18 Mart 2023

The Black Card


Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful, lush green oasis: a Caribbean island at the height of its affluence. Zendea is a beautiful tropical island. It looks perfect on the outside but it’s the underground action that really keeps it afloat.

When Rosa’s head hunter arranged for a special meeting, hinting that a unique employer was interested in her talents, Rosa was intrigued. As it happens, The Black Knight Intelligence Agency had been following her for some time.

“A half a million upfront and then a million when the operation is in full swing,” said the well dressed headhunter sitting across the table from her.

The headhunter pulled a satchel from her file cabinet and let the contents spill onto the table. Money poured out.

Rosa looked at the money disbelievingly and asked, “Why me?”

The head hunter squirmed in her seat, not quite knowing how to answer the question. The magnificently beautiful woman sitting across from her, even made her own pussy wet and she wasn’t even into women.

“Let’s just say you have the experience and skills it takes to pull this off. Your employer would like to remain anonymous, and hopes the money will help stifle any questions or doubt,” the head hunter replied noticing how tight her own nipples had become.

That was six months ago. Since then Rosa had changed her name and became Destiny Parker.

Destiny had many talents. She was a masterful organizer and she knew how to seduce men. The men she chose were tall, built and rugged. She liked them strong and with an air of self confidence. There was nothing more appealing to her than taming a potentially dangerous man. Destiny never hesitated to use all her sexual resources to entice and captivate the men of her choosing. Seduction was an exciting game. She used her ample skills and assets to acquire men for a multitude of purposes. No man is an island. But an island full of studs suited her just fine.

Destiny had everything she could possibly want including a devoted supply of labor to make her dreams and desires come alive. Establishing a transportation system was her latest quest. The roads were now in place and her idea would be realized soon enough. The first car on the island would be a kit car Lamborghini in bright red. It just so happened that was the color of her lushly painted lips when wrapped around a big black cock.

Destiny loved entertaining every little creative or sexually charged thought that came to her mind but she tried hard to not fuck her top staff. Ernest was her one exception. His rippling muscles and powerful cock sent her senses reeling. He had a talented way of pounding her g spot, twisting her nipples, and putting pressure on her butt plug that resulted in a screaming orgasm every time. Born of Spanish descent, her lightly tanned complexion, stylish curly black hair and incredible body guaranteed Destiny a fair share of compliments.

But Destiny was disciplined. Sex could complicate things and create an environment for emotional issues. So even though her right hand man Ernest wasn’t the only gorgeous piece of ass on her staff available to her, he was the one she chose. Ernest knew he wasn’t the only man in Destiny’s life but he felt privileged to rock her world on home base. Besides being a talented lover Ernest was just the kind of man she wanted on her team. Her handsome stud had earned her trust on more than one occasion.

While circling her nipples Destiny thought about the two people closest to her, Ernest and Amelia. She genuinely liked them as people and now they ran the show. Destiny had met Amelia by chance and their friendship had been instantaneous. Before long Amelia became her financial guru, top advisor and best friend. Or so she thought.

Destiny let her fingers trail the length of her soft, firm body. The bubbles in the Jacuzzi swirled around her. She grazed her pert hard nipples, her smooth stomach and tight abs as her fingers moved towards her pounding clit. Destiny closed her eyes and thought about Ernest and how his coarse thick tongue could coax magnificent orgasms from her sensitive pussy.

A knock on the door startled her and distracted Destiny from her delicious thoughts.

It was Amelia.

“Come on in Amelia. I’m just in the ensuite.”

“Mistress, how are you today beautiful, I am sorry to interrupt you, but I have your quarterly results,” said Amelia averting her eyes. “I’ll just put them on the desk in your bedroom.”

Amelia was her charming and beautiful protégé. Their meeting was a chance encounter that over the course of a few months had blossomed into a ripe friendship. Typically when Destiny left the compound she dressed in an array of costumes and disguises so her picture would never be captured and be put on the internet. She spoke to her island residents by way of an elaborate speaker intercom system that covered the scope of the island.

Destiny had hired the trades people needed to build the system after careful research into their identities. Then she büyükçekmece escort coaxed them into establishing a living on her island and becoming residents. That’s how Destiny designed her island and decided who would live there. What she didn’t anticipate is that a revolutionary group would form. If anything she was very particular with details and her security was the most high tech in the world.

Intent on buying her own fruit and vegetables she left her sanctuary every Tuesday morning to shop. That is when she had met the beautiful and vivacious Amelia.

After a few months and numerous conversations, the two women became fast friends. Amelia was both confident and intelligent. Destiny gradually felt comfortable enough to want to include Amelia in her inner circle. It didn’t take long for her to learn Amelia didn’t have any strong connections in her community. Nor did she have a boyfriend.

Amelia had felt like a traitor cutting all ties with Jacob. It wasn’t an option. She couldn’t risk his safety. Jacob meant everything to her. Amelia accepted her role that included living in the sanctuary without outside contact in order to fulfill a greater purpose. Amelia was committed to the cause and it was her main focus.

“These look very good Amelia. There is an impressive list of credit cards that have not been rejected at the six month mark. Keep up the excellent work, my sexy genius,” she said admiringly as Amelia smiled, nodded, then left the room.

Destiny’s fingers trailed to her Brazilian cut turf once more as she thought about her beautiful friend.

Amelia had become so trusted she was also overseeing the CFO’s records and reporting back to Destiny. The transition from fruit seller to confidante had been sudden and swift. Amelia had been swooped up one day while working at her fruit stand and had been taken to the compound. In exchange for her allegiance she was assured wealth and comfort. When Amelia accepted the opportunity two body guards watched and helped her pack. There was no time available to alert her loved ones and all means of communication was monitored. Other than that, Amelia lived in paradise.

On any given morning you could walk along the beach, smell fresh baked croissants filtering through the narrow streets, and observe vendors and street cart owners getting ready to set up shop. Many impressive villas offered a view of waves lapping on the shore and fishermen trapping fish with giant nets. Not only did the residents get a hefty monthly cheque, they could also benefit from any money making enterprises they aspired to. It was paradise.

Zendea is very small, inconspicuous and part of a larger chain of islands. Remote is an understatement. Only small airplanes flown by the handpicked residents of Zendea were permitted to land to deliver goods. Items from bigger boats had to be distributed among Destiny’s crew of smaller vessels and sometimes delivered in parts from the closest island to then be reassembled. When arriving after a one day trip on the open ocean, the workers always had to refuel and carry two extra jugs of gasoline with them. They did this in groups of two or more boats in case of a problem on the open sea. It was a long voyage but they would gladly do it for the Empress of the island. The residents appreciated their wealth and the abundance of resources they could benefit from and contribute to.

Tourism was at zero. Social media and internet rumors were spread that the island was poor and largely uninhabited except for wild animals. Monkeys, boars, alligators and a large assortment of lizards was the social media buzz. Truth be told, the vast orchards of exotic fruits would make this island a mecca alone.

The game-hackers Destiny employed were skilled and hand picked. Any suggestion that the island was worthy of a visit was immediately squashed and removed by one of the gamer-hackers.

The police on the island were overt and their allegiance was to their Empress, Destiny Parker, who changed her appearance and image as often as she changed her clothes. No one had a clear picture of what she looked like. When she went out in public anonymously, with body guards at a discreet distance, she was always in disguise. Her airfield was well guarded by her police.

The people of the island worked together to harvest the land and create their own food. Jobs were filled and needs were met. The islanders were issued generous monthly checks along with numerous bonuses for exemplary work.

Destiny was a kind and benevolent leader. She handpicked the population of her island so a congenial atmosphere of happiness would be cultivated. Those who wanted to let their demons do their bidding for them with unruly and unwarranted behaviour were asked to leave and were sworn to secrecy. You wouldn’t think this would work but the power of the gamers was almighty. The residents knew you couldn’t hide from them no matter where you were in the world. fatih escort The residents didn’t know what would happen, if they disobeyed their mandate and told anyone, but there were rumors. There were enough rumors in fact to fuel the revolutionary group’s fire.

As it happens, most of the missing residents had agreed to live inside the inner sanctum and thus their disappearance was actually of free will. Security was everything to Destiny. Law and order was established and maintained. The residents created their own affluent society. Goods were being brought in daily. The standard of living and sense of fulfillment ran high among the residents.

Jacob couldn’t believe the turnabout of events that had taken place during these last six weeks. Gaming and hacking came naturally to him. He had a mind for it. The oldest of three children, born to hackers, he was keen and handsome but he yearned for his lost lover.

Last week he had pursued and found one of Amelia’s old revolutionary contacts. He confronted him. Jacob learned the revolutionaries were being supported by the secretive Black Knight Intelligence Agency and there was a plan in place to take Destiny down. Using a series of proxy servers Jacob entertained a notion to approach the Black Knight Agency regarding what may have happened to his lost love Amelia. He was experienced enough to bypass the gamer-hackers in his correspondence. Using a complicated system of proxy servers to hide from the gamer-hackers he was able to connect with the intelligence agency. They informed him that Amelia’s whereabouts was classified but as it happens there was a need for an additional special agent to accomplish a unique mission, if he was interested.

Maybe this would be the ticket to finding his lost love. Before her disappearance Amelia was part of an elite group of twenty something’s that were opposed to the civilization they grew up in. He didn’t even know more than a couple of participants in the group. The revolutionists didn’t see the island as an opportunity to create a beautiful life but rather as a prison designed to control and manipulate the population. Through secret meetings and middle of the night boat runs, they were able to remain undetected from the busy gamer-hackers that kept control. His childhood sweetheart had been part of this revolutionary group before she disappeared. Jacob had wanted no part of it, and didn’t want her to be involved but he couldn’t stop her. His heart ached for the woman he loved. Jacob couldn’t help but wonder how things would have turned out if he was in the know. Jacob knew he had to become part of it all in order to find Amelia so he agreed to the mission.

In Jacob’s pursuit in finding out what had happened he learned a few things. Neighbors and friends said she had been engaging in an animated conversation with an unusual woman that wore a lot of scarves the morning of her disappearance. Reports said two body guards were in her home, and then they drove off in the direction of the remote part of the island, never to be seen again. Remembering his feelings made Jacob’s blood boil. He was fit and strong from repeatedly displacing his anger towards his missing love, through hard physical exercise. He suspected the Empress was involved and he hated her for it. More than anything, being part of the Black Knight Intelligence community would help him find out what happened to his beloved Amelia. Through multiply proxy servers he established communication with the rep he knew from the revolutionary group that would sneak him off the island to get briefed and trained in Washington. The revolutionary even provided him with fake id.

When Jacob arrived in Washington he was greeted at the airport by a representative he prearranged to meet. A whirlwind of training over the next two months ensued. It was rigorous and intense. When Jacob arrived back to the island he was ready. The first thing he needed to do was contact Ernest.

Jacob and Ernest grew up together as kids on the island. They would chase girls together and hung around a lot. Their friendship slowed down to a crawl when Ernest had moved closer to the underground compound. There wasn’t very much out there. Jacob didn’t want his friend to be caught up in the middle of this but he had no choice.

Jacob found out from The Black Knight Agency that Ernest frequented a certain show bar with exotic dancers. It was not his speed, but he would do what was necessary. His heart and loins yearned for Amelia. She was the one that made him endlessly hard with her charms.

When Jacob entered the bar the strippers looked appreciatively his way, hoping he would like a lap dance. He was disappointed to find Ernest wasn’t there. One of the beautiful black strippers had a booty similar to his lost love. That night he masturbated to thoughts of Amelia dancing seductively around a pole. Maybe he should introduce himself he thought the next night as he sat at a table biding the time. esenyurt escort He watched the hot babe’s tits bounce and their booties sway. Jacob didn’t know how much longer he could abstain without giving in to temptation. Then one night his friend made an appearance.

“Hey, man, is that you?” asked Ernest.

“What the hell, it is you! Nice to see you buddy!” said Ernest.

“What are you doing in a peeler bar on this side of the island? This would be the last place I thought I would ever see you,” said Ernest as the bros exchanged a bear hug.

They were happy to see each other and fell easily into animated conversation. After a couple of hours and many drinks later Jacob decided to make his pitch. He was drunk but he knew what he was doing and he knew to make this work. He needed to persuade Ernest when he was vulnerable.

“Look man, truth be told, I’m hurtin. I know we all get generous checks each month but my gambling debts are out of control. There is a man who will pound me into pieces unless I get a hold of some real money fast. Either that or I would need to disappear,” Jacob said forlornly looking sadly into the beer glass he was drinking before he took a sip.

Ernest looked at his long time friend and felt sorry for him. He knew exactly how Jacob could disappear as well as make a ton of cash. He remembered that Jacob had been one hell of an outstanding gamer.

“Look, I might have something for you,” Ernest said looking at his friend appraisingly.

After a lengthy discussion Ernest decided to include Jacob and trust him to be part of the crew.

That’s where Jacob’s adventure started. Now here he was with his best buddy from childhood, sitting in a parked car at the Kinarkey supermarket.

“Follow me and keep your mouth shut. Make sure you mind your manners too, okay. The money is huge. You’ll love it and with your skills you’ll be a real asset.”

As Jacob followed Ernest into the inner sanction he had been briefed on, he thought about how he hated doing this to his best friend. When the time came Jacob knew he would protect Ernest at all costs.

They walked through the back door and into the offices. Everything looked as it should until they arrived at the entrance to a room that required a computer code. Ernest entered the code and the door opened. In the next room, a couple of guards stood watch as the men emptied their pockets. The friends put their belongings, including their cell phones in the basket and took the corresponding number tags to their belongings.

A buzzer sounded admitting them into the next room, where they were frisked by three guards. Next, a man punched some numbers into a key pad that opened a door that led into a long tunnel. They walked down a slope for a long distance before arriving at another door. They pressed the buzzer and waited.


Destiny’s little underground kingdom was heavily guarded. It was here where she made her wealth and maintained her affluent economy so easily. It was her credit card headquarters. It was her sure way of bringing lots of money into her country to sustain her economy. It was her ticket, her sanctuary.

Destiny loved having the freedom to develop a new identity. The power she felt in her ability to make things happen was exhilarating and intoxicating. How could she resist the charms of making the world her play ground? She was truly incognito. Of course there would be no trace, no history, no way of finding her. Her gamers made sure of that. The 5’9, 130 lb beauty pulled forward her black hoody over her hair and licked her newly placed lip ring. Her eye makeup was thick, black and caked on. Her sparkling green intelligent eyes still set her apart from the norm. She fit in perfectly in the underground trash bar in Germany. Knowing three languages helped.

Loud grunge music filled the dark crevices around her. Various coloured hair reflected in waves bounced around the walls via the lasers. Cages of erotic dancers inspired the mood, but Destiny was here for one thing only; to attract new customers to supply her growing empire. Her business had been growing almost as extensively as her wardrobe choices. It was a lucrative two way relationship.

“Wie gehts?” Destiny asked the waiter with the hungry look in his eye.

Maybe she would satisfy that hunger. He was latin and sexy. She hoped he knew how to use his tongue because he was just her type. Armondo definitely had been showing an interest in her ever since she had started coming to the bar. He was her best choice of the candidates available.

“Sehr gut! Danke! Zu trinken?” asked the sexy man with sexy smile. He spoke german with an accent.

“Do you speak english?” Destiny asked while posing her delectable body in a flirtatious stance.

“It’s my first language hon. Here let me make you a German specialty, sure to satisfy!”

Destiny watched the attractive bartender pour five different liquors and liqueurs with assorted mixes in a large glass.

After two sips Destiny felt the rush of intoxication. She’d better sip this one slowly, she decided.

Destiny had been staking out the bar for a few weeks now. During that time she became friendly with the staff and tipped generously, feeling them out. Being a waiter, Armondo could easily get the information to further her business. He was her target.

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