1 Ağustos 2021

The BAKKY situation


The BAKKY situationThis is a report of a situation that truly happened. Location: Belgium, near Brugge (Bruges)Maybe some of you remember (the real) Bakky: extreme Japanese productions of slaves being merciless tortured, usually with the use of cold water.Well, this Master did and he was looking for a slave to fulfill his Bakky fantasies, which led him to my Owner. So I found myself being transported to the premises of this Master (called ‘Master Scorpion’), because my Owner loves his ideas and decided Scorpion could use me so he could fulfill his fantasies.After I was handed over to Scorpion, my Owner left and I was led to a dirty, dusty and cluttered shed and locked up in an old ‘n rusty cage. At that point I didn’t have a clue of what was going to happen with me.Outside I heard a few people talking to each other, water squirting from hoses, a tub being filled and boots squelching through mud. Then the door of the barn opened and Scorpion and another guy came in to fetch me.Scorpion took a long stick and started to poke me.. the other guy followed him, he also found a stick and started to poke me too. If Scorpion poked me to the right, the other guy poked me to the left and vice versa. I had nowhere to go since I was still locked up in that rather small cage… to the delight of the two gentlemen.As I tried to avoid the sticks, they started poking harder and harder all over my naked and unprotected slave body. (If I’m lended out, I’m always delivered handcuffed with my hands on the back, using the iron cuffs.) They had clearly much fun since they laughed out loud, because I didn’t have any way to protect myself and avoid the sticks. There arose bruises all over my body where I was struck by the sticks.It became clear to me that I was in the hands of real sadists, who knew no form of mercy whatsoever. They poked me hard, merciless, where ever they could hit me, and on a high frequency, allowing me no time to avoid their attacks at all. They also didn’t speak one single word to me.. only to each other. For them I was no more than an object and certainly not a human. (just the way I like it)When they had their fun Scorpion kind of yanked out of the cage on my leash and dragged me behind him towards the door of the barn. Due to the speed I tripped and fell on the dusty floor. Both Scorpion as the other guy dragged me over the floor, causing my body to get really dirty. At some point the other guy kicked me in my stomach ortaköy escort and yelled at me to get up and walk.I was brought outdoors, and it was pretty cold since it was early February and I was (as always) totally naked since I don’t own any clothing.There was a metal trough filled to the rim with water, there were hoses, there were buckets filled with ice cubes and… there was a really mean looking older Woman. According to the look on her face and demeanor it was clear to me I didn’t had to expect much empathy from her.So there I was, totally naked in the open, while I didn’t even know where I was. It looked like some kind of old farm or small factory, but I didn’t know in which village of even country I was. The ground was very muddy and suddenly and unexpectedly someone pushed from behind, causing me to fell in the mud. The three of them laughed out loud as I tried to get up. Of course they kicked me back to in the mud again and again. At soem point I landed on my back. Now I was completely covered in mud.As I repeatedly tried to get up (which was difficult as it is being hand cuffed) they kicked me back in the mud over and over again, my helplessly brought them a lot of fun according to their laughter.Then the Woman knelt beside me, grabbed a hand full of mud and started to rub it in my hair. After a while she went down to my face. The mud felt like sandpaper, really hurting the skin on my face.She ordered me to sit and to open my mouth wide, head in my neck. Again she scooped up a handful of mud and threw it in my face. She scooped up another pile of mud and deposited it in my mouth. My mouth was completely filled in with a large amount of mud.Because I was sitting in the mud, I felt mud entering my loose asshole.. cold and very uncomfortable. The Woman came up to me and placed her boot on my scrotum and pushed the whole thing in the mud.Now the three of them decided I needed to be cleaned, so they pulled me up by my leash, unlocked my handcuffs and pushed me against an iron rack. With my arms spread wide and high I was fixed to the rack with belts, even accross my chest… and then came the water hoses.Scorpion and the other guy aimed the nozzles at me and started hosing me down with ice cold water. My whole body, even my head and face was hosed down with those powerful beams of water. I tried to avoid it, but I was tied to that rack so not much eyüp escort chance. I was really freezing cold.Time after time the both Dominants aimed the ice cold beams of water on my head and face. Even in my mouth as I tried to gasp some air. But it was good to get the mud out of there because it didn’t taste good and wasn’t nice to swallow.After a while they put down the hoses and freed me from the rack. My body was shaking and shivering as I stood there naked and completely wet in the open. I could hardly stand on my feet from shivering, so the Woman decided it was better for me to lay down. A nice bath would do me good she said, so I was dragged by my leash towards the trough and forced to step into it. Apparently I wasn’t quick enough as Scorpion placed his muddy boot on my chest and pushed me down. The other guy placed his hand on my head and pushed me down too, so I was completely submerged in ice cold water. This was really hell.I felt there were things thrown in the water, and it turned out to be the ice cubes. The Woman emptied the buckets of ice cubes in the trough. The guys put a kind of rusty iron grid on the trough and sat down on it… there was really no escape possible for me. Because the trough was filled to the rim I had to gasp for air trough the iron grid, so only my nose and lips did stick out.To keep a long story short… I was pulled out of the trough several times and had to go back in it several times too. My head was held down under water several times as well. I can’t tell You how harsh the cold was: this was an complete body torture… highly painful. My teeth chattered loudly and my whole body shook from extreme cold.At some point they decided I must be really cold now so they want to warm me up. I was pushed down in the mud and tied with one hand to a pole. Then Scorpion took his Penis out and started to urinate on me. I was really ecstatic and never ever been so happy of being urinated on! Finally some warmth! I rubbed his piss with my one free hand all over my shaking body and face to take as much advantage of his warm piss as possible. I was so intense cold, that his urine even felt hot on my shivering body.I heard the Woman say this was the ultime act of Sadism for her: making someone so miserable he’s genuinely happy to be Urinated on.The three of them found this all really amusing so when Scorpion was done, the Woman started to maslak escort Urinate on me, followed by the other guy, who took a very long piss all over me, my face and head included.Unfortunately the ‘Urine’ warmth didn’t last long: now the Woman decided I was all dirty and smelly from their Urine and had to be cleaned. She took an empty bucket and filled it with water (and ice cubes) from the trough and threw it at me. Scorpion and the other guy followed. Over and over they filled their buckets and smashed the water over my body, face and head. I had hardly time to breath.They finally hosed me down for the last time to get the last mud off and then I was led back into the barn. Inside I had to sit on all fours and Scorpion went behind me and started to fuck me. The other guy held his cock for my face and I opened my mouth to get scull fucked. After a good hard ‘spit roast’ fuck they both dumped their cum over me: Scorpion ejaculated over my back and the other guy dumped his sperm on my head, in my hair.I realized how blessed I was: having the privilege of being fucked by those two Men, (although I had no idea who they were) receiving urine from three different people and the sperm of two. I was also grateful these Men had orgasms by using me. To me that’s always one of the biggest compliments and one of my main goals in life.The Woman ordered me to get on my knees and to tilt my head in my neck. Standing in front of me She started to face slap me. It were hard slaps, causing me to see stars in all kinds of colors. My head went from left to right and back as She hit me over and over again. Because she was hitting so hard, her own hand started to hurt and therefore she stopped and ordered me to open my mouth wide.She started to spit in my mouth. Long threads of saliva and thick globs of spit were deposited in my mouth, which I had to swallow. Then She made me say: ‘Hmmm… yummie, thank You for Your spit Miss’ . The three of them found that very amusing, given the bizarre fact someone is actually grateful to be spit in the mouth by someone else. So She repeated it a few times, causing my belly to be filled up with Her saliva. Meanwhile the two men were spitting all over my body.I was pulled up, handcuffed and brought over to the rusty cage again. Dripping with their spit urine and sperm they locked me back up in the cage, ready to be collected by my Owner, who came for me several hours later.At that time my body was covered in dried sperm of two men, dried urine and dried seliva of them tree.As usual I ( and obvious) was transported home in the (dog) cage in the back of His van. Once at home my Owner didn’t clean me up, but transported me to my cell in the basement and locked me to the chain on the wall as usual. …What a day!

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