18 Mart 2023

Tasty Sensations Ch. 1

Double Penetration

I wake to the smell of coffee brewing. As my eyes adjust to the morning light peeking through the bedroom window, I slowly realize I am not at home. I am laying in a bed with a soft warm down comforter covering half my naked body. I roll over and hug one of the fluffy down pillows. The aroma of male envelops me as I burrow my face into the pillow. It is a mix of the natural musky scent and expensive cologne that lingers in a man’s clothes and in this case the sheets amused at the state he had me in.

I look into his eyes as I unbutton his shirt and slide it off his shoulders, letting it fall back to the floor behind him. I run my hands over his broad chest and through the tufts of küçükçekmece escort hair, finding his nipples. I pinch each of them and they respond immediately. They look so delectable. I bend down and nibble a little on each. He moans in appreciation. I reach for his pants when he stops me.

“Not yet,” his hands are restraining mine at the wrist. He had a “be patient” look in his eyes as he pushed me to back on the table to a laying position.

He held me down and laid over me. His chest pressed into mine. My nipples rubbed against his. He kissed me once more before trailing down my neck, through the cleft between şişli escort my breasts, over my stomach, stopping at my navel. He let go of my hands and grasped my hips while he circled the perimeter of my navel with his tongue then dipped it in. It was a ticklish spot for me and I squirmed. He held me down and continued to torture me. I nervously giggled, not knowing when or if he’d stop. Then the giggles became laughter. He looked up at me, a little disgruntled.

“I’m sorry, it tickles,” I chuckle. That’s when he moved on southward. I was still giggling a little when his lips reached my hot wet sex. The giggling turned to gasps şirinevler escort of pleasure when he repeated the actions from earlier in the car on the drive over, this time it was with his tongue. He again traced figure eights around my clit and the hot wet opening of my pussy, this time sucking on the sensitive folds of skin along the way then dipping his tongue into my wetness. My arousal was at such a heightened state from the earlier foreplay that it was not going to take very long before I would cum.

I could feel a flood of my juices seep into his mouth. As he buried his face deep into my pussy, I shivered at the slurping sound he made while drinking me in. My wetness saturated his face, my thighs, the table… His tongue flicked at my clit then he took it between his lips. He sucked on it like it was the pit from a cherry and he was trying to get every last bit of the fruit off of it. That was when the shockwave started. They originated from the point where his lips were on my clit and radiated outward through my entire body.

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