the therapist. Who would’ve thought my husband would be the one? I didn’t care if our relationship would never be accepted. We’d still chosen to build a life together, married with two boys of our own. Each of us had paid for a surrogate so that we could have a biological son from me and a biological son from him. Well, even if we’d had girls, we’d still love them all the same. But the past I’d escaped from had a way of creeping back into my life. And now that our sons were getting older and more curious, it worried me… *** This summer on a Sunday evening, I sat on Grandpa’s black, leather sofa. For being sixty, he was young at heart. He looked younger too, especially with his stylish outfits that made him look like a classic GQ model. Tall, smooth, and in top shape, and we shared the same brown eyes and brown hair like most of the family, except he was fully gray now. His two-bedroom condo in the heart of town looked like a bachelor pad with blacks, whites, and reds. All in all, he didn’t seem like a typical grandfather, but a handsome bachelor. Maybe if Grandma had still been alive, he would’ve lived differently. Though, she’d seemed posh herself from the pics of her I’d seen. Meanwhile, I was just a skinny and nerdy boy with no normal social skills and my nose stuck to a book. But it didn’t bother me because it’d gotten me through college with perfect grades after skipping enough years. After what I’d learned through online searches, chats with hot guys and daddies, and hands-on experience, I’d been thinking about filming myself as a porn star someday. But now, I couldn’t look Grandpa in the eye. My reason for being kicked out of the house wouldn’t allow it. What could I say? I was a little humiliated. Being “gifted” as people so put it didn’t just mean I was able to advance in school beyond most kids, but I knew a bit too much about stuff I probably shouldn’t know. I also did stuff I probably shouldn’t. Grandpa sat across from me and held a small fleshlight in one hand and a phallically-shaped vibrator in the other. He sighed, looking concerned as if the world had come to an end. “I’m still shocked, Geoff,” he said in his German accent. “Who taught you these things?” I shrugged. My cheeks stung with redness. I hadn’t wanted anyone to know about my business. Well, not family anyway. Looking like a nerd had been a coverup to prevent people from assuming stuff. But it no longer mattered after being caught. “Seriously, Geoff, why would you do this to yourself?” It took me a while to speak. “Feels good.” “Feels good, huh? Look. I understand you’re still going through puberty istanbul travesti and probably having curious thoughts about sex things, but…your hand isn’t enough?” “It’s not a crime, Grandpa. I was curious and it felt too good to stop.” “I see that. And I can understand using this one…” He briefly raised the fleshlight. “But what about this one?” He briefly raised the vibrator. “This…you know this is for your butt, right?” I tightened my lips together to control myself from blushing hard, inhaling through my nose. I exhaled and nodded. “I know. I use it a lot.” “Aren’t you a little young to be using this?” I gave him a shrug. “Feels good, though.” “That’s what you keep saying. But just because it feels good doesn’t make it right, don’t you think? It got you kicked out of your parents’ house after your father caught you using both at the same time. And on top of that, you grabbed his penis!” I rolled my eyes. “It wasn’t just that. My parents looked at our internet records and found stuff they didn’t like me looking at. And I only grabbed Dad’s penis to shock him because I thought it was funny. He had his pants on, Grandpa.” But I’d never forget how hard Dad had been when I’d done it, big and thick. Had he really been turned on? But Dad was hot and also in top shape, and I’d jerked off to thoughts about him. Well, both him and Grandpa, and a few uncles and older cousins too. I had the mind of a young slutboy. “That’s still inappropriate, Geoff.” “Whatever. Anyway, they gave me an ultimatum. Either I stop being gay so I won’t influence my little brother to become gay, or I get out of the house. So, I chose the latter because fuck them.” It wasn’t like Guy would ever become gay if he wasn’t already. Besides, even though he was younger than me, he already seemed naturally curious with all the sex questions he’d been asking me lately, totally uninfluenced by me. They’d been questions our parents would never answer. He’d even asked about brotherly romance, which was odd. But I’d answer anything he wanted to ask because he deserved the truth. Plus, I loved him with all my heart. The only person I actually felt real love for… Grandpa lifted his eyebrows. “Look at you. You’re not the innocent little boy you used to be.” The whole time, he hadn’t been mad, just unnecessarily concerned. “You play with adult toys, you grope your father…what changed?” Brandon, that was who. He was a nineteen-year-old college student with a filthy mind and a big fantasy of watching real incest. He’d been everything to me, from my sexual awakening to my first sexual experience, and now, my first (open) boyfriend. I’d met him online a year ago, and we’d hit it off fast with lots of eye-opening discoveries for me. But since he lived an hour away, we had to fool Mom and Dad somehow in order for us to meet more easily. So, we’d pretended he was a German tutor so that I could hook up with him. I’d made him learn German to make it convincing. He wasn’t super fluent, but he knew enough to pass the test whenever Mom and Dad decided to test him, seeing as how they were from Germany. Me being born in a small, American town surrounded by countryside meant I spoke English and English only because no one else here spoke any other language. So, I’d learned stuff from Brandon that I’d never been able to from Mom and Dad. Plus, it was more fun learning German with him than learning it through my parents, especially the dirty words and phrases. “I have a boyfriend, Grandpa.” At this point, I no longer cared after finally warming up to him. I’d already been caught pleasuring myself. Admitting to having a boyfriend wasn’t a big deal. kadıköy travesti “A boyfriend, huh? At your age?” I sighed. “Stop treating me like a little kid.” “But you are a little kid.” “No, I’m not. I probably know more than you do.” “Oh, is that so? Like what?” I smirked, suddenly in the mood to fuck with Grandpa’s head. “Well…when I get fucked a certain way, my boyfriend’s big dick hits my prostate and makes me come harder for a more powerful orgasm.” Grandpa’s eyes widened in horror. “My, my, boy!” He shook his head. “You do know a lot.” “Told you.” “And you really have been…penetrated as you say?” I coiled from the cringe. “Fucked, Grandpa, fucked. Who even says ‘penetrated’? And yeah, my boyfriend taught me a lot like a little slut.” Grandpa swallowed, probably not knowing how to handle a boy like me. “You really aren’t innocent at all. But that’s okay. Now that you’re living here with me, there will be rules you have to follow.” I rolled my eyes. “Why are you being strict too?” “Because you need discipline. You’re wild like a feral cat in heat!” I wanted to continue fucking with Grandpa some more. I got up, ignoring my own dick that started getting hard. I approached him and rubbed his shoulder. “Maybe you need to relax, Grandpa.” My voice was hopefully soothing as soft as it was, and I caressed his lips with my thumb, smiling. “I can help you relax.” For a moment, his eyes looked heavy with questionable lust, but he swatted my hand away. “You need help, Geoff. Let me help you.” “No, Grandpa. You need to relax and love me as I am. I lost my innocence, and there’s no way back. Sex feels good. So, so good.” I reached down and groped his bulge, smirking. “You’re hard, Grandpa. I think you like this.” And a big dick too, just like Dad. Then again, mine was starting to be big, so it probably ran in the family. He swallowed, then swatted my hand away. “Stop it, Geoff. This is wrong.” I went back to groping him. “Is it?” This time, he looked horny as he stared at me, and he didn’t move my hand away. “Geoff…” “It’s okay, Grandpa. No one ever has to know.” I stroked him through his shorts. “Besides, I’m not some dumb virgin who’s confused or scared. My boyfriend taught me the joys of gay sex.” Grandpa’s eyes grew heavier. “You’re my grandson…you’re seducing me…” “More like helping you relax.” I stroked a little faster and leaned closer to his lips. “Fuck me, Grandpa. I want to be a porn star when I grow up. I need the experience. So, fuck me, and fuck me hard.” “Geoff, this is…” “Wrong? But your dick doesn’t seem to think so.” I kissed Grandpa’s lips for the first time, and as soon as our tongues touched, he broke the kiss and moved my hand away from his dick. Then, he got up and held me in his arms, crying. “Don’t be like this, Geoff. This isn’t you.” I sighed, rolling my eyes. Precum dripped inside my underwear, and the blue balls would soon bother me. “What am I going to do with you? You live here now. We were supposed to share my bed, but not anymore.” I scoffed. “Why not?” He wiped his tears, sniffled, and sighed. “Let’s go, Geoff. I have a safe place for you. It’s out of town, but you need to be there instead of here.” I lowered my eyebrows. “What kind of place is it?” “It’s a safe haven, and that’s all you need to know for now.” A safe haven? Did I like the sound of that? I wasn’t sure what to think, but I hoped it wasn’t some kind of prisonlike place. The last thing I wanted was to be trapped and controlled somewhere. “In fact, you can be yourself there.” I bakırköy travesti suddenly liked the sound of that. Now, I looked forward to this safe haven. Grandpa led the way out of the condo, and we got inside his luxury car. We chatted on the road until we reached a small manor. It was out in the country a few hours away, and it had a hidden entrance. I’d always known my family had money, but never had I imagined just how much because of Dad’s privacy about that. Well, according to Grandpa. We stepped out of his car and walked under the hot sun. I smiled at the sight of the three-story manor. It looked more like an American farmhouse, but it was big and roomy-looking with curtained windows. The yard was upkept with a garden trail of flowers around the foundation. Even the driveway was paved and not gravel like many homes around here. “We’ve had this house for generations, but only select males in our family know about it.” “You mean, like a private club?” “That’s it, Geoff. Exactly a private club. Family only. We don’t allow women and girls here.” “Oh.” I lowered my eyebrows. “But…wouldn’t it cost a lot of money to keep up with a house like this?” “Yeah, but that’s why we’re secretly wealthy. Your mother and the rest of the females in our family don’t know about our wealth, and they never will. It’s why our bank account is a joint one, so that in case your parents ever get a divorce, your mother can’t touch any of it.” I nodded, smiling at what could be my future life here. “How do you make money?” “We have a successful business. Adults only, of course. I won’t get into detail until you’re older. It’s too risky to involve younger boys when it comes to this kind of business. That’s all you need to know.” “Oh.” What exactly could it be? I continued following Grandpa to the columned porch, and he opened the windowless door to let me inside the small foyer that connected to a long hallway with archways and doors on either side. It was pretty fancy inside. The wood flooring was polished, and the dark red walls looked clean. After Grandpa closed the door, he removed his clothes and then mine, giving me a serious look. “We don’t need clothes in this house. We live like nudists here.” I was hard now, and I was back in the mood for action. But I knew I wouldn’t get lucky with Grandpa. I was too young for him. Maybe when I got older. Still, I’d never thought my life could be like this. I’d always been a very horny kid, but never had I imagined the extent of it. I’d never been much of a shy boy, only when caught doing something humiliating. My boldness had paid off. “I’ll take you to your new room. You’ll be staying there for a long time, and you won’t be touched until you’re old enough. No one will bother you in the meantime because you’ll be locked in there.” I raised my eyebrows. “Like a prisoner?” My heart beat faster, and I suddenly didn’t like the sound of any of this. Grandpa made a little smile. “You’ll eventually have more freedom. But not now. Geoff, your life will change forever because of your actions. And you’ll have to live with that.” Why was I being punished for how I felt? No one had taught me to feel this way. I’d been naturally horny for a while, and there was no way I could stop feeling that way. And Grandpa was only half right. My life wouldn’t just change forever; it now felt like it was over. And what about Guy? Would I at least get to see him again? There was no way I’d ever let anyone take him away from me, not the one person I cared about the most. I loved him, my innocent little brother. Well, maybe he wasn’t completely innocent, but he was much more so than I ever could be. He was virginal and soft and kind. He needed protection more than I did. He needed a good life. He needed to be happy and safe. God, I loved Guy with all my heart. And I always ess (c)2021, Rod Rey. A.R.R. Please donate to Nifty!

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