24 Mayıs 2023

The Bucket List: Twins

Big Dicks

Bucket lists: we all have them! The older you get, the longer the list. Sometimes, the quest to knock something off your list just adds another item to it.Bret Kingsley, divorced, hot, horny, and a pleasure to be in bed with, needed her grass cut. We came to an agreement. I would cut her grass every week during the summer and she would invite me in for payment afterward. And ‘invite me in’ had little to do with entering her house. It was looking like it would be a great summer.It was a typical Saturday in late May. I fired up the Toro, cut my grass and hers, and per our tacit agreement, I knocked on her door, expecting to see her in her robe, and nothing else. To my surprise, the door opened up to a curvy redhead wearing a black bikini.”You must be Grey,” she said as I tried not to stare. “Mom warned us you might stop in.” She smiled a knowing smile that said she, at least https://escortium.org had an idea of our agreement. “She had to go out of town on business.”Us? “Um, Bret, er, um, Mrs. Kingsley didn’t mention not being here.””She must have forgotten to mention it. It’s okay, though. We know what to do.” At that moment a second female appeared at the door. “This must be the boy next door that Mom told us about. Why don’t you come in?”I must be seeing double! Two curvy redheads. Identical. Right down to their swimwear. I felt a stir in my loins as I stepped inside. One of the girls noticed and smiled as she stepped in front of me, her ass swaying with each step. “Come on out to the patio. I’m sure you could use a drink.”I could use more than a drink, I thought, but which one do I want? My thoughts were interrupted when one of them said to the other, “Hey Sis, we haven’t introduced ourselves to our guest.”I’m Khloe. This is my twin sister Kat.” She patted the chaise next to her, indicating that I should sit. I stretched out on the lounge chair, hands in my lap trying to hide my excitement.”Nice to meet you both,” I replied as Kat handed me a drink. It was some sort of wine cooler, light and sweet, but it hit the spot after lawn cutting.Khloe turned to me. “Lets just cut to the chase, Grey. Mom didn’t leave us any money to pay you with. And while we may not know exactly how she was paying for your services, we can guess.” She reached over and patted the bulge in my gym shorts. She sat in my lap, straddling me. She burrowed into my lap until my now fully hard cock nestled into the crack of her pussy.”You want to tell us what your rate is for grass cutting? Or would you rather we decide?”Smiling, I replied, “I will let you decide, Khloe.””Good answer Grey!” she replied as she stood up, stepped aside and knelt down. She pulled my shorts down over my knees, freeing me from the confines of my shorts. “Oh, my. Isn’t this a pleasant surprise. Plenty long without looking like a baseball bat. What do you think Kat?”Her sister stared, licked her lips, and answered, “Right, Sis. I think we are gonna have some fun.” Kat stood up, straddling my head. The small patch of clothing hiding her pussy was inches from my face. “Mom did mention that you are an expert cunt lapper, Grey. Is that true?”Staring at the outline of her camel toe I answered, “Your mom told you about us?””Every detail!” came a voice from near my crotch, just before I felt Khloe’s mouth slide over my helmet. I let out a moan.Kat slid a hand inside her bikini bottom, slipping her fingers up into her slit, frigging herself. She pulled her hand out, her fingers coated with her essence. Sliding her fingers under my nose, she asked, “Wanna taste?

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