12 Mayıs 2023

Telling Mom I’m A Cross Dresser Part 19: Christmas Special


Christmas Special It was now around Christmas time and I couldn’t have been happier. Any other year we would have had family over which meant I had to dress normal because the other members of our family still had no idea or at least weren’t talking. However this year we had no plans at all, our cousins were off on vacation to Mexico until new years, my grandparents were not in a visiting mood because of some family matters that keep us from talking to each other at the moment and others we just lost contact with. Anyway, this year mom and I decided that since we had no visitors that we would spend the time by ourselves and doing girly things and trying out some of our new clothes that we liked in the privacy of our own home. I was so excited because we made a deal, on Christmas eve we would give each other a gift that involved lingerie and we would sleep in it that night so we could wake up and spend Christmas day as our sexy, feminem, and slutty girls that we liked to be. However this was on one condition, that neither of us had sex, masturbated or even pleased another person sexually (man or woman) for at least two weeks. This seemed a little unfair from a guys perspective I know but when you take into account how slutty mom has been in the past I feel I may actually have the edge instead of the short end of the stick so to speak. It was Christmas eve and part of our deal was to spend the next few days dressed up starting with the morning as soon as we got up. I got out of bed, took a quick shower and shaved my whole body clean once again before sitting at my new dresser with vanity mirror to apply my makeup. I made sure to apply extra on my eyes and on my lips to make them stand out the most and apply just a little bit of blush to hide the other boyish features I may have had on my face. I just loved the way I looked and even gave myself a few flutters of my eye lashes just to see how flirty I looked. It felt nice but it also made me giggle a little. When I was finished, I went to my closet and got out some of my lingerie. I decided that since it was Christmas time, I would get out my green chemise with spaghetti straps over the shoulders and my red with white lace thong. It wasn’t very flashy but I wanted it to be Christmas themed and I didn’t exactly have a lot of that and I’m sure that mom would give me something better tonight, she always knows how to coordinate clothes best for the occasion or pick out exactly what she or I would need. That is why it is always fun to go shopping with her. I went downstairs to eat breakfast when I found mom already out of bed and walking around. She was in her green teddy with stockings, garter belt and sexy booty short panties that hugged her body tightly and even spread her cheeks as they only Escort Fikirtepe went half way down her beautiful buttocks. “Morning mom.” I said with a smile and catching her off guard. I guess she never noticed me walking down the stairs or was lost in thought at the time. “Oh hi sweetie, did you sleep well?” she said cheerfully then walking over to give me a hug. “Yeah mom and merry Christmas by the way.” I said happily “Oh yeah, this is Missy’s first Christmas isn’t it.” She said coyly and trying to act like she had no idea. “Yep” I said to her with a big smile and my hands behind my back and twisting back and forth in a girly way. “Well this year is going to be a special one then.” Mom says smiling and leaning over forward at her waist while tapping my nose with her finger in a playful way before continuing “We are not going to open the majority of our gifts until Christmas morning however this year since it is special we can open one gift at 2 o’clock this afternoon.” I sighed with a little disappointment but also relief because I hadn’t quite finished wrapping all my gifts yet and figured I should do that. It was finally about 2 in the afternoon and our agony was almost finally over. All week I was aching to cum or have sex but since I made a deal I did everything I could to resist. Even mom was having a tough time as well as I see she was frustrated more with things then she normally would. I even noticed that she would stare and bite her lower lip whenever she saw another sexy woman her age bend over or a guy in his underwear on tv. We went to open our gifts and I got to go first. My gift was a Pink secret santa lingerie set with triangle bra top, matching garter skirt and black vinyl belt. The flirtatious bikini style bra top features white plush trim, a cute black bow and black halter straps that are adorned with silver sleigh bells. The hot little pink velvet garter skirt has plush faux fur trim and attached black garter straps with silver sleigh bells. Finally it came with some candy cane striped white stockings and matching heels and a Brazilian thong that was green and red. I looked up to see mom smiling and I thanked her for my gift. Next she opened hers and it was a Heavenly Holiday babydoll set with a sparkling sequined bust with underwire and fur trim all wrapped up in a pretty Christmas bow. Luscious, sheer red fabric reveals a sexy, peek-a-boo center slit. A festive red sequined bust is contrasted by soft white snow trim. The Christmas babydoll is then wrapped with an attached red bow highlighted by a rhinestone charm and features adjustable straps and finally a sexy thong panty with the words “My Christmas Box” written along the front. It wasn’t until she opened her gift that I had Sancaktepe escort realized that we had gotten eachother the exact same stockings. I gave her striped stockings with candy cane colors just like she gave me but the heals I gave her were 4 inch heels and bright red and I added a mistle toe hair clip as well. We then went to our rooms and put on our new lingerie that we got from each other. A few minutes later we came back out and gave a little turn to each other to see how it looked. The skirt on mine was pretty short but it was just the way I liked it. As for mom’s, I think hers was suppose to completely cover her ass but she had a bit more bust then I thought and it gave more sex appeal and teasing then I had originally thought. Anyway after we got changed and complimented each other, we spent the rest of the day just taking pictures of ourselves doing erotic poses or just spending time together. The next day was Christmas, and we got up around 9am so we could open gifts. That night we both slept in our new lingerie so we could get up and be sexy as soon as we woke up. We ran to the tree and sat on our knees as we separated the gifts by hers and mine before we opened them. My gift was a new set of breast forms that were much bigger then the ones I had and even some implants for my ass as well. I wondered why they were so big but then my mom jumped in and said she had them specially made. “You see Missy, those were actually made from my body. In fact, they took molds of my chest and my ass to make those and now when you wear them you will have the same measurements as me.” She said while fondling and bouncing her huge tits in her hands. She also included a book of home made coupons that involved sexual requests of all kinds of things from a one on one fuck session with her to being allowed a lesbian orgy or a fantasy party at the house. I was very surprised and was impressed at how much thought mom put into my gift. It was special and I loved it a lot. Next was mom, I got her a gift certificate for a few lap and private dances at a male strip club that was in the city as well as some bath and massage oils. She loved those and even bit her lip as she was incredibly horny at the thought of going to see naked men dance for her. I was sure she would have left to cash them in right away if it wasn’t for the fact that everything was closed on Christmas. However there was one gift that made her tear up and it was the one I worked the hardest to get. It was a photo album with “precious memories” labeled on the front and pictures inside it of all the special times in moms life including pictures from when she was a kid and having fun with her friends and even the special times she had with me üsküdar escort bayan from the day I was born and even some of our “Missy” days we spent together that we had pictures of. She began to cry and I gave her a big hug. She was so touched by gift we held eachother for quite some time and I gave her a kiss on her cheeks to help her stop crying. However the kissing went to making out and soon I was on top of mom and we were sticking our tongues in each others mouths. I started to roll my hands all around her body as I heard a slight moan escape my moms mouth. I took that as a hint that she was enjoying herself so I slipped my hand my hand down the top of her shirt until I felt her erect nipple between my fingers and pinched them. This made her ache for more and gasp as she turned her head to the side, giving me access to her neck so I could kiss and make love to it like a man but in a sensual way that only a woman is familiar with. I started to move my hand down her body and reached under her body until I could grab her ass and squeeze it tight as I licked her nipple through her babydoll. I wanted more and I know she did as well. Her scent was filling the air and both of our panties were soaking wet with juices but I stopped us and got off of her before getting her to her feet. “I know you want more mom but I think you should check to see what Santa left in your stocking.” I winked at her as I caressed my hands down her body and over her sopping wet pussy. She purred then told me I should do the same before she rushed upstairs to check her stocking that was just beside her bedroom door. I ran up to and checked mine but by the time I got up there moms stocking was gone and she had disappeared in her room. I checked my stocking and found a cock pump in it. I took it out and pumped up my cock from its 6 inches to a full 9 inches and thick. It sucked on me so hard that I thought it was going to pull the cum straight from my body but thankfully it didn’t. I made my way in my moms room just as she was rubbing the vibrator along her pussy lips. I jumped on the bed and took the vibrator from her before holding my hand over her mouth. I told her to shush with a smile on my face as I turned on the vibrator. I ran it slowly over her lips then moved down her body until I found her breasts. I moved it from side to side, going from one nipple and gliding around her areola before pressing it on her nipple. This drove her crazy so I did that a couple times to each nipple before once again going down. By now her pussy was soaking wet like a flood and her body was shaking with anticipation. I moved down to her navel and slowly touched it to her body as I gave it little kisses all the way down until I met her thighs where I danced it all over them and finally coming to rest on her clit. The sudden touch of it made her body shutter and she came, squirting through her already soaked panties and making a pool on her bed. She laid there panting and I kissed her body, taking in her magnificent scent and cleaning up her thighs as I made my way to her soaked panties.

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