18 Mart 2023

That Body


I stand by that king size bed shimmering in a sea of regal blue silk, slowly drop my towel to the floor and slide in. That body already there. Waiting, anticipating, hungering for what lies ahead.

Resting my head on that body’s virile chest as it moves up and down taking in long, deep, slowed breaths, I can hear the heart beat. Knowing that it beats for me, excitement rushes to every fiber of my feminine being. But tonight is just for that body, it alone.

Snaking my hand to find those hidden royal purple velvet cords, my mouth whispers a seductress hiss, “Close your eyes, my love…”

As the black silken scarf conceals any promise of illumination, that body’s appetite for pleasure hungers. It’s hunger grows more ravenousness with each pull, each tug of those velvet cords that have now found their way to the wrist of that body.

My long blood-red painted nails glade with the slightest touch as they fondle that body. Weaving, winding, meandering over it, entrancing it, making that body a captive to my enticement.

Hand moves just close enough to make that body’s mound of vigorous flesh amplify. Finger tips tease with pleasure. It can feel the heat of my breath as my mouth lowers. The warmth washes over it. Each breath closer, slower, deliberate. That body’s senses heightened as the darkness has now settled in. Anticipation being the key to my control as my nails içerenköy escort imbed into it’s flesh.

Effervescence of manhood lofts in the air as that body’s desire inflames it’s enter fire. My tongue tickles, titillates, entices that body cooled by moist glistening pearls of sweat. It roams and wanders leaving trails of sexual-driven froth behind as if to find it’s way back home. My hands firmly anchored challenge that body to move.

That body’s heart beat steps up it’s pace, beating louder as I lower my head resting it closer to it’s destination. The destination that is so wanted, so longed, so craved for. But still just far enough away that only the tip of my tongue can reach, sending tingles through that vigorous mound of flesh. Making that body want me more, desire me more.

Aching for me to make my move, it’s pleas ignored. I do not move. Teasing and taunting, that body’s mind races. That body ascends skyward as if to lure me closer, I resist. The want over comes that body. Yes, I know how badly it wants me to fulfill what I have promised once I started this seduction. I tease, my hand snakes it’s way down feeling the heat that is coming off of that body. Finds it’s way to the top of this flesh that now has grown hot and engorged with blood. With just one finger, I taunt leaving that body wanting more. Begging kadıköy escort me to fulfill my promise.

Seductress whisper hisses once more, “Not yet, my love…”

With just those words, pre-cum can no longer be withheld. It oozes from that hardened mound of flesh. The tip of my tongue tastes the liquid morsel that body has now offered. My mouth extends the rich, thick cream to that body enveloped in my kiss. That body pleas to be taken. Every part of it’s being begs.

I can no longer resist the pleas from that body. I give in. My hand, twisting and turning, sliding with just enough pressure bathe that mound of vigorous flesh in it’s pre-cum. The heat radiates from that body. The pearls of sweat now drop to those royal blue silk sheets as I untie one of that body’s wrist. Freeing it to do as it will.

My mouth inundated, I place my head lower once more. My long auburn hair brushing that body softly. That body’s heart beats louder now, louder almost to the point I can no longer hear my own thoughts as only the hardened tip of my tongue touches that mound of flesh. I lick from half way down then up to the top just to taste it’s vim and vigor. Hitting the spot that makes that mound of flesh jump with delight. Tingles run up that body.

That mound of flesh flourishes with every move I make. My mouth cloaking kartal escort it all, teeth giving hints of pleasurable pain. My tongue encircles the head, baits it with promises of what’s to come.

That body’s hand twist and coils my hair around it, securing it tighter with each twist. My neck pulled and stretched back to it’s limit, how that body would love to remove that silken scarf, but knows all to well the punishment that would await.

Seductress whisper rings in that body’s ear, “For my own indulgence, remove your silken binding, my love…”

My hair now unchained from that body’s staunch hands, I am free to fulfill my promise. My mouth watering like a rabid animal, detrude on that hardened stiff mound of flesh as if it were a piece of densified wood.

Unhurried, bit by bit I take that mound of flesh deeper into my mouth. Inching closer to it’s base with each indulgence. My tongue teasing, tantalizing, as it savers the juices that mound of flesh has to offer. My teeth nipping it’s head just so the pleasure and pain of it mingle.

Sounds comes from the mouth of that body, sounds of pleasure and pure ecstasy . That body’s hand has regained it’s chain of twisted auburn hair. That body’s eyes gaze lustfully as they watch in amazement as each stroke penetrates my throat.

I am in control over that body. Taking it to places only I can. Making that body weak. It’s mind can’t think. That body can no longer resist, it must succumb. Begging for me to let it be freed.

Seductress whisper flutters to that body’s ear, “Every move I made had a reason, deliberate, calculated and every move I made was only for that body. Your cum that has been held prisoner may flow now like a river of molten lava, my love…”

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