13 Mayıs 2023

The Breeding Room – Part V


Al was the last one to come to her bed that afternoon. He had waited patiently for over an hour for the others to take their turns with her. One by one they had slipped into bed beside her to make love. There was no raw, hard sex this time with them. They had kissed and caressed and Judy took time to suck their cocks. She wanted to taste them; wanted to arouse them. She wanted to show them her gratitude. This time she also mounted them. Each one started off with her on top. Judy wanted them to lie back and enjoy the pleasure of her mouth before enjoying the pleasure of her pussy. She also wanted them to enjoy the pleasure of her filthy talk. Judy told them how good their cocks felt inside her. Told them how good it felt to receive their cum inside her. Told them that they could come back time and time again to fuck her whenever they wanted to. Judy had found her inner slut and she didn’t care who knew it or what they thought. When it was Al’s turn he told her how the guys had been talking about her. “They all agree that you are far more pleasurable than Elle was.” She didn’t really want to be compared to Elle or anybody else for that matter but it pleased her to know that they really appreciated their time with her. Like the others, they made love long and slowly. Al fucked her deep and dirty. Hard, strong thrusts deep inside her while he spoke dirty to her. He kept telling her that she was the filthiest whore he had ever fucked and Judy revelled in it. The more names he called her the more she responded in the offering of her body to him. At one point she had her legs high and wide apart while she gripped her toes with her Escort Karşıyaka hands. Al loved the way that she offered herself to him. When they had finished they went back downstairs together. Two of the men had departed. They would be returning tomorrow morning. Judy had not realised that the men had worked out a roster between them to be with her over the next two days while Sandy was away. Al and Ben – the man with the big but gentle hands – would be spending the nights with her and the other male left would be taking care of her during the afternoons. Judy smiled at the expression ‘taking care of her’. She asked Al if she had any choice in the matter and he just smiled and shook his head. “No.” He told her. Judy made a mock protest that was met with a slap on her naked bottom from Ben. “You have no say babe. We are here to do a job and we intend getting it done” He told her. She enjoyed that moment of male dominance. A short while later the three remaining men departed leaving her on her own. Judy ran a bath and relaxed in it while she relived the earlier events before slipping naked back into bed. Still thinking about all that had happened, Judy’s fingers found her clitty. She was swollen and tender from all the fucking but she didn’t stop her from pleasuring herself. Later, when she had completely rested she slipped on a dress and made herself dinner. She thought about putting on some underwear but decided against it. It wouldn’t be on for long anyway. Panties were just a hindrance in allowing hands to get at her pussy and breast support was unnecessary in times like these. bornova escort They arrived just after dinner. Ben and Al followed her into the lounge. Ben had lust in his eyes. Judy got the feeling that Al was more successful in bedding white women. He had looks and charm as well as confidence. Ben on the other hand was more of a brawn man; muscular and strong. He had boxer’s hands as well as looks and build. He wouldn’t be the type of man that you would want get on the wrong side of. He was staring at her. She could feel his eyes penetrating the red velvet dress she wore. “Can I get you anything?” she asked them. Al asked for a beer. “And you Ben?” Ben seemed hesitant. It was almost as if he was not used to socializing with women, especially white ones. Judy moved close to him and reached up to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “Something to quench that thirst of yours before…” Ben gave a nervous smile. Judy reached down and touched his bulge. She felt it spring to full erection immediately. “Beer first?” Ben nodded. Judy walked away wondering what he would be like on a one on one basis for a whole night. She imagined that he would be quite a stayer and that excited her. She returned with their beers and sat between them on the settee. It wasn’t long before they started to make a move on her. Ben rested a hand on her thigh and she turned and kissed him. Al’s hand landed on her other thigh and she turned to give him a kiss as well as Ben began to draw the hem of her dress up. She heard him groan as soon as he saw that she was naked underneath. Judy opened her thighs a little wider üçyol escort bayan so that they could look her. Their hands moved immediately between her thighs and soon their fingers were gently teasing her. Judy closed her eyes and lay back allowing them to explore her. She couldn’t see their eyes but she could just imagine their facial expressions as they prodded and probed; opened and explored, viewed and appreciated. After a few minutes Ben got down onto the floor between her thighs. She welcomed the feel of his face between her thighs with a loud moan. His tongue had barely touched her when her cell phone rang. She knew that it would be Sandy ringing from his hotel room. Al spotted her phone on the sideboard and got up to get it for her leaving Judy with the predicament of taking a call from her husband while another man was between her thighs. To his credit he stopped his tonguing of her pussy allowing her to speak. Al though went around the back of the settee and unzipped her dress. Judy had to change hands while speaking to Sandy because Al pushed her dress down over her shoulders. She just managed to hold it all together while they stripped her of her dress. Now she was naked as she spoke to her husband Sandy. Although Ben left her pussy alone Al cupped her breasts from behind and toyed with her nipples. It was excruciating for her especially when Al stripped and began to press his erection against her lips. She ended the call quicker than she wanted to and told Al off but she quickly forgave his interruption as she took his cock in her mouth. Ben resumed his attention to her pussy, his tongue penetrating deeply inside her as he used it like a cock on her. It wasn’t long before Judy was screaming her head from her orgasms. Ben took her first. He had her kneeling on the settee and he took her from behind. With one foot on the floor at the same as his other knee rested on the settee, he fucked her hard and deep.

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