24 Aralık 2022

The Awkward Girl

Big Tits

Chapter 1. Meeting Nina

With a proportion of 1 woman for almost every 100 men, the Engineering Physics Institute of Brick City was definitely the last place to find girls. So when Danny heard that today a new female student was coming to start her PhD, and that she had been assigned to their office, he got mildly excited. The expectations were low, anyway – the few women who entered that field of research… well, there was little to say about their physical appearance. The rules of the institute strictly forbid dating coworkers, but even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

He apathetically googled her name. Nina Bailey… Apparently, she had been awarded with the most prestigious fellowship after acing her studies. She finished high school at 16, and obtained her bachelor and master’s degree in only 4 years with top class honors. “Yep, probably not a hottie”, he thought.

So the surprise could not have been bigger when their boss came to introduce her. Nina was not just pretty; she was a perfect 10. She was tall, skinny, with long straight hair, deep blue eyes, fair skin… Her face was as beautiful as an angel. Her blonde hair reflected the sunlight in a million honey tones. Her chest was small, couldn’t be more than an A cup, but her hips were enormous compared to the rest of her body. She was wearing extremely tight clothes that showcased her supermodel figure. Every guy at the room got an instant boner, and were gazing at her in admiration. Not even an alien walking through the door would’ve been more shocking to them.

“So… we have a new student”, the professor said. “Her name is Nina, this is the first day of her PhD, and she will be sharing office with you”. After he left, Nina slowly walked to her desk and started arranging her things on it. Intimidated by her presence, everyone was too embarrassed to even talk to her. Most of the guys in that institute had almost never before talked to a girl! Danny started wondering about her… A woman with that physique could have anything she wanted, she could make any man kneel at her feet with her sex appeal only! Why was she there??

Slowly, he gathered strength to approach her and managed to babble a few words. “So… Nina, where are you from…?” When she started to answer, Danny was even more surprised. That voice! What was going on with that voice? – It was as if Nina was moaning in every breath. Danny struggled to get over his arousal and keep the conversation going. She almost sounded as if she was constantly orgasming, but at the same time she was really nice and cheerful, and she laughed very easily.

Proud of his accomplishment, Danny tried to get back to work, but he couldn’t think about anything else than her… And neither could any of his officemates. Especially with Nina releasing little moans every hour. What was wrong with her?

Chapter 2. Nina’s appeal

The next days, Nina was already there before anyone else came into the office, and stayed until late. Her dedication was admirable, nothing could get her distracted, although she herself was a distraction for the rest. There was only one topic of conversation in the whole institute, and it was her. Danny was still the only guy who had dared to talk to her, and thus he had gained the admiration of his colleagues.

The only time of the day when Nina could be seen out of her office for more than a minute was during lunch. At this time, the guys would just sit in silence, either with her gazes placed on her or trying to keep her eyes away from her. Nina seemed unaffected by all this attention. She usually stayed enough to grab some bites from a small salad (which seemed to be the only food she had), and left back to the office as soon as she could, without talking to anyone.

So everyone was startled when one day, out of the blue, she suddenly approached Tim.

– “Hi Tim, ahmmm… would you mind if we exchange our desks?”

– “Aaaah… sure, Nina, if you want. Why do you ask?”

– “Hmmm… Well, your desk is next to the radiator and I feel a bit cold…”

That was weird. It wasn’t cold at all, it was actually quite warm, and besides she was the one who came every day wearing tight denim shorts and tiny shirts… But anyway, Tim was too timid to ask. After exchanging their stuff, Nina stood up and awkwardly proceeded to push the desk as close as possible to the radiator, which covered the whole wall. Then she asked out loud

– “Ahmmm… do you guys mind if I set it a bit higher?”

Of course, no one dared to complain, even though no one was feeling cold. Then stunningly, Nina set the thermostat all the way up to maximum, almost doubling the setting that was before. The room got sorely warm, until everyone ended up sweating… And Nina’s shirt was getting wet, drops of sweat coming down her sexy face. She kept releasing moans from çapa escort time to time, but this time they were even deeper. Danny’s boner was so hard that it hurt inside his pants.

Chapter 3. Nina’s secret

The new routine in the office was hard to get by. Nina was extremely attractive, but extremely weird too. Even her way of walking was strange – she was always leaning slightly forward with her bottom back sticking out weirdly. That made her wide hips even more noticeable. Even though she was usually seen smiling, she didn’t talk to anyone, and because of the allure she inspired in men, no one dared talk to her.

Eventually, Danny’s curiosity grew bigger than his anxiety, and finally invited her to go for a coffee. Smiling as always, Nina seemed pleasantly surprised and went with him. Danny realized how stupid everyone else was, there was nothing to be afraid of! The conversation was flowing well, she actually seemed to be a very nice person, although oddly naive and innocent. When he got comfortable enough, Danny asked

– “Nina, I have to ask you… you’re always sweating… Why do you set the heating so high?”

– “Hmmm… Well, because it turns me on. I like to be a little aroused all the time.”

That was a strange comeback. Did she really say that? A question materialized in his mind… He took a deep breath, swallowed and kept going.

– “What else… What else do you do to feel aroused?”

– “Hahah! Well, I’m a woman, it’s easy for me – I just wear a vibrator behind my panties all the time. And I usually put something up my butt too. Hm-hmm!”

Danny was paralyzed, while Nina just kept smiling. Silence fell on the room, and then Danny started paying attention to the little sounds. That’s when he heard it: a faint buzzing sound, coming from between her legs… So that’s why Nina was moaning all the time! Astonished, he didn’t know what to say. Nina laughed at his amazement, and went back to the office, her hips balancing as she walked away. Now Danny could understand the reason for that strange way of walking she had.

After a few minutes, he came back and sat in his desk. He kept hearing the buzzing sound. Now he knew. Nina, the most attractive girl he’d ever seen, probably the most attractive student of engineering physics in the world, was at all times masturbating publicly next to him. It was her routine. This was too much to handle. He reached his penis inside his pants and started stroking slowly while looking at her immaculate beauty thinking of the nasty secret she was hiding, until he ejaculated right then and there. He didn’t care that the others would see him.

During the next weeks, the coffee breaks with Nina became a daily routine. Danny was fascinated with her, he couldn’t figure her out. She seemed so chaste, naive and shy, even childlike! And she appeared to care only about her work and research project. And yet, she dressed in such sensual outfits and had this sexual eccentricity that she was so open about!

Chapter 4. Nina’s new look

One day, Nina stopped showing up. Nobody knew why, and Danny was afraid that he might’ve scared her away. She was very shy, after all. On the other hand, peace returned to the office. His officemates were relieved for getting free of the stress that her presence was bringing. Finally, they could focus without distractions… Since Nina arrived, she was the only one who was making progress with her work, and actually obtaining impressive results. Somehow, she could focus in spite of the constant sexual stimulation she was putting herself through.

One month later, she finally returned. Danny walked into the office one day, noticed that it was again excruciatingly hot, and saw her back in her desk, waving at him. He approached her, but then stepped back – there was something different now. She was no longer flat-chested, instead he could see two prominent, perky breasts. Danny stood there, looking at her impressive rack, and Nina began to jiggle.

– “Oh, you like them? Yes, they’re quite nice, I think. I had some money available and decided to spend it on getting breast implants. Hm!”

– “But Nina… How… how…?”

– “How are they so big? Oh well, I just told the doctor to make them as big as possible. Hmmm yes, they’re nice now.”

Her chest was now completely disproportionate. Her shirt was still the same tiny size, so almost the entire cleavage was visible. Danny guessed that having started with an A cup, those breasts were probably all implant now, all plastic. Nina was showing them proudly. Her beauty was already unbelievable, even when she was flat-chested. Now she was an erotic fantasy come to life. Danny stared in disbelief, feeling like he was living inside one of those erotic literature stories.

– “I also bought a new device. It fatih escort was quite cheap, I’m liking it.”

He hadn’t noticed. The buzzing sound. It wasn’t faint anymore. It was loud enough for everyone to hear. Nina turned back to her keyboard, where she kept working while the vibrator steadily pleasured her clitoris inside her pants. Danny sat down in his desk, and fought the urge to masturbate again, trying to get his mind to focus on something else. Anything.

But then it happened. Nina let out her biggest moan yet, and she squirted through her pants. The most intimate liquid of her vagina spilled like a waterfall from her chair onto the floor. She stopped for two minutes while catching her breath. Then she switched her device back on again and her attention returned to the computer, as if nothing had happened.

Danny reached into his pants, about to give in to his urges. He looked around, and he realized he wasn’t the only one. Just as Nina no longer cared about being discreet, so did everyone else. With their eyes focused on this fake-boobed, angel-looking, nymphomaniac girl sitting next to the radiator, they started to jerk off. They could see her sweat coming down in drops following the curve of her new boobs. Her wet shirt allowed them to see the striking contrast of her enhanced chest and her wide hips against a tiny waist.

And just like she used to do, Nina leaned backwards to put her hair into a braid and fight the sweat that was coming from her hair. But this time, when doing so, her chest pointed out, letting everyone admire those silicone bags attached to her chest. The stretched skin on top of the implants shined bright reflecting the sunlight. Her nipples were strikingly sticking out, and her shirt looked like it was about to be ripped apart. Groans of pleasure were heard across the room as the guys jerked off helplessly in a demented scene of self-pleasure eroticism.

From that day on, Nina’s orgasms happened regularly. A puddle of squirt was left under her chair every day. At first, Danny thought she just didn’t care about the effect she was having on others. She even seemed to enjoy it, which didn’t fit with her shy personality… But as the days went by, and the group slowly adjusted to the routine of constant sexual tension, he started to see that he was wrong. Amazingly, Nina somehow didn’t even realize. From the conversations they had during coffee or at lunch, he always got the impression that she was naive. But she was naiver than he had realized before! Somehow, Nina remained oblivious, totally unaware that every guy at the institute found her so sexually appealing and would die for a chance to have sex with her. Actually, for her, sexual pleasure seemed to be natural and normal.

– “Well… it just feels so good, why would I ever stop?”

The last realization came during the monthly meeting with their boss. This time, Nina was scheduled to present her results. In the past few months, he had done an incredibly impressive work. It was as if she didn’t even need to think, it was second nature to her. Standing there in the blackboard, her expert words contrasted with her perfect ideal body, but still she gave her presentation in great embarrassment for having to talk in public. Every other person of the research group felt humiliated by her, and her extremely attractive physique only added to it. They realized they were all worthless in comparison.

Chapter 5. Danny’s recruitment

That’s when it hit him. If men are too afraid to even talk to her, if nobody asks her out and she remains so childlike and naive… Nina doesn’t even realize that she’s attractive! The most attractive and intelligent woman, but still so shy and gullible that she doubts herself – That’s why she went under surgery! That’s why she was embarrassed to talk in public. Maybe… maybe even a guy like me has a chance with her?

It was settled. He was ready to quit this job just to date her. Besides, in the present sexual tension environment, he wasn’t getting anything done anyway. When he got a moment alone with her in the coffee room, he finally got to ask…

– “So, Nina… do you have a boyfriend?”

– “Ahmmm… No, I’ve never had a boyfriend, actually. I’m still a virgin. But I’m fine with my vibrators. I have seven models now. Hm-hmm!” – She said, while smiling proudly.

With her impossibly amazing body, her gorgeous smile, a virgin? Danny couldn’t believe it. Of course, she spends so much time studying that she never gets to meet men! And all this masturbating leaves her satisfied already… His heart was racing as he dared to say

– “Well… I don’t know if you realized, but I like you quite a lot… I think you’re very pretty.”

– “Oh really? – Suddenly she seemed uncomfortable – I… hmmm thought you saw me as a friend. But you know etiler escort it’s forbidden to date coworkers. Besides, I don’t really want a boyfriend, I don’t like relationships.”

– “I know, but I wouldn’t mind to quit my job! Please, Nina, I’d do anything to be with you, I… I think I’m in love with you.”

Nina looked at the floor. Finally, with a faint still voice, she replied…

– “Ahmmm… Well, you can be my servant if you want. I actually have a few already. Somehow this keeps happening to me with guys everywhere…”

But Danny didn’t listen. He could only glance at her magnificent boobs, and couldn’t help to imagine her surgery. The greatest female beauty, admired by all, lying on a bed, ready to destroy her natural breasts to become even more appealing to men. A man opening up the chest of a 20-year-old girl whose natural beauty is already envied by all women, to put inside artificial implants and give her impossible proportions…

A minute went by with him staring right at her fake breasts, lost in these thoughts. Nina was pleased. She laughed and said “It seems that my breasts alone convince you, so… well, see you tomorrow, this is my address”.

Danny couldn’t believe it. He had done it! He didn’t understand how, but he got the impossible girl! Immediately, he proceeded to fill in the resignation paperwork, announced to his boss that he was quitting and the next day he headed to Nina’s house.

Chapter 6. Nina’s kingdom

When Danny entered the apartment, the first thing he noticed was the heat. Nina had several radiators and warm fans set at maximum all over the house. She was standing there, smiling as always. She took him by the hand and walked him into a room where she had all kinds of vibrators and sex toys in display. Danny stared at them. Nina picked one which was U-shaped, and started explaining: “So this one is my favorite, actually. It works both in the vagina and the anus. But usually I wear this…”

She laid down on her bed and put her skirt up for him to see. She took out the vibrator she was wearing inside her. It was enormous, as thick as her arm. Her vagina was wide open now, stretched by years of abuse, he could almost see her womb. Shaped like a penis, the dildo buzzed frantically and it was kept in place thanks to a harness that Nina was wearing around her legs and waist. With her usual innocent voice, she explained “I used to wear smaller ones. But because I wear them all day, I get desensitized, which is starting to be a problem. So I need stronger and bigger vibrators.”

Next, she changed position to let out the plug inside her butt. It was made of metal, with a slender curved shape and ended in a diamond. “I like how it looks from outside, it makes my ass beautiful”. Soon she put everything back in, and shivers ran through her body. “Hmmm I feel weird when there’s nothing inside, hahah”. Then she looked at Danny, who had not said a word so far, and reached for his belt.

She took off his pants and stared at his erect penis. “See, this is why I’m not interested in boyfriends. I’m too used to big dildos now, penises aren’t big enough for me. Soooorry… Also, guys keep falling in love with me somehow, which I find awkward”. Indeed, Danny could only feel sorry for himself. His penis seemed tiny in comparison, and she was just so attractive. That blonde straight hair, those freckles on her face, those tight breasts rising high in the air… Tears were running through his face as he started to phrase an apology, but then Nina opened a closet and showed him an enormous strap-on dildo.

– “But well… if you still want to have sex with me, you can use this if you want. It’s what my other servants do when I feel like it”. Her lovely smile relieved him. But…

– “Your other servants? What do you mean?”

– “I mean, I told you… Come with me”

Danny took the strap-on and followed her out of the room, where three naked guys were waiting. They were all wearing harnesses that held cock cages, trapping their penises inside tiny containers.

– “Hmmm… So Danny, if you want, I can put you too in chastity, and then you can live here with me.” – Nina explained with her sweet moaning voice, while smiling innocently. Then she started jiggling – “It’s funny because you wouldn’t even have erections, while I masturbate all the time!! But weeeell…”

Danny was shocked. Was this Nina’s private life? A selfish slaver of men?

One of the servants intervened: “Only your pleasure matters to me, Nina!”. Another one, who seemed to be very young, enthusiastically added: “Just say yes, Danny! The day Nina locked me away was the happiest day of my life”. Finally, the third one, happy and proud, stated “Actually, Nina agreed to lock me in exchange of giving her money for her breast operation! Doesn’t she look great now?”

Nina didn’t enslave them. Danny understood now that these men had willingly surrendered to her wishes. And while trying to comprehend all this, he could still hear the buzzing, vibrating sound inside her. She’s unexperienced, he thought. She’s just confused. How could she prefer a machine to a real man? I must stop this madness; I must tell her…

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