18 Mart 2023

Team Spirit Pays Off

Big Dicks

My sophomore year in college I got a new dorm, new roommate, new all around. My roommate was the heir apparent quarterback for next year that is if he could stay in school. The third day of school Marlon told me the coach wanted me to stop by and talk to him. Well unless they needed a third string clipboard holder of remarkably average size I didn’t know what for.

I went to see the coach and he asked me to do whatever I could to help Marlon study. He said it would be a big help to the team and he’d get me comp sideline tickets because as he said, “The kid’s not too bright and he doesn’t have sense enough to see that a little studying could win us a bunch of games and make him rich.”

So I told the coach I’d give it my best shot. What I learned in the next few weeks that there were only two classes Marlon needed to really study for because the professors wouldn’t give athletes a pass and he already had tutors to help him with those. The rest, all he had to do was show up most of the time and that was my main mission.

So one lazy Wednesday afternoon I was in my room doing my own studying, Marlon went to work out. There was a knock on the door and I opened it to get a very pleasant surprise.

MaryPat explained that she was supposed to tutor Marlon, who of course wasn’t here but had told her this morning to come over. Well, being no fool I invited MaryPat to come in.

She is just fabulous, a blonde with short hair, 5-6 tall with an incredible curvy, soft voluptuous body and a pair of 38DD’s that moved around like a pair of energetic puppies under her top. I offered her a chair and I sat on the bed and we talked about her wasted trip. I did my best to force myself to look MaryPat right in the eye because I know women hate men talking to their tits and I didn’t want to reduce my chances before I even got started.

We were talking and getting along very well, MaryPat looked at the clock and said, “Well I don’t really know what to do now that I’ve got two free hours.”

I sure had 120 minutes worth of suggestions but tried the subtle approach, “I was just wrapping up my own study time so if you want we can put out heads together and think about a plan.”

That brought a big smile to MaryPat’s face and she got up and came over to me. She took off her glasses and set them on the desk then then reached out and removed mine putting them down. She stepped in with a foot on either side of mine which put her fat jugs just at my forehead and she said, “I think putting at least our heads together sounds like a great plan.”

Well there’s nothing I appreciate more than a woman who goes after what she wants, especially if she wants me. I reached out and rubbed MaryPat’s thighs with both hands as I said, “We have found an excellent plan MaryPat.”

She reached down to pull her T-shirt up and over her head and reveal her bountiful globes straining a flimsy white bra to its limits. An industrial strength sports bra would be more up to the job. But I unfastened her jeans and slid them down over her wide hips and big soft butt and down her supple thighs as MaryPat removed that bra.

Those magnificent yenibosna escort breasts just spilled onto my head. They weren’t firm and standing high, they were fat, soft and round, spreading out on both sides as they came to rest on top of my head. I didn’t need to move and see them they felt incredible as did MaryPat’s big butt as I cupped her well cushioned cheeks with both hands and squeezed before removing her panties.

MaryPat squeezed her tits on my head and said, “OK step one the getting me out of my clothes plan went really well Ed, but now we’ve got to move to step 2 getting you out of your clothes.”

Yes, I thought, my clothes are definitely holding up the action. I kissed MaryPat’s pussy softly and she said, “Oh you’re eager Ed and you’ll get to that, now stand up so I can get you out of those clothes and see what you’ve got.”

Well what I had was my eight inches getting hard at the prospect of sticking it to this fabulous babe. After MaryPat pulled me to my feet I got my shirt off while she went for my pants, slipping off my briefs with them. As I stepped out of my pants MaryPat took my stiffening dick in her hand and said, “Damn aren’t you a treat Ed. That big boy will be some kind of fun when it gets going.”

Thinking the same thing I took one of MaryPat’s fat tits in my right hand, got one soft butt cheek in my left and kissed her. There is so much of her to enjoy I almost didn’t know where to start. MaryPat was hardly idle, stroking my dick to full staff with her left hand, she had her right behind my neck holding our mouths together and was grinding her pussy against my thigh as our tongues were dancing down each other’s throats.

I had my back to my bed when our lips parted, Mary Pat was ready to move right along, “OK on the bed with you.”

So I just leaned back and dropped on the bed on my back. MaryPat crawled up on top of me and sat on my stomach. I pointed my tongue at her pussy and said, “I’m ready to get some of that.”

She then slid forward until her pussy met my tongue and I got to munching that soft blond muff. I was stroking the tops of MaryPat’s soft thighs and the backs of her calves as I licked, probed and kissed her pussy, flicked her clit and she squeezed my unshaven cheeks with the insides of her soft supple thighs. This was unbelievable and moving along nicely.

I glanced up and was barely able to see MaryPat massaging her fat jugs with both hands as she rocked on top of me. I could have gotten my hands up to get in on that because damn it looked like fun but I was happy where I was. And from the reaction I could feel from MaryPat on my face our combined efforts were doing very well.

MaryPat noticed me looking up at her and she made a ‘V’ with two fingers on each hand, slid her wide round nipples in each and said, “I hope you’ll give these some attention later.”

Taking a very momentary break from her pussy and a much needed breath I said, “Yes I will be more than happy to get there before too very long.”

MaryPat came a couple of times, at least, as she rocked and rolled on my zeytinburnu escort face before she eased herself back and sat on my stomach. She looked a little red in the face but pleased when she leaned forward and taking my face in both hands said, “Ed you are a pleasure. Now it’s my turn.”

That’s when she crawled back between my legs and bent over to take my dick in her mouth. I was already hard when I felt MaryPat kiss the head then slide it between her lips. I just laid back and enjoyed as MaryPat worked her magic and damn she has a knack for sucking cock. She quickly swallowed half of my eight inches and was going strong to take the rest between her lips.

I sat up slightly to gently touch MaryPat’s hair, not wanting to interrupt her focus on sucking my dick which she was doing one hell of a job of but just to show her I appreciated her efforts. When I did that she hummed, just a little, and if it was even possible my cock throbbed a little faster.

Not long after that MaryPat released my dick from her wet lips, disappointing me immensely, but that passed when she raised her head to look at me, “I think this bad boy is primed so can I get a condom for it because I need to get seriously fucked and I mean now.”

Not wanting her to lose that train of thought I pointed to the nightstand and MaryPat rolled off the bed to quickly get a condom as I sat up on the edge of the bed. She deftly rolled it on my dick then flopped on the bed, spreading her legs and looking into my eyes as she rubbed her pussy. I wasted no time moving between those fabulous thighs and taking my cock in my hand aimed it at MaryPat’s wet slit.

MaryPat gave out a little ‘yelp’ as I poked the head of my dick in her and we got going. I took my time easing in a little bit to make sure MaryPat was Ok with it and to savor how good her pussy felt around my cock and make it last. As MaryPat put her hands up on my shoulders and bumped her hips up at me slightly I knew I was on course.

As I pumped my dick into MaryPat’s pussy she had her eyes closed and her hands on the sides of her tits as they bounced and flopped with my thrusts. She sort of moaned, “Oh yes Ed, pound that pussy hard, you’ve got plenty of cushion to work with give it to me.”

I didn’t need more of a cue, I went harder and deeper until I was pumping all eight inches in and out of MayPat’s sweet pussy and from the sound of her moans and the way she was squeezing her tits and bumping her hips up at me we were both getting the full pleasure out of it.

I would have liked to make this last all day but such a fabulous woman and such a tight pussy I could only hold out so long. When I felt ready to cum I pushed in all the way, reached forward to put my hands next to MaryPat’s shoulders and came with a flourish.

I leaned forward and kissed her, MaryPat put her arms around my neck and when I eased my dick out she sighed and said, “Fuck I think I need to hang onto you. You know how to give a girl what she needs.”

I did my best to say something better than she was a great fuck and replied, acıbadem escort “You sweet talker I think you’ll be on my list of things to do.”

MaryPat scooted over against the wall and I layed next to her. Now it was my turn with her fat jugs, I kissed them both then resting my chin between them took the nipple of her fat left in my mouth. Then I reached down with my right hand to find MaryPat’s pussy and started fingering her. MaryPat put her right hand on my head and her left down over my right hand, just to keep track of me I guess because I wasn’t going to leave either spot.

I’ve had girls with big tits but MaryPat has the most awesome pair of huge fat jugs to play with, I was just drowning in tit flesh. And as I was fingering her pussy she was squirming and bucking her fat butt, bouncing it off the wall as she came. More than a mouthful and a handful MaryPat is a lot of hot woman to play with all around.

As I shifted from her left tit to the right MaryPat told me to wait a second, that was all I was willing to pause but it was well worth it as she slid her right hand between us so she could stroke my cock back to life. When her hand was in place she said, “OK I might as well get you ready because I’m getting so fucking hot I’ll need you good and hard to give it to me again and I’d hate to have to wait.”

Well with a mouthful of awesome tits, my fingers in her pussy and MaryPat’s hand working my dick it didn’t take long for me to get hard and ready. So when I felt MaryPat moving her free arm it was no surprise that she had reached for a condom tapping it on my head said, “Ed I love how much you love my boobs but that stiff dick of yours is what I need. So give me room and give it to me.”

That was music to my ears and my cock so I eased back and Mary Pat rolled that condom on me then with us both on our sides she raised her left leg, bending it at the knee giving me the target I was looking for. I slipped my dick into her pussy and she was so wet it slid in halfway and I started working to give her all of it.

Mary Pat wrapped her left leg over me and hooked it behind me as I continued to fuck her to the sound of her fat soft butt smacking against the wall behind her. We were kissing and had our arms around each other and it was just so good. We each had an arm around the other, MaryPat was grinding her fat jugs against my chest. I was so over the top feeling it, it was all I could do to keep from cumming.

When I couldn’t take any more of the total stimulation I held MaryPat tight and came. We stayed on our sides for a little while then she rolled over on top of me and with a big smile said, “I believe our little study time went well.”

“Oh yes, this was a good session.” I replied.

MaryPat ground her tits into me as I jiggled her soft fat butt with both hands and said, “It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in this room. It behooves me to get my time management in order to save on travel. I’ll have to coordinate time to hit the books with Marlon and hit the sheets with you. Well a girl has to do what a girl has to do.”

I smiled up at MaryPat and said, “I have confidence you’ll get all your ducks in a row.”

She rolled off of me and the bed and said, “Damn fucking straight, need the credit and want to get as much of you as I can make time for Ed.”

This is going to a special year, first class at all the home football games, helping my roommate and a luscious sexy tutor to bang. There may even be time left over to study.

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