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Subject: The Ahn Boys 20 There is a recent and very well written book titled “Summer of the August Moon” which talks about the Comanche ability with bows and with horses. Worth your time if you have an interest in history. They were without peers when it came to horses. Some say they were the best in the world. Also, there are those who denied that homosexuality existed in Native American culture. Those people; are totally wrong. Read “The Spirit and the Flesh” which details “two spirited” people in American Indian tribes. But above all, n-joi the story. There is more to come in this tale. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaahhh what can I tell you about the first few weeks of our cross country journey? For the most part it went off without a hitch. The boys were all excited about traveling by train, falling asleep in their berths to the rocking motion of the cars, taking turns sleeping up in my stateroom although there was nothing to see at night. I did allow them up there for brief moments during the day however. Gus and I had laid out a route that was something like a bouncing ball as it headed west. We headed south, along the eastern seaboard making the civil war, eastern economy and civics our topics of interest then headed back North only to turn and head south and west, then go north again. It was laborious but highly interesting. Gus knew of plenty of out of the way sights or other things that might prove interesting to the boys. Washington DC was our first stop and the boys were surprised that we’d managed an invitation to the White House and had lunch with FDR and Eleanor. An invitation such as that wasn’t all that difficult in those days especially when one had strong connections to the Roosevelts through business and personal as well as genealogical associations. After lunch Eleanor showed the boys the residence while AJ and I spend time with the great man discussing the eventual war in Europe and how to use the economy to our advantage while providing service to the county. Needless to say we came away from that meeting with plenty of ideas and further business connections while the boys got some history and some autographed memorabilia. Although they did not attend the luncheon, we took our train boys whenever we could and in the process got to know them quite well. We spent 2 days in nation’s capital, almost a full day at the Smithsonian which enthralled all of the boys, including Xiou. Heading south we stopped in Charleston South Carolina, a town that was considered the Belle of the south, and Fort Sumter where the Civil War began. Once we hit our southern destinations we turned and traveled north. I won’t begin to try and explain everything that we saw or did as it would provide ample reason to fall asleep. As I stated, history and geography dictated a majority of our stops. We got practice unloading and re loading our bus while Gregory and Jenkins worked hard to locate suitable transportation where were could. Darius continued to provide excellent meals in his reduced environment proving that the man most definitely new his business and knew it well. As we moved through less populated areas Gregory and Max would hunt wild game to put a variety of foods on the table. If that wasn’t possible we would purchase game or fish. Needless to say the newness of their situation wore off within a week or so and as we moved north through Texas and into the Midwest the boys began to get antsy being cooped up for such long periods of time. I did my part by continuing with their education and doing my best to make it as stimulating as possible and relevant to what area of the country that we were in at the time. Gregory did his part by continuing to teach them martial arts and weaponry. Xiou started teaching the boys Mandarin and like so many new tasks presented to them they dove into the endeavor with plenty of enthusiasm. Gus, bless his heart, had a fair understanding of boys and knew that they would become quickly bored so he offered to take them one at a time up into the locomotive with him and actually began giving them all some basic instruction on the operation of behemoth which of course including sounding the horn. All of the boys except Xiou were totally enthralled by the opportunity. In return I insisted that whoever of the crew wasn’t working be allowed to join us for all meals and when the boys were free to join our boys in school. Although Dalton wasn’t particularly interested in formal education Cain and James both were. I’d found of them to nice boys, Cain being a little on the effeminate side. His blonde hair was cut somewhat short on the left side of his head but went into longer tresses on the right side, the bangs hanging to below his nostrils when not pushed back out of the way. The boy had a fair amount of curl as well. James on the other hand wore his brown hair long, past his nipples and the middle of his back although he kept it in a ponytail most of the time. He was as smooth faced as Cain, with large doe like brown eyes. Both boys retained the high pitch of pre and young teen boys. Another thing that helped greatly with the boredom issue was that Gus knew everyplace along our route where we could pull onto a siding to let the boys out to run off some energy. Of course we needed to make stops to take on fuel, water, and supplies so that too worked in our favor and as such we stopped for anywhere from 2-5 hours about every 2nd or 3rd day. It was on one of those stops at the beginning of week 3 that we all got gained a full understanding in regard to the nature of our, ahem, relationships. Before I get to that I should note that Gus as well as Dalton and Cain had ventured into the parlor car on one mission or another and as I had warned Gus in the very beginning, each had caught one or more of the boys lounging around sans clothing. While Gus was able to keep his attention focused, the boys had more difficulty, Cain experiencing difficulty the most. It was all the boy could do not to watch as Mathias sucked Edward’s stone hard cocklet. I had elected to not interfere with the boys’ behavior when such encounters happened, leaving it to them to decide whether or not to stop. That being said on the rare occasions that a stranger entered our midst the boys were required not only to refrain from such behaviors but to remain fully clothed. We were headed north out of Texas and into Oklahoma. The countryside had a fair amount of greenery due to Mesquite, Oak, Juniper and other trees, bushes and as well as other plant life. It wasn’t the more barren land of West Texas or even south Texas but it wasn’t like the northeast where we hailed from either. Despite the air conditioning it was warm in parlor car. The younger boys were stark naked as they played board games or read. A couple of the older boys were naked as well, the rest in underwear. Gregory and Jenkins were both laying down as were AJ and Willie although I doubted they were actually napping. I was going over various reports that Gerald had sent. That was how Dalton found us when he came into the parlor car. “Lucian,” the young man said, trying not to stare at the naked younglings, “Gus says that we’ll be stopping about 15 miles up the track to take on water. He says to tell you that there is a river there if you all would like to get off the train for a bit, perhaps go swimming.” That got the attention of everyone. “Can we Lucian, please, can we go swimming?” That was the general response from every boy in the car although it varied from boy to boy. The little guys had bounced up out of their chairs, their cocklets flying about and I swear that Dalton all but drooled. I asked Dalton if there was a settlement there and he shook his head. “I don’t think so Lucian, would it matter? “Only in the fact that nobody has swimming attire,” I said. I thought I detected a little blush on the hunky teen’s face. “Well I don’t reckon that’ll be a problem,” He said. “Will you and the other boys or Gus and Max be joining us,” I asked him. “Well I wouldn’t mind getting wet,” Dalton responded and I’m sure that Cain and James would welcome a cool dip too.” “Well then, please tell Gus that we would all welcome the respite and the chance to get out for a short while and of course the whole crew is invited to join us. Might be an opportune time to actually bathe as well as play,” I added. Indeed, with so many people on board as well as the boys’ lack of attention to the passage of time, showers could deplete our water supply quite rapidly. Outdoor opportunities to bathe helped alleviate that problem. I had Mathias and Jamon go rouse the rest of the crew and I used the phone system to contact Gregory and when he came into the parlor car I told him the plan and asked about protection. Being out in the middle of nowhere could leave us at the mercy of predators of both the 2 and 4 legged types. The man agreed and left to take care of that issue. Not 4 minutes later I could see the blue waters of the river off to the side of the parlor car. By that time everyone was present and I explained the situation to everybody’s infinite delight. I had Jenkins get the boys to gather towels and soap, directed the boys to at least long pants and shoes since there were any bursa escort variety of flora and fauna that might cause them harm. As the train slowed to a stop Max came back with a sidearm, a rifle along with a pair of binoculars around his neck. Seeing Gregory outfitted the same, both AJ and I with side arms he nodded his head. “Not likely we’ll have any trouble sir, but better to be prepared than not.” I agreed. He said that he and Gus would be standing guard while we took on water and I assured him that we would be doing the same. No sooner had the words come out of my mouth when our attention was drawn to a dust cloud. A moment later 5 riders came into view leading a laden pack horse, 2 medium dogs keeping pace alongside. They were at a slow trot as they approached and the leader put his hand up in peace, Gus returning the gesture and out of the side of his mouth said, “Comanche.” As they approached I saw that they were all boys, the oldest being around Dalton’s age and the youngest just under Xiou’s age. It was easy to see bows strapped across each boys’ back, held in place by a full quiver of arrows as well as spears resting in front of them across their horse’s backs. About 20 feet from us the group stopped and the oldest approached, regal in his presence for one so young. In passable English he asked who our chief was and Gus pointed me out. I stepped forward and the boy dismounted his horse by swinging a leg over the neck and sliding to the ground. With his spear in his left hand he offered his hand which I took, his shake very gentle and non-threatening. He wasn’t particularly a comely boy, I would learn that by our standards many Indian’s were not. He was dressed only in a breechclout and a moccasin style knee length boot, his bare chest and arms well developed, and a feather that hung out of his almost waist length hair pitch black hair. He asked our business not that it was any of his business or that he needed to be told since it was quite obvious. Still, I explained that we were taking on water and bathing in the lake. The boy nodded his head reflectively. I glanced around and saw that to a boy, mine were completely enthralled at the fact that they were in the presence of real Indians. I think that many of the Indian boys were equally enthralled as well, particularly with Xiou Chen. “We too wash and swim here,” he responded giving a sweeping gesture toward his comrades. “Can we share the lake,” I asked and again the boy reflected on my question then gave a single nod his head. He spoked to his group in his native tongue and they all dismounted just as he had. They pulled the blankets from their horse’s backs and removed the primitive bridal and set everything on the ground then three of them unloaded their pack horse. One of the boys spoke rapidly to their young leader who then said to me, “He asks if you wash so dressed.” I shook my head and stated we would all be bare. He nodded his head, spoke to his crew, all of which got smiles on their faces. I found that interesting on a couple of levels. So much for the myth of the stoic Indian. “Well lads it looks like we’re going to be sharing the lake so please be on your best behavior.” That said I started down the slight slope to the river but the oldest native boy stopped me and spoke to his boys who immediately began kicking around the scrub and around the grasses and trees along the well-worn path to the water. “Snakes,” he said and once the boys reached the sandy banks waved us onward. In the wide open expanse of sand and small rocks at the edge of the river the scores of people who had frequented the spot had erected crude benches around a rock lined fire pit. There were poles sunk into the ground with railings between them as well which I assumed were for clothing or drying towels and the like. The boys dropped their towels on the benches while I set down 4 cakes of soap. Of course the little guys were stripped naked almost immediately and waited patiently for everybody else. Our new friends didn’t seem the least bit inhibited and they too were thoroughly naked in short order, their bows and quiver’s still within easy reach if needed. As soon as my pants came off the youngest of them pointed and chattered like crazy. The oldest of them said, “He say you have snake too.” The youngest of them looked to be maybe 9 or 10 years old and was completely hairless while the oldest didn’t seem to be overly hairy at all. Two of the others had small nests of black moss while the last one, perhaps 12 had the barest smattering of hair. Their cock sizes appeared to be appropriate to their ages although one that appeared to be 14 or so was hung much like Jessie. Of course that drew attention too. The younger boy chattered again when AJ was naked and their spokesman said that the boy wondered why AJ had no hair on his spear. The Indian boys all seemed very curious about our blackbirds leading me to believe that Negros were a rarity to them as well, although not to the degree that Asians were. And they were fascinated by the blond hair that some of our boys sported between their legs. I was particularly interested in our train crew boys since until then they were also unknowns. The youngest of the crew, Cain had an age appropriate cock, 3 inches or so with a very faint smattering of blond hairs at the base of it, his balls nicely dropped and hairless. James wasn’t too much different in size and of course had a little nest of hairs the color of wet sand. His balls too, were hairless. Dalton on the other hand was even more of a hunk naked than clothes. The kid was built, his upper chest shoulders and arms bulging with muscle. Every single muscle all the way to his calves were bulging and defined. His cock was a nice girth, easily 6 or so soft inches which, when hard, would likely make a formidable weapon. Everyone had to take the time check each other out. The 2 youngest of the Indian’s starting to bone up as did Mathias and Frankie but to everyone’s credit no one commented on it. So we headed into the river, the dogs joining us but staying closer to the shore. It seemed that we were in a crook of the running water and thus out of the main flow of it. It got deep enough fairly quickly so that 15 feet from shore the largest of us were neck deep. Once we discovered our boundaries we moved back toward shore and began the cleansing process trading off the soap bars. Our new friends were curious about that so we shared with them, much to their delight. Since we were all mixed in together and boys offered to wash each other’s backs, race and culture weren’t barriers so there was total mix of who washed who. I was doing Frankie, massaging his shoulders causing the boy to groan loudly which got everyone’s attention. It wouldn’t do but when my boy stepped aside the youngest Indian boy indicated that he would like me to wash him thusly. He backed up to me and I began working on his shoulders and back and the boy groaned loudly. His friends smiled and nodded their heads and some of my older boys offered to do the same for them which ended up with boys being paired off with whoever was closest to them, including my crew boys. As I washed him, the young boy’s hand moved back and found my leg then brazenly moved inward to find my cock and take hold of it and feel me up. One of his pals saw it and chattered something to him which the boy answered with a grin. “Boy say he liked you have very big spear,” their young leader translated as he stood next to me working Mathias’ back. I looked to the boy with a raised eye brow. “This is allowed,” I asked him and he smiled and nodded his head, “Yes, is very allowed, is,” and he paused looking for the correct word then said, “is wanted.” That said the boy reached around Matty’s front and ran his soapy hand down the boys’ belly and onto his cock while his other hand washed our boys’ tender little butt. The Indian boy had turned sideways to me and I saw that his cock was better than half way hard. Glancing around I saw that everybody was engaged in similar behavior. Boys will be boys no matter their culture. I imagined that Indian boys probably used this place for plenty of boy play. My boy stepped away from and took the soap and began washing my torso. I could see that his little brown cocklet was fully hardened, stand proudly in front of his taut little belly. He wasted no time in soaping my cock and my balls and chattered as he did so. “Boy says your apples must give much milk.” “Lucian’s balls make tons of milk,” Mathias said cheerily as our Indian friend washed the little blonde boy’s tiny butt. That got more chattering among our guests and their leader, with a glint in his eyes said, “They wish to see that; if you might give, uhm, show. They would all be so too.” “Is he saying they all want to jack off Lucian,” Willy asked. “That’s my take on it,” AJ responded. I was glad to see that those two were choosing to play with others and not be locked onto each other. The boy came around front and began to rinse my crotch off, a smile on his smooth brown face when he saw that I was half way hard. Once he was satisfied that the soap was gone he got to his knees and gently rubbed my rising cock alongside his face then placed his mouth over the end and began sucking bursa escort bayan me off. Next to me his ersatz leader chuckled, “Boy like suck spear,” he said. “You like?” I nodded my head. “Very like,” I replied. Around us everybody else was pretty much doing the same thing. Matthias began sucking the oldest Indian boy with a vengeance and judging from the expression on the teen’s face, my little blonde boy was doing a credible job, which I already knew. James had cornered AJ, while Jamon and Frankie were double teaming the second oldest Indian boy. Jessie and Tobias had snagged an Indian boy. Dalton and Xiou had cornered another Indian boy and my Chinese boy was sucking Daltons now fully hardened cock. The last Indian boy had been approached by Gideon who was all but overwhelmed by the presence of the native boys and as I said before, the Indian boys were taken with the black boys as well. Edward had joined them making it a trio. Cain approached me and asked if he could join us so I nodded my head and lowered my upper body, offering my mouth to him. The boy took it greedily, wrapping his arms around my neck and kissing me with a vengeance. My little Indian boy continued to suckle, moaning softly as he skinned my foreskin back and worked on the head. “I wanted to be with you the first day I saw you,” Cain whispered to me. “I hope that’s okay.” I gently rubbed his face and told him it was more than okay. Our Indian companion chose that moment to stand up, working his jaw in the manner that indicated it was a little sore. Cain didn’t miss a beat but dropped down and took over where my little friend had left off. The boy indicated that he wanted me to lift him up, which wasn’t a problem in the least so I did and as soon as he was in my arms, his little butt resting on them, his legs went around my waist and his arms around my neck. He moved his face close to mine and worked his lips in a mime of kissing so I put my mouth against his. Clearly it was a concept that he had no experience with, didn’t understand but he’d he seen Cain do it and wanted to try it. I pursed my lips to show him what to do then kissed his arm so that he could see what i did. I did series of little kisses then turned to face him again and he mimicked me perfectly. I stopped him and showed him a more open mouthed kiss and he mimicked that. All of this took barely a minute to accomplish. From there I kept my mouth against his and when I gently opened it, he opened his mouth. It didn’t take the kid long to get it and a moment later it was a head tilting, mouth open, lips moving kiss. He tried to grind his cocklet against me and had some success at it. Movement around me caught my attention and turning, I saw that our boys were teaching the native boys how to kiss and all of them had a boy working their hard cocks at the same time. “Are we gonna be able to fuck,” Mathias asked. “I’d like this boys’ cock in my ass Lucian. My boy continued to grind against me, pushing his little boner against my flesh. His leader couldn’t help but notice and chuckled. “Boy want ride wild pony by you,” he said. The expression on my face told him that I wasn’t sure about what he was saying although I really did. At that the older boy moved his hips to indicate fucking then pointed to me first and then the boy. The meaning was quite clear. I nodded my head. “First we make milk,” he said. Mathias asked what he meant, although not to the boy but in general. The teen understood Matty’s question and gave us the universal gesture for jacking off. “Yeah a group jack off,” Mathias cried out excitedly. The group gravitated closer together, forming a loose circle. My boys were already stroking their boners and within seconds everybody was engaged in the millennia old practice of a circle jerk. The Indian boys watched attentively as they worked their own raging brown cocks. Like any other boy they tugged on their balls, rubbed on their flat bellies or simply rested their fingers on their inner thigh right alongside their balls. The one with the largest cock looked to be a good 7 inches, close to Dalton’s and Jessie’s size. I wondered briefly if he would consider stuffing his native grown cock up my ass. “Eager little fuckers aren’t they,” AJ said to me in French and I replied that they were. Still speaking French he asked if we could maybe hang out for the next 24 hours; maybe invite our new friends to a fuck party. I responded that I thought that to be a splendid idea. “C’est aussi ce que je pense,” Jessie chirped in using. Both AJ and I were shocked and the hung young thing laughed. He had said “So do I.” “Oh fuck,” Frankie cried out and we all watched his knees sag and his eyes roll back in his pretty little head. The Indian boys chattered. The youngest one had stayed next to me and reached behind me to rub on my ass as her worked his little boner like a boy with plenty of experience. Tobias was the first to shoot his sperm, a nice little single stream that ended quickly. One of the Indian boys chattered something that was probably an announcement of his cumming and a second later he shot out a glob of sperm that broke into bits before hitting the water. From there the white gooey boy goodness oozed out of his cock and down over his fingers. The boy didn’t hesitate to bring his hand to his mouth to lick his young sperm off of it. Edward went next firing a couple of jets of sperm and our new friends chattered excitedly. The youngling beside me had his dry cum and before he was finished Matty cried out that he was cumming. The second young native boy fired, not much more than his companion. James made his announcement and before the words were out of his mouth Cain said he was too. The boys shot about the same time, Cain’s offering fairly meager while James’ shot was similar to Tobias. Willy fired next and some of his sperm went sideways and hit the Indian boy on his left, landing on the boys’ knee. The kid chattered then turned slightly and shot his young sperm onto Willy’s hip. They too went into oozing mode and when it was done Willy scooped his cum off the boy and ate it. It wouldn’t do but his new friend went to one knee and licked his sperm from Willy’s hip and as he did so felt up Willy’s smooth young balls. That got a round of applause. “Here goes,” Jamon said and even the native boys knew what he was saying. Our hung young blackbird gave the best showing so far; 3 solid jets of thick white sperm blasting out of his chocolate skinned boy prong. The Indians chattered quite a bit at that then their leader said something which probably was I’m cumming. He slowed his stroke and a long stream of cum flew out into the water. The boy groaned as he fired, legs bent at the knees, and we all watched 2 more jets erupt from his cock head before he went into oozing mode and there was even a fair amount of that. The Indian boy with the big cock, which I have to say was close to Jamon in size, chattered. At that Frankie quickly dropped to his knees in front of the boy who aimed his brown skinned boner at our boys’ face. He had no sooner done it that the kid erupted and began blasting Frankie’s face with large globs of Indian boy sperm. Everybody clapped and cheered as our boy got hit on the cheek and then the nose. Frankie opened his mouth and a 3rd jet went right inside. Before the boy shot again Frankie planted his mouth over the end and got the rest of boys’ offering. The boy moaned as his cock was sucked, tugged on his balls, and let his head roll backwards from the intensity of the feeling. That left me, AJ and Dalton and as we worked our cocks the boys started chanting “cum, cum, cum.” The Indian boys picked up the word quickly, particularly the leader. Interestingly enough all 3 of his hit within seconds of each other. It turned out that Dalton was a shooter to match both AJ and me. We got lots of laughter and praise as the three of began going off like so many fire hoses. It was like tugboats in a harbor welcoming a big ship into port. Each of us had a solid5 to 6 ropey jets of sperm, most of which went 18 inches or more from our cock heads to drop into the river. Like always it was over too fast. The youngest of our new friends chattered off something and the rest of them laughed. “Little Grouse say his hole will leak for a day from so much milk,” their young leader said with a laugh. I looked at the boy then pointed to me and said Lucian, which he pronounced fairly well. He pointed to himself “Kwiana,” although he pronounced it in Comanche first. The boy with the largest cock was addressed as Pony boy although Kwiana made it clear that only the boys of their tribe called him that. A rushing along the trail and a hurried calling of my name stopped all conversation. A moment later Gregory came into view. “We may have trouble Lucian. Gus can see a group of riders headed this way. They don’t appear to be in a hurry. He said to tell you it could a gang of bandits.” “The Texas Boys,” Kwiana said in perfectly clear English. He immediately issued commands to his boys who were already on the move. To me he said, “Lucian, please get you and AJ and the boys into your rail car. The Texas Boys are indeed a group of bandits that frequently rob private trains as well as mail trains. They haven’t escort bursa been known to kill anyone but have caused serious injury. We will hide our horses and fade into the trees and watch carefully. Do not be shocked if you see arrows fly.” Clearly I was stunned by the clarity of the boys’ speech and he could see that. “Yes, I know, I will explain it later but you must hurry.” AJ was already getting the boys dressed and the Indian were done and headed up the trail. As Kwiana and I strode quickly up the trail he suggested that I have my men put their rifles away but keep their side arms. “Only 2 of them should be visible but the other including you be armed. They will most likely demand to see the owner of the train which I assume is you.” At the train Gus was already on the ground and Max was nowhere in sight. Neither were our Indians, their horses or their pack not to be seen. Jesus I thought to myself, those boys were damned well trained. “Who is the toughest man here,” Kwiana asked and we pointed to Gregory. “At least one man will try to enter the train, do not allow that. If it comes to a fight, fight him but do it outside the train. These boys love a good knock down drag out and while they will watch they will not interfere unless their man is losing, then they will stop it. Have no fear, we will take of things from there.” He turned to leave but turned back. “Have faith in me,” he said. The big surprise was that he said it in perfect French. “Lucian, do not come out until you are asked to,” Kwiana called out before disappearing into the trees. AJ got the boys all into the car and along with Jenkins was armed. Darius refused to have anything to do with guns. “I’m very good with a knife,” my chef said, brandishing a 6 inch fillet knife made of German steel and which I knew firsthand to be razor sharp. Max had disappeared somewhere but I was pretty sure he was able to watch how things progressed and was prepared to step in as needed. Dalton strapped on an old Colt Peacemaker while the two younger boys stood off to the side. I waited by the door to the car, Gregory right behind me so that when I exited he would be there to greet any trespasser. “Well what have we here boys,” I heard a deep throated voice say. “What’s your name man, and what’s your business here?” “My name is Gus and this is a private train. We’re loading water.” “Well Gus, I suggest that you unbuckle that pistol and set it to the side,” the voice said, “you too boy.” “Not gonna do that mister,” Gus said, “Neither will we draw down. It would only get us killed.” The voice agreed that was true. “Boy, go get your master,” the voice said and a moment later Cain was in the doorway, visibly shaking from fear. “That one looks good enough to fuck Tucker,” another voice said and I heard some agreement from others. I told Cain to come into the rail car and stay put while I stepped out and down the steps to face a group of armed men some 30 feet away. “Get your city slicker ass up her,” a grizzled coot on horseback commanded. As I started to walk toward them the man directed a couple of his men to go search the car that I’d just vacated. Things were going to get interesting very fast. The two men pushed by me, even though they didn’t need to bump me they did. I stopped and watched as they started up the steps. The second man was just taking a step up when the first came flying out backwards, slamming into his friend’s upper body and knocking him flat, and continuing past him. Gregory was down the steps before flying man hit the ground. As soon as he hit the dirt Gregory kicked the first man in the head knocking him out cold and headed straight for the second man some 4 feet away. Meanwhile the rest of the crew were whooping and hollering at the prospect of a fight. Gregory waited patiently for his adversary to get up, which the man did and to his credit the man didn’t go for the gun at his hip. He charged Gregory who simply side stepped the man and slammed an elbow into his cheek as he went by. The crack was audible. The man lay in the dirt for a moment then got back to his feet albeit wobbly. This time he went for his gun and before his hand touched it one of the dogs came from nowhere and latched tightly to the man’s gun arm, taking him to the ground screaming. “What the…” I heard a voice call out followed by 2 screams. I turned to see arrows sticking in the thigh of another man, the pommel of the leader’s saddle, and another one sticking out of the forearm of yet a third man. The others were scrambling when their leader bellowed them to stop and not move a muscle. “Shit Kwiana, where the fuck are you,” the man called out, looking around. Part of his problem was that arrows had come from 3 different directions. “In my sights Tucker you shit eating prick,” I heard Kwiana call out. The man called Tucker let his head drop and shook it. As he raised it he called out, “I owe you for Sam and Cody.” “Don’t worry about it; you don’t owe me a thing, I was glad to do it.” “Didn’t have to kill them in cold blood Kwiana,” Tucker answered. “They raped a woman and her child and left them for dead Tucker; they deserved what they got. Pack your wounded up and get out of here.” “Not sure I can do that Kwiana.” Tucker’s cowboy had flew off his head, taking flight by an arrow that pierced it. “Are you sure of that? I think you better get to it you rat bastard.” The dog had let go of his man but stood close by snarling while the men that Gregory had kicked had gotten up and started to move toward the man and an arrow appeared stuck in the ground between his feet before his second step hit the dirt. “Come on boys let’s ride.” “Tucker,” Kwiana called out,” I want my arrows back.” “Jesus Kwiana I gotta take some time with that. They could bleed to death.” Tucker wasn’t giving an inch. Neither was the Indian boy. “Either you do it or I take them out of dead men. Your choice Tucker. I can live with it either way.” The two men by me started walking toward their horses in a rather groggy manner, the one clutching a bleeding arm. Meanwhile a couple of other men had dismounted and helped removed the arrows from the men that had been hit which they did by jerking the arrows out causing their victims to scream bloody murder. “Tucker.” The man answered with a weary “what”. Kwiana continued. “I’ll be setting a picket a mile out. Any man I catch will be staked out, their balls cut off and left to die.” As the men started to ride out arrows hit 4 of the horses on the rump, startling the beasts causing them to rear up and tear off. I saw that the arrows were not flint or steel tipped but padded practice arrows. “Let the boys come out please Gregory,” I said. As soon as our antagonists were gone the Indian boys came out of the trees and it seemed to me as they came out that they had been in plain sight, we just didn’t see them. Kwiana strode out and picked up his arrows from where Tucker had tossed them. The other boys each retrieved at least 1each and it was then that I noticed a different colored band at the end just in front of the fletching. Our boys were all gathered around whooping and hollering except Cain who came up next to me and snuggled in close. “I was scared to death Lucian,” he said, the boy still shivering slightly. I hugged him and said it was perfectly natural. Kwiana issued some commands to his boys who immediately unloaded their pack horse again. The teen approached me. “I was taught English and French by the missionaries who frequented our village since before I was born. I tend not to let white people know that, although I would have let you all know. I hope you can accept my apology,” the boy said sincerely. I told him that I certainly did. “What was that all about,” I asked him. “Tucker and his band of miscreants are murders and thieves. I’ve had some minor scrapes with him before. With the depression he’s had quite a bit of free reign and of course justice out here is slow in coming. About 3 months ago two of his gang did rape a woman and her 10 year old son and left them for dead. My people found them shortly after it had happened and the woman identified who had done it. I tracked them down and killed them and I did it slowly. Tucker knows that I meant what I said so he doesn’t want to tangle with me, unless of course he has a distinct and thus, unfair, advantage which I won’t give him.” “Would he have killed us,” Frankie asked. “Hard to say,” our savior said. “But given how well armed you guys are and how tough,” he nodded to Gregory, “I don’t think that would have happened.” Little Grouse chattered at Kwiana who answered back then turned back toward us. “What are your immediate plans Lucian?” I told him we had only stopped for water and to swim and bathe and would probably be continuing our journey. “Well, my friends and I were planning on camping here for a few days. If you aren’t in a big hurry we would enjoy sharing a campfire and wild game with you.” That got a rousing cheer from all of our boys. I turned to Gus and Max, the latter having come from wherever he’d been watching. “It’s your call Lucian. We aren’t on a serious time schedule and I know that the crew and I both would enjoy a day or two down time.” “Well I guess it’s settled then.” Once again there was plenty of loud celebration as Kwiana told his crew what the decision was. Little Grouse walked right up to me. The young boy pointed to me and then himself and with a big smile said, “We ride wild pony.”

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