14 Mayıs 2023

The Book Club


My sham of a marriage was finally over. My useless husband had decided that as soon as I reached the magic age of thirty he needed to look for a younger model. So when he finally admitted that he was screwing his nineteen-year-old secretary, I just snapped and kicked him out. The relief was palpable. But even though he had not treated me like a woman for some time, I found, much to my annoyance, that I missed having male company about the house.I shared my relief and my misgivings with my best friend Claire when I invited her round one evening for some serious girl talk. Claire is a few years younger than me, just twenty-four, but I always feel I can confide in her and that she will understand.“Oh, Claire, whatever happened. I know it was the right thing to do to get rid of him, but I just wish I could slip back into the dating scene again. It all seems so much effort now. You get used to being with one person and I swear you lose the knack of flirting. Not that I get that many opportunities anyway.”Claire is, I should explain, very pretty; slim, blue eyes, blonde hair, the kind of girl that has eyes swivelling to catch a second glimpse of her lovely body. She never complains about lack of opportunity, though I don’t think she’s seeing anyone special at the moment.“You just need to be in the right place at the right time, honey. You could always come along to my book club.”“Book club? You’re joking, of course. That sounds like the opposite of what I’m looking for.”“Evelyn, dear, you need to widen your horizons a bit. You might find that this is a new experience for you.”“What? A load of women sitting around talking about Jane Austen? I don’t think so.”Claire laughed. “This is not exactly a conventional book club, sweetheart. At least not any more. It certainly started off that way, but it has, shall we say, developed into something altogether more Çukurambar escort interesting over the years. And yes, it’s all women, but that is the attraction; no men to spoil the fun.”“You do know I’m looking for something more than a pleasant chat? To be frank, Claire, I need sex. I haven’t had a good bang in months.”Claire smiled enigmatically. “Our club has women of all ages, some of us single, some married, some in-between. But the one thing we all share is a love of the written word. And in particular of the erotic written word, especially when it’s read aloud. We don’t usually read a book in advance and then discuss it; we meet and then one of us reads from an erotic work that she likes while the others listen. It can be very sexy.”“But frustrating?”“Not at all. Look, Evelyn, the other thing we all have in common is that we’re bi-curious to varying degrees. We have one or two gold-star lesbians in the group, but most of us are as comfortable with girls as we are with guys. And when we’re all together listening to some sexy story, well, what’s to stop us touching each other, kissing, maybe a bit more?”Well, I certainly hadn’t been expecting that. I had never even considered other women sexually before and I really wasn’t sure how to react. Claire clearly saw my discomfort.“Come on, honey. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about kissing or stroking another girl before? Ah, no – I can tell by your face that you haven’t, Look, you’re so innocent and sweet that it’s almost a shame I have to say this, but would you like to have little experiment? Would you like to know how it feels to have another woman’s hands on your body?”I nodded meekly, oddly turned on by Claire’s words and the way she looked at me with lust in her eyes. A strange tingling feeling came over me as she took me by the hand and led demetevler escort bayan me through to the bedroom.She told me to strip off and lie face down on the bed and said she’d be back in a minute. I wrapped a towel around me and lay down as she had told me. After a short time, she came back and asked me if I’d ever had a massage before. When I told her I hadn’t she said, “I think you’ll like it, you’re in for a treat.”I should explain that Claire works in a beauty parlour and carries around her treatment bag a lot of the time. She had some warm oils which she rubbed on her hands and then started to massage my arms and shoulders – it felt so good to have a firm hand pressing into my flesh like that and I started to drift away.“Is that good?” she said, as her fingers pressed into my shoulders.“Yes,” I said, “very good.”She then moved to my legs and started kneading and pressing my calves and thighs – moving right up my legs. “Do you like that?” she murmured.I just mumbled, but it was heavenly – her hands moving under my towel and nearly reaching my pussy. I reached behind me and touched her leg. “Is that alright?” I said.“It’s your massage,” she replied, “I just want you to be happy.  Shall I just remove this towel?”“Please,” I replied.She continued massaging my thighs, kneading my bum cheeks with her hot hands. “Is that okay?” she said.“More than okay,” I replied. Her hands went back to my thighs and squeezed gently, just touching my pussy as she did so. By this time I was feeling very horny and my ass rose to meet her touch. She responded by letting her fingers rub my pussy. “Mmm, that feels good, “ I said.“I’m so glad, “ she replied, “Why don’t you turn over and I’ll massage your front.”I turned over to lie on my back. She straddled my body and started rubbing from my shoulders down to my tits Escort dikmen – when she got there she tugged lightly at my nipples, which by now were very hard.To my amazement, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. “Hope you don’t mind,” she said.I said nothing but kissed her in return, savouring the taste of her hot lips on mine.By this time I was feeling very hot and horny so I reached under her dress to feel her taut body – she just lifted her arms and took her dress off – she looked magnificent as she rose above me, her shapely tits now on full view. I reached up and kissed them, teasing her nipples with my hot mouth. She moaned softly. We were both now naked and holding each other tight, kissing and cuddling in a hot frenzy.“Oh, baby,” she said, “You are so fuckable.”Well, never in my life had I been called “fuckable” before, but just hearing her say that drove me to heights of lust. I sucked hard on her nipples as my hand reached down for her sopping wet cunt. She was so wet my fingers just slipped right inside her and she threw her head back, moaning with lust.Of course, she was the perfect professional – she leaned forward and whispered in my ear: “I so want to lick that sweet pussy of yours.” And that is what she did – she moved down my body so that her face was between my thighs and then started lapping at my cunt. I had never been licked by another woman before, and it was driving me crazy – her tongue seemed to know exactly the right spot – my swollen pussy lips, my hard clit – until she was tongue-fucking me into a storm of passion. My hips bucked and rose to meet her hot lips and tongue until I could stand it no longer and exploded in a massive climax. My cunt throbbed with pleasure as she gently sucked on my pussy and I subsided at last. I was so happy, I pulled her up to me and kissed her lips, tasting my own pussy juices on her mouth and tongue – it was amazing.But of course, it didn’t end there.“Let me taste your cunt,” I said.“Mmm,” she replied, “I was hoping you’d say that.” She lay back on the couch, her legs wide apart, her fingers holding her pussy lips wide for me to see – she was very wet and obviously aching for some attention.

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