18 Mart 2023

The Cabin


Bo looked out over the mountains and smiled. The air was cool as the sun set, but not yet uncomfortable. He listened to the birds chirping and the rustle of the wind and felt at ease. He had been deployed for nearly a year, most of it in a combat zone. He had arrived home two days ago and, as he had been on detached duty with a unit that still wasn’t stateside, he’d managed to hide that fact and rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

He smiled again as heard a car coming up the road and turn into the driveway. It was Beth.

He hadn’t seen her since the he’d left though they’d written and emailed and occasionally talked on the phone. He had started seeing her only a few months before he’d gone overseas. A friend had introduced them, and they’d hit it off. His sudden deployment had been hard to deal with for both, but especially Beth.

She was working in Knoxville and when he told her he’d be flying into Bragg the following Thursday, she’d suggested they get a cabin. Bo was intrigued and hopeful. They had begun to explore a bit physically before he’d had to go, but hadn’t gotten very far, much to Bo’s disappointment. Beth hadn’t ever explicitly said that she would, or he could, but she had become more flirtatious as their time apart had gone on. Bo had never seen her naked, but he’d seen enough to want not only to see, but to touch and explore.

Bo stood and stretched; the deployment, long flight, and jet lag, had him tired and sore, but he smiled as he headed around the deck to the front of the cabin. Beth was getting out of the car when she saw him. She ran to him and threw her arms around him. They embraced. After a moment, Beth tried to giggle, but it came out as sob. Then she giggled as she waved her hand in front of her red face.

“I’m sorry,” she sputtered, “I swore I wasn’t going to cry.”

“It’s okay,” Bo said easily, “I’m glad to see you too.”

They hugged again and then Beth said, “I guess I better get my stuff.”

They moved to the car and she leaned in to get her bag giving Bo a moment to let his eyes move over her. Beth stood about 5′ 4″ and had long, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a light blue sweater and jeans. Both were tight and accented her large breasts and nicely shaped bottom. She turned with her bag and caught him staring.

Bo blushed and looked away and played it off by taking her bag.

She gave him an amused look, but said only, “I brought some food. If you’ll get my hiking books out of the trunk, that will be everything.”

Bo nodded, retrieved the boots, and headed inside with Beth.

He opened the door for her as she took the food inside “Nice,” she said, “Looks just like the pictures.”

“Yeah, it’ll do,” Bo agreed.

The cabin was small, consisting of a living area and kitchen with a wood burning stove in the center and a bathroom located through a door. The next room was a small study/second bedroom. It was narrow, with most of the space taken up by a futon, desk, and book case. The final room was the main bedroom. It was good sized, with a queen size bed, dresser, and chair. As in all the rooms, windows looked out over the mountains on the west side. There was also a deck around the west and north sides with several chairs, a table and a small hot tub. Bo set her bag and boots in the bedroom and returned to the kitchen.

“You started dinner,” she stated with mock astonishment as she eyed the lasagna in the oven, “I’m impressed.”

Bo smiled, “Me and Stouffer’s do pretty well. Beats an MRE, that’s for sure.”

Beth chuckled as she opened a bottle of wine and poured them both a glass.

Bo hesitated, but took it.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked, “You give up wine over there?”

“No”, he said, “I just haven’t had any alcohol in a year. If I have too much, between that and the jet lag, I may be passed out before we get to dessert.”

“Aw,” she winked, “don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you.”

Bo laughed, thinking he wouldn’t mind that at all.

When the lasagna was ready, they served it and sat down to eat. The wine and conversation flowed easily and steadily, and Bo was reminded of why he enjoyed spending time with Beth.

When they were done, they cleaned the dishes up and Beth suggested they watch a movie. Without realizing it, they had gone through a whole bottle of wine and though he’d said it jokingly, Bo was feeling lightheaded and tired. Nevertheless, he agreed to the movie.

“I’m going to put on some more comfy clothes if you don’t mind, “Beth told him, “would you mind starting the fire? It’s starting to get a little chilly.”

Bo agreed and lit a fire in the small stove. Within several minutes, the chill was starting to recede. He looked up as Beth returned to the room dressed in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. He wasn’t completely sure, but he was pretty sure her breasts were free under the shirt.

They sat on the sofa and started the movie. They silivri escort made small talk for the first few minutes, but soon Bo began to fade. The warm room, his months long lack of enough sleep, the jet lag, and the wine all began to pull him down. He fought to keep his head up and his eyes open, but it was a battle he was destined to lose and soon he was sound asleep.

He awoke with a start nine hours later. It was dark, the only light in the room was embers in the stove and the first hint of dawn through the curtains. It took him a minute, but he got his bearings, remembering where he was and realizing he must have fallen asleep. He vaguely remembered her kissing him softly and whispering good night as she had covered him with a blanket.

It hit him suddenly that he had to pee something fierce and he went to the bathroom and relieved himself. He brushed his teeth and washed his face, then came back out into the living area. He glanced down the hall and softly padded through the middle room and to the bedroom door. Beth lay in the bed on her back, snoring softly as she slept. She looked beautiful and innocent and sweet. He thought of going and laying down with her, but he decided against it, turning and heading back into the living room.

Five thirty wasn’t bad, he’d awakened the first two mornings he’d been back at 4:00 am. He hoped that in another day or two he’d be back on schedule. He put some wood on the fire and put some coffee on, then slipped on his jacket and stepped outside. It was cold, but not bitterly so and he looked out as the gray light slowly grew brighter revealing the frost covered hills. He smiled at the beauty of it and then went back inside and poured a cup of coffee. He sat down and looked up a couple of good hiking spots and then about 6:30, he heard Beth begin to stir.

Bo got up and moved to kitchen, frying eggs and cooking bacon. As he was finishing the bacon, Beth stumbled into the living room, walked over to him and put her arms around him.

Bo returned the hug, enjoying the feel of her resting against him. She took a deep breath and he could feel her breasts press against him through their shirts. He smiled and squeezed her.

“Do you know what time it is?” she asked huskily, “you’re on vacation and you’re up at oh effing dark thirty.” This last she said with a teasing chuckle.

Bo smiled, “My body still thinks it’s on the other side of the world. Actually, this is better. It only thinks it’s halfway around the world now.”

Beth chuckled and groaned, “At least you made breakfast and coffee. God knows I am going to need it!”

Bo laughed and plated up eggs, bacon, and toast for them. They sat down to eat, their conversation resuming easily. He asked if she’d like to go on a hike and she agreed. They agreed on a moderate hike about a 45-minute drive from the cabin.

After breakfast, Bo cleaned up the dishes while Beth got dressed. Then, they packed a lunch and by 8:30 were on the road. The drive through the mountains was beautiful with the sun out and the day warming nicely. They arrived at the Black Balsam Knob trailhead just before 9:30 and began walking in. The first part of the trail was steep and winding, and Bo’s knees reminded him that he’d had plenty of this not too long ago. Once they reached the top of the bald though, the terrain flattened out and the walk became easier. The view south was incredible. They could see for miles! After going over a series of balds, they stopped on the last one and ate their lunch.

After they ate, they sat and just looked out over the sea of mountains. Beth leaned against him and he turned to look at her. Her eyes met his and they kissed deeply.

She gently broke the kiss and touched his face. “I’m so glad you’re back,” she said softly.

Bo covered her hand with his and squeezed it gently, then said with a twinkle in his eye, “Well, it beat the alternative.”

They both laughed, and Beth smacked him playfully. They packed up and began the trek down. The trail wound down around the last ball and down an old logging road back to where they had parked. It was nearly three as they got in the car to head back. On the way back, they stopped at Ingles to pick up steaks and a few other things. By the time they reached the cabin, it was after 4 and the sun was beginning to set.

When they got back, Bo was stove up from the hike and the drive. He limped down the drive to the deck like an old man.

Beth giggled softly, “Are you getting old?” she asked playfully.

Bo shook his head, “Feels that way. Ah, I did a lot of walking over there and between that and sitting on a plane for a day on the way home, I’m just stiff.”

Beth grinned when he said that, opened her mouth to say something, then closed it, then finally said, “I bet a dip in the hot tub would do you good. Go change and get it going and I’ll marinate the steaks and join you.”

Bo nodded in agreement merter escort and went and put on a pair of swim trunks, got a couple of towels and headed out to the deck. He opened the top and started the jets, then eased into it. It felt wonderful and he sighed as the warm water massaged the soreness from his legs.

“Here you go,” he heard, and turned to see Beth leaning over handing him a glass of wine. He almost dropped the glass. She was wearing a string bikini that left very little to the imagination; the top covering only a small part of her large soft breasts and the bottom covering her sex and a fraction of her ass.

Bo’s mouth hung open as he watched her take a sip of her wine and step into the tub. She reached for his hand for balance and he took it, guiding her down. She sat down across from him, set her glass on the deck and immersed her body.

“Umm,” she sighed, “this is nice”

Bo nodded, and took a gulp of his wine. Beth sat up and put her arms out along the edge of the tub giving him an unobstructed view of her big, barely covered tits. The cool air on her wet nipples was quickly making them push against the thin fabric of her top. Bo’s mouth was dry as cotton and he took another gulf of wine, his eyes locked on Beth’s big wet orbs.

Beth took another sip of her own wine and made a show of looking over her shoulder.

“That’s some view,” she said playfully.

Bo nodded.

“I want to see it to” she said and moved over beside him. The tub wasn’t large; four would have been a crowd. It was really meant for one per seat, but she squeezed onto the one he was on. He put his arm around her and she pressed closer.

“Wow,” she said, “those mountains are gorgeous.”

Bo nodded again, trying to keep his eyes on the Blue Ridge, but wanting more than anything to look at the mountains on Beth’s chest. They sat there for a long moment and then he tried to steal a glance. Beth was watching him and caught his eye.

“It’s okay,” she said softly, “you can look at them.” With that she turned and sat up a bit so that her breasts were eye level for Bo. As she did, she reached under the water and began to stroke his thigh gently. His cock twitched and began to swell.

Beth leaned down and kissed him deeply. He returned it passionately. After a moment, she stood and moved back in front of him. With her eyes locked on his, she reached behind her and untied the knot holding her top up. She shrugged, and it fell away, revealing her big, erect nipples. She stepped close and sat on his lap, then took his hands and placed them on her tits.

Bo sighed deeply and began to squeeze and stroke her big soft, tits. They swayed a bit as she moved. His fingers ringed her big areolae and she sighed softly.

Beth stepped close again and leaned in, whispering, “Suck them.”

Bo needed no encouraging and he leaned in and began to kiss her left breast, starting just below her collarbone and moving down even as his fingers continued to squeeze and knead too. He licked around the edges of her areola, teasing the places that seemed to be most sensitive, and then took the nipple between his lips, sucking it softly at first, and then more deeply. Beth moaned softly.

Bo moved to her right breast and repeated his ministrations even as his fingers continued to softly squeeze and pull on her left nipple. As he did, he felt Beth’s hands on his thighs, stroking in slow circles beginning near his knees and moving slowly up his thighs. His cock grew thicker still, held down only slightly by the fabric of his suit. When Beth’s fingers reached his suit, they began to tease his cock through his suit, back and forth slowly teasing it.

Bo’s heart was pounding as he leaned back and looked up at Beth. He started to speak, and she just shook her head gently., watching him as she found the tie of his shorts and undid it. She stepped back and pulled his feet, then stepped close and began to pull it down.

The wet suit didn’t’ want to cooperate with his erect cock and she stumbled against him. Bo’s hands found her hips, then her ass as she pressed against him. She looked up and they kissed deeply again; her hand still struggling to pull his suit over his engorged cock.

After a moment of this, Bo broke the kiss and playfully said, “Here, let me help you with that.” His cock was so stiff, it wasn’t easy even for him, but he finally tugged the hem away from his wet skin and pushed the suit down as his penis popped up. Beth giggled, and then reached for it, grasping it in both hands at the base and sliding them slowly up to the head and back.

“You were right,” she cooed, “you are kind of stiff.” She paused then looked at him and said, “I think I can help you with that.”

Bo swallowed hard as she patted the side of the tub and guided him to sit on the edge. He sat, and she moved onto the seat beneath the edge he was seated on. Beth leaned close and kissed mecidiyeköy escort the tip of his cock, letting her tongue move all over the head as her right hand began to stroke his shaft with long, slow strokes. Bo groaned as she took the head between her lips and sucked it gently as her tongue found sensitive spots to tease and lick. As her right hand stroked, her left played with his balls and explored the nether region between his balls and anus.

Bo gasped and let out a deep moan. His penis felt incredibly erect, throbbing almost painfully as Beth took more of him in her mouth and then sliding back up to the head. Up and down, up and down as her hands continued to stroke his shaft and play with his balls. Bo was almost panting now, groaning at the intense sensations and trying desperately to hold on just a little longer.

Beth seemed to sense how close he was and let him slide out of her mouth. She sat back for a moment, smiling at him and brushing a strand of her from her face. She watched his eyes, fixed on her heavy tits and began to move her shoulders a bit so they swayed seductively. Bo smiled and made a primal sound in his throat. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. Bo returned it, still incredibly aroused. “You like my titties?” she asked through the kiss.

Bo nodded his assent even as he fondled them.

Beth smiled and adjusted herself a bit, taking her breasts in her hands and squeezing them together just above the tip of is cock. “Fuck them Bo, “Beth whispered, “Fuck my big tits, baby!”

Bo needed no more encouragement as he began to slide his shaft in and out of her cleavage. For a moment, she let him just thrust up into the valley of her cleavage and then she began to move too, matching his thrusts, magnifying the pleasure of her tit flesh on his cock. Bo reached down and put his hands over Beth’s, squeezing her tits tighter around his pistoning cock. She moved slightly and now his glans was rubbing firmly against her sternum as they moved together. Every stroke pushed the pressure in his balls higher, higher. He felt his orgasm coming, rising, building until he could take it no longer.

He cried out as a huge load shot from his cock, then another, and another, bathing her tit valley with his cum. Bo’s back arched and he saw stars as his penis shot again and again. He was panting her name as he slowly came down, “Beth, oh Beth. Oh my god. Beth…”

After several more minutes, she released his cock from between her tits and sat back in the arm water, letting it wash the cum off her tits and chest and neck. She smiled at him as he stared at her.

“You okay,” she asked softly.

Bo nodded, “Yes” he said softly, “Thank you.”

She moved toward him again and they embraced, pressing together and kissing deeply. Beth whispered softly, “You’re welcome lover.” She gave him one more kiss and stepped out of the hot tub pulling a towel over her as she ambled into the cabin.

“I’m going to get a quick shower before dinner,” she called.

Bo nodded and got out of the tub, wrapping a towel around himself and padding inside. He dried off and changed and then lit the grill and began preparing dinner. His mind was still trying to process what had happened. It was incredible, and he replayed it in his mind.

Beth came into the kitchen while he was grilling and finished fixing their salads, potatoes, and wine. When he brought the steaks in, she had the table set and had even put a log in the wood stove to stave off the night chill.

They ate and drank and laughed and talked, not mentioning what had happened earlier. His back was bothering him a little and she suggested he go lay down for a few minutes to see if that might help it. He agreed and went to the futon in the middle room as it was firmer than the mattress on the bed. His intent was to lie there for five minutes and go back to her. Instead, the jet lag, wine, and sexual release combined to put him to sleep. Beth covered him up and went to bed shortly, knowing he’d probably wake up early again.

Bo dreamed of the afternoon. He could see Beth’s incredible tits, feel their softness and weight in his hands, and the incredible sensation of them (as well as Beth’s tongue and lips) on his aroused penis. He groaned in his sleep and woke up with a start. Again, he was disoriented. It took him a second to figure out where he was and why he had such a raging hard on. It came to him after a minute and he smiled as he rose and stretched.

Again, it was five thirty and the first light of dawn was just beginning to turn the sky gray. He peaked into the bedroom and saw Beth sleeping soundly and then he padded into the other room. He took a quick shower and dressed and put the coffee on before walking out on the deck. The sky was red and there was a different breeze blowing. The forecast called for rain later but there was a trail close to the cabin that was reasonably short and went to the top of the mountain their cabin was on.

He started making pancakes and sausage about 6:30 and before long, Beth padded into the living room yawning. She came up to him and he embraced her. She put her head on his shoulder and just let him hold her for a minute. Then, she looked up and kissed him softly.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile, “god I hope you’ll get over that jet lag soon.”

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