18 Mart 2023

The Big Booty Manager


**If you don’t like big, fat juicy asses, then this story is not for you!


I’ve been working full-time at this department store about 15 minutes from my house. The job is cool; however my boss gives me hell. Her name is Deborah Barton. A 40 year old, cranky woman with thick glasses and the most ear aching voice. She’s a real bitch. She treats everybody else on the job different from me. Sometimes she’ll put all the work on me and let the other employees off easy. I just did not understand why she came down on me so hard. I couldn’t just quit because I was taking some classes at the local community college, and needed some steady cash. Not many jobs were hiring at the moment, so I just stuck with it.

One afternoon, my co-worker Ray and I went to lunch at a sandwich spot across the street from our job. We ordered our food and sat next to the window next to the entrance. During our lunch, we conversed about last night’s football game and who we think are the best teams.

“Hey guess what?” Ray said with excitement. “I hear Ms. Barton is quitting. We are supposed to be getting a new female manager!”

I take the sub out my mouth as my face lights up like a bulb. “Are you serious? When did you hear about this?” I shouted.

“Yeah bro she found a job at another store across town. I heard about it a few days ago. She’s supposed to leave this weekend.”

“How come you didn’t tell me before?” I demanded.

“Well I know how much you can’t stand her. I’d thought I’d surprise you!”

“Man that’s a relief. I wonder who our new manager is going to be. I hope she’s not a bitch like Ms. Barton. I don’t think I can take anymore disrespect.” I say as I sip my soda.

“I don’t know.” Ray said. “I got a feeling she’ll be cool.”

We finish our lunch and head back over to work. The whole time I was working, I had a big, cheesy smile on my face. Knowing that Ms. Barton was leaving was the best news ever. A few minutes later, Ms. Barton then walks pass as I was putting a box on a shelf.

“What are you smiling about Tony!?” she shouted.

“Nothing ma’am, just having a good day that’s all.” Your ass is out of here baby, I thought to myself.

“Well you know I’ll be heading over to another store this Friday. The stores new manager will be here Friday as well. She can’t be nearly as good as me though.” she said with arrogance.

“Oh wow it won’t be the same here without you.” I said with a little smirk.

She then rolls her eyes at me and walks away. I continue to put the boxes on the shelf with a big grin on my face. For once I can work without feeling like crap. Ray then comes from behind.

“Yo bro our new manager will be here this Friday, the same day Deborah leaves!”

“Yeah she just told me! What time you get off?” I asked.

“I get off in like 10 minutes. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Oh ok I’m hear till close. I’ll get up with you. Peace.”

I clock out and hurry home to finish writing a paper that’s due in the morning. As I write my paper, a big grin comes across my face at the thought of Ms. Barton going to another store. Things couldn’t have gotten any better, until Friday arrived.

It’s now Friday morning and I wake up energetic and happy as ever. I shower, eat breakfast, and then put on my uniform. Our uniform consists of a red, short sleeve polo shirt with a “Shop-O- Lot” nametag and navy blue slacks.

I arrive at “Shop-O-Lot”, enter, and clock in as usual. I take a sigh of relief in not hearing Deborah’s big mouth yapping in my face. I then head toward the back room to view my tasks for the day. As I read the bulletin board, a voice arose from behind me.

“Hi how are you? You’re Tony, right? My name is Regina! I’m your new manager!”

Remember earlier I said things couldn’t get any better? Well I thought it couldn’t until I seen Regina. She was 5’8″ and about 180 pounds. She had a smooth caramel skin complexion, slanted eyes and thick lips. Her hair was jet black and was done in a bun. The sight of her 24 inch waist and 52 inch hips made my knees weak. Yikes! I said to myself.

“Hello. Yes I’m Tony.” I answered.

“Well it’s nice to meet you! I heard a lot about you! You are a very hard worker!” she replied as we shook hands.

I couldn’t make out üsküdar escort what nationality she was. Her eyes told me she had Asian in her, and her hips and thighs told me that she had some black in her.

“Why yes I do try to put my best foot forward.”

“Well I transferred from another store across town. Your old manager Deborah switched with me because her new home is closer to that location. I didn’t mind switching at all.” She explained as she smiled.

Joking, I say, “Well that’s good. Deborah was a pain in the ass.”

“I know about her! She’s a tough cookie!” she said as she laughed.

“Why don’t you help me back in the stock room with something? This will be your first assignment as having me as your manager!” she said as she smiled.

“Sure.” I say. “I’ll be glad to help you!”

I watched her enormous, plump ass cheeks jiggle like crazy with every step as she led me out of the back room. She walked with her arms folded across her chest, as her flip flops clicked against the ground. Her hips swung from side to side with each stride. It seemed like she was doing it on purpose, but it was just natural.

“So how long you’ve been working here Tony?” she asks as she looks over her right shoulder at me.

“Uh, 5 months.” I say as I try to regain focus.

“Oh, that’s good. I’ve been with the company for about a year now. I like it because the hours are flexible.” she explained as we continued through the store.

We then arrive at the stock room. As I stood behind her, she said “Ok Tony, I need you to carry this box over to the clothes department for me. You’re a strong young man. You can do it!” Now the clothes stock room wasn’t the biggest, plus it was cluttered with merchandise, so I had to slide behind Regina in order to pick up the box. Her big, massive ass stuck out so far, that it rubbed across my crotch as I slid by. It felt like two large soft basketballs rubbing against me.

“Oh!” she moaned while looking over her shoulder. “Do you have enough room back there sweetie? I tend to get in the way a lot.”

“Oh I’m fine.” I uttered as I felt embarrassed. I thought, Damn that’s the biggest ass I’ve ever seen!

She stood over me with her hands on her 52 inch hips as I lifted the box. “Is it heavy sweetie?”

“No, not at all.” I say.

“Ok, follow me this way babe.” She says while winking at me. On our way to the clothes department, again I stare at her bodacious ass jiggle in her navy blue pants. The box I was carrying was covering my medium sized boner, which was a good thing.

“Ok, sit it right here honey.” She said while pointing to the spot. As I sit the box down, she reaches her hand out. “It was nice meeting you Tony.” She says as we shake hands.

“It was nice meeting you too Ms. Regina!”

“No please, Regina is fine! You make me feel old!” she said while laughing. “Now you go finish what you have to do and I’ll see you later!” As I walk away, my grin is bigger than before. Not only is Deborah out of my hair, but now we have a sexy, big butt manager!

My shift is almost over, and I run into another co-worker of mine named Denise. Denise was very petite and cute. A lot of times she had a fucked up attitude, but I found it to be funny.

“Hey what’s up Denise?”

“Nothing much, what time you get off?” she asked.

“I get off in about 15 minutes. I also have tomorrow off.”

“Oh you’re lucky. Hey did you meet our new manager?”

“Yeah, I met her earlier.”

“Man she has way too much ass! It’s so gross! Her booty jiggles and shakes when she walks by! I try not to look at it, but you know. It’s so big! It takes up all the room!” she said with a disgusted look.

“Well no I haven’t noticed.” I chuckled.

“Yeah right you liar! I know you seen it! Anyway, enjoy your day off tomorrow you lucky bum!”

I then arrive home after an amazing day at work. I just kept thinking about Regina and that monstrous ass. I didn’t mention earlier that I am an assman. It’s damn near a fetish! As long as a girl’s ass is big, I’m cool.

About 3 weeks later, I decided to go down to the local mall to do some shopping. The mall was real busy this afternoon. There were a lot of sales going on, so şerfali escort I went in a few stores and purchased some jeans and some t-shirts. As I window shopped through the mall, I notice Regina walking towards me, smiling and waving. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I seen her!

Regina was wearing some huge black sunglasses and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She carried a big black designer purse, with a lot of bracelets on both her wrist. She wore a little white tank top, a small gold chain with the letter “R” for a pendant and some trendy sneakers. She also was wearing some real tight light blue jeans that looked like they couldn’t withstand her hips, thighs and ass. I’m thinking, Damn, this woman knows how to tease a man!

“Hi Tony!” she shouts as we approached each other.

“Hey Regina! What a surprise it is to see you!”

“Oh you know just doing a little window shopping.” She says while putting her sunglasses on top of her head. “It’s such a nice day! I thought I’d get out of the house. I see you brought some things!”

“Oh yeah, just a few clothes.” I say while looking in my bag. “How long have you been here?” I asked.

“Oh I’ve been here for quite a while! You know how we women shop!” Yeah I bet you’ve been driving these men crazy too, I thought to myself.

“Well I better get going.” she said while sitting her big sunglasses back onto her face. “You work Monday right?”

“Yes. Monday afternoon.”

“Oh cool! You work with me!” she called out.

I thought, Amen!

“Oh and don’t forget, Monday through Wednesday is “Dress Down” day, so wear what ever you want” she says.

Damn what will she wear on Monday? It got hot all of a sudden.

“I’ll see you on Monday hun, don’t be late!”

She smiles and then walks away. Her booty was looking so good in those light blue jeans. Her pace was a little faster than yesterday at work, so that caused her ass to jiggle even more! I bit my bottom lip as I watched her walk from me. Her hips switched from side to side, making her big booty swing with all power. People almost broke their necks looking back at Regina’s ass.

Monday arrives and I’m wearing some Jordan’s, blue jeans and a t-shirt. The store was a little busy because we had some decent sales going on. After I clock in, I see Regina walking up one of the aisles with her arms folded across her chest. I had to shake my head and rub my eyes because I thought I was dreaming! She had her hair in a ponytail again and was wearing a little red t-shirt, flip flops, and pair of black spandex tights.

She approaches me and says, “Good afternoon Tony! You look nice today! Did you clock in ok?”

“Yeah I clocked in.” I say as drool dripped from my mouth.

“Ok good! I’m just walking down the aisles making sure everything is in place. Follow me, I have little job for you sweetie!”

As she turns around to lead me down the aisle, I thought, damn, did her booty get a little bigger? Because the fabric of her tights was so thin, her butt-cheeks didn’t have any support, so they bounced and wobbled around with no control.

We chatted for little bit as we walked. She mentions how she’s half Asian and Black. That explains those slanted eyes and that big booty. She also claimed that she was 27 years old. “So do you have a girlfriend Tony?” she asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Well no. I’ve been working real hard and haven’t really had time to look for one.”

We then arrive at my assigned location. She stood in front of me and said, “Well the ladies are missing out. You’re such a cutie!” she said as she pinched my face. “But yes I want you to straighten up these racks for me babe. Are you staying till close?”

“Yeah I’m closing tonight.”

“Oh ok cool. I might have a special assignment for you later.” she said with a seductive tone. “See me before you leave boo.”

As she walks away, she gives her ass a little shake, as if she knew that I was looking. She then looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. As I watched her big derriere wobble down the aisle, I thought, Damn she is such a tease. I know she’s wearing these outfits on purpose.

The store is now closed and Regina approaches me claming she has one last assignment for me to do. “I need help with something real big in my office.” she said as she turned to the side with her hand on her hip, giving me a side view of her huge ass. The only big thing in here is your booty, I thought. As we enter her office, she slammed the door shut, pressed up against me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“So when are you going to stop playing games?” she whispered as I had my hands by my side. “I see you looking at my booty everyday we work together. I think it’s cute though.” She laughed.

My throat got tight as my heart started beating faster.

“I have to admit.” She said. “Everybody stares at my ass. I wear these outfits on purpose. I know I can have any man I want.” She then took my hand and placed it on her ass. A look of astonishment came upon my face at how cushy her butt was. We started tongue kissing as I groped her gigantic ass. My dick then stood up, poking against her thigh. I can’t believe this is happening!

“Oh!” she moaned. “I see we have a friend that wants to join in.” She bites and pulls down on my bottom lip as she works her way to my belt buckle. “Let’s see what we have here.” She said while unzipping my pants. My thick, 11 inch cock sprung out from my briefs as it slap against her chin.

“Oh my god!” she shouted with her hands on her face. “Your dick is huge!” With my fingers locked behind my head, I look down at my rock hard erection, throbbing with lust. I never seen, or felt my dick get this hard, I thought to myself.

As she began sucking and slurping on my dick, she asked, “how is that baby?”

“Ahhh!” I groaned. “It is perfect baby. Don’t stop!”

After she deep throated all 11 inches, she then pushed my dick up against my belly button, gripped the head and started licking my nuts.

“I feel that warm cum inside these big black balls of yours baby.” she moaned as she twirled her tongue around my sack. “I bet it taste so good.”

“Ah yes lick those balls baby! Suck them! Suck them!” I shout with my face towards the ceiling. She then stuck my dick back in her mouth and starting sucking the tip very hard, as saliva splattered on the ground. She then looked up at me with those sexy, slanted eyes and kissed the head of my cock. “Let me fuck you! Please let me fuck you!” I cried.

“I thought you would never ask.” She giggled. She stood up, turned around and removed her tights. Her bare ass cheeks were free of cellulite, and really thick. “Come and get it boo.” she said as she bent over and placed the side her head against the wall. I walk up and stick my throbbing boner into Regina’s warm, fat pussy.

“Fuuuuck!” she moaned while looking back at me. “That shit is so big nigga!”

As I started pounding away, Regina’s butt-cheeks bounced off my pelvis, making a thunderous clapping sound.

“Fuck me Tony! Fuck me you big dick mothafucka!” she shouted as I grabbed her tiny waist. “Hit that pussy nigga!” I felt the lust and desire build up in my cock as her freakiness showed more and more.

She then began to throw her ass back hard, nearly knocking me over. I put one hand on the wall and leaned forward slightly to gain balance.

“Shit, you are too much baby!” I shout as her big booty rammed against my stomach.

“Bang that big ass baby!” she moaned.

I grab her by the shoulders and start thrusting her pussy even harder, making her big, juicy ass flop all over the place.

“Damn!” I yelled.

“Oh my god baby!” she screamed. “It’s so deep! Damn nigga you are so deep in that pussy!”

I felt the strong, tingling sensation shoot up my cock. “Here it comes! Oh god here it comes!” I screamed.

She banged her big rump against me a few more times before I pulled out and let off loads of cum over her ass.

“Fuuuck! Oh! Oh! Damn!” I yell as I jerk cum from my cock.

“Oh yeah” Regina moaned. “Let it all out baby!”

I flop down in her office chair completely weak as my cock becomes flaccid. Regina wipes the cum from her ass, then sits on my lap.

“That was wonderful baby.” she said. “I didn’t know you can fuck like that.”

“Hell I didn’t you was so freaky.” I replied as I smiled.

“From now on, I am your big butt slut. This big ass only belongs to you. You can fuck me anytime you want baby.” she whispered.

I still work at “Shop-O-Lot” and Regina and I continue to have sex on a nightly basis. She still wears those whore outfits to seduce and tease other men, but I don’t care. She is my big butt slut for life!

Thanks for reading!

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