18 Mart 2023

The Arms of an Angel


It was the Spring of 1968, I had been wounded in Viet Nam. A Million Dollar wound I was told. I was going home, only half of one tour in the jungles and I was heading home. Missing a few parts here and there, but alive, it would take months of recovery and therapy to resume some sort of a normal life again, but it sure beat the alternative.

I was shipped off to a veterans hospital and treated for my wounds and my mind. Yes, I was bitter and wondered why me, all the shit that goes through your mind after something like this happens to you. Even though I was in better shape than a lot of the young soldiers I saw, the thought was still one of self pity and anger.

Angry against everyone and everything, the Government was no real help, and the people we were over in Nam dying for were shit. No one understood that we didn’t want to be there as much as they didn’t want us to be, but to spit on us and call us baby killers when they, the Vietnamese were the ones pushing a baby carriage up to a group of soldiers and detonating bombs, killing and maiming hundreds of us was beyond their comprehension .

I stayed away from the main group of guys in the ward, not wanting to socialize. My only saving grace was a young nurse, Sally, she always went out of her way to see me. Asking how I was doing, always getting the same answer.

“Shitty!” I would growl at her.

I have to say, she took it with style and grace, always with a comeback and a large smile. I knew I shouldn’t try to take it out on her, it wasn’t her fault I was here, she was trying to help us guys. I had been there about a month and a half when one day Sally came over to me.

“Come on, we are taking you out of here. It’s time for you to see the sun from outside and not from behind this dirty glass.” She let me know with no uncertain terms I was going to go regardless if I wanted too or not. She wheeled me outside and I felt the soft breeze and the sun on my face for the first time in over 3 months. I took a deep breath and took it all in, the smell of the fresh cut grass, the flowers by the outer door, the mess hall food as it cooked, wafting through the air, like a bouquet. Too bad it didn’t taste as good as it smelled.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, and smiled at the memories of each smell. Actually relieved to get away from the sour smell of stained bed sheets, full of piss and fecal matter. I had forgotten how good it smelled out of the ward.

Sally looked shocked as she set my brakes on the chair, “Oh My!” She exclaimed. “Your face, it’s, it’s not breaking! And your smiling, Someone call a Dr.” she cried out. A beautiful smile crossed her face, her Blue eyes sparkled when she did. I had to laugh with her at her statement.

“You know Jim, you don’t have it near as bad as most of these guys. At least you will be able to walk from here, a lot of them will never walk again.” her eyes got a sad look in them as she said it.

“I know Miss Sally, I know. I should be ashamed of myself instead of wallowing in self pity. But it’s so hard when you leave home before your suppose to get married, and then when she finds out how bad I was wounded, she dropped me. It just all built up too much for me I guess. I’m sure sorry I have been rough on you, and I would surely love to make it up to you someday if at all possible.” I told her I earnestly.

“Well then when you get released, you call me. I will give you my number, I am always out for a good free meal.” she grinned.

“It’s a date Miss Sally, for sure!” I grinned back, before closing my eyes and soaking up the warmth of the sunshine. I rested awhile before Miss Sally came back and pushed me back inside.

“Thank you Miss. Sally! I really enjoyed that, it meant a lot to me.”

“Oh your welcome Jim, I just couldn’t bear watching you waste away in there anymore. It won’t be long and your going to owe me a night out. Your doing so well with your rehab.”

“Thanks, a few missing toes and tore muscles aren’t going to stop me.”

Actually, torn muscles was putting it lightly, since they had to rebuild half of my leg and taken almost half my right foot off. I went to the mess hall and had the shit they called food, damn, I thought to myself, I ate better on K-Rations in Nam. I couldn’t wait to get out of here.

Miss Sally made her daily rounds and never failed to stop by and check on me. She wasn’t a really beautiful woman, but her attitude, and bedside manner made her as beautiful as an Angel. She always had a smile for us and a joke. Her body was enough to make us all hornier. She had rather large breasts and her tight white uniform showed them well. Her legs are kind of thick and her waist was wide, not a Playboy Bunny by any means, and her face was cute, even though her mouth was too large for her face and her teeth were not perfectly straight. She was a sweetheart though, the kind of woman who would make a wonderful wife and mother some day.

The day came for my release and I found her walking the halls making her rounds.

“OK Lady, you owe me one phone number. I’m outta here!” I sancaktepe escort told her with a huge grin.

“Oh Jim, that’s great, Im so happy for you. I’m going to miss you, you kept me on my toes around here.” She smiled at me. She looked in her uniform pocket and took out her pen and a notepad. She wrote her phone number down and handed it to me. “Call me any night after 7 PM, that gives me time to get home and cleaned up.”

“Yes Ma’am, I can do that.” I let her know. “Now, do you know an honest car dealer around here?”

She laughed, “Isn’t that an oxymoron? Kind of like the term Military Intelligence?”

“I guess so Miss Sally.” I laughed with her.

She told me of a car dealer that had the car I wanted to look at so I hopped in a Cab and rode over. Two hours later I drove off in a new 1968 Mustang Fastback, Cream and White Interior, 4 speed with a 289 4bbl. Not at a bad price either, I paid cash for it and drove off the lot smoking the tires like a teenager in his parents car.

I went and found a decent Motel for a place to lay my head, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the rest of my life yet and had money in my pocket so why waste time thinking about it now. I found a decent place and went in to take a hot shower, damn it was nice not having a group of guys and nurses watching me wash. It felt so good and relaxing I almost fell asleep. I went out and got some hamburgers and fries and a good thick malt. Son of a Bitch, it was fantastic! The first food I had in the free world in a long time.

I was working on getting my nerve up to call Miss Sally, still not sure if she would really go out with me or not, and since it was only 4:30 in the afternoon I had time to work on it. I lay down and turned on the TV and soon fell asleep taking a short nap. While I was sleeping I dreamt about Miss Sally, nothing erotic, just of us having a good time, only it seemed like it was years from today.

I woke up wondering how long I had slept, it had only been a couple of hours. I got up and freshened up a bit then got up my nerve and called Miss Sally.

As the phone rang I almost hung up and was fixing to when she answered it.


“Uh, Hi Miss Sally, this is Jim. I was uh well I uh, well hell. Are you hungry tonight? I do owe you a meal.” I asked her like a kid asking his first girl out on a date. I slapped my forehead with my palm, What an idiot I am, I thought to myself.

“Well Jim, where did you have in mind?”

“Where ever you want to go Miss Sally. It will be fine with me.” I told her.

“OK, I’ll tell you what, here’s my Address, some on over and we can decide together. How does that sound to you?”

“It sounds just fine Miss Sally. I’ll be over there shortly.” I told her.

“Oh Yeah Jim? You don’t have to call me Miss Sally.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh, well OK. Cya soon.” and she hung up.

I was on cloud 9 as I walked away from the phone, I limped out to my car and hopped in. I fired it up and tore off looking for her place. It wasn’t hard to find and I was there in less than 15 minutes. I got out and nervously walked up to the door of her Apartment, knocking on the door, I was sure which was louder, the knock on the door or my knees as I waited for her to answer.

When she answered the door I nearly fell over, she was in a printed summer dress, no bra and her hair wasn’t up in a bun like she wore at work. She really looked hot! And I told her so. She blushed and told me thanks then asked me inside for a drink before we left.

“So Jim, did you find a car you liked? Are you going to buy one soon? Or still looking?”

“Yes Ma’am, I found one and drove it here, In fact, you will be it’s first guest rider.” I beamed, a new car owners grin on my face.

We had our drink and she told me of some nice places to eat, I let her choose since I knew nothing of this town. She picked a nice Steak Restaurant, and we jumped in the Mustang and went over to it. We had a fine meal and a few drinks, I was getting tipsy from not having been able to drink in months.

“Are you OK to drive Jim?” She asked me.

“I dunno, Miss Sally.” I slurred my words. “Why don’t you drive us back!” and I gave her the keys.

She got in and had a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong Miss Sally?”

“Jim, I didn’t know it was a standard shift, I don’t know how to use them.”

“Oh Hell it’s easy. Push in that pedal and move that thing around is all.”I grinned at her.

“Well, don’t get mad if I tear it up then.” She looked at me.

“Hell, it has a warranty, shit get on it, burn up some tires.” I laughed.

Well, I think she burned up more clutch than anything, but she did a fine job of getting us back to her Apartment alive. I felt like an idiot, getting so drunk on so little, knowing it had probably ruined her evening out. I stumbled to her door to see that she got inside safely, when she opened it she looked at me.

“Your in no shape to drive Jim, come on in, I can make you a place on the ümraniye escort couch. You can sleep it off here.”

“Damn Miss Sally, I’m sure sorry for ruining your evening. I hope I can make it up to you some time.” I slurred then tried not to weave my way to her couch.

“Your such a Doll Jim, You didn’t ruin anything. Hell, this is the first time I’ve been on a date in, Oh I don’t remember when. Really, I had a great time.” And she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek before I passed out.

I woke up about an hour later and had to throw up, I ran towards the bathroom, or what I thought was the bathroom, and threw the door open. It was Miss Sally’s bedroom, and she was sound asleep, no covers and no clothes on. Suddenly I wasn’t so sick, and as soon as I saw her breasts, my eyes bulged out. Her breasts were so large that they hung to the side and one covered the other. But they still had body to them, not just fat ones that lay there.

I mumbled and excuse even though she was still asleep and went to pee and see if I was still going to throw up. I did pee and didn’t throw up. I went back to the couch and tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t now. So I turned her TV on and watched the late show awhile. I heard her moving around and then saw her nude form as she walked, still half asleep to the bathroom. Naked as the day she was born. I got a good look at her body this time. Shit, she wasn’t bad at all.

Nice ass, and her hairy bush stuck out about 3″s from her body. Her breasts had a nice hang to them and her areolas were large, and dark, probably 4″s around and her nipples as thick as a cigar and at least 2″s long. The sight did nothing to help me get soft, I listened as she peed, then watched as she came to the kitchen and got a drink of water. When she turned the light on I cleared my throat to remind her I was there.

She nearly shit as she heard me and dropped her glass, trying to cover up as she looked at me.

“Oh Shit Jim, I’m sorry. I forgot you were here. Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!” and she covered her breasts with her arms, turned and ran back to her room. Giving me a very nice look at her ass when she ran around the corner. I grinned at her embarrassment and my ogling her body like a little kid seeing his first naked woman. I moved my hand down to my hard on and moved it around trying to make it more comfortable. It only served to make me hornier, so I wrapped my hand around it and started to jack off slowly. I didn’t want the couch to make the noises of me jacking off on it, so I went really slow as I masturbated.

There were kleenex on the coffee table, so I grabbed a couple for when I ejaculated. My eyes were closed and I was on the verge of cumming, when I heard Miss Sally clear her throat. I popped my eyes open and felt like a fucking fool, my hand on my cock and her eyes on them.

Shit, I hadn’t been caught jacking off since my older sister walked in on me when I was 14. And this was even worse, sure she had seen a lot of men naked at the hospital, this was so different. I was at her house on her couch with a handfull of hard cock. She at least had her robe on now, not that it hd a whole lot on her.

“Oh Jim, I’m so sorry. I uh, uh well, I came in to apologize again. Oh I feel so stupid now!” she said to me looking at the floor now. The red blush really made her quite sexy to me, not that she needed a lot of help in that respect.

“No, Miss Sally, it is me who should apologize. Damn, I really wasn’t expecting you to return and the sight of you nude really excited me to no end. Hell Miss Sally, you’re the first woman I’ve seen naked since my 2nd month in Nam. I just couldn’t help myself, it is I who owe you an apology! Perhaps I should just go now.” And I reached for my clothes on the floor beside the couch.

“No Jim, actually I would prefer you stay.” She looked at me with a lusty look on her face.

“Are you sure Miss Sally?” I questioned.

“Yes I am Jim, and if you call me Miss Sally one more time I’m going to kick your ass.” she grinned at me, her blue eyes sparkling as she sat beside me on the couch.

She leaned over and kissed me, her lips warm and soft as any I had ever kissed. Her wet tongue slipped into my mouth attacking my tongue and her hand going to my hard on. Sally didn’t waste any time going after what she wanted I thought to myself as my hands wrapped around her back pulling her close to me. We went after each other like teenagers in lust. Grabbing everything we could grasp, pulling, tweaking all while our lips never parting.

“Come on.” She said to me, “Follow me!”

I followed her to her bedroom and she lay on her back, her body waiting for me to use it. Her thick legs open and her hairy gash pink and wet. I lay down between her legs and licked her from her inner thighs to her thick clit. Her hips shook as I did.

“Oh My God!” She cried out as my tongue hit her clit. “It has been so fucking long since anyone has done that for me Jim. Fuck, don’t stop honey, eat my pussy for me.”

She tuzla escort would have had a hard time stopping me at that point, she was so slick and smelled so much like a woman. The musky smell coming from her only intensified my lust as I licked the inner walls of her pretty pussy. Her hands on my head pulling me to her, and her breathing becoming ragged as she neared an Orgasm. When Sally came, she actually flooded my face and the bed with her juices.

“Come her Jim, Fuck me right now. Hurry, I need you so badly right now. Please fuck me now!” She pleaded.

I moved my body up on hers and she took my cock in her soft hand and aimed me at her nether land. I felt her pubes as my dick was pulled to her, then the heat from her insides surrounded me as I slid slowly inside her. She was so wet and hot and more than ready to fuck as I soon found out.

I had no more than gotten half way in her when she began to thrust against me, her legs wrapping around behind my ass and pulling me into her.

“Oh Fuck yes, This feels so fucking good Jim. Fuck me good, it’s been too long.”

I could tell it must have been awhile since she had sex, that or she had remarkable talents in the vaginal muscle department, she was so tight that it took ab out Eight good thrusts before I was fully inside her, even as wet as she was.

I put my face in her neck and nibbled on her, moving up to her ear I licked inside it and pulled the lobe with my mouth. A few seconds of that and she was cumming all over me. Her fingernails raking down my back and her heels digging into my ass pulling me to her. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last myself, it had been months since I had a woman, Nor was I sure she was on any birth control. I know I didn’t have a rubber on. I gave her about Ten more deep pumps then felt my cum building up.

“I’m going to cum Sally, fuck me now Sally, work that ass baby. Come on, fuck me, make me cum now.” I cried out.

“Fuck yes Jim, cum for me, cum for me now baby. Give it all up for me.” She pulled me in such a way I knew she wanted it in her.

I felt the back of my head getting lighter as I shot into her hot pussy, spurt after spurt of months built up lust. My whole body felt like I was plugged into a electrical outlet as I came. Sally came again as she felt my sperm hitting the back of her womb, her hips bounced off the bed as she cried out again, my face covered in her hair as it stuck to me from our sweaty bodies.

When we both had finished cumming and our breath returned to a normal pace, I lay on top of her, taking in the fragrance of our sweat and her perfume. Her legs fell to my sides but her arms did not let go of my upper torso, it was as if she was afraid I would disappear if she let go of me.

I turned and gave her another deep kiss in gratitude. Not thinking that this had been a pity fuck, but one both of us needed badly. I could feel her heart beating against my chest and on my cock as it slowly softened inside her. I went to get off her.

“No, not yet please. Stay here a minute, let me just hold on a while please.” She looked at me with a sadness in her eyes I had never seen before. I lay back on her and held her close to me, her hot breath on my neck as I felt her shiver, then I heard a soft sobbing come from her.

“Are you alright Sally?” I asked.

“Yes, It’s just, well, I had forgotten how wonderful this felt. It has been almost a year since my Fiancé left for Viet Nam, and I was hoping not to do this with anyone else. But when I saw you there, something happened to me and I had to have you. I’m so ashamed of myself, for letting this happen. Please don’t think badly of me.” She cried in my arms.

“Sally, I would never think badly of you. What happened, happened, we can’t take it back, and I am surely not unhappy that it did happen. Perhaps we just both needed someone to hold for awhile, to feel loved by someone, if nothing more than a few fleeting moments.” I tried to explain.

“I just want you to know that I’m not a whore. I don’t do this with just anyone Jim. In fact, your only the third man I have ever been to bed with in my life.”

“It’s alright Sally, you have nothing to explain and no reason to feel bad. We are only human.” and I hugged her closely then kissed her again.

Her mouth was eager to kiss me again, and our passion began to grow again. I was still inside her, my erection returning as we kissed. And her hips began to move against mine. I pulled on her nipple with my lips and felt the sharp intake of her breath as I stretched it out with the suction until it was outstretched and popped back. I pumped on her and looked as her breasts shook on her heaving chest, the dark colored areolas moving like spots before my eyes.

I buried my face in her tits and bit and sucked everything my mouth touched. Her hands pulling my ass as she came from the feeling I gave her as my cock hit the inner depths of her. I grabbed her shoulders and rolled over on my back, pulling her over with me until she was now on top of me. Her huge breasts hanging in front of my face now, shaking as we humped on each other. I licked them one at a time as they swung over me, then reached up with my hands and squeezed them both tightly at the same time. Watching as the nipples pushed out from the pressure I put on them, then taking one in my mouth I clamped down on it. Sally cried out in pain and pleasure from the feeling as I bit it.

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