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Teacher’s Pets


Ian, did you hear about Chris?” Ian’s boyfriend, Shawn asked.”No, what?” he wondered.”Mrs. Summers fucked him!” he said.”No way?” he replied, shocked. “That’s like her sixth student this semester…””Yeah, but this one really bothers me… I mean she already fucked the school principal so that the rumors wouldn’t get her fired and he forbids anyone from talking about it.” Shawn said.”Wait, she fucked Mr. Beaumont too?” now Ian was really shocked. “But… but he’s… isn’t he…?””He’s married! And Chris had a girlfriend!” Shawn said with anger. He was referring to his best friend and fag hag, Sue.”How’s she doing? What did Chris say to her?” Ian asked his boyfriend.”She’s devastated! Chris said… he said…” Shawn started.”What? What did he say?””He said he never even wanted to look at her again… He said that Mrs. Summers was all he wanted now and that he belonged to her!” Shawn told his boyfriend of two years.”Oh my God! What an asshole!” Ian was really pissed. How could Chris do that to Sue? “I can’t believe Mrs. Summers would do that either. She’s married. She has kids!””She’s just evil! That’s all! An evil manipulative seductress who thinks she can get whatever she wants through sex!” Shawn ranted.”It seems that all she wants is sex.” Ian retorted.”I’m glad that we have her class together later…” Shawn said.”Why? What’s important about that?” Ian inquired. Shawn almost glared at him. “Oh give me a break! I’m gay and you’re my boyfriend…””I know I just want to be there in case she tries anything. I want to see the look on her face when you shut the bitch down!” Shawn replied sounding confident.”Well, we gotta go to class. I’ll see you in an hour,” Ian said and the cute male couple kissed on the lips, tenderly.Ian was walking down the empty hall, a little tardy since he had the chat with Shawn when he was intercepted.It was Jane, and she had the reputation for being the school slut. She was attractive, Ian would reluctantly give her that. He was gay, not blind. Jane had a great body and she had made it clear to him that she wanted him, on multiple occasions.”Hi, Ian.” She said in her best seductive voice.”What do you want, Jane?” he asked, but regretted asking that question immediately.”You…” she said with a wicked smile. “I reeeally want to fuck you.””You know that’s never going to happen. I’m gay and I have a boyfriend,” he said plainly.”I know, but it’s only a matter of time before you realize that my curvy, feminine body is far better Üsküdar Escort than a man’s and then you’ll leave that little fairy for me,” she said with arrogance.”Only in your dreams – fucking Bitch!” Ian said and walked past her. He was getting tired of putting up with her heavy come-ons.It was later that day and Shawn and Ian were sitting across from each other in Mrs. Summers’s class.Mrs. Summers was sitting at her desk blatantly eyeing Ian. She was dressed very provocatively and looked obscenely sexy. Her top and short skirt left little to the imagination.Shawn could see the sexy mature woman staring at his boyfriend. She couldn’t have made it more obvious. Mrs. Summers wanted to fuck his boyfriend. But Shawn knew that Ian would easily resist any advances she made. She was barking up the wrong tree, where Ian was concerned.Ian couldn’t help but notice his teacher and the way she looked. Her tight clothes showed off her double G rack and he was shocked to find that it was starting to make him hard. No woman had ever managed to make him hard before. It was a ridiculous thing, like suddenly having the desire to eat a bucket of sand. But here he was boning over a female teacher: a super slut who was determined to turn every person in the school’s life upside down.The bell rang and the class rose collectively to go to lunch.”Ian, I need you to stay after class to discuss your last report.” Mrs. Summers said, licking her lips like a porn star.”Umm…” Ian was barely able to break her hypnotic gaze to look at his boyfriend. “Give me a second,” he told her.The class emptied and Ian and Shawn stood outside the classroom door. Mrs. Summers watched them close by.”No, Ian! She’s going to try and fuck you!” Shawn whispered hoarsely.”Do you trust me?” Ian asked his boyfriend.”Well, yes, but I don’t trust her. She’s being really aggressive and I don’t like the idea of some weird obsessive slut being alone with my boyfriend!” Shawn said.”I don’t have a choice here, Shawn. What’s best is if I turn her down, then she’ll stop…” he whispered back. “I’m going to prove to the bitch once and for all, that she can’t ever have me.Shawn sighed. “Okay, babe.””I love you…” Ian told his boyfriend to reassure him.”I love you too,” Shawn replied and they kissed passionately in front of Mrs. Summers.The teacher giggled.”Lock the door, Ian,” she ordered, once the young gay couple had broken apart.He squeezed Shawn’s hand then closed and locked Üsküdar Escort Bayan the door separating them.”Come and sit here,” she told Ian. He moved and sat down in front of her desk. She immediately began stripping off her clothes.”Umm… What about the report?” he asked, nerves clearly affecting his voice. He couldn’t help but watch her undress. Her body was absolutely stunning! The sight of her increasingly naked body was giving him butterflies in his stomach.”Please, Ian. You know I made you stay so that I could fuck you and make you my slave,” she said with an evil smile.”Y-your slave?” he asked, surprised at her words.”Once you’ve been inside my tight, wet cunt you will do whatever I say, including dumping that stupid boyfriend that you love so much.” She stated with arrogance and the dropping of her thong panties.”You say that like it will happen, well, I’m gay and I love Shawn, you slut! I love my boyfriend and will never, ever cheat on him!” Ian said in all honesty. But at the same time, her stripping was leaving him unfocused and he was curious to see her big naked breasts. His cock was now rock hard. He had never seen a pair of breasts in the flesh before, nor had he even wanted to before now.”All men, gay or straight, are easy once they’ve seen my big titties.” She pulled off her shirt and stood up completely topless for Ian to take her in. His jaw dropped as he eyed her beautiful completely natural, flawless breasts. They were perfectly huge. They looked so tasty. “See? I can have any man, even you, gay boy. Now just keep watching my boobs.”Mrs. Summers dropped to her knees and began to fish Ian’s gay cock out of the confines of his pants, which could barely restrain Ian’s large throbbing erection. Before he knew what was happening she had Ian’s dick inside her mouth. “Oh my God!” He groaned as her warm, wet, beautiful mouth enveloped his entire cock.”Mmmmmm. Do I suck cock better than your boyfriend?” she asked with a lick on his pink shiny glans. She paused for an answer. Ian looked at her. He didn’t want to answer but he wanted her to continue. “Well do I?””Yes,” he replied hesitantly.”Say it with some conviction!” she told him.He gave in. “Yes, you suck my cock much better than Shawn,” he admitted. She had complete control over him now.”Sit in my chair, Slave, and then you’ll know true pleasure.” She ordered him. “Whatever you’ve done before, with Shawn, you won’t even consider that to be Escort Üsküdar proper sex once I’ve finished with you.”His physical body had already completely given into Mrs. Summer’s will, and so had most of his conscience. There was just a tiny bit left of it for Shawn, but that was now quickly disappearing too. His long-established sexual identity had just been given a reality check. Checked by Mrs. Summers, the school slut. Ian hesitated, but then walked over to Mrs. Summers’s seat and sat in it. He was all hers now.Mrs. Summers laughed. “And you thought that a little thing like being gay could help you resist me? You have been a good student, Ian. Now let me really teach you something…” she straddled her student, “Basic biology. A man, even you, were born to fuck and breed women, like this,” she lined his cock in her warm snatch and started lowering herself onto him. Her large tits hit Ian in the face. “Grab them, Ian! Grab my tits!” She ordered him. Ian did as she told with great pleasure and squeezed and sucked on her nipples. “You like my tits, Ian?””I love them,” he admitted humping up into her tight pussy.”Is my pussy better than Shawn’s butt hole?””Oh Yeah! Much better! Ugh!” he groaned, trying not to cum too soon.”And my body…oh… is my body sexier than your boyfriend’s?””Yes!””Am I better looking than him?””Yes, Mrs. Summers! You’re so much hotter! Oh, God! So good!” he told her, almost breathlessly.Ian gave in. Mrs. Summers had completely taken over his will.”Do you love Shawn anymore?””No. Not anymore,” he told her.”Who do you love now?””I love you, Mrs. Summers.”Mrs. Summers’ tight clutching pussy came to Ian’s admission, her pussy rapidly gripping and massaging his cock. “Good boy, you made your teacher cum.” Then Ian emptied a huge load of cum inside her.Two minutes later Ian opened the door to the classroom. Shawn was pacing the hall, waiting for his lover, and then stopped when he heard the door open. Mrs. Summers was right behind Ian. Her hand was reaching around and stroking his hard cock that was covered in their combined juices. And her pussy was leaking his cum down her legs.”Ian?!” Shawn cried.”Your former boyfriend belongs to me now!” Mrs. Summers cackled. “Tell him, Lover.””I love Mrs. Summers now. Not you, Shawn. I belong to her now.” Ian said with complete disinterest in Shawn’s presence. Shawn ran away crying and devastated. Summers pulled her new slave back into her classroom for some more fucking.Rumors spread rapidly about Mrs. Summers and her new seductions that day. That even gay guys weren’t safe from her evil, conniving ways.By the end of the following week, Mrs. Summers had seduced every straight and gay male student, and every married man working for the school, all of them, even the janitor.

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