1 Mayıs 2023

The Ballad of Emily Jeffers Ch. 07


NOTE: This is the seventh part of the Ballad of Emily Jeffers, a seemingly naive and clueless woman for whom sex comes naturally, and sexual manipulation by others is her entire life. It’s a story, and as such all characters are fictitious. Even so, those fictitious characters are all 18 years old and older. It’s best if you read all of the previous chapters first.

Sunday was perhaps the most incredible experience for Mary Eaton’s son Bobby. He got to use all her wet, loose fuck holes, which gave him an insatiable appetite for more of his whore mother. And in time, he rode her and used her body relentlessly.

I got Mrs. Eaton up and about in the mornin’ and got her fed and made her drink coffee and take vitamins and a cool shower to get her all stimulated.

She was naked as usual, not seemin’ to miss wearin’ clothes. Jack and I got her up to her room and started to slowly play with her half an hour before Bobby was set to arrive, gettin’ her horny and wet despite the fact she was gonna embark on an incestuous relationship with her son. She cried and sobbed at the very idea, but was gettin’ juiced up regardless.

Ms. Jeffers was just wakin’ up and sat at the kitchen table drinkin’ coffee, bite marks and hickeys all over her neck and tits from all them white boys the night before. He cunt was on display as usual, and like usual, her pussy lips were all swelled up and still tinglin’ from all the boys put into her just a few hours before.

I took some kitchen chairs into Mary Eaton’s room so as Mr. Harper, Bob Eaton, and Jack and I could sit and watch as young Bobby started on his mother. Jack was still feelin’ her and rollin’ her swelled clit between his fingers as I heard a knock on the door. It was just 1 p.m. and she was moanin’ and movin’ her hips as she got revved up at Jack’s ministrations.

I opened the door to see young Bob and his father, and just comin’ in the door downstairs was Mr. Harper. I shushed them by puttin’ my finger to my lips. I wanted to lead young Bob in first so he wouldn’t feel intimidated or pressured. I got Mr. Eaton and Mr. Harper to wait in the hall where they could look in but not be in Mrs. Eaton’s line of sight. Jack was on the bed with Mrs. Eaton fondlin’ her and makin’ her moan and gasp. As young Bob entered the room, Mrs. Eaton froze up at the sight of him, but Jack kept playin’ with her most private fuck parts and I told Bobby to lie down on the bed on the other side, beside his mother.

“Take all them clothes off and just slide up ’til your dick is pressin’ up against her.” I said, low like so Mrs. Eaton wouldn’t hear. “Start rubbin’ your mom’s body and playin’ with her tits and pussy. Once you get goin’, Jack’ll ease off and you can take over. Remember, all she does now is fuck. That’s what she’s for, nothin’ more.”

Bobby gulped a few times and then nodded his head. His boner was pushin’ his pants out and his mother’s eyes found it and she gasped, caught her son’s eye and at the same time raised up her hips. At that second, I knew there wouldn’t be any problems. Her lust was so out of control all she saw was his cock, not the boy she raised, fed, read bedtime stories to, or picked up from school. The look in her eye turned from shame, fear, and trepidation to pure need. She was the epitome of carnal desire as she licked her lips and raised her pussy up in the air higher against Jack’s fingers, seemingly as an invitation to her son.

“Once Jack’s off the bed, just roll on top of her quick and slide your cock into her,” I said. “She’s all lubed up and open. She’s real loose on account of all the cock fucked her yesterday, so when you get your pecker close, you can’t miss. Now remember, she’s got three holes and once you get goin’, you can use them all and dump in whichever ones you want. Don’t think of her as your mom, just a whore what sells her pussy for a few bucks to strangers.”

The boy slipped out of his clothes eagerly at the thought of the treat that awaited him. He looked at me and I nodded. Jack was still feelin’ her up, but her eyes were on her son as he rounded the bed, showin’ her his big, rock-hard cock and a pair of balls just a-swingin’ any man would be proud of.

When he slid into bed beside her, he rolled over so his cock came up against her thigh and you could see it throbbin’ against her, pre-cum glistenin’. He put his hands on her a bit tentatively, feelin’ her arm and belly before movin’ his hand up to her tits and playin’ with her nipple. His other hand found its way to her pussy, and Jack eased his fingers out of her and took the boy’s hand and slid his hand up inside his mother and got him to work his four fingers in and out of her.

When Jack rolled off the bed, Bobby rolled on top of his mother and fumbled his raging hard-on into her welcoming cunt and rammed it home, literally. He bottomed out in the pussy he once slid out of. He lay down on top of his mother, mashing her big tits against his chest — the tits he sucked on as a baby. And Magosa Escort then he started fuckin’ her, pullin’ out his big cock and slidin’ it in as she moaned and yelped and pulled her son’s body into her.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Eaton quietly entered the room, and the four of us sat there and watched Bobby Eaton dominate, humiliate, ravage, grope, feel, fuck, sodomize, gag, fertilize, spit on, spank, and shame his mother over the next few hours, a scene he’d repeat a couple afternoons a week dependin’ on his schedule over at Orville Tanner’s workin’ for the man who knocked up his mother almost 19 years ago.

As it started, that first time, he rode her for maybe 15 minutes, losin’ his first load and his virginity in her cunt as he rode her through orgasms every few minutes, her buckin’ and thrustin’ her hips as her son slammed into her without mercy or thought to her comfort.

That first cum load came as he rammed into her a final time and held it up against her cervix, doin’ just like Michael Johnson did, and just like the Johnson boy, young Bobby (he told me later) was hopin’ to impregnate his own mother.

She took the load and as it drained out of her he scooped it up and fed it to her, his cock hardly gettin’ soft at the sight of his big-titted mom all cum-covered, loose, and givin’ off cunt aroma that was to die for. I could of dived in and ate her pussy right then and there just to get a taste of it. She was goin’ on about bein’ sorry and could Bobby ever forgive her and she’d be a good mom if Bobby’s father took her back.

“Dad ain’t ever gonna take you back, Mom,” he said. “You ain’t no wife and you ain’t no mother. All you’ll be doin’ is whorin’ from now on, just like you was meant to.”

She sobbed more, but Bob Junior just laughed, and I heard Mr. Harper snicker. The young man stuffed his cock in his mother’s mouth and she went back to suckin’ and strokin’ even with tears streamin’ down her cheeks.

The four of us watchin’ all had our cocks out, strokin’ ourselves as we witnessed that big, wet, loose, amoral cunt whore bring her son off that first time, and then suck him hard as he prepared to push it up in her ass where he pumped in and out to the hilt for a minute before pullin’ it out all the way and getting his mother to suck all the juices off it, me realisin’ she’d forgot to clean herself out before her son arrived to fuck her. We all noticed, but it just made us all harder as he plundered her ass time after time and forced her to clean it off time after time. Finally he got her on her hands and knees and did his own mother like she was a dog for another 10 minutes before spurtin’ another load in her cunt.

By then he’d been goin’ at her for an hour, and we were all ready to shoot loads but with nothin to shoot them into. So I suggested Bobby take a break while his mother sucked our cocks after gettin’ us all horny with her body bein’ so desirable and teasin’ us by fuckin’ her son right in front of us.

Bobby agreed. He was ready for a break and I told him to check out the fridge for some cold drinks while his mother took care of the rest of us. Mrs. Eaton was a wreck. She was fucked out, tired, and didn’t even seem to know what was goin’ on. Mr. Harper came in her mouth, and Jack and I both did real quick loads in her ass. Mr. Eaton stood over his wife who was layin’ on the bed with her head over the side and jerked off on her face, hair, and tits.

“About what a whore deserves,” he said, a touch of scorn in his voice as he rubbed the last few drops in her hair. “Bob Junior’s doin’ a great job defilin’ his own mother. Right proud of that boy. Told me this mornin’ he and Benny’s come up with a plan and wanted to talk to you about it, Mr. Harper.”

We all agreed she was gettin’ what she deserved. I got Mrs. Eaton back on the bed proper and made her scoop up the sperm with her fingers and swallow it all down. I couldn’t believe the mess she made when she fucked.

“Why, I’d be right pleased to talk with the boy, Bob,” Mr. Harper said. “Sounds like he might be thinkin’ of some sort of business I might help him with. Hmmmm. We’ll talk after he finishes with this here whore and gets her set straight on takin’ cock and cum loads. And I think if we learned anything, it’s that mother-of-three Mary Eaton likes young cock.”

We all nodded. After watching her with Michael Johnson and her own son Bobby, it was pretty obvious. She couldn’t control herself and sank to a level of depravity we didn’t even know existed, us witnessing it right in front of us moments ago as she milked cum out of her own son, offerin’ up all her holes, takin’ his virginity like a boy’s first girlfriend should rightly do.

Young Bobby came back in a few minutes later, cock swingin’, a gleam in his eye, and a mean little grin on his face. His mother was on her back, legs spread, knees up, and a real mess between her legs with cum leakin’ out of both holes.

Young Bobby just shook his Kıbrıs Escort head in disgust at the sight she presented.

“I see she couldn’t control herself,” he said. “Gone five minutes and she takes four cocks. You disgust me, Mom. You’re gonna pay for bein’ a slut and a whore, believe me.”

He crawled on top of her again and slid his hard cock into the mess between her legs, settin’ up a medium pace, goin’ full in and out of his mom, juices flyin’ as he pounded her. She probably didn’t really know who was fuckin’ her. She was moanin’ and screamin’ and cumin’ every few minutes, urgin’ him in deep and thrusting up to meet him as they smacked together, squishin’ noises, and slurpin’ sounds as cock displaced cunt juice and both were soaked from fuck juices from their belly buttons to half way down their thighs.

We were all strokin’ our cocks again, sittin’ there on those kitchen chairs, and just as if on cue, Ms. Jeffers came in naked and started suckin’ our cocks one by one, her golden hair pulled back and her tits swingin’. She played with her pussy with one hand and stroked cock with the other, her fingers makin’ squishin’ sounds as she pumped fingers into her own hole.

The whole thing was surreal. When Mrs. Eaton began to moan and wail on what we knew was gonna be a monumental orgasm, we all stopped and watched her son as he slammed deep into her and held up against her cervix as she shook and trashed, pinned down by her son’s weight and impaled on his cock. When she started havin’ what looked like a seizure, Bobby Junior just grinned and watched as his mother’s eyes rolled back in her head and after a minute or two of her body goin’ all spastic, she went limp and her head just lolled to the side. Bobby grunted and finally let loose inside her, his balls liftin’ up and his cock flexin’ and spurtin’ a good dozen times as his seed went up inside his mother for the third time in two hours.

“What a whore,” Jack said. “She came so hard on her son’s cock she passed out. Takes a special kind of slut to do that.”

Mr. Harper couldn’t hold back and came in Ms. Jeffers’ mouth, but even though it was my turn for Ms. Jeffers’ ministrations, I was more concerned with Mrs. Eaton and went over to the side of the bed and checked her pulse. Her heart was beatin’, but she was breathin’ a bit rough. I got young Bobby off her so as she could get some air in her lungs better. I rolled her eyelid open and shook her by her chin, but she was out cold. Of course she was leakin’ all over the place again, and I was thinkin’ we’d better change the sheets before young Bobby started on her again.

“We’d best take another break,” I advised. “Jack and I’ll clean up the sheets and Mrs. Eaton, and then Bobby can climb back on her and take another go at his mom. He ain’t cum in her mouth, and I think as his mom she should get used to the taste of his ball juice.”

Jack wrapped her up in the sheet she was lyin’ on and carried her to the bathroom where he got her in the tub and ran some warm water. I found clean sheets, but the mattress was a bit wet too, so I put a towel down on the wet spot before puttin’ the clean sheet on. She was gonna be fuckin’ for at least another hour, and knowin’ Mrs. Eaton she’d make a real mess.

Out in the kitchen, we all stood around the table, the chairs bein’ in the bedroom.

“What you got planned next, Bobby,” I asked. “You got another load in ya, I’m guessin’, and you ain’t through gettin’ you anger out at her.”

“Not by a long shot,” he allowed. “But I ain’t got any ideas of what I could do that I ain’t already done. So I guess I’ll just fuck her face like you done said and come up with other stuff for next time.”

Twenty minutes later, Mrs. Eaton was sittin’ on a chair out in the kitchen. Young Bobby had her legs spread and tied to the front legs of the chair and her hands tied behind the chair back. That was Mr. Harper’s idea. Now a naked Bobby stood with his legs on each side of the chair and his massive cock buried deep in his mother’s throat, fuckin’ in and out of her mouth like it was a cunt. She was spittin’ and gaggin’ and her chin, tits, pussy, and half the chair were covered in her saliva as it leaked out of her forced-opened mouth.

‘Ugggg, gluuggg, gluck,” she gagged and choked. “Glick, guggg, gluck.”

It went on and on as Bobby spent 10 minutes poundin’ her face without care or mercy. Finally, he changed rhythm just enough I knew he was close, and suddenly he thrust in hard and I knew he was pumpin’ his final load down his mother’s throat. She choked and gagged, but he held his cock in place and she had no option but to let the cum slide down her throat.

When he pulled out, her head just slumped down on her chest. We all clapped in appreciation of his final degradation of his mother, leavin’ her tied to the chair as we got beers and talked about all young Bobby accomplished.

“I’m one proud father,” Bob Eaton said. “You took charge Lefkoşa Escort and showed her exactly what she’s worth, and that ain’t much. Now tell Mr. Harper what your plan is. I’m curious myself.”

Jack and I lifted Mrs. Eaton’s chair and carried it down the hallway a bit so we could have a few drinks without her bein’ in the way, and listen to what young Bobby had to say.

“Well, Mr. Harper,” he said. “I wanted to start a business and I might need a little bit of a loan to get started. Benny and I want to build a little apartment above the garage, big enough for a bed, a closet, a little kitchenette, and maybe a little social area with sofa and chairs.”

“That’s all doable, Bobby,” Mr. Harper said. “So you boys want to rent it out and make some money, get into the landlord business. That’s admirable at your age. And I’m sure I can help out.”

“Well, that’s not exactly it, Mr. Harper. It ain’t the apartment we want to rent out,” Bobby said. “Let me ask you a question first. How long will it take for my mother to pay back all the money she owes?”

“That’s easy, Bobby,” Harper said. “Four months. Then your dad decides if he wants to take her back or not. I’ve talked to him privately and he’s not likely to want her. He’s movin’ on.”

“But what if Benny and I took her,” he asked. “We’d take turns fuckin’ her, sleepin’ in my room one night and Benny’s the next. But in the evenin’s, we could whore her out in that apartment above the garage. We’d both make enough money for college sellin’ mom’s cunt, and when we was through, a few years down the road, we could probably find someone to take her off our hands if we decided to get rid of her. Maybe one of those whore places over in Haler City.”

We were all stunned. The plan was brilliant, and while Mr. Harper would be makin’ the biggest sacrifice and losin’ income, he was the first to endorse it.

“Bobby,” he said. “I’ll finance the apartment renovations for nothin’. You give me 10 per cent of the earnin’s. I can find someplace to ship her off to when the time comes. Don’t you worry. I done it before and I can do it again just the same way. But young Lawton here is set to sell her cunt most nights, so we can probably have her paid up in about a month, ’bout the same time it would take to get them renovations done.”

I suddenly had a picture of Mrs. Eaton naked on a sidewalk in a big city slum, her big tits bouncin’ as Mr. Harper drove away, Black guys closin’ in on her and takin’ hold of her, draggin’ her into an abandoned warehouse, throwin’ her down on an old dirty mattress and slidin’ cocks into her. And her never bein’ seen again.

Jack gave me a knowin’ look, Mr. Harper havin’ just told us how he got rid of April Jones. We both looked down the hall where Mrs. Eaton still sat tied up and covered in her own spit and her own pussy juice pooled in front of her open cunt.

Bob Eaton endorsed his son’s plan, and they started on gettin’ estimates for the construction, and figurin’ out hours for her to work, and entry and egress and such.

“We need to put the entry door on the back of the garage so her clients can come in off the little street runs behind Maple Street,” young Bobby said. “There’s parkin’ over there and a path through the trees comes right in our backyard. Her johns would never be seen from Maple and none of the neighbors would have reason to complain.”

The boy had thought it out, that’s for sure.

“We done talked to Matt Tanner and Mike Johnson, and most of the senior high boys is of age and all eager to be regular customers,” he said. “Ain’t gonna be no problem to keep her busy on her back. She’s particular fond of Black cock, so they could take their turns.”

Mrs. Eaton was sobbin’ and shakin’ as she listened to her son’s plans to sell her pussy, him talkin’ like he was sellin’ vacuum cleaners or encyclopedias, not his own mother’s most private and intimate parts.

“I don’t deserve this here, Bobby,” she cried, big sobs punctuatin’ her words. “I’m your Mom. You and Benny can fuck me and take turns usin’ me, but don’t sell me Bobby. Please don’t treat me like I’m worthless.”

Bobby perked up hearin’ his mother.

“All you’re worth is your pussy, Mom,” he said, a bit harsh. “We gonna use it and then we’re gonna make money off it. And you ain’t got no idea all the different ways your whore body can make money. But you’re gonna find out real soon.”

She was sobbin’ and goin’ on, so Jack and I carried the chair into her bedroom and shut the door. We went back out and finished our beers and listened to all the plans, each person addin’ their ideas, even Ms. Jeffers who thought Mrs. Eaton ought to have her nipples pierced so as young Benny could put rings in them.

“Wilson wanted me to get mine done so he could put a little gold chain through the rings and tie me up to things if I was bad,” she said. Bobby smiled at that and, I expect, filed it away for later.

Eventually everybody left ‘cept Jack and Ms. Jeffers. We cooked up some supper and after we’d sat down to eat realized Mrs. Eaton was still tied to the chair. I went down and heard her sobbin’, so I went in. She’d wet herself and made quite a mess with it all tricklin’ down her legs onto the floor and across to pool under the bed.

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