1 Mayıs 2023

Tell Laura – Chapter 23


LauraI panicked a little when Tommy pulled his hands away as we rolled over. When he climbed on the bed and kissed us both; I relaxed. Tommy’s threat to punish us, seemed to have a similar effect on Kazumi, a smirk spread over her face and her eyes lit up. It finished with a sharp intake of breath just as Tommy got off the bed and Kazumi lifted her head to look back at him. She then lowered her head and started to kiss my neck; at the same time, she reached between us, down between our legs.When her fingers brushed over me, I knew it wouldn’t take much more to push me over the edge. She pulled her fingers up and put them to her lips, once again replicating our paella night. I was still slowly moving the dildo in and out of her when her hand went between us again. This time she pushed fingers either side of my clit, it felt like she ran them from the tip to the join. As it felt like her hand was going over my clit, I felt her fingers invade me for the first time.Other than Tommy, Kazumi was the first person to kiss me with passion after leaving my ex-bully, the first to taste me. She was now the first to penetrate me and it lit a fire in me. This was not about her being a woman and knowing how to touch me better than a man or her touch being softer or her skin smoother. My arms curled around her head as she kissed my boobs and my legs curled around her legs.The fire spread through me, the heat contracting my muscles, pulling her tight. My orgasm had risen because I loved her and trusted her as she had me. As the realisation swept through me, Kazumi pushed deep into me with her fingers and another smaller orgasm spiralled up my back.“Morning, ladies,” I heard Tommy say.“Oh god!” was the best I could muster in response.Kazumi buried her head a little more and I could feel her sniggering; the sight of her shoulders shuddering made me start giggling. My giggling made her laugh harder, this, in turn, made me worse and so we spiralled until we were holding each other gasping for air.“You finished?” Tommy asked.We composed ourselves and then caught each other’s eyes and broke down again. After a few attempts, we nodded together, both of us with grins and I pushed her off me. Tommy handed us a coffee each and settled on the end of the bed with his. He looked from me to Kazumi and back.“How are you doing?”I looked over at her and reached out my hand, she took mine in return.“I think we’re good.” I gave a quick squeeze, “Tommy, I think something clicked.”He raised his eyebrows, encouraging me to carry on.“Kazumi said I didn’t react to other men because you fulfil me. It is your love and trust that fulfil me, the rest is a bonus.”I put my coffee down and reached out for him and he took my hand.“You love and trust Kazumi, I see that now; it’s a pure love because of your care for her. When you walked out and left us alone, I felt your trust for both of us. It surged through me. You care for us both, enough to let us have this time together. I also understand that this was not about the sex, it was all about love.“I love you both. I love Kazumi more than anyone I ever have before; with one exception. I love you, Tommy, thank you.”Tommy said nothing, he just put his coffee down and moved up the bed, gathering me into his arms. I tilted my head back and looked into his eyes, he just leant down and our lips touched. As we kissed, Kazumi shuffled over and I put my arm around her drawing her into our embrace. Tommy put his head next to mine, between Kazumi and me and whispered.“I do love you both, I know I have fallen in love with Laura, but Kaz, I love like a sister,” he chuckled, before continuing. “A year ago that would have meant something completely different. Laura, I understand what you are saying, it does concern me though.”I know I tensed up, I know he must have felt it as he rubbed my back reassuringly and then pulled his head back to give me that calming smile of his.“You react to people that you love, which is great for me and now Kaz. Girne Escort What about the next person you fall in love with?”“Oh god! No, Tommy!” his comment upset me because it felt like a lack of trust.“First you have your veto,” I continued. “Now, think about how I was in La Gomera, I felt nothing, not even attraction for those guys. Despite my reaction, I didn’t feel anything for the girls by the pool that night. It was just an erotic scene that turned us both on.”Before I could continue, he took hold of my ring finger, and simply said, “I know. We are stronger together. As I said, I love you both, but be warned I will fight tooth and nail for us.”He turned to Kazumi, “Kaz, you are welcome always as part of our family, but, if you find someone else you have feelings for, you must pursue that. If you do, of course, you will still be welcome, but I will play my veto when it comes to this,” he finished indicating the three of us.“Hai, I understand.”“I do too, Tommy, and I will stand at your side and fight with you. My turn to ask; what if another woman starts working for you and you get close?”He smiled, “Touché. Kaz is a special case, because of what happened before and what might have happened if not for us. But we are here and now, no one else will be allowed to get to the position she has, it’s as simple as that. Bring them on!”“I will fight for my brother and sister,” Kazumi said quietly, almost to herself.We pulled together once again, into a three-way hug.“As long as we keep talking, we’ll be fine,” he said. His hand slid down my back, and I found out Kazumi’s too, “We have guests coming today,” he said, with a pat on our bums.TommyI did wonder what had happened to my life. I was very happy with how things were, but everything was against societal norms. How the people around us had reacted was something else too, especially Diane and James and Tina and Luke. I didn’t know how much Bev and John knew, but Tina had told Laura their relationship was less than conventional. I did wonder if the cul-de-sac was built on a crossing of ley lines or some ancient burial ground.We showered but could not fit into the bath together, so I let Laura and Kazumi go together, but with a warning not to take too long. I used the family bathroom and was finished first. I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before going to start on breakfast. As they walked into the kitchen, sharing a joke or something that was making them giggle, I was about to serve the fried eggs.“Perhaps one of you should lie face down on the table and I can serve these on your buns,” I suggested.They shared a look that suggested my idea wasn’t completely out of the question. As I was plating the eggs, I carried on talking.“There could be one on each bun. Some soldiers, and then dunk. Burst that yolk and watch it run into the waiting valley. It could then be scooped up, either with a soldier or a finger.”“Or,” interrupted Laura, “you could use something else to wipe all over the valley, ensuring everything was touched… I mean wiped clean. Then I, err, someone could suck and lick that clean.”I turned with the plates and saw Laura was looking at a very flushed Kazumi, “Or,” I continued, “I could just go straight to the source and lick the valley clean directly. Then we could share the juices between us.”Laura was studying Kazumi like a lioness watching a herd of antelope. Kazumi’s eyes were closed, and her hands were below the table, looking like they were between her legs; she shuddered quietly. I watched as a smile spread over Laura’s face and a shiver run down her back as if someone had tip-toed over her grave.With a smirk on my face, I broke their reverie by putting a plate in front of each of them and then sitting at the end of the table with my own. Very little was said as we tucked in, though there were plenty of sounds of approval.“I did not say last time, but you do make a great breakfast, Tommy.”“You’re always welcome Magosa Escort to join us, Kaz, even if you just want to pop in for breakfast.”She smiled and nodded.“Today, we have some guests and will be telling them of us, and how our relationship has moved on. I would not only say you are welcome but would actually like you to stay and I’m sure Laura would agree.”Kazumi stuttered as she tried to reply, looking from me to Laura and back again. Laura reached across and took her hand, as I took the one closest to me.“Kaz, from your last visit, it’s been bleeding obvious that you are more than just a friend. You and Laura talked about being our sister, well as our sister you should be with us as we announce our, for want of a better word, engagement.”She bowed her head and in almost a whisper said, “Arigato, Tommy-kun.”I lifted her chin and she was smiling at the same time as crying, “Come ‘ere,” I said, and she got onto my lap and hugged me.Laura gave it a moment before speaking up, “We need to get sorted, we have some frozen bits, but I need you to pop to the shops for me, Tommy.”“Can I get a lift to a shop I use? I would like to prepare some for today.”I agreed and while Laura and Kazumi made out a list, I checked what drinks we had and made my own. Laura shooed us out of the door, with the list in my hand and warning not to be too long in my ear. We visited the supermarket and the shop Kazumi wanted to go to and were back home while it was still morning. Laura already had some food on the go and was preparing a couple of salads.Kazumi started rooting through drawers and cupboards and set about the goods she had bought. This was a side I had never seen; she was a demon. The first thing she did was put on a pan of the rice she had got. Then she set about slicing and chopping, oiling and seasoning, dressing and wrapping. Before long I could see all the components coming together for the sushi selection, she insisted we allow her to make.For my part, I put the drinks that needed it, into the freezer and set a timer on my phone so I wouldn’t forget to move them before they froze. Then I started setting up the living room with crockery, cutlery and condiments. It was not long before I was called into the kitchen to help. Laura had just about finished and Kazumi had started to shape the rice and put together her ingredients. I was seriously tempted to take one of the rolls before they were cut into the usual size you see, but the speed of her hands and knife made me concerned for my fingers.Everything was ready for two and then Laura kissed me on the cheek and went upstairs to get changed. Kazumi laughed when I questioned this and they both laughed when I still didn’t understand. Watching her walk to the stairs, I noticed that she was walking much better, even than yesterday.“Tommy,” Kazumi said, putting a hand on my arm, “how was Laura when she announced her previous engagement? Was she all dressed up?”I thought back, “Yes, she was.”“Why did you just stretch out your neck?” She knew why and smiled as she rubbed my arms. “He’s gone now. You are her man, she is yours.”Laura was back down in about ten minutes and looked incredible. She had on a simple blue dress with pink edging. Then the fidgeting started, she checked the plates and checked them again. All the cups and glasses were polished again when this was complete Laura looked around and bent to pick up a piece of imaginary fluff. I walked up behind her and holding her hand, guided her to the chair.“Settle down, relax, they won’t get here any sooner with you fussing.”Then the doorbell rang, and Laura and I smirked at each other. As I stood to get it, Kazumi came out of the kitchen.“That fucking doorbell?” she asked, trying to look as innocent as possible before she and Laura started giggling.I smiled and opened the door to half a dozen smiling faces and a chorus of hellos.“Come in, come in.”As they came in, I was hugged by the three women Kıbrıs Escort and shook hands with their husbands. Laura was out of my seat, as I followed James into the living room. She hugged and kissed everyone then introduced them all to Kazumi, who politely bowed. We got drinks organised and then uncovered the food for everyone to help themselves. There was general chat and of course a lot of questions about our trip. Tina and Beverly started to question Kazumi a little, but we distracted them by starting to play the photos that Laura had taken, on the TV.Everyone sat down when the pictures started and as Laura and I moved to my seat, I put my hand in the small of Kazumi’s back and pushed her with me. She turned her head and smiled up at me and was grinning when I pulled her onto my lap. Laura was standing telling little anecdotes but could see that the others were a little distracted. She looked at Kazumi and me, smiled and carried on. When she paused, I took up the stories, the photos were now showing the waterfall. Laura in the meantime sat down with me.When we got to the end of the photos, I looked around and our guests made the standard comments about how beautiful it looked and what a great time we must have had. Then there was silence again. I looked at each of the six, one by one as if I were assessing them; then I put my arms around both Laura and Kazumi’s shoulders and pulled them close.“First of all, the bleeding obvious,” I started. “Kazumi here is a work colleague of mine and over the years we have worked together we have become very close. She met Laura before we went away, and they just clicked. To Laura and me, Kazumi has become like a sister.”As I finished, Tina coughed a little, but Diane burst out laughing. I looked at Luke and James and both had knowing smiles on their faces. I felt two hands on my thighs giving me a little squeeze.“Secondly,” looking at Beverly and John, “the big reason we invited you over. You are our closest friends, beyond Kaz, and we wanted to share this with you. I hope our trust isn’t misplaced.”Beverly and John looked totally confused, which I was gratified for, it meant those that knew or had guessed, had not been gossiping.“You’ll be fine, Tommy,” Diane piped up and Tina started nodding.I took a breath and once more focusing on Beverly and John said, “During the trip, Laura and I got much closer.” I paused again to try and gather my thoughts and get the right words, “We were already much closer than any brother and sister should be.”John’s mouth fell open, Beverley gasped, “You mean?” she started, “How are you married?”“We’re not. We never said we were.”“But…” I held up my hand to stop her.“No, we are Laura and Tommy Shelby. Laura is a missus by virtue of being married before, not that we ever used that in public.” Again I had to stop Beverly, “No, we were very careful not to. You made assumptions, and this is where you can berate us, we didn’t correct you.”“When Tina sussed us out,” said Laura, “even then, I didn’t confirm or deny any of what she was saying. Diane and James knew because of the work they have done for us, but because of that were bound by client confidentiality.”Beverley looked at us, screwing up her eyes, “Laura, are you happy?”“More than you would believe,” I saw Kazumi nodding as Laura answered. Laura then went on to tell the whole story of what had happened, with me adding in parts that I had played.This was the first time anyone, but Diane had heard the story in full and I’m not sure she had had all the details we told then. All the women were crying, Kazumi was shaking in my arms. James looked sad as if he knew, but I was sure he had read some of our file when dealing with aspects of the criminal case. Both Luke and John were glassy-eyed and looked ready to shed a tear or two.“If that cunt turns up here,” started John.“Yeah, fucking call us,” continued Luke, “I’ll fucking bury the cunt just for what he did to Laura when they were together.”“Ahem,” said Diane, “James and I didn’t hear any of that! Please wait until we’re out of the room before making murder plans. Besides, he is locked up for a good few years and has a permanent restraining order on him or sending any associates of his. So you can just call the police if he does show up.”“He may…

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