14 Mayıs 2023

Teen Diaries 19: Halloween Mystery Fuck


Dear Diary, It’s me, Angel. I haven’t written in a while, but I’m 17 now. My birthday was just last week, but it wasn’t that great. Anyways, yesterday was Halloween and I went with my friends to a costume party. It was my first time going to a party that wasn’t hosted by friends from school. Becky got the invitation from her boyfriend, who is in college. We all went as slutty princesses and I was Snow White. The costume was a little tight and my 36c breasts were hard to squeeze into it. Needless to say, there was too much cleavage. I found some cute yellow panties to wear under it so they matched the color of the skirt too. I looked hot!r We got to the party around 9:00 and I thought it was going to be mostly college aged people, but most of the guests seemed to be in their 30’s and 40’s. I felt a little out of place, and my friends and I mostly hung out in the living room with our red plastic cups full of booze. We noticed a lot of guys checking us out, and some of their girlfriends or wives would get really pissed at them. A lot of guys kept coming up and flirting with us. Most of them were older, and most of them weren’t cute at all, but as we got more wasted, my friends left with them one by one until I was the last one there. As it got later, the party started to empty, and I realized I didn’t have a ride home anymore. My parents thought I was spending the night at Becky’s house, and she left with a guy, so I couldn’t call them to come get us. I pulled my phone out of my cleavage and realized my battery was dead. Shit… That’s when I noticed the guy on the other end of the living room. He was wearing a monster mask with green skin and red eyes. The Tunalı escort bayan mask framed his mouth, and he must have put green makeup on his skin to make it blend in. It was pretty creepy. He had a brown trench coat on with green clawed gloves on his hands to make it look like he was a green monster all over. He started to walk towards me, and I got nervous. “What’s your name?” he asked me with a really deep voice, almost like Batman. “I’m Angel. What’s your name?” I tried not to slur my speech. I didn’t want him to know that I was drunk. “I’m Damien. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re all alone now.” “Oh… yeah, but my friends are coming right back,” I lied. “Oh really? Because I know the guys they left with, and they aren’t coming back tonight.” I felt so screwed. I tried not to look nervous when he asked the next question. “Where do you live, princess?” I told him the area I needed to go to and he put his clawed hand around my shoulder. “I don’t think there are any castles or dwarf cottages over there, but I’ll take you if you need a ride.” Oh thank God! I was so grateful for a ride home. I followed him out to his car while thinking about how I was going to sneak into my room and pretend I got home early before my parents woke up. Damien drove a rusty old Ford Cutlas, and the inside smelled like dirty car. He turned on the radio and ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” was playing. He turned the volume up so loud I could barely think. The street lights blurred together as he drove and it was hard for me to get my bearings. But as I started to sober up, I realized we weren’t heading the right way to go to my house. Escort ulus “Excuse me!” I yelled. He didn’t hear me over the loud radio. I reached over and tapped him on the leg. He turned to look at me and tilted his head down to stare at my boobs. “You’re going the wrong way!” I screamed at him. He either didn’t hear me or just ignored me. His clawed rubber hand rested on my thigh. My skirt was super short, but he slid it back to reveal my panties. He slid his hand in between my legs and started rubbing my slit. It felt good, but I didn’t know who this was. It was scary. I grabbed his hand to move it away, and his monster hand wrapped around my wrist and pulled it to his crotch. I could feel something hard under his trench coat. At first I thought it might be a gun. That’s when he pulled apart the coat. He was completely naked underneath it, and he had a monster cock! I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less, given that he went to the party as a monster. I couldn’t help myself, I wrapped my hand around it and I couldn’t touch my thumb to my middle finger, it was that big. The head was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. It was so fat and round, almost like a perfect circle at the end of his fat shaft. I started to stroke it and his rubber hand pressed against the back of my head, bringing my face close to his dick. Damien turned off the radio and said, “Suck it, princess!” in his deep voice. I opened my mouth and started to take it in my mouth. I could barely get his head in; I had to strain to open my jaw wider to take it. It pretty much filled my mouth completely, but I started to suck on it and he did a weird half yenimahalle escort growl, half moan as I heard a garage door open. Where were we? “Sit up, princess.” I sat upright and saw we were in a garage as the door began to close us in. Damien got out and ran around to my side, opening my door and reaching in to pick me up. “Where are we?” I asked. “You’re in the monster den, princess. I’ll take you home after you’ve tamed the beast.” Did he really think he’d be able to fuck me with a dick like that? I was so nervous, but this was also really hot. I couldn’t deny that my pussy had gotten wet on the ride here and that I was super horny from being in a such a skimpy outfit all night. His house was dark, but I could tell that it was messy and a little stinky. He carried me down a hallway into a bedroom and tossed me on a messy bed. He flipped on a lamp light so he could see me. He pulled a phone out of his pocket and started taking pictures of me lying on the bed. “Hey, what are you doing?” “I’m just taking a few photos to add to my collection.” “What do you mean?” He started to grin. “This is my Halloween tradition. Finding young princesses to ravage like a monster. I’ve been collecting them.” He turned his phone around and started thumbing through pictures of other girls dressed as Cinderella, Belle, and Rapunzel. “Did you fuck all of these girls?” “Yes… Just like I’m about to do to you, princess.” He slid his trench coat off, but kept on his gloves and mask. His body was a little chubby with hair on his chest and belly. He had a tattoo on his upper left arm and another over his heart. His monster dick was still hard and standing straight out. “How old are you?” I asked. “Old enough to be your dad, but young enough to rock your world. Now shut up, princess. The only sounds I want to hear you make are the sounds of you enjoying a monster tearing you apart.” His rubber hands rested on my shoulders as he straddled my waist and sat down on me.

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