14 Mayıs 2023

The Beginning of the Domination of Randi Ch 8


Knowing she was now totally owned by Sir, Randi went home to prepare for Saturday and the poker game at his house.Nothing happened in her training the rest of the week and everything at home seemed to be very good. She did call Sophia and they made plans to get together on Friday to do all of the shopping needed for Saturday. Sophia seemed very excited to spend some more time with Randi and promised to not behave herself, causing both to laugh.Since it was Thursday Randi texted both Bill and Jill to see if they would be home for supper and get an idea of what they might want to eat.Bill’s reply read,‘Anything sounds good as it has been a hectic day at work. Just being with my two ladies will be a relaxing evening for me.’Jill’s text read,‘How about spaghetti and meat sauce. It would be easy for you and we could warm it up if we were not all ready to eat at the same time.’Randi texted both and thanked them for their responses and told them the meal would be ready at seven p.m. She then went and took a bath with a glass of wine to reflect on the previous week.‘I am a slut, aren’t I?’ she thought, as she wondered how to make the evening special for Bill. She decided to see how dinner went and then proceed from there.Bill arrived home about five and Randi met him at the door with a beer and a kiss.“What brought that on?” he asked, as he took the beer and looked at how sexy Randi looked in her shorts and top.“No reason, except you. You are my husband and I have missed you today is all.”“Well, I could get used to this treatment. What are your plans for tonight, if I can ask?”“You,” Beşevler escort was all Randi said, as she turned to head back to the kitchen and finish dinner.Bill just looked at her stunned and went to sit down to wait to eat.Jill got home about a half-hour later and was all excited about a planned pool party this weekend at one of her friend’s homes. She went on how her crush would be there and who knew what might happen. This caused Randi to giggle and Bill to raise an eyebrow as if to say be safe.Randi finished preparing dinner and Jill set the table while Bill got drinks for all of them. He opened a bottle of wine for them.“I know I am only eighteen but could I have a glass of wine with dinner tonight, please. I am leaving for college soon and I do plan to drink there, just so you know.”“I don’t see why not, as long as you only drink here and don’t drive,” Randi stated, looking at Bill to show he should also agree. He got up, got another glass, and poured her some wine.“Thank you, Daddy,” Jill said, with a little batting of her eyes causing them all to laugh.Dinner was very good and they all had a lot to discuss. Randi did stay away from talking about Mike until she and Bill went to bed.There she informed him that she and a new friend would be going shopping the next day and that she would definitely try to introduce them at some time. She also told him she would be away on Saturday night as she had to host a party for Mike at his place. She was sure she would not be home until sometime on Sunday.“Any chance you will be able Çankaya escort bayan to videotape what happens or Facetime with me, so I can see what Mike has planned for you?”“I am not sure he will want me to do that, but I will ask him when I get there and text you his answer. My friend will also be there so there will be plenty going on that I am sure you never considered me being a part of.”He looked very excited about this fact and asked if he could pleasure her in any way.“Yes, get naked, ‘cucky’ and get down here and eat my pussy. I have been thinking about you doing that to me all day.”“Sweetheart, will you please tell me what happened today with your friend?”“You really do get off hearing this, don’t you, darling.”“Yes, and a lot more than I ever figured I would. I am sorry I was so against you being owned by Mike.”“That’s okay, I do understand but I am really glad you now approve. I have something new to show you and I hope you like it. “She lifted her right leg so Bill could see the addition to her ankle bracelet and had him read it. He looked at her and smiled but did not really understand what it meant.“Why did he have you wear it on the right ankle and not the left?”“That is where it indicates I do belong to him and that you are okay with it. It also tells other men, and women, that I have your permission to fuck around, but I also need Sir’s approval. Are you okay with that?”“You plan to have more men fuck you? And what is this about women as well. When did you turn into a lesbian?”“Yes, if Sir tells me to, I will Escort Cebeci fuck any man or men, he wants me to. No, I am not a lesbian but I have discovered I love to be with women as well as men, so you can say I am bi.”“Oh, I see. Can I watch that as well?”Randi saw the excitement in Bill’s face and the tent in his shorts when she mentioned being with a woman.“I see that idea does excite you. Have you been hiding from me that you really do want to be my cucky?”“I am not sure I even knew until the other night when we were together and you told me all you did at Mike’s. It really excited me and as you felt I came like I never have before. So, how about we get naked and you tell me all about your recent training. Then we can see how excited I get and maybe we can have another good time like before.”Randi started laughing and hollered at Jill to be ready for the noise again, as her daddy was horny tonight. This caused Bill to also laugh and Jill to groan so they all could hear her.When they were naked Bill asked Randi to dress for him, as she did for her Master.“Sorry, honey, I can’t do that, as that is for him only.”He said he understood and they both climbed into bed and cuddled for a while.Randi reached over and started to stroke his cock getting him ready to reclaim her.“Randi are you happy?”“Yes, Bill, why do you ask?” she asked, as she continued to stroke him.“I am still worried that I will lose you and just needed to know,” Bill said before he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.“Bill, honey, we have discussed this already and neither Mike nor I want to break us up. I just have a need to fulfill in my life and Mike does that. I do understand now why you could not be my master as you seem to also have a submissive side. I am sorry I did not realize that before now.”Randi then pulled Bill closer to her and kissed him on the lips and used her tongue as well.

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