18 Mart 2023

The Captain and the Sergeant


A lost Army officer finds love

Kathy brought the jeep to a stop beside the highway marker and pulled out the map Sergeant Peterson had given her. “Where the hell am I?” she muttered to herself as she tried in vain to match the highway number in front of her with the map. Kathy Miller, US Army Captain, engineering battalion was lost and she was not happy. She was looking directly at a setting sun on what should have been a pleasant afternoon drive to the Army camp where she would be observing field exercises for the next week.

She studied the map again. Back at HQ, Sergeant Peterson had highlighted the route and even placed a large X where the camp would be found. “It’s clearly marked,” he said with a grin when he handed it to her.

She began to boil. Her mind was thinking the Sergeant was messing with the wrong woman if he deliberately misled her. Even in this day and age, a woman in a man’s world has to work twice or even three times as hard to prove her worth.

Kathy Miller grew up on a farm in the NE part of Missouri. The youngest child with two older brothers, it was easy to be a bit of a tomboy and later being called a nerd didn’t bother her in the least. She stood 5′ 7″, dirty blond hair, hazel eyes. Although not a prom queen, she was fairly attractive. When she announced to her parents that she wanted to study civil engineering they looked at each other and wondered which side of the family she got her smarts from.

Not feeling so smart now, she sat with her eyes closed and mentally focused on the task at hand. Suddenly she remembered that there was a radio stuck somewhere in the gear she packed for the field assignment. She quickly located it and after giving it a kiss, turned it on.

She selected the assigned frequency for HQ, crossed her fingers and pressed the button.

“This is Captain Miller calling base. Come in base.”


She tried again and still nothing.

Now she was pissed. She didn’t want to try and retrace her drive back to HQ and provide certain people the ammunition to say she couldn’t cut it. In desperation, she tried a different channel. This time the tide turned in her favor.

“This is Captain Miller to anyone on this channel, over.”

“Yes, Captain Miller, this is Sergeant Benson at Camp Crawford. How may I be of assistance?”

How lucky can a girl get, Kathy wondered, that was the camp where she was headed. Thinking fast, she tried to be vague and not let on that she was lost.

“I’m having a bit of an issue getting to your camp and could use some assistance.”

“Sure, no problem. Give me your location and I’ll be happy to do what I can.”

Kathy provided the highway number and the name of a small town she had driven through and Sergeant Benson assured her he would be there in about twenty minutes.

Sergeant William Benson had been in the Army for five years and was not the kind of guy who resented women in uniform. There was something about Kathy’s voice that he liked and the thought of aiding a damsel in distress appealed to him.

Bill was fourth generation Army but unlike his father and grandfather, he wasn’t planning to make it a career. He stood exactly six feet tall, and although not muscular, he had a pretty good body and liked to stay in shape. He had brown eyes and kept his dark brown hair regulation length. He felt fortunate to be in the engineering battalion because building things was his first love. In his present assignment he not only got to be in construction but he was learning demolition, too. His CO had recognized Bill’s talent and after some encouragement, helped him enroll in engineering classes to become a civil engineer.

Kathy couldn’t believe her luck. Hopefully, Sergeant Benson wouldn’t make fun of her behind her back for getting lost. She had put a lot of effort in her career and didn’t need to have it sabotaged.

When Sergeant Benson arrived there was a moment when they gave each other the once over assessment. They were both surprised and pleased with what they saw. There was an instant attraction but then the Army reality hit them both. She was an officer and he was not. End of story, no mixing of the two.

Swearing to himself about his situation, Bill put on his happy face and best behavior and greeted the good-looking Captain standing in front of him. “Good afternoon, Captain, how can I help you?”

“I’m trying to get to Camp Crawford.”

“Well ma’am, you’re close but on the wrong road.”

She showed him her map. He looked at it and shook his head. “It’s not the right map is it?”

“Not even close,” Bill replied, “I’m sorry.”

Kathy just grinned and the seeds of revenge were now planted. “Funny too, how I was able to contact you on my radio but not my base.”

“Hmm….that’s interesting. Bill paused a few moments and then a big grin grew on his face. “I can see that since your jeep broke down I’ll have to give you a tow.”

“What? My jeep is..”

“Begging your pardon, Captain, but didn’t you report you had an issue with your jeep and needed assistance.” Kathy just stood kağıthane escort there with her mouth open. “Let’s see…..did you happen to hit a bone jarring bump in the road?”


“That will do it every time.” He grabbed a screwdriver and opened the hood. She couldn’t see what he was doing but in less than a minute he slammed the hood down and asked her to start the jeep. She turned the key as requested and started laughing when the jeep wouldn’t start. His stock, in her eyes, jumped considerably. “I’m beginning to like this guy”, she murmured.

As he was hitching a tow rope between the vehicles, Kathy stood beside him and softy said, “Thank you, Sergeant.”

Bill looked her in the eye and with a big grin said, “My pleasure ma’am.”

Kathy grinned back and said, “Are you an old movie buff?”

“Yes I am.”

“Remember the last line spoken by Bogart in the movie Casablanca?”

Bill nodded and with a smile said, “I like that.”

The drive to the camp turned out to be as pleasant as Sergeant Peterson promised. The tree lined roads provided a lovely canopy and Kathy began to relax. She found herself thinking about Bill and what a God send he was. Thinking about how attractive he was caused a stir deep down that she hadn’t felt for a long time. She hadn’t had a sexual relationship since college and carefully avoided it in the Army. Guys had tried but either it was the wrong person or the wrong time. She found Bill appealing but unfortunately, off limits to an officer.

Thoughts of college days quickly brought a smile to her face. What days those were. A woman enrolled in engineering was unusual to say the least. There were ten women in the program and only two, including Kathy, were civils. She didn’t lack for dates, given the ratio of men to women. A small high school didn’t offer much by way of romance but the odds were certainly better at the university.

Several of her classmates were in fraternities and one house in particular had a study group that Kathy found to her liking. It was there where she met Hank, a fellow engineering student but a junior. He was handsome with dark curly hair and taller than many of his frat brothers. One day when they were alone, he asked her if she would like to go out one evening. That was the start of a wonderful college romance. What a wonderful lover and teacher he was.

One of the things Kathy learned from Hank was to relax and enjoy being pleasured. She had always been competitive so it was difficult to just be in the moment. Her focus was on pleasing him and it took some time before she realized that sex was not a contest but something to be enjoyed. Hank opened a whole new world to her and she learned about sexual pleasure both for herself and her man.

Kathy was jolted from her daydream when they approached the guard at the gate.

The guard spotted Kathy’s rank and snapped a smart salute. Seeing the camp and how she almost didn’t get there made her simmer inside. The thought of being issued a map by Sergeant Peterson that was nowhere close did not bode well, but fortunately Bill came to her rescue and was taking them quickly down a side street toward the motor pool.

After detaching her jeep inside the motor pool, he motioned to Kathy to hop into his vehicle and proceeded to get her checked into the BOQ. During the drive over, she tried to be discreet but she had difficulty keeping her eyes off him. There was something about him that she found attractive. She couldn’t put her finger on it but to her amazement, her heart was fluttering and she felt a warmth all over.

Bill interrupted her thoughts when he asked for her radio with the assurance of having it checked out. He was not happy that she couldn’t contact her base with it and voiced his concern. She chastised herself for not doing a radio check before departing. That didn’t pacify Bill, he was adamant that the radio should have been fully functional. When she mentioned about being lost, he was quick to disagree.

“In my opinion, Captain, you were not lost, you were misdirected.”

“Still looking back,” she said with a smile, “it reminds me of the joke about what is worse than a Lieutenant with a jeep?”

Bill laughed and replied, “A Lieutenant with a jeep and a map.”

As Bill drove away, his thoughts were what a strange day it had become. Meeting Captain Miller was troubling for two basic reasons. He found her very attractive but, and it is a big but, she is an officer.

The BOQ building looked like any other Army structure that Kathy had visited. Even the walls were the same color as the last one where she stayed. When she checked in, she was given a note from the Colonel requesting her to call him as soon as she arrived. After a brief conversation with his aide, she had just enough time to change before meeting the Colonel for dinner.

When Kathy finally crawled into bed her mind was racing. The Colonel gave her a briefing regarding the exercise starting tomorrow and what he needed from her. She was pleased sarıyer escort that her CO, who was a friend of the Colonels, gave her some high praise. Now she just had to live up to that. When Bill came to mind, her hand drifted down to her sweet spot. Finding it wet brought a smile to her lips.

One hand fondled and squeezed her hard nipples while the other enjoyed her wet pussy and sensitive clit. Her thoughts went to Hank and the fun they shared ‘jacking and jilling off’. In her mind’s eye she recalled holding Hank’s dick and jacking him off until he shot his sperm on her breast. That was a great accomplishment but the best was when she brought him off with her mouth. To her that was the ultimate.

As she relaxed from her climax she thought about Bill. She sighed and thought about those damn regulations.

Bill took a long shower and, as he thought about the Captain, he stroked his erection. She really got to him and he was at a loss to explain why. How he wished she was in the shower with him and her hands were stroking his cock. His last girlfriend, Jan, performed that function very well and more. She loved to ride him and then bring him off with her mouth. The wall was the recipient of his climax and he finished his shower with a cold spray.

The conference room was full of officers and staff as Kathy found a seat and they waited for Colonel Harris to arrive. Last night over dinner, they discussed the exercise and he was personable. Today, she suspected, he would be all business. She noticed that Bill was sitting next to the Colonel’s chair at the head of the table. Bill looked her direction and they both gave each other a smile and nod. Once again, she felt her pulse quicken and this time there was a warm sensation between her legs. She needed a distraction so she looked at the photographs hung around the room. Other than the Colonel’s, she didn’t recognize any of them. Someday, she hoped she would make Colonel and have a command.

When Bill saw Kathy look away, he wondered if she felt the same as he did. Feeling flustered, he quickly started to leaf through the document in front of him…anything to get his mind off his beating heart and the growing member in his pants. Desperately, he willed his erection to subside before the Colonel arrived. Standing at attention with a bulge in his pants was not what he needed.

The briefing was primarily conducted by one of the Majors while the Colonel looked on. Kathy was introduced to the assembly as an observer and evaluator. She would also conduct some training classes for the junior officers. She could feel all the eyes on her and knew that there was a group that resented her presence, another group that was undressing her, and a few who had no issues with a woman officer doing a job. She hoped Bill was in the latter group. She kept her eyes on the Major and did her best to maintain an expressionless face.

After some Q&A, the Colonel adjourned the meeting. Kathy was pleasantly surprised by the number of men who came up and welcomed her to the team. One Major wanted to meet over drinks and the look in his eyes suggested something more. Fortunately, the Colonel’s aide came up and said she was wanted in the CO’s office.

Bill watched Kathy walk across the room and just before departing, she looked his way. He gave a small nod and she responded with a quick wink and smile. After that it was to be a long and hectic week.

Kathy was busy going from one exercise site to another. She was assigned a driver and a clerk who had their own challenges. The clerk seemed to be indifferent to having a female officer but it appeared to her that the driver deliberately found every pothole on her side. It made her miss Bill and his jeep all the more.

The first day flew by for Kathy. She was either observing something being constructed or about to be blown up. Her professional demeanor was returned in kind with the Sergeant in charge of the exercise and many were surprised by her depth of knowledge. As her dad pointed out years ago, your first impression will set the tone. Still, her feminine side couldn’t help but enjoy the scene of all those well-built male bodies.

Kathy took everything in stride and all was well until she saw Bill again. The now familiar warm feeling came over her. She took a deep breath and willed herself to calm down. “Get a grip, woman,” she muttered to herself. Just before she stepped out of the jeep she looked down and noticed her nipples pushing against her blouse. She suppressed a laugh and grabbed a jacket.

Bill had been having a particularly trying day. He often wondered if all the screw-ups had been assigned to his company. He looked at Kathy with pleasure but now was not a good time for her visit. He was saved by his egotistical Lieutenant who did all the talking. It was all Bill could do to keep from laughing because the more Lieutenant McDonough talked, the deeper he inserted his foot in his mouth. Bill was impressed that Kathy maintained a straight face but he thought he detected the sefaköy escort humor in her eyes.

An exercise in the field also creates a tent city and it took Bill awhile to find the tent that was assigned to Kathy. Not finding her there, he headed to the command post and struck out again. It was still early in the evening so on a hunch, he headed to the mess tent and there was Kathy in the corner doing her paperwork.

Bill grabbed two cups of coffee and headed to her table. “Good evening, Captain, care for a fresh cup?

“Thank you, Sergeant, I appreciate it. Have a seat.”

“Thank you, Captain. I came here on a mission.” Bill placed her radio on the table. “My tech informed me that your radio would never contact your base because the crystal needed was not there. He put one in for you.”

“Thank you, Sergeant, for taking care of this and extend my thanks to your tech. She picked up the radio, stared at it, then said, “Would you show me how to remove it”

He gave her a surprised look.

“I want to return it exactly as I received it.”

Bill gave her a look of understanding, “No problem, Captain. It’s pretty simple.”

After demonstrating the task, he took a breath and asked, “How did things go today?

“About like you would expect. All over the map.”

“Begging your pardon, Captain, but how about my company?”

Kathy couldn’t help but break into a big grin. “Is your Lieutenant always that entertaining?”

For a moment they just looked at each other and then both started laughing. When he recovered, he admitted that the Lieutenant thought a lot of himself. After some small talk, she went for something more important to her. “So tell me about yourself, Sergeant, and how you came to be in the Army.”

For the next couple of hours they talked and shared details about their lives. Bill grew up in a small town less than one hundred miles from Kathy’s. He was planning to leave the Army in a year and wanted to work for an engineering firm. He really enjoyed the demolition aspect. She revealed that she planned to make the Army a career. Their conversation deepened the attraction they felt for each other but that blasted Army regulation kept them from divulging anything about their true feelings.

After a couple of hours they headed to Kathy’s tent. She was well aware of her wet underwear and he had to make room for his hard cock. “It’s not five stars but its home.” Then she laughed and added, “At my last exercise, I had nine other guys to room with.”

“How lucky for them,” he said with a smile.

They stood there looking into each other’s eyes and after a few moments of silence, he bade her goodnight, snapped off a smart salute and walked on.

Kathy was breathing hard and her heart was racing when she sat down on her cot. “This can’t be happening!” she said to the empty room. The lust she was feeling was affecting her judgement. A few more minutes with Bill and she would have pulled him into her tent and fucked him senseless. She quickly undressed and a few moments later, her fingers were busy deep in her cunt and rubbing her clit. She was so horny, she climaxed more than once. She masturbated a few more times before morning.

Bill didn’t have the luxury of having his own tent and his hard-on begged for relief. Hoping against hope, he headed to the shower. Luck was with him as he found the place vacant and in less than a minute he was in the shower. He soaped up his tool and pumped it like he would love to do with Kathy.

He leaned against the wall, recovering from the intense relief, all the time wondering how he could be falling in love with Captain Kathy Miller. “Life can be so unfair,” he mumbled.

Sleeping on an Army issue cot is not the most comfortable bed under any circumstance. For Kathy it was even more difficult because she was horny as hell. Despite the short night of sleep, she actually woke up feeling fairly good but more importantly, she had a plan. The obvious dawned on her. She and Bill are not assigned to the same camp and therefore, not co-workers and therefore, maybe they could meet on the side. The first order of business was to determine how he felt about her.

Bill had an equally difficult night trying to sleep. Unlike Kathy however, he didn’t jerk off throughout the night even though his dick was hard most of the time. No woman had ever gotten to him like she had and he was beside himself with desire and lust. One more evening like they shared last night and it would take Herculean strength not to take her in his arms and kiss her. All through the night he had hopes of being very intimate with her. He pictured her naked and yearned to kiss her nipples, eat her pussy, and fill her cunt with his hard cock. He was actually happy to meet the new day just to focus his thoughts on work and not on Kathy.

The day was busy for them both. For Kathy, it was a morning of observing several companies and then an afternoon of classes to teach. Bill had his own challenges with some of the screw-ups in his company. Fortunately, his Lieutenant would be attending Kathy’s class and out of his hair for at least part of the day. When Kathy came by for a spot inspection she was able to get Bill to herself long enough to say if he came by tonight, she would buy him a cup of coffee. He smiled and readily agreed. She was relieved and looked forward to the next part of her plan. Hopefully, tonight she will be in his arms.

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