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Terms Revealed


Terms RevealedTerms Revealedby W2beh (w2beh@yahoo.com)This is a follow-up to the story of our first adventure, ‘Testing the Limits’ posted in directory 34. My wife informs me she has to sleep with the stud in order to satisfy the terms of her agreement for his earlier cooperation. I require some convincing, and her methods ensure my eventual agreement. (MMF, exh, bd, bi, mast, oral, reluc)The very first time we had the house to ourselves, my wife had me sit down with her to watch the video she had made of me. It had been weeks since that explosive night at the hotel, and I was nervous and embarrassed to the point of distraction, but my wife quickly let me know she had loved the experience and that there was no cause for concern, at least with her. That last little warning caused me unease, as I wondered what, if anything, she meant to imply. Despite my misgivings, however, there could be no denying how turned on I became as we watched the video together. The sexual tension between my wife and I had increased significantly since that night, with many pleasurable results, and it peaked again as we watched me be abused on the big screen in our living room. My curiosity about the identity of the stud she had turned loose on me, which I hoped the video would clear up, went unresolved. It turned out he had worn a bandanna tied around his head, along with dark glasses. While it looked ridiculous on video, it effectively concealed his identity, leaving me to continue wondering. Needless to say, my wife would not divulge a clue, much less let on how she had managed to set up the incredible evening. He was, I must admit, an excellent specimen of youthful manhood. And even though I knew what was going to happen on the video, it literally frightened me to see how wantonly I behaved as he stood over me, when I thought it was only my wife who was a witness. All fears and embarrassment aside, the video turned me on beyond description, and for days after watching the tape I found myself getting hard at the most inopportune times, simply by thinking of it. I started watching the video at every chance that came along, and the first time my wife came home and caught me watching it on my own, she was quite amused. It simply gave her further evidence of the control she now wielded over me. The sharing of fantasies between us had returned nearly to the level of the early years of our marriage, and she often steered the conversation to me performing lewd acts for her amusement. There were even recent nights when she would simply lay beside me in bed and whisper in my ear, recounting moments of that night that she liked, as she had me masturbate. During one of these sessions, she captured my cum with her mouth and then transferred it to my own. I took it from her willingly, and this turned her on so much that she sucked me back to hardness, then proceeded to ride my cock to a crotch grinding orgasm. It happened that we found ourselves alone at home on a Friday night, the k**s busy with their own lives, and we both saw it as an opportunity to indulge the newly rekindled lust we shared. We live in a house that is fairly secluded, located in a neighborhood with very large lots. Our property is heavily wooded, offering further privacy with the house sitting back more than 200 feet from the road. There is a wide porch across the front of the house, and I love to sit there after dark this time of year and listen to the frogs and cicadas. Trees and thick foliage offer concealment from the neighbors on either side, and though the street is visible, the distance through the trees makes it hard to see from the road to the porch. This particular Friday, I sat in a high back rocker, enjoying a stiff drink, waiting for my wife to finish her shower.It was a cool night, and when she came through the door she was wrapped in a blanket, carrying a drink of her own. She had socks on her feet, but I noticed with some interest the bare calves extending beneath the blanket. She set her drink on the table, and then held the blanket around herself as she carefully fed her legs through the arms of the rocking chair so that she ended up sitting astride my lap, facing me. We kissed without a word, and when I slipped my hands under the blanket, my hopes were rewarded. They found a naked woman underneath.We rocked and kissed for a while as I stroked her bare back under the blanket, then she laid against my chest and I held her close. When she spoke for the first time, her words did not fit the moment. ‘You realize I have to let the stud fuck me, don’t you?’She lifted her head and looked into my eyes, then lay back against my chest. ‘I had a feeling that was going to come as a surprise.’ She paused, then went on, ‘How do you think I got him to cooperate? I had to barter. In effect, we have a contract.’I remained silent, not knowing how to respond. Instinctively, my arms held her more tightly. The pangs of jealousy I had felt that night, when it was I who was actually the recipient of most of his actions, returned. I was rational enough to know that it was ridiculous, but that didn’t ease the feelings. Shifting my position slightly to buy time, I tried to fight the feelings down and think of what to say.She rescued me by speaking first, but her words only added to my discomfort. ‘I’ve thought about that monster cock ever since I saw it sliding in and out of your mouth. I went down on him in the shower, but he was spent after dumping two loads in you. I want him fresh, so I decided to wait. Now it’s time to service the contract, so to speak.’I found my voice, sounding more accusing than I intended. ‘It’s more than closing a contract. You want to do it.’She was not bothered by the accusation. ‘Yes.’She could sense my unease, as I sat silently holding her to my chest.‘First question’, she said, picking up on a game we often played. ‘Why should you have fun with him and I can’t?’‘It was your idea.’‘Fair enough, but answer the question.’‘I don’t have an answer.’ She let that hang for a moment. ‘Second question. Have you not yet learned your place?’My unwillingness to speak simply gave me away. I knew what she was talking about, and she didn’t feel the need to wait for an answer. ‘I thought it was pretty clear I owned you now. You’ve shown what a slut you are, and I have a tape to prove it.’ It was said as a matter of fact, I’m sure, but again I wondered if there was a threat involved. I waited for the third question, knowing the game required I answer all she had, but apparently we were done. Enough had been said.She was right, of course. She tested my limits, and found none. At least so far, and deep inside I knew I was eager for her to try again. The close-ups of that big cock in my mouth, with her face alongside mine as she whispered encouragement in my ear, caused my dick to swell every time I thought about it. And there was no doubt I had fantasized repeatedly over the years about her having sex with other men, and had gone so far in earlier days to allow her to suck off our friend Jeff. In fact, I caused it to happen. So was this jealousy I felt because I didn’t want to share her, or the stud? That sobering thought made me uneasy, and I realized knowing the answer may be even more unsettling.She broke the silence. ‘You don’t like the idea?’Why was I hesitating? ‘I don’t know baby.’She suddenly sat up on my lap and looked directly at me. ‘Did I cause you to think I was asking permission to do this? I’m sorry.’ The sarcasm was startling, and I swallowed hard at her words. The softness in her voice was gone, and she pulled my hands from her back. ‘I think you want me to do this, you just don’t realize it yet.’With that she pushed the blanket from her shoulders and let it fall around her waist. There was a streetlight at the end of our driveway, and once your eyes adjusted, it provided quite a bit of light, even at this distance. Her bare breasts stood out proudly, and her nipples were rigid as her hands closed over them. With her bare back to the street, she caressed her breasts in front of me, then pulled her nipples straight out between a thumb and finger. ‘Haven’t you enjoyed these breasts the past few weeks?’ she asked coyly, with yet another apparent swing in her mood.‘Yes.’Slowly she extracted herself from the arms of the chair, leaving the blanket behind in my lap as she arose. She stood before me on the porch, naked and beautiful, and I gazed upon her with unabashed hunger. My nude wife was still the ultimate turn-on for me, and as she dropped her hands from her breasts and slid them down along her hips, my eyes followed their path along her slender body.She picked up the blanket, turning her lovely behind to me as she walked to the steps that led off the porch. Our house sits high, and the porch exits at one end to a lower deck that runs along the side of the house. From the deck, a wide stair, spread out in a quarter circle, extends down the hill into the front and side yards. My wife descended from the porch to the deck stark naked, then spread out the blanket at the top of the lower stairs. The motion of shaking the blanket out before her caused her breasts to bounce deliciously in the gentle lighting. She stepped down to the first step, and then sat back on the blanket. From my chair I saw her lay all the way back, the glow from the streetlight clearly showing off her body now that she was out of the shadows created by the covered porch. While she wasn’t blatantly obvious with the light 200 feet away, it would not be hard for someone on the street to see her. They would need only to look in the right direction.Getting up from my chair, I walked towards her, taking a seat on the upper steps so that I looked down upon her nude form. The chill of the night had her nipples stiff, and the light reflected off white areas of skin that were normally covered. Looking around, I assessed the situation and decided that she was being fairly bold. From where she now lay, the next-door neighbor’s house on one side could be seen. The house across the street and up the hill could be seen as well, but the trees did at least obscure the view from there. The street itself offered several clear lines of sight through the trees as you passed in front of our place. With her body spread out on the deck and her feet on the first step, her spread legs were towards the street, away from me. In our younger days she had very strong exhibitionist tendencies, which we had exploited to our mutual pleasure quite often, and I had no doubt she was fully aware of what she was doing. I didn’t know where this was going, but I knew I liked it and quickly forgot how it had started.She looked up at me and smiled, then closed her eyes and began to caress her body. She started at her breasts again, but quickly a hand found it’s way to her pussy. We live on a secluded cul-de-sac, which sees very little traffic, but at that moment a car turned the corner and slowly passed by the house. She seemed not to notice, as her eyes remained closed and the only movement was her hands at her body. The scene obviously turned her on, and she started to writhe slightly as one hand pinched a nipple and the other rubbed her pussy. Her youthful brazenness of days past, prevalent in many of my favorite memories, was again on full display as she bent her head downward, and with a helping hand sucked her own nipple into her mouth. Her nipples are large, and she held this one in her teeth, stretching her breast upward, as she now masturbated with both hands. At that point, you could hear the car coming back up the road, which could mean they had dropped someone off, picked someone up, or had caught a glimpse of my wife and were coming back for a second look. I thought this might get a cautious reaction from her, but was quickly proven wrong. The awkward position required to hold the nipple between her teeth was clearly becoming uncomfortable, but she held it with her eyes wide open, both hands in her pussy, legs spread to the street, as she watched the car pass by once again. The car turned the corner and was gone, and she released the nipple and let her head drop back to the blanket. Almost as a counter action, her hips came up off the blanket and she stretched upward as one hand probed into her pussy and the other rubbed furiously at her clit. If anyone was looking, there could be absolutely no doubt what she doing. My cock was rock hard as I looked on, watching her build-up to orgasm. She started convulsing, and then cried out as her body was wracked with pleasure, her hips falling back to the deck and her head and shoulders lifting forward in an involuntary spasm. Collapsing back to the blanket, her hand again found her breast as she caressed herself lovingly, slowly bringing herself down from the high of her solo flight. I was looking around once again to fully appreciate the boldness and eroticism of the moment, when she spoke for the first time since getting off my lap.‘Be a love and go get me a dildo, will you?’She didn’t have to ask twice; I was on my feet and headed for the door when she called out, ‘Make that a big one and a little one, and some lubricant.’Practically running, I returned a few minutes later with the big cock-like dildo she had used on me at the hotel, and a small bullet shaped vibrator. As I handed them to her, she said, ‘Now I want you to walk out to the street and check out what you can see from there. Don’t come back until I tell you to.’Hesitating only a moment in my surprise, I then turned without a word and walked off the stairs into the yard, crossing quickly through the trees to the street. I purposefully chose an area away from the light so it wouldn’t interfere with my night vision, realizing that I liked this idea. No sooner had I gotten to the street, another car came around the corner. I turned away from the car to avoid those bright lights as well, and could see my naked wife on the deck as the driver passed by. I knew where to look, but still I was struck by how easy it was to see her if you happened to look in the right place.As my eyes adjusted, her actions became clearer. She had already moved the big dildo into her pussy and was working it in and out. I knew what she was doing, so making out her actions was easy for me, but I still felt it was pretty obvious. I was nervous on the street, afraid I might inadvertently draw attention to her, but held my ground, mesmerized by the show 200 feet away. Her legs came up so her knees were at her chest and she was totally exposed in the semi-darkness. I watched as her free hand brought the small dildo from her mouth, where I had not noticed it before, to her ass. Slowly, she worked it into her ass, which caused my already excited cock to strain against my pants. She türbanlı zonguldak escort moved in and out of both holes now, rolling about on the blanket, her legs still high.It was then that she did the most incredible thing. She pulled the big dildo from her pussy, laid it aside, then slowly got to her feet and began walking towards me, her hands pulling at her nipples as she walked. I expected her to stop along the way, but she kept coming. Just before she cleared the tree line to the grassy area along the road, I started to step towards her, but she told me to freeze. She walked right up to me at the edge of the road, stark naked, her hands pinching hard on her nipples.Then with both hands, she pulled her hair back as if to make a ponytail. Her arms were high and her breasts uplifted as she stretched, showing me her nakedness. The effect was intoxicating, almost enough to make me forget the dangerous situation we were in. I started to say something about heading back to the house when she cut me off.‘You ever want to have this pussy again, slut?’What kind of question was that? ‘Yes’, I stammered as I looked about. She was standing before me, well lit and highly visible, and her glassy eyed stare told me she was very turned on and not about to stop.‘Then do what I say, when I say.’Her masturbation show had driven the earlier conversation from my mind, but now her words brought it back quickly. She wanted to fuck the stud. I swallowed hard. A noise from a dog up the road made me look about nervously. This was our home, our neighborhood, and I was truly worried what might happen if she got caught like this.‘You want to get me back in where’s it safe, don’t you slut?’ she asked, not looking around at all. Her voice sounded raspy, she was truly turned on. She moved a hand from her breast to her ass, leading me to think my suspicions were true; the dildo was still in her asshole. ‘Yeah baby, I really do.’‘Then don’t resist. Promise me you’ll do as I say without question. And admit you want me to fuck him.’‘I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. And yes, I want you to fuck him.’ Did I mean it? She had me turned on, and in the past I would love a situation like this, with her nude and taking such risks. But this was our front yard, and we had already been standing on this street too long.She closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the manipulations of her own body. ‘I’m not moving until I come.’ ‘Then come baby. Think about his big cock in your pussy. Think about it in your mouth. Then come and let me get you out of here.’‘Ever think you’d see me masturbate in the street?’‘No, but you’re beautiful.’ Then catching on to the situation, I added, ‘The neighbors may be watching you right now. They want to see you come, Baby. Show them how hot you are. I’ll bet the k** next door is at the window with his cock in his hand right now.’That was all she needed, as she leaned into me with a whimper. Her hands never slowed as her body started convulsing and she bit into my shoulder. When I heard the car returning from the cul-de-sac, I scooped her up in my arms and headed for the bushes. Just as I reached the tree line, the sound of the car registered and her eyes flew open with a frightened look, the reality of the situation sinking in. It wasn’t nearly as close an encounter as it seemed, the glow of the headlights still had not crested a small hill just down the road, and she relaxed again as I ducked behind a row of azaleas and dropped to the ground. A moment later the car passed no more than 30 feet away. I was sitting in the thick layer of leaves that covered the ground, trying to catch my breath, with my naked, panting wife in my lap, when I felt her lips lock on to my neck. Her hands were busy again, and I knew she heading towards another orgasm.She drew her legs up, and I could now see the end of the dildo extending from her asshole as her fingers plunged into her pussy. In younger days she was multi-orgasmic when extremely turned on, but it had been years since I had seen that side of her. But now she was clearly on a roll, and I held her naked form in my lap, out by the street in our front yard, and pinched her nipples as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her. Behind the bushes we were out of sight, but if anyone heard her there would be no doubt in their minds what she was experiencing. Now she was the slut, and I was in awe of this wicked woman that was my wife.By now her head was laid back across the arm I had around her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She stretched her legs out before her, with her feet buried in the leaves. Both hands gently stroked her pussy. My free hand was squeezing her nipples, pulling them away from her body in the manner she loved so much. As she slowly returned to reality, her eyes fluttered open and she asked, ‘You’ll really do as I ask? Or did you just say that to get me away from the street?’‘My God, how could I say no to you? I’ll do whatever you ask.’‘Then why did you resist?’Good question. Since she first tested me several weeks ago, and in the process hinted openly that it would not be the only time, I had waited to see what happened next with barely concealed anxiety. I was eager. On top of that, I had always had fantasies of my wife with other people, and these I had shared with her on countless occasions. So what was the source of my reluctance? I thought I might know, so I said to her, ‘Deep down I think I’m just worried of messing up the beautiful relationship I have with you.’‘So you think we might go too far?’‘It’s possible.’‘Then let’s cut a deal. If I push you past your limits, you just say so. If you push me too far, I’ll do the same.’I looked down at this lovely naked creature in my arms and wondered how I could be so lucky. ‘So you don’t find my willingness to do…….anything, to be a problem?’She snorted at that. ‘If I recall you only did as I asked. Listen, most of the time I need a man, and you are all the man a woman could want. But sometimes, and especially now that I’ve had it once, I’m going to want a slut to dominate, a slut to entertain me. You can be both without fear with me, it’s what I want.’‘Then I’ll be your slut whenever you like.’ My cock had stiffened underneath her, and I knew she could feel it. My weakness was the source of her power, and she gave me an evil smile as she sat up. Crawling off my lap, she rolled over onto all fours in the leaves, pushing her ass up high towards my face. ‘Eat my pussy, slut’, she commanded.There was plenty of light from the street filtering through the bushes, and I could clearly see her pussy and the dildo that remained embedded in her asshole. In such a position, the exposed end of the dildo stuck up into the air lewdly, and I could not help but notice that very little of it showed. Moving onto my knees, I wasted no time sinking my tongue into her folds. She responded quickly as I placed a hand on each of her hips and pulled her pussy into my face. Laying her head in the leaves, she curved her back so that her ass stuck almost straight up, giving me total access. With her clit sucked into my mouth, and my nose pressed up into the folds of her pussy, my open eyes could look directly at her lovely asshole stretched around the dildo. Over time, my tongue ventured upwards and began to lick around the base of the dildo, and my efforts were rewarded by a long moan from my wife. By the time I returned to apply suction to her clit, it didn’t take me long to start her on another string of orgasms. Her capacity for orgasm was astounding, and by the time she was done, she had collapsed to the ground and was squirming in the dirt and leaves to get away from my probing tongue. ‘Get naked, slut,’ she hissed.I removed my clothes without hesitation as she got back to her knees, dirt and leaves clinging to her body. As I moved up behind her, she reached between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy. It sank in easily, and as I slid into her, my stomach pressed against the dildo, driving it deeper into her ass. She pushed me out of her, then reached back and removed the dildo, dropping it to the ground. Once again, she reached between her legs for my cock, only this time she guided it to her asshole. I needed no urging, and for the first time since our k**s had been born, naked and exposed in the front yard, rooting around in the leaves like a couple of wild a****ls, I butt-fucked my wife to a glorious orgasm.The next day seemed like a normal Saturday at our house. About mid-afternoon I learned that we would have the place to ourselves again this night, with the k**s heading off to stay with friends for various reasons. Since they had their own transportation and agendas, it wasn’t that unusual, but I still wondered how much my wife had to do with it. We went out to do a little afternoon shopping, and on the way home my wife punched a number into her cell phone and handed it to me.‘Tell him to come over about eight.’I had been day dreaming about the night before, thinking rather smugly that her methods to convince me to play along with her games could very well lead me to offer resistance more often. Snapping instantly back to reality at her command, I was lucky we weren’t in traffic or I might have wrecked. I started to say something, but her stare shut me up. He picked up on the third ring. It was clear he recognized the number and expected to hear her voice, and it only took a moment for him to realize who was calling.‘What do you want?’ he asked abruptly.‘She was hoping you’d come over about eight.’‘And she got you to call.’ It was a statement.‘Yeah.’‘You going to be there?’Now that he asked, I really didn’t know for sure. ‘Yeah, I think so.’‘You think so? Don’t you have a mind of your own?’ he sneered. My natural confidence was gone, and his comment stung, but before I could respond he added, ‘If I have anything left when I get done with her, maybe I’ll fuck your tight ass again.’With that he was gone. I lowered the phone and looked over at my wife. She was smiling, and her hand slid over and covered my crotch as I drove. ‘I see that conversation got a rise out of you.’ I couldn’t deny it. As humiliating as it was, it had turned me on.We showered together later that evening. I got out first, and she lingered in the shower for a long time, while I made myself a quick drink to settle the butterflies swirling around in my stomach. When she walked naked from the shower I could see she had trimmed her pubic hair. She left a thin patch of short hairs, and as I kissed her I ran a hand over her womanhood, confirming she had shaved the lips of her pussy silky smooth. I knew from experience what she was up to. Later tonight, her now exposed clitoris and pussy lips would receive the maximum possible stimulation.Putting on a short skirt and silky blouse, she then ordered me to strip. Once naked, she went to her drawer and handed me a lacy pair of pink silk panties. My heart sank. Even though I ended up enjoying it last time, wearing women’s underwear was the one thing I was having the most trouble accepting. Seeing myself in garters and stockings in the video had been a source of excitement, but also extreme embarrassment. Of all the things shown in the video, that was what I was most afraid of anyone ever seeing. She noted my expression, asking ‘Have we hit the limit already?’‘No, I’m just wondering why you like this.’‘Two reasons. First, I know you hate it, so we get maximum humiliation. You’ve always been so cocky, so it’s a good way to set the mood and put you in your place. Second, it sends a message. When he sees you in my underwear, he knows you’re just a slut toy and not a serious threat to his manhood.’I slid them on without further argument, feeling women’s panties on my body for the first time. They were what I always referred to derisively as granny pants when she wore them, because they were conservatively cut, which meant in this case that they actually fit me rather well. Most of her granny pants were cotton, but these were silk and lace, and the feeling of them on my crotch, I had to admit, was not bad. She then handed me the same garters and stockings I had worn before. After watching me struggle for a minute, she giggled as she taught me the proper way to put them on. Finally done, she stepped back to admire her work. I refused to look at the mirror.‘Go fix us some drinks, slut.’I padded off to the kitchen, praying the k**s were truly gone. The truth of the matter was that with the layout of our house, and with the two dogs we had in the back, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to reach our door without us knowing well in advance. This knowledge gave me little comfort as I moved around the house in women’s underwear. My wife had entered and was watching me with a smirk, and as I turned to her with the drinks, her bra-less breasts pressing out against the silky blouse gave me something else to think about. ‘Drink up slut, you only have a minute.’I had no idea what she meant, and did not ask. When I was about half done with my drink, she took it from me and led me into the living room. ‘Kneel by the couch.’ I did as I was told, and she came up behind me and placed the blindfold from our previous adventure over my eyes again, fixing it tightly. My disappointed reaction must have been more obvious than I thought. ‘Not time for formal introductions yet, slut.’‘Place your hands behind your back.’ Doing as I was told, she promptly locked my hands together with a pair of handcuffs.She departed the room without a word, leaving me to wonder where the handcuffs came from. I knew I must be quite a sight, kneeling in my own living room, in women’s underwear, handcuffed and blindfolded. This was not what I had expected, but my hard cock would make denying I liked it difficult.She was gone a long time, and my anxiety level was building, when the dogs started barking. I knew the bark well; we had a visitor. I heard my wife come back into the room, and then I heard the door close as she went outside. Trying to quiet the panic rising within me, I sat stiffly and waited, a cold sweat of fear breaking out on my forehead. After a moment I heard voices outside, then the door re-opened. It was only two steps from the door to the living room, as they approached from my back.‘Jesus, what a pussy’, was all he said.‘Yeah, and a pretty good pussy-eater, too. Want a drink?’Obviously tonight they weren’t going to conceal his voice, which was a change. I could hear them in the kitchen laughing and talking. When they came back in the room, he asked, ‘Why don’t you get rid of him and move in with me?’‘Sure, but then you’d have to take his place when I want to have a little fun.’‘Never mind,’ he replied türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan as he laughed. ‘You like being the boss don’t you?’‘With him, yes.’ They passed me and sat on the couch, no more than a few feet away.‘Well, I’m the boss tonight.’‘Then tell me what you want, boss man.’He chuckled, and I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing. The talking trailed off, then stopped as the passion became more urgent. This went on for quite a while, and I hung my head and listened intently, trying to imagine what was happening right before me. When something hit my head, I knew right away from the silky feel that it was my wife’s blouse. He was wasting little time. The blouse hung on my head for a second, and then slipped off onto the floor, which brought a laugh from both of them.‘The little pervert’s dick is hard.’ ‘He likes for me to have fun. And he knows from personal experience what I have coming tonight.’ Her foot suddenly rubbed my crotch, causing me to jump. They both laughed again.Once more they fell into silence, and I listened for clues to what they were doing. From her moans I assumed his mouth was on her nipples, and this was confirmed when he said, ‘I knew you liked them pinched hard from watching you the other night.’ This went on and on, and they seemed to be in no hurry. When I heard a zipper, I had no way of knowing if it was his pants or her skirt, which also had a zipper on the side. The answer came a moment later. ‘That’s it, wrap your hand around that b**st.’His words brought back a memory, and I had to agree with his description. What a b**st it was. The thought of my wife sitting in front of me, with his b**st of a cock in her hand, had me squirming with pleasure as I listened to their foreplay.I felt movement and realized after a moment that my wife had slid off the couch onto the carpet. From the sounds, I had no doubt she was removing his pants. My dick got harder, and I strained to hear, wishing that I could see what she was doing. He let out a small moan, and I suspected she had just closed her mouth over his dick. I wondered if she liked the feel of it in her mouth as much as I did, but I didn’t have to wonder long. ‘No wonder you loved sucking this huge cock so much, slut.’ I nodded yes, too embarrassed to speak, and certain I wasn’t expected to. Her cock sucking went on for a long time, and she must have been working him into a frenzy judging by his moaning and thrashing about. Every time he got close, I could tell she backed off, holding him at bay as he let out little groans of frustration. She was a master at this game, as I knew all too well. Even without eyesight, the scene before me was hot, and I was having a difficult time sitting still as I tried to get some type of stimulation on my own stiff cock. Then with a start I felt her reach out and grab my shoulder, pulling me towards her. I shuffled forward on my knees, across her silk blouse, without question, and with some difficulty she directed me between his legs. She had moved just outside his left leg, and the sucking sounds of her mouth on his cock were much closer now. I sat and listened, and then felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing me forward. I went willingly as she guided his cock into my mouth with her other hand. Closing over it like the slut I was, I welcomed this glistening wet monster back into my mouth for the second time. His hands came to my head, moving me back and forth on his cock, not caring whose mouth it was. It was an incredible feeling, handcuffed and helpless as he fed me his cock, with my wife’s hand wrapped around the base pumping it into my mouth. This was more like it. I silently thanked my wife for the handcuffs, and even the women’s underwear. I was back in slut mode and didn’t care any more.She let me suck on his cock for a few minutes, then I felt her pull his hand from the right side of my head. At my ear she whispered, ‘Don’t be selfish, slut’, then she kissed my cheek and trailed her tongue along my face to my lips. I froze as her tongue snaked around the cock sticking into my mouth. Easing back so that the head was right at my lips, I felt her tongue enter my mouth as it continued its exploration. Then we were both kissing the head, and slowly I moved to the right side of his cock as she took the left. We worked our way down his length, then back up, our lips wrapped around from either side so that they met in the middle on the top and bottom. Her mouth covered the head and sucked him in as I continued to lick along his length, then she would swap and let me swallow the b**st while she ran her lips up and down his shaft. It was the most erotic experience of my life, my breathing almost stopping as I became absorbed in the moment. My only wish was again for sight, so I could look my wife in the eye as we sucked off this stud together.She seemed to like stroking his cock into my mouth, her hand wrapped firmly around his length as I sucked, and I did my best to be the slut she wanted me to be. But it was clear her real desire was to have this big cock in her own mouth, so I licked down the underside and went to work on his testicles. As soon as my tongue made contact I could feel him jump, and one by one I sucked his testicles into my mouth and gently wet them down with my tongue. His hair tickled my nose, and the awkward position was hard on my neck, but it was a small price to pay as I lovingly sucked both balls into my mouth at once, and simply held them there, marveling at how full my mouth was.‘That’s it slut. Suck his balls.’I sucked until the pressure made him tense up, then released his balls and licked back up the shaft, kissing across my wife’s fingers, which continued to be wrapped firmly around the base of his cock. I knew she was trying to make him last, but judging by the sounds, it was going to be a short-term fix. I worked my lips around hers, feeling the cock slide in and out as she moved her head. The musky smell, his moaning, the noises made by her mouth, and the heat of his crotch made for sensory overload as we tag teamed his cock. I was in heaven, and knew my wife had to be as well, as we shared this incredible experience. Heading south again, I kissed his testicles once more, then tried in vain to work my way past his balls, towards his ass. The memory must have been a good one for him, for as soon as he realized what I wanted he slid forward on the couch then pulled his legs up high. When I still had trouble reaching, he slid all the way forward so that his ass was hanging off the edge of the couch, pulling his legs back as far as he could. My way was clear. Using my mouth, I pushed his balls aside and locked on to the space between his testicles and his asshole, which I knew from my own experience to be sensitive. Applying as much suction as I could, his anxiety grew as he waited for my mouth to move to his asshole. I teased him for a moment, as I listened to the sucking sounds of my wife go silent. ‘Do it slut.’She went back to his cock, and I shifted down and ran my tongue as deep as I could into his anus. I felt as much as heard the low guttural noise that came from his lips, knowing all too well the pleasure he was feeling. With his testicles pressed up against my nose, I went after his asshole at a feverish pace, licking all around the rim then diving back to the middle to drive my tongue against his sphincter. His hands came down and spread his cheeks, giving me maximum access, and as I willingly tongued his asshole, I heard him go over the edge.When his orgasm started, his right leg came down hard in response to the spasms wracking his body, knocking me backwards. Apparently my wife was holding his left leg up in her refusal to release his cock, and from the sounds I knew he was pumping his hot semen into her mouth. I was coming up beside her, in my own private darkness, when she suddenly redirected his cock to my mouth. Realizing what she was doing, I opened up, but not before he squirted come on my lips and chin. His throbbing cock entered my mouth, and I willingly took the last few drops of his come. Stroking his cock with her hand to pump every last drop into my mouth, I heard her say, ‘That’s it slut. Finish him off.’ Her next action could also be easily considered the most erotic experience in my life. Pulling his cock away, she leaned in and kissed me deeply, then proceed to lick his come from my lips and chin. It was an incredible feeling, to have her licking another man’s come from my face. When she kissed me again, I tried to express my appreciation with passion, but she quickly pulled away. ‘You are a nasty little cum slut.’ With that she went back to sucking on his cock, and I vividly recalled my own experience of having his once rigid manhood softening inside my mouth. After a while she got up and passed by me as she left the room. Hearing her a moment later making drinks, I leaned forward and sought out his cock with my mouth. I half expected him to push me away, and when he didn’t I sucked in his semi-hard cock, working hard to revive it. It felt wonderful in my mouth in this softened state, and I found it thrilling to be ‘caught’ when my wife returned. I knew it had to be quite a sight for her to enter the room and see me kneeling on the floor in women’s panties and nylons, hands cuffed behind my back, blind-folded, willfully worshiping another man’s cock. She paused and watched, and I hoped the image pleased her. ‘Just couldn’t get enough, could you slut?’His weight shifted as she sat down beside him, handing him a drink. They sipped in silence as I continued to suck his cock, then I heard the kissing start again. After a few minutes, she pushed me back and they got up. ‘We’re going to the bedroom slut. You’re welcome to join us if you can find the way back there.’ He was laughing as I heard them walk away.I sat there a moment, acutely aware of my throbbing hard-on pressing against the silk panties, as I heard them move down the hall. She took him to our bed. The thought echoed in head, and it didn’t take me long to realize her goal was maximum humiliation. He would be fucking her soon, and I would never be able to lie next to her in our bed without thinking of him. There could be no doubt she knew this.Working myself to my feet, my cock made contact with the arm of the couch, and I stood there a minute rubbing myself against the furniture. Whatever doubts I may have had about her decision, however much I wished they had stayed and fucked on the couch, it clearly wasn’t affecting my state of arousal.As a k**, I learned a trick for walking through a dark house that I put to use now. Instead of trying in vain to see for navigation in the darkness, I would simply close my eyes and accept the loss of visual input. Using the memory of a familiar layout, I found it to be much easier to move about without stumbling. With my eyes now blindfolded, it was easy to apply this technique as I counted the paces until I reached the two steps leading out of the sunken living room. At the top of the steps, I moved slowly to my left, counting off three paces to clear the counter separating the kitchen from the dining area, then turning right. After a few more steps, I was certain I was at the step up to the hallway, which was slightly higher than the dining area in this multi-level house. Reaching out with my foot, I found the step, then moved into the hallway. I counted the paces until I was sure I was at the bottom of the stairs, which put the master bedroom door to my left. I eased over until my shoulder touched the doorframe, then turned the corner and moved slowly into the room.‘Well, looks like the cum slut made it. I knew he wouldn’t miss this.’From the sound it was clear they were on the bed. I eased forward until I felt my thigh make contact with the bed frame, then stood there. ‘Looks like the effort didn’t affect his hard-on,’ she giggled. ‘Why don’t you just kneel down right where you are slut, maybe we’ll find a use for you later.’My knees were sore and my leg muscles tight from kneeling so long in the living room, but I knelt as instructed. They seemed to be simply relaxing and talking, and as I listened to talk of schoolwork, I discovered that the stud was a college student, from the discussion probably an upper classman.That probably put him in the local college, where he apparently was also involved in one of the athletic teams, though the references to practice didn’t offer much other than to suggest it was a spring sport. Little by little I was collecting small clues, but I still had no idea who he was. The thought that he was a young college stud was exciting to me, and I certainly had to assume my wife felt the same way as she lay with him on the bed.After a time, the talking faded away to be replaced by more graphic sounds suggesting a return to foreplay. Without sight, it was difficult to know exactly what was taking place, but as the breathing and moaning picked up, it was easy to assume the tempo was increasing. It had been quite a few minutes when he spoke again, with clear enjoyment. ‘I see you do like it a little rough.’ She answered with a simple groan. I concluded he was at work on her breasts again, knowing full well that she loved to have her nipples pinched and pulled. Bowing my head and listening intently, I could see it clearly in my mind. It was intensely exciting to listen to her whimpers and to know this stud was fully exploring her wonderful body, on our bed, just a few feet away.‘That’s it, bite down. Not too hard, just apply pressure and pull. Yes, yeeessss, that’s it.’I squirmed about trying to rub my cock between my thighs. As her passion grew, so did my own. I wanted to say something, to encourage her, but I knew they had forgotten me.He was a generous lover, taking his time and letting her excitement build. The sounds coming from her expressed pure sexual joy, and it was evident she was having the time of her life. I could only hope that she would find me exciting again, after this night was done. It was a sobering thought, but did nothing to dampen the excitement I was feeling myself as I listened to her respond to this stud.‘Oh God, you’re such a tease.’ I could only imagine what she might be referring too, but there was no mistaking how turned on she sounded. While many of the sounds were inadequate to give me a clear picture of what was happening, there was absolutely no doubt when his mouth closed down on her pussy. The long low moaning was a sound of ecstasy that I had brought from her on many occasions. It was only a matter of seconds when her first orgasm swept her away, and in my mind’s eye I could see her legs go stiff and her chin go to her chest as she türbanlı escort zonguldak involuntarily curled forward, her hands at her breasts. It was an image burned into my mind over many years of going down on my wife. The panting build-up, the explosion over the edge, and the slow and heaving return to normal was a pattern I knew and loved, and hearing it now, brought on by a stranger, a young college stud, as I kneeled helplessly on the floor, turned me on intensely. Where I thought I should feel jealousy, I only felt excitement, and I realized I had lifted up and leaned forward as I strained to generate some pressure on my cock with my legs. This was hot, and I was enjoying it, but clearly not as much as her.‘Oh God, oh God, oh, oh, oh.’She never really recovered from her high as the sloppy sounds of his work on her pussy continued. This time the build-up was more paced, the passion slowly rising with the steadily increasing cadence of her breathing. I knew she was going to go off again, and I followed the sounds intently. When she let out a long erotic groan, I had no idea what he had done to induce it until he said, ‘You like a finger in your ass, don’t you?’‘Tonight, yes. Your finger, yes. Oh God it feels good.’‘Do you always keep your pussy lips shaved smooth?’‘I did it for you.’ She panted. ‘Eat me dammit. Oh God, quit talking and eat me.’With that the tempo picked up and as I listened to the wet sounds of his tongue in her pussy, I realized the heavy smell of sex now filled the room. It added an exotic touch, as I yearned to stroke my own cock. I could clearly imagine him with a finger shoved up her ass, his mouth on her pussy, as he knelt with his ass high in the air, and I wished I could watch as she gave herself up to him with abandon.‘Oh God that’s it. Oh yes, suck my clit. Oh God.’With that she was off again, rolling through an intense orgasm that caused her to cry out. Like the night before, she once again reached the level of multiple orgasms, and for a full five minutes she was wracked by one wave after another. ‘You have, have, have to stop. I can’t take it, oh God, I can’t take it’, she gasped. I tried with limited success to grind my panty covered cock between my thighs as I visualized her pushing him away from her pussy, desperately trying to cool her body down for a second. He just laughed. ‘You are one hot little bitch.’‘You don’t know the half of it yet. Come fuck me with that big dick of yours, you stud.’He didn’t waste time on further words, and when I heard her satisfied moan I knew she was now full of strange cock. Jealousy did flash through me at that point, but I didn’t care. I wanted her to be fucked by this stud, and I was glad to be in the room when it happened. I knew how much she loved the weight of a man on her body, and in my mind I could easily see her slender form smothered under this healthy specimen of manhood.Their movements could be felt through the bed as nature took over and their passion intensified. Her love for nasty talk had been a favorite part of our past, though largely missing in recent years with a house full of k**s. But it was back tonight and exciting to hear, even second hand. ‘Fuck me stud, fuck me. Give it to me hard. Don’t be nice to me stud, I like it rough. Fuck my brains out or I’ll get somebody else to do it.’‘Yeah, like me’, I thought, as I found myself rocking with the rhythm of the sounds of their fucking. ‘That’s it stud. Drive that b**st into me. Oh, oh. Fuck me, fuuuccck meeeee.’The bed was squeaking loudly and I could hear skin grinding against skin as he drove his huge cock into her pussy. The pace was fast, the slapping of his hips against her body was audible every time he made contact, and I knew he was giving her the pounding she needed. She had always loved what we liked to call ‘grudge fucking’, difficult to do when k**s were home. It was hard, rough and without compassion; she wanted to held down and fucked as hard as possible. I knew that the less concern I showed for her pleasure, and the more I simply fucked her in rough, a****listic style, the more turned on she became and the more her pleasure grew. It was circular logic, but it worked. Once past what I thought of as the ‘point of no return’, she didn’t care who heard her, who saw her, or what was going on around her, as long as the pounding in her pussy didn’t stop. It was always a source of amazement to me the level of abuse her slender, narrow-hipped body could take, and I knew she was feeling it now as she drove him on.‘That’s it, put your hands on my shoulders. Pin me down. Now fuck me you stud. Don’t slow down. Don’t stop. Just fuck me, please fuck me.’His breathing was getting loud and ragged, and I knew the awe he was feeling as he muttered, ‘Jesus’. This had been going on for a good five minutes, and he hadn’t slowed his pace. With his youthful vigor, he was giving her the most intense fucking she’d had in years, and the sound of his body slamming into her willing pussy was exciting to me. I had no doubt that her legs were spread wide, and her ankles were locked behind his lower back as she opened herself for him as much as possible. I leaned into the bed and felt it moving back and forth, scooting forward as I tried to be a part, in some small way, of what was happening. Her breathing was labored and her voice was faint now, ‘Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.’ She repeated it over and over. Her awareness of me became apparent when her hand grabbed my shoulder and her nails dug in, an involuntary reaction to the orgasm that now coursed through her body. She literally screamed as the pounding didn’t slow, and then she called out to him, ‘Don’t, don’t you come yet, Don’t you dare, I’m not done with you.’His frustration was evident, as this time his emphasis was different when he repeated, ‘Jesus’. But his pace slowed, and as she passed through her orgasm she encouraged him. ‘That’s it stud. Hang on. Hang on. You’ll get yours. There’s plenty of fucking left in this whore.’ Her grip on my shoulder gradually relaxed as her body slowly recovered. I could feel the balmy heat rising off them, and I could imagine their sweat covered bodies locked together as he tried to hold off as my wife had instructed. The stark reality of the situation was both stunning and exciting. My wife was doing more than simply giving up her pussy to this stud. She was showing him the darkest, most intimate depths of her sexuality, something I thought to be exclusively reserved for me. ‘Roll over on to your back. Don’t let it slip out of me. That’s it.’ I felt the bed move through my shoulder as they shifted position. She was so much in love with the weight of a man on her body, it was not common for her to be on top. But I didn’t have to wonder what she was up to for long, as she ordered, ‘Come on up here slut. You’ve got work to do.’It had been so long since she had addressed me, it didn’t register at first. ‘Can you hear me slut, let’s go.’Struggling up on my stiff and cramped legs, I slowly started to crawl onto the bed. I could tell they were watching me when he said, ‘A hot bitch like you is so wasted on a pervert like that.’Her reply was pleasing. ‘Oh, I don’t think so.’ Then obviously addressing me, she said, “I want you to lick his balls, slut.’Without waiting for him to insult me further, I slid over in my own little world of darkness until I made contact with his thigh, then moved back and climbed over so that I was between his outstretched legs. Leaning forward, I first bumped my head into her lower back, then knowing she was impaled on his cock, I used her body as a guide to find my way to his balls. Kissing and licking his testicles, I quickly learned that this was a poor arrangement. As my wife started to ride his cock, her ass and my head made contact on every down stroke. The solution was easy enough. I climbed back outside his leg, moved up alongside them, and turning towards my left I tried again. With my head oriented across his body, and my face turned sideways, I now had free access to lick his balls as she slid up and down on him. ‘Lick those balls slut. He’s got a slut and a whore now. Show him why we’re the perfect couple.’Sucking one testicle into my mouth, I swirled it around with my tongue as she fucked him at a steady rhythm. Then I moved to the other. I licked all around his scrotum and the inside of his thighs, all the while the sounds and smells of lovemaking filling my senses. It was good to be a part of the action, and I tried once again to imagine the scene with me blindfolded, hands cuffed behind my back, in women’s panties, stockings and garters, kneeling on the bed licking a man’s balls as my wife slid up and down on his cock. It was intense.Working my way upward, I started to lick the base of his cock. Recognizing what I was up to, my wife slowed, then stopped, sliding forward until only the top third of his cock was inside her pussy. I kissed my way up along his underside, feeling the slickness of her juices on his manhood. Between their combined heat, and the smell of her pussy, I was delirious with pleasure as my tongue reached her wet opening and circled all around his huge cock at the point where it disappeared into my wife’s body. I pushed my tongue along his cock and up into her pussy as far as I could, enjoying the feel of both of them at the same time. Moving upwards, I ran my tongue into her asshole, getting a little chirp out of her as she jumped forward at the contact. Then I headed back down, licking long strokes from her asshole to his balls, then back again, over and over, stopping every pass to explore her pussy where it wrapped around this monster cock.‘Oh slut, you’re getting nasty now. Can you taste my pussy on his cock?’‘Uh-huh’ was all I could manage.‘Do you like it slut?’‘Uh-huh!’I continued to lick from his balls to her asshole, lingering first at her anus, then at her pussy. They were both squirming now, which made me work harder to please them. Then she shifted her position and leaned back on her legs, grabbing my head and pulling it around to the front of her pussy. Leaning all the way back, she exposed her clit and covered it with my mouth. ‘Suck it slut. Oh God, suck it.’I needed no encouragement. She started to move back and forth on his cock, which was now bent down at an angle, and I could feel it sliding past my lips as I followed her motion and kept a constant suction on her clitoris. It was only a short while before I was rewarded, her body suddenly convulsing into yet another orgasm. I felt a sense of pride as she came, and as I moved my mouth from her clit to his cock I ground my own silk encased hard-on into the bed.He continued to try and work his cock in her pussy as I licked the exposed areas of his manhood, until he finally reached for her and pulled her forward and back down on top of himself. As I moved out of the way, he started driving his hips upward, slamming his cock into her pussy as he held her down against his body. It was act of v******e, and there was no way for me to join in, so I sat back and listened, as he was clearly building to a climax. ‘That’s it stud, come in my pussy. It’s time. Fuck me stud. Let me have it. Fill my pussy like you did the slut’s ass.’The bed was shaking wildly as he drove into her, until with a long, low growl he started to come. ‘That’s it stud, that’s it. Give it to me.’I could sense the power of his orgasm as he drove over and over into her pussy, grunting with every stroke as he lifted her off the bed. And then he was done, collapsing under her, panting heavily. ‘Wasn’t that worth the wait, stud?’ she asked teasingly, ‘I told you I’d take care of you.’It took a few minutes for his breathing to start slowing down, and then I could hear them kissing through the pants. Finally he said, ‘Your hot little whore body has worn me out.’‘Good. I always try to pay my debts in full.’‘In that case, I’ll need to cut another deal with you.’‘I’m sure we can work that out.’Her kissing on him for a few more minutes gave me time to consider her words, and it certainly didn’t sound as if she was joking. Thinking ahead to the possibilities, I found myself hoping that she wasn’t. She brought me back to reality when I felt her moving off his body to the other side.‘Clean him up slut.’Her words surprised me as I hesitated for a second. ‘What are you waiting on slut?’With that I leaned forward and with little effort found his semi-hard cock with my mouth. It was wet and hot, and in addition to the taste of her pussy, there was a stronger flavor, which I recognized as his come. I sucked him fully into my mouth, using my tongue to clean their juices. I licked his cock top and bottom, making sure I covered every square inch. It was a deeply erotic act, and once again I found myself grinding my own hard cock into the mattress, trying to get some relief. He was spent, and therefore never fully stiffened up, despite my best efforts, but I liked the feel of his partially erect cock in my mouth. My wife crawled across his body, until she was now on the same side as I. ‘Now my turn, slut.’I reluctantly let his cock slip from my mouth and turned towards her. She grabbed my head and guided me in, and once I made contact with her pussy, I accepted the task with relish. Her pussy was still swollen and open, and there could be no doubt that the wetness my lips encountered was a combination of their juices. I drove my tongue up inside her, surprisingly excited by the sloppiness of her pussy. As I sucked on her, the taste of his come was unmistakable as I pulled it from her pussy into my mouth. The simple lewdness of my act, between her legs sucking another man’s come from her pussy, made me insane with lust and I worked my cock vigorously against the mattress as I went after her pussy with abandon.Obviously her stud was watching. ‘My God, he is disgusting.’‘Yes he is,’ she said with a contented purr.Like him, she was too exhausted to respond to my assault on her pussy, enjoying the feeling but never becoming fully aroused as I hoped. I continued rubbing against the bed as I licked gently at her pussy.‘Is the slut having some sort of difficulty?’ she asked with a laugh. Not waiting for an answer, she pushed me from between her legs, and then kept pushing until I realized she wanted me off the bed and back onto the floor.Later as I lay on the floor, curled up on my side, I heard them return from the shower. He made an effort to leave, but she pulled him back to the bed, and his resistance was light. Hearing the light click off, it was only a short while before the distinct change in breathing patterns made it clear they had both fallen asleep. I remained fully awake, truly feeling a wave of jealousy pass over me as I realized my wife had used me, thrown me to the floor blindfolded and handcuffed, and taken another man to our bed to sleep with. As I lay on the floor trying, without much luck, to get comfortable, my shoulders ached and my wrists chaffed from having my hands cuffed behind me for hours. But most of all, my hard cock ached, and while they slept I used the hard floor to rub against in an effort to find some relief. END

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