18 Mart 2023

Tender Aussie Waking Up


There is dream dust still hanging at the corner of my eyes, but I nevertheless open them. It’s pretty early, and, through the slits of the shutter, morning sun draws light rays in the sleeping room. I turn my face and, as ever on staring at you, I’m amazed by your beauty. Your breath lifts one blond hair curl by intermittence, like a calm heart would beat the perfect rhythm of peace of mind. You are so wonderful when you sleep, that sleep that kept on eluding you, some times ago…

I get up, leave the bed, turn my eyes to stare at you once more, leave the sleeping room and goes to the kitchen. I push the button of the coffee maker, and listen to the sound of the black drops falling, one after another, in the coffeepot, while the fragrance of fresh made coffee slowly fills the morning atmosphere of such a nice Australian morning. It’s warm outside, a splendid summer morning, and I stretch in pleasure, smiling. I go to the window, look outside.

Things are so different here then what they were in France: new perfumes in the air, a light that’s not the same. And you, of course. At least, so present, so real.

I remember when you welcomed me at the airport, a shy smile lighting up your face, making your eyes be bluer, more intense. I remember when my arms closed around your, when, for the first time, our mouths met, and how sweet was the perfume of your lipstick, like a known for long taste that would have been forgotten and yet found back. We didn’t speak much. You nested in the cradle of my open arms, stood there silent, in the taxi that brought us to your home. To me, it was like if I had there, pressed on my breast like a cherished treasure, the rare jewel that was you.

Some persons, very few indeed, are walking outside. It’s just a pretty Saturday morning, and the sun is showering light on the sidewalk. Shops are opening, and, after a short bliss at the coffee still not done, I go outside to that flower shop. A rose, just a white one, accompanied by a red one, and a yellow, just for you, when you’ll wake up, to face those different colors, so bright in the morning sun. There shines a gebze escort huge smile on my face, as I climb the stairs and enter back your apartment.

The coffee is ready now, and I pour some in two mugs, place the three roses in a vase place all on a plate and returns to the sleeping room. You didn’t wake up, and I have to stop at the entrance, been stunned by the beauty of such a scene: in the chiaroscuro of the room, the sheets underline the marvelous curves of your body. On the pillow, your hairs are a bunch of golden silk flowers. One of your feet has gone out. The ankle is so cute, and one might guess, on the shadow following the calf, the sweetness of a tight, leading to a hip lifting the sheet, and then down again, the curve of a wave coming and growing, until your shoulders, which a may see a bit skin of. A well known heat sensation is growing in me, as ever when being with you.

Is it the smell of fresh made coffee that gets you to suddenly smile? Like a cat, you stretch, eyes still closed and turn from side to your belly. How could words tell how much I love you, how much I love to see you move, how much my arms need you to nest in, how much I am greed to feel the weight of your body, abandoned, mine?

I set the plate down and bend over. The smell of your night perfumes enters my nose, and I shiver of delight. We made love, yesterday, when coming back from airport, and just on reminding how wonderful that was, I sense a tension in my belly, like a mute need of you…

I bend over, and gently kiss your ankle. How warm, how silky the skin! It seems to me that your whole body is a place to my mouth to land on, and endlessly explores all your curves, your marvelous hills and your magnificent valleys. So, sliding my lips all along, kissing like if I would write me in a thrown on sea bottle, I pass all along your legs, to your calves. Round and firm, and to the back of knee, so thin the skin there, so warm, with the blood so close… You move a little bit, opening lightly your legs like an invitation for me to go further more. I göztepe escort bet you are not sleeping, just faking, enjoying that moment between dream and reality, where you come slowly aware of all parts of your body, of my tongue letting a wet trace on you. It’s so nice to wake you up that way, my angel…

I insert my head under the sheet and keep kissing. Your breath has accelerated a little bit, and as my mouth starts to explore the inner side of your tights, you open wider. All along your legs, like struck in the exploration of a heaven island, I pass again and again my hand, coming closer to the hills of your butt, there where is hidden your joy well. Kissing the top of each cheek, my mouth drifts to your spine, the edge of my tongue caressing each vertebra, both my hands caressing your legs, and now the sides of your hips, the sheet making, over my head, a tent in which light is soft, drawing warm shadows and little shores of your so sweet skin. When I reach finally your neck, you moan, lightly. I love the smell of your hairs; it’s almost a pheromone calling my testosterone to rush in my veins. My hands caress the sides of your torso, fingers passing at the foot of the hills of your breasts. How delightful is it to wake your body to love, to feel your tiny moves as you react to my caresses…

I lay on side next to you, naked, and the desire is a growing ball fire in my belly. I pass a hand on your butt cheeks, and slide a finger just between them, exploring their inner part, enjoying the warmth, and reaching your love well at least, as your legs are now wide open. You lift your head from the pillow, still eyes closed, and mutter, as the wave of an intense pleasure is passing over you.

I lay on your back, and the sensation of your body under mine is an exquisite sensation; so wonderfully curved, and the desire of entering in you so intense, so strongly and loud calling. I roll down of you, lift one of your legs, and pass my hand on your pubis. How much I love to place my hand there, like taking the pulse of your inner desire, haramidere escort like feeling you, like denying there might be a frontier between our two skins, flared up by that common fire of willing, at least, be but one. You are wet now, and in the chiaroscuro under the sheets, the scent of your desire, mixed with mine, is a powerful path leading to heaven. I set your leg down on my hip, present my hard penis in front of your pussy, and let there your juices wet it as I slide it all along. And, as I would enter a cathedral, full of respect, I enter in your, feeling your lips open at the head, and then the shaft, sliding in, slowly, filling you fully.

I pass an arm under you, attract your body close to mine, cage you up in my arms, and, as I start moving in you, our mouths met and we kiss, deeply, our tongues dancing on each another, playing the antique dance of shared love. You still got your eyes closed, as your hip moves to meet mine, as our common pleasure is growing so strong, as we make love.

There is no separation between us, we aren’t two anymore, but one human being climbing the highs of ecstasy and enjoying. Where does my pleasure start? Is it on feeling your vagina walls pass all over my penis as I come in and out of you, accelerating gently the rhythm? Is it on being filled by me, on that ocean wave move, in and out, up and down? Is it on that so fast and so loud heartbeat, which is no more mine or yours, but ours?

Like an explosion of light, like a shake on the cosmos, in a common mutter we explode in the skies, and our orgasm is common.

Slowly, like an autumn leave would fall on ground, taking time and dancing in a warm wind, we land, after an eternity, the ground back. I kiss your eyes and welcome you on that beautiful day. I hand you your coffee, and sitting aside in the bed, we sip the warm liquid, me enjoying your body touching mine. Later, today, we probably will go outside and visit the town, but now, as being so fine together, time is not pressing us, and we enjoy such a moment of peace after making love with someone that you love and loves you in return. After having drunk the coffee, I lay my head on your belly and close my eyes. How much do I love you, my sweet angel, my beloved cat…

There’s no need to talk when such an emotion overwhelms you. Words cannot describe such a state. And slowly, as a diamond I am offering you, a tear of joy rolls down my cheek and gets lost inside your belly button.

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