14 Mayıs 2023

The Best Teacher Tutor Ever, Part II


Ms. Wrey was my civics teacher and as hard as I tried to not stare at her best assess while sitting on the front row of her class, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty sure every guy in the class, and maybe even a few ladies, enjoyed her sex appeal. Her dress was never overtly provocative. She made sure to stay within the boundaries set by the school district, but the way she moved about in the classroom, left no doubt as to the message she conveyed. “We have many freedoms,” she said in discussing constitutional rights, “and all too often we take those freedoms for granted and we fail to realize the true meaning of happiness, or perhaps even the pursuit of happiness.” I liked the ideology of the pursuit of happiness. I was seventeen and all into the pursuit of happiness. Tap. Tap. Tap. Ms. Wey had a way of tapping on my desk to get my attention. “Perhaps, you can explain your favorite freedom,” she asked, looking straight at me. I heard a snicker come from behind me. Obviously I had been day dreaming and been caught. “Give me liberty or give me death,” I replied. Escort Tunalı which was followed by more snickers from my classmates. “How about if you stick around for some extra tutoring time?” Ms. Wrey remarked. Gladly. The buzzer sounded and Ms. Wrey asked me to stay for a moment as the classroom emptied. My cock was rock hard. It seemed to stay that way in her class. The last student left the classroom. I kept my seat. Ms. Wrey stepped to the back of the classroom and turned off the classroom light. I hear the door lock latch. I didn’t dare look behind me. She placed both of her hands on my shoulders from behind me, as she leaned forward, her luscious breasts pressing against the back of my head. She pushed her hands down and on to my chest, feeling my pectorals. “You really need to pay closer attention in class,” she whispered. “I’m trying,” I replied. “Do you want a ride home today?” she whispered? How could I refuse? I couldn’t. She slipped her hand down to my crotch and felt for my erection. “I’ll meet you at the auditorium ulus escort exit at three thirty,” I replied. She squeezed the rise in my trousers and replied, “Let’s make this session count!” I couldn’t wait. Three thirty couldn’t come fast enough. As I settled into the passenger seat of her car, after school , she smiled as we back out of the teacher parking space. Tapping on the radio, her head bobbing, I quickly realized she was not the normal teacher. I mean, what teacher likes rap music? I was momentarily distracted by her skirt inching up her thighs. Suddenly I realized weren’t heading toward where I lived. “Where are we going?” I asked. Ms. Wey stayed quiet for a second. “Thought I’d show you where I live, in case you ever want to drop by sometime,” she replied. “I bet you didn’t know we are practically neighbors.” I was horny and she was taking me on a joy ride. Oh great. I reached across the divide and put my hand on her thigh and attempted to navigate towards her sweet spot, pushing her skirt up in the process. “Hold yenimahalle escort bayan on,” she said, grabbing my hand. “Slow down!” Slow down? I was horny as hell and she wanted me to slow down? She turned into a drive way of a brick house just a few blocks from where I lived. The garage door opened and she drove straight into the garage. The door closed behind us and she turned off the car. She silently reached over and put her hand on the rise in my jeans. The only light was the dome light of the car. She unzipped my jeans and dug for my cock. Finding what she wanted, she wasted no time in going down on me. The dome light flickered off as head bobbed up and down in my lap. I was about to cum when she stopped. “Come on,” she said, opening her car door and bathing both of us in additional light. I followed her into her house, though the laundry room. She tossed her purse on to the couch and took me by my left hand, pulling me towards the master bedroom. I didn’t say a word. “Lay down,” she instructed as we entered her bedroom. I crawled on to the four-posted bed, positioning myself on my back, stretching out, and propping my head up with two of the overs-zed and overstuffed pillows. She slowly slid out of her skirt and then her blouse and bra, allowing each garment to fall to the floor. She stood silent and naked and barefoot in front of me.

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