18 Mart 2023

Teacher’s Pet


A smile crept across her face. Today was the day, the day she had been waiting for since 9th grade. Today, Antoinette would make a move and seduce her English teacher. The plan had been four years in the making and two weeks ago, her teacher presented the most opportune time for advancement. They were to write short stories and he was going to sit down with them one on one to read and discuss their writing. Alone with him in his office, her body tingled at the thought.

She smiled and slid her hands under her sheets. As she ran them over her fully developed body, her curvy, soft skin, through her hair, she licked her lips and thought of him. Then she clenched her fists and decided to save her passion for later, now was the time to get ready. Eagerly she leapt out of bed. Antoinette sang as she took her shower. As she lathered her soft skin with soap she thought she might burst right then, her excitement was almost too great to handle. She slipped back into her room to get dressed. The outfit was all picked out.

When she was done, Antoinette glanced in the mirror. She was 5’9″; her shoulder-length, light brown hair was pinned up; her sweet, green eyes were surrounded by black eyeliner, just enough to give them some definition; her lips a creamy red, begged to be touched; her lightly freckled face was devious and wearing a “come get me” smile. She was held together by a skin-tight black skirt. It clung to her body landing right at her fingertips with a slit that continued about five inches up her wanting legs. She wore a light green, long-sleeved shirt that sucked against her skin and zipped up the front. She kept it zipped high around her collarbone. And last she wore black, heeled boots that came up passed her ankles, just high enough to make you follow them to the edge of her skirt.

Underneath she wore black, silk, thong panties that rested on her hips and a black satin bra that gave her 36 C breasts just enough curve and held them nicely in the shirt. Antoinette shivered at the thought of Mr. Lancaster running his hands over them. She was ready; today she would be set free.

As she walked down the halls to first period, all eyes seemed to follow. Toni, as they called her at school, normally dressed stuffy. She always wore loose clothes and pants or long skirts at the most. She never wore make-up, and usually hid behind fake glasses. The crowd was obviously stunned at her dramatic style change. After all she did look very sexy and that only made her confidence level rise, and her pussy throb.

The day seemed to drag on and 6th period could not come soon enough. She took a deep breath, held up her head, pushed back her shoulders taksim escort and strode into the classroom. As she walked by his desk, she merely turned her head just enough to flash him a devilish smile and kept on to her seat. The rustling of papers stopped as he watched her, mouth gaping open. Realizing the situation or rather his teenage audience, he quickly shook out of his daze and pretended to go about his work. Finally the bell rang and he announced that today they would be continuing conferences and that the class should work on their given assignment for the period. Antoinette tried to keep her hands from shaking as each student before her was called.

“Toni, it’s your turn,” He said and she smiled as he spoke her name.

“There’s no turning back now.” She made her way to the office in the back of the classroom. He poked is head in, “I’ll be right back I have to refill my cup of coffee.” This was it, the moment she had been waiting for. Her heart was racing and she rubbed her hands on her skirt, which she had pulled up on her legs, a little. She gripped her story tight and a quick thought of the consequences flashed in her mind. It immediately disappeared when he walked in.

He was tall, probably 6’3″, he had black hair and deep blue eyes, his face was smooth and clean shaven, his shoulders were broad and always adorned with a nice form fitting shirt that made him look classic and sensuous. His silver, wire glasses added to his sophistication and his flawless smile made Toni and everyone else, melt. As he sat down and looked up at her he noticed her shirt which seemed to be unzipped a little more then a minute ago, but he decided he was just imagining things and let his eyes raise up to her face. He tried to shake his thoughts of her to calm down his starting hard-on.

“Ok let me take a minute and read your story Toni, then we’ll talk about it.”

“Sure thing Mr. Lancaster, I’m sure you’ll like it.” She handed it over.

Antoinette bit her lip and waited for a sign as he read more and more of her story. She had written about a daring college professor who had fallen for one of his students and their adventures in the classroom. His eyes widened and she could tell he was holding his breath. Though she couldn’t see past the desk, the fact that his cock was now raging hard was just assumed. As he turned the last page her stomach turned and twisted and her pussy burned between her legs. She pressed them tight together, rubbing them back and forward trying to relieve some of the built up tension.

As he gathered up the papers and set them down, he slowly raised topkapı escort his eyes up to meet hers. She was smiling sweetly and eagerly waiting for a response. He knew it was terribly wrong but he was only a man, and he couldn’t help the fact that this very gorgeous woman wanted him and he wanted her, bad. He coughed, “Toni, your story was, um, very descriptive and I…”

“Don’t say anything.” She whispered as she stood up and locked the door. She walked over to him and slid herself on the desk, spreading her legs open.

“Toni, we can’t do this, it’s wrong, don’t you know how much trouble I could get in?”

“I know, Mr. Lancaster, but I also know that you want me. Almost as much as I want you. I’ve wanted you for so long now. You’re not like any other man I’ve ever met. My body aches for you. You can’t deny it.” He listened to her pleading words and saw the determination in her eyes. He wanted to throw her down and fuck her right there but his judgement was stopping him.

She moved forward, sliding herself into his lap. Scooting up close to him, she could feel the warmth of his body against hers. Her fingers made their way from his shoulders, down his chest and to the zipper of his pants. She undid them quickly and reached inside. As she grabbed a hold of his dick and pulled it out, he gasped. She held him tight and squeezed him in her hands.

“Toni, no, stop don’t..oh God.. yes ooh, yes don’t stop.” He had fallen. The feeling of her cold hands wrapped around his throbbing penis was too much and he gave in thrusting toward her. Antoinette dragged her hands up and down his stiff cock, feeling it beneath her. She stroked and squeezed it.

“Do you like that Mr. Lancaster? Does that feel good?….You want it bad don’t you? You’re breaking all the rules aren’t you? You’re so naughty, I love it.” She whispered in his ear. All he could get out was a few nods and grunts of approval. She was dripping wet at the sound of his breath as it faltered and shook and it was driving her crazy. She slipped off him and rested herself between his legs. Toni licked her lips and smiled up at him. She had now grabbed each of his balls and held them. She rubbed her thumbs in small circles around them and petted him softly.

“Do you want me to suck your cock Mr. Lancaster?” He nodded. “What was that? You want me to do what to you?” She loved every minute of this.

“Please, Toni oooh suck me, let me fuck your… Face uh please.” With that she pressed her closed lips against his head and let him push them apart. He slid himself in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around his cock and made tüyap escort her way down taking inch by inch. She pushed her tongue hard against his skin and followed it along the bottom of his dick. Once she had gotten almost all of his tasty cock in her warm mouth, she furiously flicked her wet tongue against his skin. She wanted to taste all of him in her mouth. He moaned as her cheeks sucked in and pulled at his skin. He gripped his chair with one hand and placed the other on her head forcing her to take more of him.

His hips moved back and forward thrusting his cock in and out of her sweet face. Her eyes twinkled with excitement and she held on to him as best as she could. She pulled off of him and smiled, “Do you want to cum in my mouth Mr. Lancaster? Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” he was breathing so hard he could barely get the words out. “I want to cum, yes in your mouth yes” She giggled and opened her mouth. This time she pumped up and down him fast, sucking hard and gripping his thighs. She slid her hands up and stroked his soft balls. Petting and feeling him beneath her. She continued to move her mouth across the skin of his dick.

He matched her movements and guided his hips with her head. As her lips caressed his pulsing cock she felt him jerk in her mouth. Then, right before he screamed she covered his mouth as he shot his sweet cum down her throat. She swallowed it eagerly though some of it dripped down her lips. His stifled moans made her so hot, all she had to do was pull her legs together and her sweet cunt exploded beneath her. She fell in his lap and moaned into his chest so she wouldn’t be heard. Her orgasm split her and left her spent. It was all so much; she panted, his cum taste still in her mouth, her hands shook as she took a minute and tried to calm down.

“That was incredible Antoinette. You’re so sexy. I always thought there was something intriguing about you, and now I know.” He smiled at her.

She pulled herself up and sat in his lap, “Oh you have no idea, Mr. Lancaster, you’re in for quite the ride.” She draped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He welcomed her and searched for her tongue. As she pressed her breasts against him he could feel his cock coming alive again. She felt it too and pulled away to look down. “Oh I see, you want more do you? Well we can arrange that, I hope.”

In a very professional tone he said, “Well Antoinette, I think we need to discuss your English paper further after school.” He shook his finger at her, “Meet me in my office when the bell rings.”

“Yes, Sir Mr. Lancaster, but might I go to the bathroom to freshen up first?”

“Please do, I want you to look your best.” With that she got up, straightened her skirt and headed for the door.

“Oh I will, don’t worry.”

As she closed the door he took a deep breath. She had given him the most intense blowjob ever. Instead of feeling remorse, he felt a stir of arousal and couldn’t wait for class to end and their adventure to begin.

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