14 Mart 2023

Teen Turns: Hot Tub Seduction


Summary: A MILF seduces one of her daughter’s friends in the hot tub.

Note: This is a Nude Day 2016 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, Dave, Wayne and Tex Beethoven foe editing this short (short for me) story.

Teen Turns: Hot Tub Seduction

It had been a long day.

We had just finished doing a car wash for charity and had spent the entire day in bikinis in 90 degree heat.

As soon as the event was done, Tiffany suggested we go back to her place and hit the pool. Janelle and I accepted gladly, but the rest of our cheerleading squad decided it had been a long day and it was time to go home.

I had just moved here at the beginning of my senior year, moving in with my dad when my mom had gotten way too intense. Thankfully, Tiffany and the other cheerleaders had invited me onto their team with open arms.

I had only been to Tiffany’s house a few times and had found her mother to be simply an older version of Tiffany. She was also very touchy-feely, which sometimes made me feel uncomfortable. She hugged me every time she saw me, her breasts squeezing into mine. I couldn’t explain it, but there was just something odd about her.

That said, I was dying to jump into the pool and once I was in there I wasn’t sure I would ever leave it,

After an hour of cooling down in the pool, we had dinner on the patio. Tiffany’s mom Rachel barbecued burgers and corn on the cob for us.

In spite of my occasional discomfort around her, Mrs. Steele was a cool, hip mom, even allowing us to drink at her home, always insisting that it was better to drink in safety than at some crowded party that who-knows-who might crash.

We then went back into the pool for a while.

Then we decided to hit the hot tub; Rachel was already waiting for us.

She was almost like one of us girls, and we chatted away about boys and sex with her right there. She also had no problem chipping in… she was even asking each of us (rather intimate) questions about our sex life.

“So girls, what is ‘in’ nowadays: swallowing or facials?” Tiffany’s mom asked out of the blue.

It had been a long day.

I gasped.

Janelle, not fazed at all by the blunt question, countered, “What was popular when you were our age, Rachel?”

“Yeah, back in the 60s,” Tiffany teased her mother.

“You naughty little bitch,” Rachel scolded with a smile, before adding, “back in the 80s,” she stressed the decade, “it was swallowing.”

“Did you swallow a lot of cum?” Janelle asked.

“I don’t remember ever refusing a load,” Rachel bragged proudly.

“Slut,” Tiffany called her mother playfully.

“I do remember taking at least one load in my cunt,” Rachel retorted, before joking, “I probably should have swallowed that one too.”

“Mother!” Tiffany mock gasped.

“Swallowing is great birth control,” the mother pointed out, giving my leg a squeeze.

“But a facial is good for your complexion,” Janelle pointed out… something I had never heard before.

“That’s why I have such a great complexion,” Tiffany smiled, rubbing her hand over her very pretty face as if she were applying a lotion. I surreptitiously studied Tiffany’s mom for a moment. She was obviously unfazed by the revelation.

“I wondered whether it had shifted to facials,” Rachel mused, before turning to me. “So, Miranda, swallow or facial?”

I had only ever been all the way with two guys and had sucked two more. Both times I had just sucked for a while, then jerked them off. I had swallowed once, but it had tasted gross… and I had never even considered a facial! I answered, “Neither.”

“What?!” she asked, squeezing my leg again, then nodded understandingly. “Ah, you’re a lesbian, then.”

“What? No!!” I quickly objected. “I just think swallowing is gross, and getting a facial is demeaning.”

“Miranda is a good girl,” Tiffany teased in a sing song voice, her little girl tone mocking me.

“You’re sure you’re not a lesbian?” the mother wanted to know.

“No, I am not.” I stressed.

“Bi?” she continued.

“No,” I clarified once and for all, getting a bit offended and speaking very slowly and very distinctly. “Read my lips! I… Am… One… Hundred… Percent… Straight.”

“I’m not!” Tiffany announced happily. And to prove it, she leaned forward and gave Janelle long kiss firmly on her warm lips. I stared in double astonishment: not only was she kissing another girl in front of her mother, but they were kissing passionately. I thought I might even see the movement of tongues. Clearly they had been drinking more than I had!

“Have you never even kissed a girl?” Tiffany’s mom asked, staring at me with a look of complete astonishment on her face. Like I was from another planet.

“Only my mom and my nana,” I answered, trying to make a funny joke out of it. It bombed. Nobody even cracked türbanlı escort a smile.

“Well! We’re going to need to change that! And very soon,” Rachel pronounced, her tone portentous as she again squeezed my leg.

Once the two girls had finally finished their kiss, Mrs. Steele asked them casually, “Why don’t you two go and cool off by getting us drinks and maybe some ice.”

“Glad to, Mommy,” Tiffany agreed, with a sly smile.

Once they’d gone, Mrs. Steele moved closer to me and asked, “So. Are you dating anyone, Miranda?”

“No,” I said, having been dumped by David only a month ago and still feeling pretty bitter about it.

“Too bad,” she said, moving even closer. “You’re such a pretty young woman.”

I felt flattered, since Mrs. Steele was herself very beautiful, but after our recent exchanges I suspected that these were more than just idle words. I replied cautiously, “Thanks, Mrs. Steele.”

“Oh, you can call me Rachel,” Mrs. Steele said warmly, placing her hand back on my leg… and this time leaving it there.

My eyes went wide, but I was too surprised to move. I stammered, “O-o-okay. Umm… Rachel.”

“You have a great young, ripe body,” she continued, her hand moving up my leg and her face drawing closer to mine. “I find it very sensual.” Now this I did not want to know!

“Um, I should go and help the girls with the drinks,” I said, feeling incredibly nervous and even a bit desperate at the sudden shift in the conversation.

“Oh, they’re fine,” she reassured insistently. “Plus, I want to get to know you better, Miranda.”

“Um, okay,” I said, feeling double teamed, even though there was on one other person here, my desperation now expanding into a bit of panic.

“And I want to be your very first kiss,” she announced breathily, as she leaned in so slowly and kissed me.

My eyes went big.

Time froze.

I stopped breathing.

I was paralyzed with shock and indecision.

Rachel wasn’t in nervousness, desperation, shock, or indecision. She was comfortably in her element as she broke the kiss and whispered compellingly, “Kiss me back, Miranda. I know you want to.”

I struggled to find my voice. “But you’re my friend’s mother,” I pointed out, even as my consciousness was gradually catching up with events and I was belatedly noticing that her lips were so much softer than any guy’s I had ever kissed.

“Don’t think of me in such a limited way,” she urged. “Think of me as an opportunity, as a delicious experience.”

I didn’t say anything, having not the faintest idea what I could say. I was getting hit on by my friend’s mother. And, completely inexplicably, my pussy was tingling. Huh?

“This is a pretty skimpy bikini, Miranda, it’s very sexy,” she continued, cupping one of my breasts. “Did you wear it for me?”

My bikini, truth be told, was indeed skimpy, but I didn’t know if it was sexy. It was just what all teens wore nowadays. I stammered, “N-n-no.”

“Relax, Miranda,” she crooned, her one hand still squeezing my tit, while her other hand suddenly tugged at the strings of my bikini bottom. She whispered in a sultry voice, as I felt my bikini bottom loosen, “I don’t bite… hard.”

“W-w-what are you doing?” I gasped, feeling her tugging insistently on my bikini, which was now completely undone.

“Lift up,” she ordered, ignoring my question.

“Please, Mrs. Steele,” I pleaded, “this is wrong.”

“Rachel, remember?” Before repeating, “Lift your ass up now, Miranda.”

And although I was scandalised and mortified, I felt compelled to obey, and felt her pull my bikini bottom completely away just as Tiffany and Janelle were returning with drinks.

My face burned with embarrassment.

Mrs. Steele’s hand had returned to my knee, but thankfully her hand… and my naked lower half… were completely inconspicuous under the bubbles.

I was mortified!

I was scared!!

I was really embarrassed!!!

I was oddly very, very horny.

Tiffany asked, seemingly not noticing anything out of the ordinary as she casually stepped down into the hot tub with a glass of red wine in each hand, “So what are you two talking about?”

How could she act so casual? Everything seemed quite ordinary, but I knew my panicked, red face was very much not ordinary!

My brain instantly shut down, offering me no intelligible response. I knew if I opened my mouth I would just begin babbling incoherently.

Mrs. Steele shrugged, “I’m just to getting to know Miranda a little better.” She was so cool that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“I hope she wasn’t interrogating you,” Tiffany offered, handing me a glass… half of which I downed instantly.

Mrs. Steele chuckled, her hand moving slightly higher up my thigh, slightly to the inside, “Oh, I was being very thorough.”

My cheeks burned at the innuendo I hoped only she and I understood.

“Good,” tüyap escort Tiffany nodded, as she and Janelle sat across from me.

Rachel continued, switching at least the conversational portion of her attention to her pretty daughter. “So you have kissed girls Tiffany, have you kissed the other set of lips?”

“Mother!” Tiffany gasped; her mother had finally said something that even her daughter found outrageous.

“What’s the difficulty? In the 80s I ate so much pussy I began to think it was a food group,” Tiffany’s mother bragged. “Have sleepovers changed these days? Back then when we had girl nights, we didn’t do much sleeping.” She paused, and she looked directly at my mouth, the one she had so recently kissed, as she added, “But we did do a fair amount of eating.”

“It’s 2016 Mom, who hasn’t kissed the lower pair of lips?” Tiffany said. I realised that her outrage of a moment ago had been more theatrical play-acting than real.

Janelle added, “Or dined on a fish buffet?”

I couldn’t believe it. I did already know that Tiffany and Janelle were definitely open with their sex talk… I mean I had heard more than enough details of their many escapades, including Tiffany’s first anal experience with a college guy; Janelle’s first, second and third threesomes; Janelle’s fourth threesome, which had included Tiffany… just to name a few. But they had never talked about lesbian sex other than in the third person.

Rachel nodded, revealing more shocking information, “Both of you are just like your mothers.”

“What do you think we do while you guys are at school all day and the men are at work?” Mrs. Steele asked leadingly, grinning wickedly.

“You and my Mom have sex?” Janelle asked.

“Let’s just say I have kissed both her pairs of lips,” Tiffany’s Mom nodded, her invisible hand drifting tantalisingly between my legs… now only a couple of inches away from my pussy.

“Fucking hot,” Janelle expressed, after a moment’s thought.

Tiffany asked suddenly, “Have you used the strap-on I found in your closet on her?”

This just kept getting weirder and weirder!

“I plead the fifth!” Mrs. Steele smiled, her tone not pleading at all, but clearly implying the obvious. She then added rather sternly, “And what were you doing in my closet, young lady?”

Tiffany wasn’t fazed by her Mom’s tone at all. “I was looking for your vibrator after mine had died, but instead I found a much more impressive treasure,”

“A girl does need a nice box… ” Mrs. Steele paused, her fingers finally reaching my pussy, “… of toys.”

“Ohhh,” I moaned involuntarily as her fingers touched me… the naughty talk, her hand on my leg which throughout this entire conversation had been inching… no, millimetreing its way up my thigh, my afterthoughts of the kiss, these had all been gentle, constant flames beneath the kettle of my emotions, which by now had heated to a steady simmer and had even begun to swirl gently, making me rather dizzy.

“You okay?” Janelle asked.

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered, my attention totally riveted on the fact that Mrs. Steele’s finger was between my pussy lips, gently stroking.

“You sure? You look really flushed,” Tiffany added. “Maybe you should get out of the tub.”

I definitely should have gotten out of the hot tub a long time ago! But now of course I couldn’t, since I didn’t have a bikini bottom, and I had Rachel’s finger inside of me.

“I’m okay,” I said. “Just a little surprised by the frankness of the conversation.”

“I tell my Mom everything,” Tiffany explained.

“You’re all eighteen years old,” Mrs. Steele added, as she slowly stirred her finger around inside me… still just barely penetrating. “You deserve to be treated as adults.”

“I guess,” I said, trying not to moan again, even as the finger continued to tease me restlessly… just lingering inside my hole ever so lightly. So delicately.

Janelle added, “I wish my Mom was as cool as Rachel.”

Mrs. Steele gazed at Janelle reassuringly, “Oh, trust me… your Mom is very cool.”

“I still can’t believe she’s a cunt muncher,” Janelle pondered.

“She also loves a nice strap-on…” Mrs. Steele elaborated, as she drew her finger out of me and started to rub my clit, “… in her ass.”

“No fucking way,” Janelle said, her eyes going big with excitement.

“Oh yes,” Mrs. Steele nodded, as she continued rubbing my clit, driving me absolutely wild, “she is a real ass slut.”

“Mom,” Tiffany said, “do you think Mrs. White wanted you to share this information with her daughter?”

Mrs. Steele shrugged, “She’s my submissive plaything. She does what she’s told.”

Janelle laughed, blushing as she glanced at Tiffany. “I guess this really is a like mother, like daughter thing.”

Tiffany laughed without blushing, “So it seems.”

My anxiety was at a fever pitch… I was petrified that Tiffany and Janelle would learn tuzla escort that Mrs. Steele had my bikini bottom off and her finger was rubbing my clit… I was also terrified I would lose my rapidly crumbling self-control and moan loudly… any second now!

For no apparent reason the conversation turned to non-sex talk for a couple of minutes before Mrs. Steele asked out of the blue, “Tiffany, are you okay to drive?”

“I’ve only have had half a glass so far,” Tiffany reassured her mother.

“Why don’t you take Janelle with you and go pick up more wine.”

I thought to myself, ‘Because they’re not twenty-one’.

Tiffany nodded, “Sounds good, It looks like will be having a few more drinks tonight.”

I added, “I can come too,” before remembering about my bikini bottom.

Mrs. Steele objected, as her finger slid back into my pussy, “No, no, I need someone here to keep me company.”

“So are you staying, Miranda?” Tiffany asked.

What could I say? ‘No, your mom is hitting on me?’ Or ‘no, your mom’s finger is fucking my pussy’? So I shrugged, trying to act nonchalant, “Sure.”

As soon as we were alone, Mrs. Steele leaned in and kissed my neck.

“What are you doing?” I asked, even as I moaned, her hot breath intensifying my erotic state.

“I’m sharing with you the pleasure a woman can give another woman,” she explained, her finger again tapping my clit, as her lips drifted upwards across my neck, up towards my kryptonite… my ear.

“Please don’t, I’m not a lesbian,” I protested weakly as I involuntarily moaned again, her finger sending even more waves of pleasure through me.

“Are you sure? Your flushed face and writhing body are telling me otherwise,” she disagreed, her lips tugging on my ear, her hot breath wafting down my ear canal, sending more waves coursing through me, as was her finger continuously tapping on my clit like an insistent drumstick. We just hung there together for a while, as she continued pleasuring me with her lips on my ear and her finger on my clit.

“No, I’m really not,” I protested, my confidence waning as I felt her finger slide partly inside me again.

I moaned loudly as her finger parted my pussy lips and slid further into me just as the door opened and Tiffany asked, seemingly oblivious to the reality that her mother was molesting me, “What kind of pizza do you guys want?”

“Pizza?” Mrs. Steele asked, acting nonchalant even as her finger slyly moved in and out of me, not slowing down as she calmly chattered with her daughter.

“Yeah, we decided we would order pizza, since the pizza place is on the way,” Tiffany explained.

“Oh, okay, loaded,” Mrs. Steele answered, acting so casual, when her daughter could catch her at it so easily.

“And you, Miranda?” Tiffany asked.

“Um, I, um, I’ll eat whatever,” I stammered, which wasn’t true. I liked cheese, or pepperoni and mushroom, but I was so flustered both by the finger in me and by the reality that I was being fingered while others obliviously watched… I was so flustered I couldn’t think straight.

“Okay,” Tiffany said, looking at me strangely.

‘Does she know?’ I worried to myself, as Tiffany left again.

“So you’ll eat anything,” Mrs. Steele purred. “That is very good to know.”

“Please stop, Mrs. Steele,” I pleaded, even as the pleasure increased.

She moved around, her finger now able to reach all the way inside me, and asked, “Do you really want me to stop?”

“Yessss,” I moaned.

“Is that yessssss, pleassse ssstop?” she asked sibilantly. “Or is that yesssss, pleassse finger fuck my hot cunt?”

“Oh, God,” was all I could muster, never having heard the ‘c’ word used by an adult female in my life. Plus, her finger pumping in and out of me was driving me wild.

She smiled, as she leaned in and kissed my neck again, her finger constantly stirring around inside me, “Is that ‘Oh, God I love having my cunt finger-fucked’ or ‘Oh, God, this has to stop.'”

The truth was that it was both. This had to be stopped. I wasn’t a lesbian and I didn’t want to get caught in such a compromising situation and I didn’t want stories going around about me. Yet her finger felt so good inside me and that pleasure even intensified when she suddenly found a spot so elusive that I hadn’t been sure it even existed… my explosive g-spot. “Oh, God,” I cried loudly, almost screaming, as she tapped out a riff on my g-spot as if it were a drum.

Yet, just as quickly as the pleasure had coursed through me, it abandoned me when she pulled her finger out. I couldn’t believe the wave of disappointment that hit me as the pleasure faded.

Mrs. Steele remarked, gazing down at my tits, “So this is a pretty flimsy bikini you wore to my home.

I was thinking defensively that mine covered more than her daughter’s did, but I just justified myself defensively, “These are the fashion.”

“Well, there is one thing I do like about them,” she smiled, moving to a string and giving it one firm tug and suddenly freeing my tits.

“Mrs. Steele, what are you doing?” I asked, even though the answer was obvious as I watched her toss my bikini top across the patio.

“Checking out your tight, ripe body,” she answered, as she cupped both of my tits. “These are so fucking firm.”

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