18 Mart 2023

Tammy and Kevin – A Story is Knitted


This story is a compilation of an e-mail exchange between Tammy and I. I’ve blended our input to read easier and with luck Tammy will still be interested in finishing this tale.

At first I was confused. The e-mail came from an address that seemed familiar but I could not figure out why I’d gotten it. It was addressed to someone else and the salutation just said “lover”. The contents seemed to be setting up a date for next Friday night at a hotel in a neighboring state. It was vague but the sender indicated she was free and that her husband had no problems but said they should use made up names and she was going to be Betsy Martin. She told her friend she would be in the lobby at 8 and wanted to have a drink first.

I went to my address book and found the senders address. Looking back through my received mail I discovered who “Betsy Martin” was. It was a woman I had met on line named Tammy. She had told me she was married but that she liked from time to time to see another woman and that her husband not only understood but often encouraged her. So Tammy was setting up a meeting with another woman, but why did I get a copy of it. Some sort of error on her part I supposed and thought little of it. The next day I thought it might be fun to let Tammy know of her mistake but never got around to it. Later in the week I learned I had business in that state and decided I would stay the weekend and maybe spy a bit on Tammy and her lover.

I concluded my business and got a room at the same hotel that Tammy was to meet her lover in. I sat in the lobby and recognized Tammy from her photo and saw her and another woman meet and embrace. Then they walked hand in hand to the bar. I could see them at their table from my perch in the lobby. They were talking amiably, occasionally laughing and touching each other’s hands or arms as they enjoyed their drinks.

I thought about the e-mail again and why I’d gotten it. I came up with an idea but was too scared to put it in place at first. Thinking more about it I decided that I would do it if I could.

It was easier then I thought to get her room number. I asked the desk clerk which room she was in, making up some story about the two of us being business acquaintances and not wanting to end up in each others rooms and then we laughed at that. He recognized her when I pointed her out to him and said.

“Ms Martin is in 409 and you are in 235. That should keep the two of you from any confusion.”

I thanked him then went up to the fourth floor. I knew I could not pick the lock but I found an employee cleaning up the vending area and told him my wife had forgotten her purse in room 409 and the forgot to give me the key when she sent me up for it. I told the guy I didn’t want to have to go back down then come up again and offered him twenty bucks if he’d just let me in the room. The kid saw the green and never batted an eye as he used his master key to let me in. Then he walked off to finish his job and I explored Tammy’s room. I found her stuff and saw that she had packed some steamy lingerie and a few toys. Then I saw her cell phone on the night table and scrolled through her recent text messages.

I learned that she had texted her husband earlier today and told him she would be spending the night with her lover and he told her in his answer that she should stay as long as she wanted just that he would want the detail when she got home. He said he’d be busy anyway and told her to enjoy herself. I decided to make sure Tammy was in no rush and sent her husband a message.

“She’s prettier then I thought and we are getting along well, see you late Sunday.”

I pushed send and then prepared the closet for me to hide in when Tammy brought her lover back to the room. When I heard voices I went to my hiding place and leaving the door ajar I watched them come in. They were too into each other and what they were headed for to even look for anything as they kissed one another continually. I watched as they began to work on one another’s clothing and tried my best to keep my own cock under control. That proved to be difficult and I soon had a massive erection as I watch these two women strip naked.

Still standing they embraced on another and kissed again while their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Their tits; Tammy’s bigger and fuller, her lover’s small and perky; mashed together and Tammy’s leg slid between her lovers legs. I was enjoying show and had to make myself not grab for my own cock.

When they finally made it to the bed I watched as Tammy covered her lover with her lips, taking her time and kissing and nibbling every square inch of her body, spending a good deal of time suckling her lovers extended nipples and tits. She kissed her way down to her lover’s toes then moved back up her legs, working her way slowly across the inside of her lover’s thighs. Her lover writhed on the bed as Tammy kissed, licked and nibbled, eventually moaning her appreciation and urging Tammy to keep going. I watched kağıthane escort as she stretched her legs apart inviting Tammy to her pussy by her actions and when finally Tammy settled between her open legs she exhaled loudly and said.

“Oh yeah baby lick me, eat me, make me cum.”

I gather that Tammy not only obeyed, but did more because soon her lover was screaming out her delight and lifting her hips into Tammy’s wet face. Tammy held on to her lover’s ass as she forced her lips as deep as she could into the opening in front of her. I saw her head moving slightly up and down as she attacked her lovers wet pussy and realized how much Tammy was enjoying the taste. All too soon her lover brought her hands to Tammy’s head and pulled her up for an embrace saying.

“No more lover, thank you.”

The stayed embraced for a bit before Tammy’s lover said she had to go and got up, dressed, kissed Tammy one more time then left. Tammy walked naked back from the door looking a bit disappointed. I sensed that she had hoped for more from this woman, perhaps that she would return the favor. When she sat on the bed and facing the closet began to use her own hands on her pussy I stepped from the closet.

“Who are you?

You demand and I reply!

“I am the lips you so desire Tammy. Look closely imagine me with my sword.”

A light goes off in your eyes and I notice that my presence here does not cause your feet to close in on one another. You hand stilled by my appearance has slowly resumed its beat, strumming your moist labia as you watch me get on my knees in front of you. You do not protest when I lift your left foot and bring it to my mouth. I hold it there for a second before I lightly brush a kiss on your big toe. Although I am not looking at you, choosing to ignore your tits as they slowly begin to heave as your breath becomes deeper. I work my way across taking each toe and loving it with my tender lips then slide around the side of the foot and suck that soft area of skin behind the bone of your ankle. You lay back now on the bed and while your one hand keeps a rhythm on your clit your other hand is now teasing your left nipple, as if you too want to be on the same side of your body as my lips.

My lips are now working their way up the back side of your shin, you leg held high to give me the room I need and your right leg is tapping the floor waiting its turn. When I reach the back of your knee I hear you sigh and I know my actions are well tuned and when I lift the right leg and repeat my ministrations I look up to see that you are now penetrating your wet center with those fingers. I reach out and pull your hand away and say.

“Wait for me, Tammy.”

Reluctantly you bring your hand to join its mate and you have both nipples under tender swirls of your index fingers. I am now concentrating on your inner thighs, kissing and nibbling as I work my way up. You deep breathing is now somewhat erratic as you anticipate my destination and when I push both of your legs high and bring my lips to the juncture of your thighs and ass, lightly biting the soft flesh at that juncture I hear you moan. You start to complain when my lips bypass that moist center and move on to your belly, my tongue probing your belly button, my body now lying between your legs. You anticipate my lips on your hard nipples but once again I only reach the soft underside of your tits, enjoying that place for awhile before moving to your inner arms, and when I lick your armpits I feel your whole body shudder and you whimper and call out to me.

“Please I need you on my pussy.”

I stop and look you in the eye.


I have now found your neck and my tongue is leaving a trail as it covers that tender region finally licking your lobes then I whisper in your ear.

“I won’t be satisfied with only one.”

Then I come back down your body and take a nipple between my lips and suck it into my mouth, my hand is playing with your other tit, gently squeezing it and pulling on the nipple before both my lips and hands move down. When I put my head between your legs I stop everything and stare at the beautiful opening. I can see the dew gathered on your labia, spread open now begging me to come closer. I feel your body squirming above me and your legs lightly close in on my head, not wanting to let me out before I bring you satisfaction. Tentatively I use my tongue to trace your labia and then circle your swollen needy clit. Your body is moving more regularly now and your hips are lifting slightly off the bed as my tongue pierces you bringing your nectar to my mouth. My lips are sucking on your labia now, pulling them and my teeth are nipping at them as I do so.

My hands are busy. One had gone up to cup your right tit and is busy playing with your nipple while I use the other to do what I can for you between your legs. My hand is cupping your ass and occasionally touching your back sarıyer escort door, letting you know that nothing will be ignored during this session. You are whimpering constantly now, nonsense words, yes, again, more, please all fill my ears letting me know I am pleasing you. I use my stiff tongue and drag it roughly through your slit and pierce your asshole with it, driving it just a little ways in your back door. My hand on your chest is going from tit to tit, nipple to nipple as my mouth returns to your wet pussy. I use that same tongue to stab your wet opening, pretending it a tiny cock and my upper lip is leaning on your clit as I do this. You are getting wetter as I continue to ravage your sexy center and your legs are squeezing my head, imprisoning my face at your pussy. Your hips are developing their own rhythm and I feel you pushing your cunt into my face as my tongue fucks you incessantly. I pull it out now and allow my lips to capture your clit and I suck it into my mouth while my tongue tap dances all over it. Your whimpers are now moans and your hands are fisted in my hair pulling me even deeper into you.


I hear you say as your body convulses and fluid streams from your pussy. I leave your tender clit and lick at your essence filling my mouth with the taste of you and enjoying it.

I back off just a bit to watch your body as it convulses and am pleased that I was able to take you here. You pussy reminds me of a mouth gasping for air as the orgasm you’re enjoying shows its own face in your wet hot cunt. Gasping for breath you say.

“Oh yes, Oh god.”

I smile.

Then I push my face back into your wetness and start to play again.

“OH my.”

You say when a finger fills your ass as my tongue begins a new solo on your clit.


Erupts from your mouth as your hands now hold the back of my head tenderly and you allow yourself to tell me.

“Yes, more please more.”

As we once again look for that rhythm. Two fingers are in your ass and you groan, I’m not sure you can speak anymore as your body is rapt up in the attention I am giving you. Just grunts as my two fingers fuck your ass and my tongue does the twist and shout in your pussy.

“Please, let me feel you, give me your cock.”

I stop and pull my face up to you and I see you smile at the juices covering my moustache and chin.

“Tonight is yours Tammy, I want to make this all you.”

I return to your pussy and the two fingers in your ass, that had stopped while I spoke begin to move slowly in and out of you. Once again I feel your body moving to the beat of my attention and I smile as I eat your cunt, tasting you and savoring it. Your body gives up a second orgasm and I feel your body go slack, you are lying there enjoying the aftermath, your eyes are closed, your chest is rising and falling, your nipples stand tall and red, and your mouth is just slightly open. Your own lips invite me and I kiss you there. You tongue meets mine and I allow you to drink some of your sex from my mouth. Then I move back and lightly kiss you three more times, once on each nipple an once on your clit. Then I tip toe from the room, leaving my sword between your legs. I know you will know me when you see it in the morning and for me that is enough.

As I reach for the door handle I feel your arms encircle my waist, your hands seeking my cock.

“Please – don’t go!”

I hesitate then turn around to face you. You do not let go of me but allow me to turn to you. Your face looks up to me and your eyes are pleading with me. You ask me.

“How did you know where I was? How did you find me? How did you get to the closet?”

I tell you that you copied me on the e-mail you sent to make the tryst with her. I sensed in how you asked her to come tonight that you were unsure, not at all positive that she was the one you needed. I’ve always wanted to watch you with another woman and to meet you so a few dollars to the janitor, a story and I slipped in while you and she had drinks. I move towards the door and you refuse to let me go.

“Please! I need to feel your arms around me, lay with me just for a minute. Please?”

I know your not being totally honest, I can see it in your raised nipples in the way your chest is rapidly rising and falling but I can not resist you. That alone should have sent me flying I shouldn’t let this go any further. Yet your taste remains on my tongue, your feel still filling my fingers, your scent embedded in my nose and I allow you to take me to your bed.

I cannot resist the allure of your skin and my hands roam every inch of you before coming to light on your fabulous tits. I’ve spooned behind you and you melt into me as I caress you. Your hands cup mine and push them into the soft flesh of your tits and once again I hear you moan. Your hand takes mine and moves it down between your legs, down where the heat of you embraces my hand and sefaköy escort you hold me there as you turn your head to me and allow me to nibble on your ear.

Softly I stroke your fire and continue to caress your tit, playing easily with your nipple and you push your ass back into me fitting my erect and ready cock into your crack.

“You make me feel so good, Kevin. She wasn’t ready to give me what I needed tonight. Please let me give back to you?”

You rolled over, dislodging both of my hands and unbuttoned my shirt. You brought your own tender lips to my chest and kissed my nipples sending shivers down my spine. Your hands worked my pants off and now I am naked. You kiss your way up to my lips and, greedily slide your hungry tongue into my mouth. Your body moves atop me and you press your hips into mine.

“I want you.”

Is all you said and before I can move you’ve sat up, legs spread and holding my stiff cock you slide your wet pussy down capturing me in your furnace.

“Oh god!”

We say at the same time. You are sitting with me fully buried inside you and you smile at me then rise slowly before gently coming back down. I am lost now, just as you were earlier and my words are singular. Yes, please, more, again, god. I feel like a teenager experiencing this for the first time. The heat of your pussy is intense as you ride my soon, too soon to be exploding cock. I manage to ask.

“Where do I cum?”

Before telling you.

“I am cuming soon!”

You smile down at me and say nothing as you start to grind your hips into me, taking all of me and looking for more. I feel you rubbing your clit against me with each plummet and my eyes are now fixed on your chest, watching your tits jiggle just a bit as your increase your moves.

I reach up and pull you down so I can suckle your tits as my orgasm is certainly only seconds away and you have told me with your actions that you want to feel my cum inside you. I fill my mouth with your nipple then groan over it as my cock spews into you. Again and again I unload, filling your furnace trying to cool the fires and you sit down on me rocking back and forth as your own orgasm delights both of us.

We stay that way as you ride the pleasure we created then fall on my chest bringing your lips to mine. You kiss me as you wrap your arms around me and hold me so my spent cock does not leave you and your mouth moves to my ear and your whisper.

“Thank you”.

You breathe into my ear, your tongue teasing my ear as your pussy tightens around my spent cock

“How long will it take you to recover so we can do it again?”…

You kiss me deeply, sucking on my lower lip, grinding your hips against me teasingly.

“It would be a shame to waste the room, the time, who knows when we will have this opportunity again.”

She then nuzzles my neck nipping at me gently and licking.

My cock stirs as your tongue slides across my throat and taking my hand I grab you by your hair and gently bring your lips to mine and kiss you. Our lips seal against one another and our tongues caress each other softly. Your hips are doing slow circles rubbing your clit on my pelvic bone and you break the kiss, pushing yourself up on your elbows. Your tits are now barely touching my chest and you rotate your upper body slightly to allow your hard nipples to drag across me. You smile at me and your eyes beg me to answer your question.

“Yes I whisper. I think we will do it a few more times before we part.”

My cock is still trapped in your wet hot pussy and I feel our combined juices oozing from you and coating my balls and thighs. Its erotic as I know that you will soon clean me with your tongue and that thought stirs my member a bit more.

“While you and your ‘woman’ were enjoying your drinks and letting your lust for her build, I found your cell phone. I sent a text to your husband telling him that you were spending the weekend with her. So we have tonight, tomorrow and Sunday to spend my energy.”

You merely smile at me and continue to grind your hips to mine. I take my hands and caress your back as I allow them to slide down to cup your ass. I squeeze your cheeks and pull them to the side, exposing your asshole to the night air then release them. I do this again and again as you grind into me and I watch your face, you are biting your lower lip and your eyes are closed as you lose yourself in your own dance. I can see your chest expanding and contracting at an increasing rate and I know that the grind of our hips has worked and you are close to completing the chore.

I raise my head to nip lightly at your chin and you open your eyes to look at me and then we kiss. Your kiss is deep and erotic, your tongue probes my mouth and your hips grind a bit faster. My hands continue to knead your ass cheeks and when you pause in your rhythmic motion I know you are close and I take my left hand and spank your ass, then my right. Your head bounds up from our kiss and you moan aloud.

“Oh damm, oh damn.”

As your hips resume and your breathing is becoming more and more erratic you spit out random curses and dip your head in concentration. I continue to spank your ass, a little harder but not too hard. Your time is almost here and I let you get as close as I dare before my hands grab your hips and I stop the grind.

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