18 Mart 2023

The Bridge Club Ch. 09


I went to work. I went to the fitness club. There was no bridge club. Beth invited me over to play cards with Carmen and Abigail. Carmen cried, Abigail sniffled, and Beth tried to tell me that everything would be alright.

Three weeks after my last meeting with Christina, Beth called me.

– “Saturday. My place. Noon. Be here.” she said.

– “What’s up?” I asked.

– “Christina wants us all there. All of us. It’s an official bridge club meeting.”

– “Bridge Club? What does that even mean?”

– “Just be here.” said Beth, and she hung up.

I showed up. I was surprised when Darren opened the door. He shook my hand, and said “Good luck.”

Carmen and Beth were in the living room. Then Abigail came out of Beth’s bedroom. She saw me, and said “Your turn”.

I walked into the bedroom. Christina was standing by the window.

– “Sit down.” she said. I sat on the edge of the bed. There was nowhere else to sit.

Christina studied me for a while. She had tremendous composure. I was sweating, whereas she looked as though the only thing on her mind was whether to order a latte or a cappucino.

– “You’re an idiot.” she said.

– “Quite often.” I agreed.

– “Don’t be cute.” she said.

I shook my head.

– “You hurt me very badly.” said Christina. “Massimo made me feel dirty. Like I needed a shower. But you betrayed my trust. That hurt more.” She held up her hand, to prevent me from saying ‘I’m sorry’.

“Don’t say SHIT! Just sit there and SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Christina started pacing.

– “I had no expectations of Massimo. I thought that he was a lizard, and I wasn’t far off. He’s a snake. But you – I thought you were … “

I couldn’t help myself. Tears came to my eyes.

“After everything that has happened,” said Christina, “I have come to two conclusions. First, Massimo disgusts me. What he did to Abigail was unpardonable. And he offered me money to sleep with him. I feel debased. But you …”

I felt about two inches tall.

– “I had higher hopes for you. There are times, Norm, when you show kindness, and empathy. In your own mind, you may even have felt that you were worthy of me. My three best friends don’t bear you a grudge. In fact, they all speak highly of you. And Darren likes you. I value his opinion more than you know.”

“The four of them have convinced me to give you a second chance.”

I was stunned. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but it wasn’t that.

– “Did you hear me, Norm? I will give you a second chance.”

– “Yes. I heard. Second chance.”

– “But I have conditions. Several conditions. You must meet them all. To the letter. Or I swear that I will write you off like a bad investment. There will be no negotiation. None. You accept all of my conditions, before I even tell you what they are – or we are done. Do you understand?”

– “I do.”

– “Do you accept my conditions?”

– “Yes.”

Christina walked to the bedroom door, and called Beth, Carmen, and Abigail. All three girls crowded into the bedroom with us. Beth carried a notepad.

– “Norm,” said Christina, “you stand by the window. Beth, you, Abigail and Carmen on the bed.”

We got ourselves arranged to her satisfaction.

– “Condition number one.” said Christina. “You will not have sex with anyone, for the rest of this year, unless I give you my express approval. In advance. Is that clear, and do you accept this condition, Norm?”

I could have said no, of course.

– “Yes.” I said.

Beth made a checkmark on the notepad.

– “Second condition. You must find two new members for the bridge club. Preferably male. Massimo and Jake are not eligible. Nor is Emily. They must be decent bridge players, and reasonably cute. Not Scott. Do you understand, and do you accept?”

– “Yes.” I said.

– “Third. You must win the bet with Massimo.” Christina let that sink in.

– “Ummm …”

– “I know.” she said. “That means that you must have sex with Beth. I am going to grant you permission, in advance.”

I glanced at Beth. She shrugged and raised her eyebrows.

– “That’s … ummm.”

– “Unusual?” said Christina. “Not a hardship, for you? Bizarre? Yes, all of those. I’m not very thrilled with the idea. But Beth is willing. And there’s no other way to stop Massimo from winning.”

Christina took a deep breath. “Then, you will have to sleep with Emily. But she will only participate if it’s a threesome, with another girl. Carmen has agreed to be that other girl. She will make contact with Emily, and set it up. And don’t you dare crack a smile, Norm!”

– “Absolutely not.” I said. “Deadly serious.”

– “You had better be.” said Christina, though clenched teeth. “Now, when all this … fucking is done, you will be celibate for the next 6 months. One week before the deadline of your bet with Massimo, I will make up my mind.”

“If I choose to have no more contact with you, then you will not call me, you won’t come to my house, and you etiler escort will not try to persuade my friends to run messages for you. Do you understand, and do you accept this condition?”

My mouth was suddenly very dry. “Yes.”

– “Fine. There is, of course, the possibility that I may decide to have sex with you myself, so that you win the bet, instead of just stopping Massimo from winning. If I do that, there is one more condition.”

– “And that is?”

– “That you donate the $5000 to charity. All of it.” said Christina.

– “I understand. And I accept.” I said.

– “Good.” said Christina. “Is that everything, Beth?”

She didn’t need to, but Beth consulted her notepad.

– “All done.”

– “Alright then.” said Christina. She spoke to Beth. “Then you two can have sex this Saturday night. From dusk until dawn. And I don’t want to hear a word about it afterwards.” With that, Christina left the room. We all heard the door slam as she left the apartment, too.

– “That went well.” said Abigail.


The phone rang on Friday night. It was Beth.

– “So … tomorrow night …” she said.

– “I know. It’s a bit weird.”

– “A bit?”

– “OK, it’s a lot weird.” I admitted. “Should we … your place, or mine?”

– “Yours.” said Beth. “Christina’s idea. She’s over at my place fairly often, and she said she doesn’t want to think about it every time she walks by my room.”

– “That’s … awkward.” I said.

– “Never mind. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It was decidedly odd. Part of me wanted to do nothing more that would upset Christina. But I knew that this had to happen if we were to prevent Massimo from winning the bet. And it was Beth. I liked her. And I was attracted to her. Had she not being seeing Jake, would I have chosen her over Christina?

She arrived around 7:30. Sunset wasn’t until 7:52, if we were going to strictly observe Christina’s conditions. Beth was wearing a dark shirt and a skirt. We were both nervous.

I poured us a drink. I suggested that we sit on the couch, but Beth asked if she could use my washroom. She was gone for quite a while.

When she came back, was Beth was wearing only a matching red bra and panties, with frilly lace. The top looked like a catapult loaded with two bocce balls. Her hips were wide, but she had great legs. To top it all off, she wore red heels.

I forgot to breathe. Beth stood still for a moment, to let me admire her. She put a hand on one hip, and raised the other hand, as if to say ‘Ta-da!’. It was quite a spectacle. I was fully erect.

– “Is it 7:48 yet?” she asked.

– “7:48?” I said. “Sunset’s not till 7:52. I checked.”

– “I checked, too. Shit. Which one do we go by? Yours, or mine?”

– “The later one, to be safe, I think.”

Then we both laughed simultaneously.

– “What a couple of nerds.” said Beth. “Honestly! You know, one day, I will have to tell Chris about this. So what do we do for 4 minutes?”

– “You could just stand there and let me admire you …” I suggested.

Beth grinned, and then did just that. Then she adjusted her panties, pulling them up a little tighter. She half-turned, showing me that the panties were nearly non-existent at the back, leaving her ass cheeks exposed. I moaned softly.

Then she began fiddling with the bra, reaching into one cup and lifting her breast, as if to adjust it.

– “Now that’s hardly fair.” I said.

– “I’ve been horny as hell all week.” she said. “You can suffer a bit, too. What time is it?”

– “7:50.”

– “What do you want to do first?” she said, licking her lips for effect.

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I slowly undid the buttons on my shirt. I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

– “Oh yeah. That’s nice.” she said, encouraging me.

I got my socks and shoes off, and my pants undone – and then I saw the time. 7:52.

I closed the distance between us. We collided like rugby players, both of us wrapping our arms around the other. She crushed her lips to mine, and our tongues met halfway, twisting and swirling. She grabbed my head in both hands and tried to push her tongue down my throat.

My pants had fallen down around my ankles. I managed to step out of them before Beth could knock me over. She reached behind her to undo the bra, and pulled it off. Her breasts were as spectacular as I had imagined, like engorged fruit, a little too big for my hands. But I didn’t get my hands on her tits; Beth pressed up against me again, her mouth seeking mine.

Her hands weren’t idle, though. She pulled my underwear aside and grabbed a handful of hard cock. She was tugging on it. Sensing that we weren’t going to last very long, I pulled back and dropped to one knee. I peeled her red panties down her legs, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. I rubbed a finger between her lips. As I thought, halkalı escort she was already wet.

She pulled me back up, and then aimed my cock just below her pussy. She slipped my dick between her legs, straddling me. Then she began to slide back and forth, rubbing her pussy lips across the top of my cock. I groaned.

– “No more.” she moaned. “Just put it in me.”

I put my hands under her ass and lifted her. Beth wrapped her legs around me, nearly stabbing me in the butt with her heels as I carried her to the couch.

– “You don’t need a condom. Just put it in.”

I dropped Beth on her back, and steered my cock towards her opening. Just as I got the head between her nether lips and started to thrust, Beth lunged upwards with her hips. We met halfway, as her mound slammed into my pubic bone.

We were both wild, like animals. I wanted to nail her to the couch, and skewer her there. But every time I partially withdrew, to prepare another stroke, Beth lunged upwards, gobbling my cock back inside her vagina. There was no sound but the slap of our pelvises, and the harsh panting of our breath as we wrestled on the couch. It was messy, uncoordinated, and wild. All too soon, I felt the sap come boiling up, and I exploded inside her.

Beth groaned and held me tight, continuing to grind against me. A moment later, she grunted and shivered, reaching her own climax. I collapsed atop her, and we clung to each other, our bodies slick with sweat.

When my breathing had returned to close to normal, I swung up off her, and sat beside her on the couch. I started to undo the straps of her heels.

– “What are you doing?” she asked.

– “Taking off your shoes. You can’t shower in heels.”

– “Does that mean you want me to stay?” said Beth.

I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. “Beth: you’re here, you’re beautiful, and you’re naked. Christina specifically gave us from dawn to dusk, and I plan to use as much of that time as we can.”

She just smiled and lifted her foot.

– “Besides,” I said, “memories of this night will have to last me for six months. I want them to be the best possible.”

– “Aren’t you forgetting Emily and Carmen?” asked Beth.

– “To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t say no to Carmen. But I’m not that attracted to Emily. Really. Besides, that’s not a sure thing … like you are.”

– “So now I’m a sure thing, am I? Aren’t you taking me for granted?”

– “Let’s take a shower, and I’ll show you how many ways I would like to take you.”

Beth had an incredible body. She was solidly built, but her legs were shapely. And her breasts were spectacular, firm heavy gourds of tit-flesh. She delighted in pressing them against me, and running her nipples across my chest. When she arched her back, her left nipple pointed at my chin. And when she was aroused, as she most certainly was now, her aureolae swelled up amazingly.

I gave her tits my full attention, soaping them, weighing them in my hands, and the soaping them up all over again. Then I made sure that her pussy was thoroughly clean, and inserted two fingers to inspect her depths. I also stuck a soapy finger in her ass, and Beth moaned.

– “I don’t mind a finger … but nothing bigger in there, OK?”

– “As you wish.”

Beth had paid an inordinate amount of attention to my cock. She used up most of a bar of soap on it. Then she wrapped her hand around the shaft and started stroking from root to tip.

Finally, she sat on the edge of the bathtub, and pulled me closer. She licked the tip of my cock, then parted her lips and slid forward, taking me in her mouth. She worked the shaft with her hand, while sliding the first few inches into her hot, wet mouth. Her left hand came up to cradle my balls.

She licked down the underside of my dick, and back up to the tip. She repeated this maneuver several times. Then she put me back in her mouth, and tried to deep-throat me. She didn’t quite get there, but it was fascinating – and exciting – to watch her try.

– “I’m getting close.” I told her. Beth redoubled her efforts, and was rewarded. I put my hands on her shoulders, and emptied my balls in her mouth. She swallowed valiantly, but a little bit trickled out onto her chin. She wiped it off, and licked her finger clean.

I got her out of the shower, dried her off, and took her to my room.

– “Your turn.” I said.

– “I was hoping you’d say that.” she replied.

I started at Beth’s toes, sucking and licking them. It didn’t affect her the way it had Abigail, but she seemed to appreciate the effort. Then I ran my tongues up her shins, and spent some time on her calves. When I got to the backs of her knees, Beth groaned. She pulled one leg back herself, and lifted it up over her head.

I licked up that leg, from ass cheek to ankle. Then I ran my tongue back down her shapely calf. Finally, I moved between her legs. She was clean as a whistle, and tasted innovia escort divine. I sucked and licked and fingered her pussy. I teased her for a bit, then dove in and slurped noisily. I let her build slowly, until she was begging me to finish her off.

She lay flat on her back, with her legs spread wide. When I glanced up at her face, she was squeezing and pinching her own nipples. She saw me looking, and grinned lewdly. Then she lifted one of her tits and began sucking her own nipple. I took the other nipple between my fingers and pinched it, as I went back to work with my tongue.

Beth came hard, panting and humping my face.

I crawled up between her legs and slid my hard cock into her pussy.

– “Oh, shit. Oh fuck.” she said. I planted my hands on either side of her magnificent body, and slid into her in long, slow strokes. She began to match my rythmn, but gently this time. She was very, very wet, and I had already come twice. It was going to be a long, slow fuck.

I lifted her one leg again, up over her head, as she had done before. Then I straddled the other leg before sliding my cock back into her. It was an unusual angle, but she was wet enough to make it possible.

After a few minutes, I flipped her onto her stomach and entered her from behind. I leaned my full weight on her back and her ass, and drove into her balls deep, Then I ground my pelvis against her.

I picked her up by the hips and started fucking her doggy style. Beth really enjoyed that, slamming her ass back into me as I thrust forward. Remembering what she had said earlier, I snuck a finger into her back passage. Beth moaned and tried to impale herself on my dick.

Eventually I put her on her side, and lay behind her in the spoon position. I was in no rush. I played with her full ass cheeks, and fondled her engorged breasts. I rolled on to my back, and let her ride me.

She started slow, simply shifting her hips back and forth, leaning forward with her hands on my chest. In that position, her tits were swinging gently just above me. I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity. Beth began to pick up speed, and she started lifting her hips up and down, masturbating me with her hot, wet tunnel.

That was enough for me. I grabbed her ass and started assisting her movements.

– “Ah! Beth!” I shouted, as I shot up into her.

This time it was Beth who collapsed on top of me. We lay together like that, both of us breathing heavily. I think she fell asleep.

Some time later, I was able to crawl out from under her. Beth’s breathing remained regular. I threw on a t-shirt and some loose shorts, and went out to the living room. I stood on the balcony, picking out a few stars, and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t much help with romance.

I was fucking the best friend of the girl I was in love with. Or was I in love with Beth, too? I had to sleep with her, as part of the bet with Massimo. But after the first frenzied fuck on the couch, we had done a lot more. Wouldn’t it be awkward to be with Christina, knowing what Beth looked like naked, how her breasts puffed up when she was aroused, and what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a blowjob from her.

I sensed movement. It was Beth, coming to join me. She was barefoot, wearing my robe.

– “You OK?” she asked.

– “Think so.” I replied. “Just a bit … confused.”

– “Want to tell me about it?” she invited.

– “I do. But I don’t. I don’t know.”

Beth sighed. “Look, Norm: Christina isn’t going to stay mad about this. It didn’t bother her in the least that you slept with Carmen and Abigail. You treated them nice, and parted on good terms. There’s no damage to her friendships with them because of you. And she’ll be OK with us sleeping together. Hey – she’s no blushing virgin. She has her own history. It’s no secret: she slept with Jake before I did.”

– “With Jake?” I was surprised.

– “Yeah. Come to think of it, I should’ve learned from her mistake. But the point is, it didn’t ruin our friendship. It was just sex. She wasn’t trying to steal my boyfriend, and I’m not trying to steal hers.”

Beth saw the look on my face.

– “Oh, that too? You’re afraid that this is unfair to me? That I might have feelings for you? Relax, Casanova. I was curious, sure. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you and I wouldn’t have lasted more than six months.”

– “How can you know that?” I asked.

– “Norm, please. I like you, and I enjoy your company. We’re good as bridge partners, and I won’t lie to you: the sex is amazing. But I’m not the girl you’re looking for. You like books, and travel, and theatre, and sports, and all that stuff. I’m a shopper, and a party girl, and I like nightclubs. We have things in common, but after 6 months you would have been looking for someone to go to a play with, or to go skiing, or some shit like that.”

– “That’s very perceptive.” I said.

– “I have my moments.” she said, with a smile.

– “You have quite a few of those moments.”

– “Did that help?” she asked.

– “Very much. Thank you.” I gave her a hug. Bad idea. I felt the heroic proportions of her breasts through the robe, and immediately started tenting my shorts. Beth noticed.

– “Looks like somebody is ready for the next round.” observed Beth.

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