18 Mart 2023

Tegan, The Neighbors’ Daughter


I’ve been living in this town for about three years now. I moved here straight out of college and took a job writing for the local newspaper. Not too glamorous, but it pays the bills and also lets me do some good work.

My house sits on a quiet road filled mostly with families with kids. One of my neighbors is a family of four. There’s Tom, the dad, who I hang out with and watch the games on TV. Then there’s Sarah, his wife. And then there’s the two kids. Joe is the youngest, at age 12. Tegan is their daughter who just turned 18.

Tegan is pretty cute for her age. She’s got short hair which she usually wears in pony tails or pig tails, and she’s your average soon-to-be college freshman in most respects. The thing that sets Tegan apart from most other people, though, is that she’s deaf.

I first found that out when I moved in, and little 15-year-old Tegan was watering the flowers outside their house. I walked over to introduce myself, but she couldn’t hear me. I finally walked over in front of her so she could see me. She smiled, and raised a hand to have me wait. She turned off the water and grabbed a notepad and pencil that she had sitting nearby.

Hi. Can I help you?

“Yeah,” I began, not knowing what to do or say.

I can read lips. It’s okay.

“Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Mike, and I just moved in next door. Is your family around?”

They’re all gone for the afternoon. My little brother has a game. They’ll be back tonight.

“Okay,” I said deliberately. “Tell them I stopped by, and that I’m looking forward to getting to know them.”

Tegan nodded and smiled, and I turned and walked away.

That’s how Tegan and I usually ended up communicating. Her family was better, because they could all do sign language, but I never really had the aptitude for picking it up. It was just as well, because there was usually someone there to translate or else Tegan had her little notepad.

A few days ago, I’d gone over to their house to ask to borrow their hose. I’d lent mine to my brother, and he hadn’t returned it in weeks, and my lawn was starting to crunch. I walked over and found no one at home in the house. I walked around the side of the house to look in the yard, and saw Tegan there, swimming in the pool.

I waved my hands as much as I could to try and draw her attention, and eventually she saw me. She swam over to the side of the pool and started to climb out to get her notebook. I shook my head and stopped her. Using one of the few sign language words I did know, I signed, “Parents?”

Tegan shook her head, and indicated that they were gone. She then mouthed the words “two days.”

I pointed to the rolled up hose near the pool, indicating that I’d like to borrow it. Tegan nodded, and waved before going back to swimming. I took the hose and headed back to my house, hooking it up to the faucet and sprinkler, then went inside.

A few minutes later, my doorbell rang.

I climbed out of the chair and walked to the door. I opened it and found Tegan standing there. She was still wet. Her hair was hanging wet around her ears, and her body was glistening with water. She had on only her striped bikini, which highlighted her smooth skin, narrow waist, and small breasts, and a pair of anadolu yakası escort flip flop sandals.

I looked at Tegan, who was looking back at me silently. I saw in her hand her notepad, and motioned for her to use it. She blinked and lifted it up to begin writing, taking glances at me even as water dripped onto the paper pad.

Do you want to have sex with me?

“What? Tegan!” I was dumbstruck. What the heck was this girl doing?

Please?she wrote, and looked up at me with what could have been puppy dog eyes.

I swallowed, trying to sort out what to do. Before I could say anything else, Tegan stepped forward and kissed me gently on the lips. I sighed, kissing her in return, lifting my hands to run along the smooth, cold skin of her arms. We stood like that for a moment, kissing in my doorway, before I realized that someone might see. Quickly I pulled Tegan inside and closed the door, and she stood inside my house, dripping and smiling.

Tegan took my hand, and led me silently through my house. Tegan knew her way around because she’d been over with her family a few times in the past few years for dinners and games. Now she deftly led me upstairs towards my bedroom, and gently pushed open the bedroom door, leading me inside. She turned me around, and pushed on my shoulders, urging me to sit down. I did, and sat looking at her in awe.

Tegan first sat down her notepad and pencil on the dresser nearby. Then, pulling wet hair out of her face, she kicked off her sandals and stood before me. Tegan kept looking at me, chewing her lip as she slowly took hold of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down her legs. She gently laid them on top of her sandals, and then reached to untie her top, letting it drop from her arms and breasts, exposing their perfect roundness in the daylight of my room.

Tegan was gorgeous. Petite, with her small figure and breasts, but perfectly proportioned. Her body was tanned, with lines clear where her bikini bottoms had been. I noted, though, that she had no tan lines around her shoulders or breasts.

Tegan stepped towards me, and reached down to take one of my hands. She lifted it to her lips to kiss it, then guided it down the front of her body, over her breasts, over her stomach, and towards her crotch. She spread her legs a little, and pressed the palm of my hand against her pussy. Tegan let out a soft moan, and tilted her head back. She was trying to move my hand against her pussy, urging me to rub her. Smiling, getting her hint, I used my other hand to push her legs farther apart, and pulled my hand from her grip, sliding two fingers into my mouth to lick them and get them wet.

Tegan looked down at me, watching, as I pulled my fingers from my mouth and delicately placed them against her pussy lips.

Tegan let out a strange moan, a deaf moan, and I found the sound of it turned me on. My dick had already been hard, but now it was uncomfortably so. I had to reach to adjust my shorts, even as my other hand started to make slow circles over her pussy lips. When I found her clit, her legs trembled, and she seemed to grow weak. She steadied herself by digging her fingers into my hair, pulling at it and ruffling it eagerly atalar escort even as her moans began to increase.

Tegan’s pussy was cold at first, but as I rubbed her, I could feel it start to warm. Her skin was smooth except for the small patch of unshaven hair that she left, what must be covered up normally by her bikini bottom. Quietly, Tegan reached down to my hand again, and helped me guide my fingers up inside of her.

Now she really moaned. Her moans were luxurious and deep, and my eyes ran over her body as I slid my fingers gently in and out of her. I reached my other hand up to her breast, cupping it in my hand, reveling at how perfectly it fit and how her rigid nipple pressed into my palm.

Tegan grabbed my wrist, forcing me to move faster inside of her. Her moans were guttural now, and her whole body was moving against my hand. I massaged her breast, watching my glistening fingers move in and out of her at speed. Finally, I felt her pussy lips tighten on my fingers, and felt her body shake and quiver as an orgasm hit her. She pulled at my hair, and I could feel the weight of her body press on her hands as her legs grew weaker and she started to collapse.

I quickly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to sit on my lap. Tegan wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply.

Her tongue probed my mouth furtively. It was hard and small, and it teased its tip against mine before she opened her mouth wide, pushing her tongue farther in while she closed her lips over my own.

She was grinding against my crotch and legs. I could feel her working to rub her bare pussy against the material of my shorts, and I was eager to respond. Quickly I reached between us, and unfastened and unzipped my shorts. Then I grabbed Tegan, rolling her onto her back as I quickly pushed my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, kicking them off my feet.

Tegan was reaching eagerly between my legs, fondling my ball sack and gripping my dick. She spread her legs wide, pulling at my dick to line it up with her pussy. Together, with her guiding me, and me pushing, my dick slid up inside of her naked pussy.

It slipped past the raw skin of her pussy lips, and into the warm wetness of her mound. I started moving immediately, pulling my dick slowly in and out of her. Tegan draped her legs over my shoulders, grabbing hold of the bed as I fucked her.

She was moaning and grunting. At times I thought she was trying to make word sounds, mostly coming out as “mmph” and “may.” I didn’t care, and neither did she really. Our bodies were communicating.

I could feel her pussy contracting on my dick, and feel how she arched her body every time I thrust into her. My dick was throbbing, and I was sure she could feel that. Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lip again.

Tegan moved her legs, pressing her small feet against my chest, her legs and knees together. I felt my dick move in farther. I felt the soft velvet tissue of her pussy walls hit the tip of my dick as I fucked her.

I grunted, and picked up speed. I was forcing myself into her relentlessly now. I wrapped my arms around her knees, bucking and humping her fiercely. I was surprised when I suddenly felt ataşehir escort her go stiff, and felt her pussy quiver, and the soft running juices of her cum wet my dick.

I moaned her name, even though she didn’t hear, and started to fuck her harder. With her cum on my dick, it slid easier, and the soft friction was bringing me to the edge. I pushed Tegan’s legs apart and held myself above her. She looked up at me, staring into my eyes as I made forceful, heavy thrusts inside of her for a few more moments, then stopped as my dick spurted inside of her.

Tegan’s eyes closed, and I could feel her milking me again. My dick throbbed, and I could feel the cum draining out of it. When my orgasm was done, I was relieved that I was still hard.

Without hesitation, my dick tender and sensitive still, I started to speed fuck Tegan again. She moaned and whimpered, and I could feel her body weak beneath me. She was reaching above her head, pushing against the headboard to press herself down into my thrusts. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.

I grabbed her arms and squeezed them tight, holding onto them as I rammed inside her. Her pussy felt looser now, but it still felt wonderful. It took several minutes, and my body was sweating heavily from the effort, but I finally felt the second orgasm rising in me. I moved to grip Tegan’s shoulders, and grunted as I pumped inside of her tiny little body.

Tegan writhed beneath me, and I came. Less this time, but the cum still spurted inside of her pussy. Tegan was panting, and I ran my hands over her smooth, naked, eighteen-year-old body.

Slowly I came down, making a few, gentle, tacit thrusts inside of her before finally pulling my dick out of her.

Tegan moved a hand down to her pussy and touched it briefly, and I saw her wince a little as she touched her skin. She looked up at me and smiled, and motioned for me to grab her notepad.

Stepping over our piles of clothes on the floor, I brought the notepad back and handed it to her. She smiled at me and began to write. I lay down next to her, running my fingers through her drying hair.

Tegan stopped writing and handed me the notepad to read.

Thank you. That was wonderful.

I took the pencil from her hand, and wrote on her pad back to her.You were wonderful.

Tegan kissed my cheek, and wrote some more.Can you come over tonight? I’d like to do this again.

I nodded, and Tegan smiled. She sat up quickly, and stood and walked to her clothes. She pulled on her bikini bottoms, and started to put on her bikini top. I stood and walked to stand behind her, taking the strands from her hands and helping her tie her bikini back on. We stood there, and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing the back of her neck. We looked at ourselves in the mirror above the dresser, and I felt Tegan press her butt back against my crotch.

My exhausted dick responded weakly.

Tegan turned, wrapping her arms around my neck to give me a long, amazing kiss. Finally she broke free, stepped into her shoes, and waved. And just like that, Tegan left my bedroom and walked downstairs and out the door of my house.

As I heard the door shut, I ran my hands over my face, rubbing it and slapping it a little, making sure it wasn’t all a dream. When I was done, I put my boxers on and walked downstairs again. There, at the bottom of the stairs, having been slid under the door, was a note from Tegan.

I picked it up and read,7:00 tonight.I smiled to myself, gently laying the paper on a nearby table and went to shower and relax a little before what I was sure would be a very wonderful night indeed.

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