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The Case Of The Runaway Wife


The Place: New York City, Hell’s KitchenThe Time: 1941, AugustWorld Events: Europe is under the thumb of the Nazis, Japan is running roughshod over China and the Far East. The USA is ostensibly neutral, but It’s only a matter of time before she is drawn into the conflict…12:15 in the afternoon, and it was hot.The kind of New York heat that softened the asphalt streets and caught high heels in the mire. My office fan blew the papers and photos around on my desk but didn’t do much to cool the place. Sweat dripped off my brow; the humid air caused everyone to sweat… and smell.My office had a plain desk, two chairs, and a small sofa. A couple of filing cabinets ran along the wall opposite the couch, and a standing hat rack completed my furnishings. No pictures on the wall. Nothing personal on my desk; it coulda belonged to anybody. Only the name painted on the frosted glass identified the place: Ray Hammet, Private Investigator.I was putting together my photos and writing up my findings on the Johnson divorce case when my door burst open, and a woman flowed into the room. But not just any woman.“Ruth.” I surveyed her appearance: still gorgeous, with a body that curved in all the right places, and too well-dressed for this neighborhood. The only thing that changed in 12 years was her hairstyle. Long blond hair that swirled in an ‘S’ down from the side of her head so that it covered one eye, she was obviously doing her best Veronica Lake impression. Except Veronica was the hottest actress in Hollywood, and Ruth was prettier than her. “What the hell are you doin’ here.” I flipped open my Ronson and lit myself a Camel. Unfiltered.“Ray, love. It’s Katerina now. Mrs. Katerina Muller.” She looked expectantly at me like she thought I was going to jump up and give her a hug. Sure. Call me ‘love’ and then tell me you’re married. Nope, not falling into your arms. Too much time gone by for that.“Have a seat… Katerina. What’s on your mind.” I liked to ask a question but make it sound like a statement. It keeps people off balance.“I’m in a bind, Ray. A pickle! Oh it’s terrible!” The only thing terrible was her theatrics. “Go on.”“He… he hits me, Ray. And more. Awful things like… I have to… service… his friends, partners, whoever he says.”“Who is this ‘he’.”“He’s my husband, Ray!”“Well I don’t know what you need me for, you’ve solved the case already. Go tell your story to a cop, doll.” I stood up and walked past her to the door and opened it. She sprung up like a cat and put her arms around me. “Ray! You gotta help me!” I exhaled, blowing smoke in her face. She didn’t flinch. “You think that bothers me? That’s how I wake up every day, and that’s on a good day.”“Look, whaddya want from me. You run out on me 12 years ago and now you want my help? Sorry, doll, I’m all booked up here. Tell your story walkin’.”“Ray!” she cried out, her eyes now bloodshot and glassy. “I’ll… I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”Yeah, I heard that one before. My version of ‘anything’ doesn’t usually match up to the dame’s version, know what I’m sayin’?“There were two things I wanted from you but never got. One was loyalty. The other thing, well, you would never do that.”Without a moment of hesitation, Ruth bent down on her knees in front of me and started undoing my suspenders. I gotta say, I was surprised. And intrigued. Ruth was always a ‘nice’ girl, and nice girls don’t put their mouths on cocks.“This thing, Ray?” Her lips encircled the tip of my cock.Decision time. Kick her out, or see what happens.I pushed the door closed… and placed my hands on her head.- – – – -We both sat in my office chairs, clothes disheveled, smoking cigarettes. “You’re really good at that. And you swallowed, too. That’s a first.”“I like the way you taste Ray. Seems like you had a lot stored up there.”Criminy, she had a dirty mouth.“Yeah, maybe I been in a dry spell.”“Listen, Ray. You’ve fucked my mouth, why don’t you fuck me next?”I raised an eyebrow at her. “Gimme a couple minutes.”- – – – -We both lay sprawled on the couch, naked, sweating, legs entwined, and sharing a glass of Fleischmann’s. “They make better gin, you know?” she observed.I pinched her nipple hard. She didn’t flinch. In fact, she purred. “It’s American. I don’t want any of that British shit.”“It’s better than schnapps; that’s all I usually get.” She took a big slug, finishing up the glass. She got up and walked to get the bottle from the table and refill the glass, but she stayed there and leaned on the table, her legs spread in a lewd display. Without batting an eye, she drank half the glass.“Ray,” she said in a small voice as she set the glass down. With her hands, she separated the lips between her legs. “Look how wet you get me, Ray.” She showed me her glistening pink insides.Jesus Christ. I thought of myself as somewhat of a man of the world, but I realized I had been living a sheltered life. She slipped two fingers inside of herself and then took them out and licked them. Licked them with her own juices on them. My cock, which I sure as shit thought was dead a minute ago, began perking up. “Ray? When you fuck me this time, will you kiss me? Please? Then I want you to think about what I said earlier: ‘Anything you want,’ and tell me what it is.”She was a sex-witch she-devil, and I couldn’t resist her charms. “Go get my necktie,” I ordered.- – – – -We both panted like dogs as we lay sprawled on top of the desk. All my papers and photos lay scattered on the floor, victims of lust. I loosened my tie from around her neck; it left a red mark. Being as it was my third time, I didn’t have much squirt left. But the small amount I did have lay spotted on her ass. “You didn’t,” she began but had to swallow. “You said you would kiss me, but you didn’t.”I swatted her ass hard, making her yelp. “You said I could do anything I wanted. I didn’t want to kiss you.” I got up off her and found my handkerchief in a drawer. I wiped the sweat off my brow. “That was very humiliating, making me crawl around like I was on a leash.”“Yeah, I bet it was. That was the point.”She got up and started gathering her clothes. “I don’t know why I came here in the first place.”“I don’t either.”“You used to be nice, you were someone I could count on!”“You used to be special. Now… you’re kocaeli escort just some Kraut’s whore.”She whirled hard on me, but I caught her wrist before she could slap me. So she spit in my face instead. I slapped her face, which made her cry.“Time to go.” Yeah, I was hard on her. When you wake up every day with your stomach in a knot, it makes a man hard. When the only thing that makes the pain go away is the gin that creates that knot, it makes a man hard. When the dame who gave you that pain waltzes in like nothing ever happened, it makes a man hard.“Ray! Won’t you help me? I’m in trouble. Real trouble.” A tear rolled down her cheek. I almost felt sorry for her. But not quite. “I’m… trying to get away from him, and I took some diamonds, Ray. Help me, and I’ll split them with you. He doesn’t know they are gone yet.”“Ice, huh? Show me.”Still naked, she pulled a small black leather case out of her Bergdorf-Goodman shopping bag. It was about four inches by six with a zipper on the long edge. She unzipped it and held it open… and about a hundred or so big rocks rolled around in there, all cut, faceted, whatever they called it. These were some big diamonds, ready for mounting and selling to some super-rich people.“These’re hot, aren’t they.”“No. He gets them shipped to him from Germany. They’re legit.”Shipped from Germany, Christ. Probably stolen from the Jews, her husband is probably a Nazi. What the fuck has she gotten herself into?“Alright then, what’s your plan?”“Take them and move to Florida; he’d never find me there. Hey, why don’t you come with me?”“Me. In Florida. I can’t see it.”“Think about it, please? Ray, I gotta trust you. I’ll split them with you. We go way back, you and me. I got another case, just like this one, but with fake diamonds in it. I just got it today from a friend. You wanna see?”“Get your clothes on first, I got an appointment soon.”Ruth “hmphed” at me but got dressed quickly, putting on her lipstick while I smoked another butt. Then she pulled out an identical case also filled with what looked like diamonds but were really just cut-glass pieces. They might pass for real diamonds in low light, but they were clearly fakes in the bright of day. “I want you to hold the real diamonds for me, Ray, and I’ll go and put the fake ones back in the safe at home!”“You shoulda left the real ones there, then swapped them out for the fakes. The way it is now, he might notice.”“Yeah but… you see it’s… well I…” She seemed genuinely flustered. “That does make a lot more sense, doesn’t it? Well, anyway, you got a safe to keep these in? Will you hold them for me? I’ll come back for them tomorrow.”“Half of them. You’ll come back for half of them.”“Right! Of course! Half of them. Where’s your safe?”I had my little Mosler safe right under my desk. When I bent down to spin the knob, I caught a glimpse of her switching the cases; she was gonna stick me with the fakes. Of course, she was. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Why would she give me real diamonds? She slipped the real case back into her shopping bag.“Okay,” I said and grabbed the case of fakes. But instead of putting them in the safe, I tucked them into the back of my pants. “They are safe now. When you coming back tomorrow?”She gathered up her stuff and headed to the door. “Ten o’clock sharp, okay Ray?”“You betcha. Hey hold up a second, doll. I’ve changed my mind about that kiss.”“Oh it’s fine, we’ll have lots of time for- oh!”I swept her up in my arms and gave her a big smooch. A nice long one. Our tongues swirled, and both of our bodies responded one more time. I set her back down, and we both came back to Earth.“Ray… I’m so sorry… for everything.” She smiled so sweetly that I almost believed her.“Don’t worry about it, doll. But you better fix your face before you go; I smudged you up a little.”“Oh dear me! I’m sure you did.” She set her bag down and rifled through her purse to get her lipstick.As she puckered for her little compact, I reached for her shopping bag. “Doll, you left the case on top of your new clothes. Even though they’re fakes, you don’t want some urchin stealing it.” And with some quick sleight of hand, I switched the cases from the back of my pants and her shopping bag. Now I had the real diamonds, and she had the true fakes. “See you tomorrow, Ray. Ten o’clock.”“Sure, doll. I’ll be waiting.”I watched her from my second-story window as she crossed the street and walked up to the corner… where a car pulled up, and a tall, thin man got out. She planted her lips on his… those same lips that’d been wrapped around my cock less than an hour ago. He gestured to the car, and Ruth got in.- – – – -I cleaned up the joint and hid the diamonds. I didn’t know what my next move was yet, but it wouldn’t take her long to figure out that I switched up her switcheroo. Loud footsteps climbed the stairs. Shit. I thought I would have more time. But then two big well-dressed goons burst into my office. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at their German accents. “Vere ees Katerina Muller!”They kept coming in; one guy, I’ll call him Hans, grabbed me while the other, Franz, held up a piece of paper with a handwritten note for me to look at. “Never heard of her.”“Bullsheis! This ees your name and address on ze paper, ja?”In her handwriting, too. “Jawohl, shithead. But I still don’t know any Katerina whatever.”Oof! He punched my stomach pretty good, and I doubled over. “Why ees your name on her desk?”He punched me again, this time on the side of my face, splitting my lip.“I’m pretty popular, Franz.” I spit some blood on the floor. “Maybe she needs my services, but I never heard of her.”“Vell. She ees missing, diamonds missing, und your name on zee note.” He wound up this time and clocked me hard. I fucking felt that one. Hans let me drop to the floor. I looked over at my locked safe under the desk. Franz saw me do that.“Ha! So easy. You Americans think you are so tough, but you fall apart so easily. Bring him over.”Hans dragged me over to the safe, and Franz got right in my face. “Open zee safe, now.”“Fuck you and fuck Hitler.”I was able to absorb most of Franz’s kick with my arms, but I gave a convincing shudder and yelp.“Next, I vill kick your balls and keep kicking zem until you darıca escort die, zen take zee safe anyway.”He convinced me. “Alright. Let me sit up.” I spun the dial, 36-26-36, and opened the safe. “See? No diamonds.”Franz pushed me aside and saw for himself. “You are the fucker. But I vill take your Schmit und Vesson .38. Hans, search everywhere.” I hated losing my gun, but I hated him taking my $243 too. Hans didn’t find anything, of course. He did manage to break most of my furniture, though. “I vill kill you, but not today.” His last punch sent me to the ground, and the lights went out.- – – – -My dried blood glued my face to the floor, so that wound reopened when I pulled myself up. My head was killing me, and most of my body ached. But I wasn’t dead, and I still had my balls and the diamonds. I had only one thing on my mind, Stokely’s Bar and Grill. I grabbed a handkerchief to try and staunch my blood flow and headed downstairs to Stoke’s. “Ray! What happened to you?” Stan, the dwarf doorman, escorted me straight to the nearest bar stool. “Dottie! Ray needs medicine!”“Jesus, Ray! You poor thing.” Dottie Stokely made me a big tall Gimlet with lots of ice and slid it across the oaken bar. She put some more ice in a towel and hurried around from behind the bar. “Stan, make him another Gimlet. Oh, and use the Gordon’s.” Stan’s little eyebrows went way up. Gordon’s was expensive gin, and he figured Dottie was giving me free drinks.By the time she got to me, I had already finished the first drink. The lime burned my lip, but that pain didn’t bother me. Dottie touched the iced towel to my worst sore spots and purred like a momma cat. “You poor thing, what happened? Should we call a cop? Callahan just walked by a couple minutes ago; I’m sure we could find him.”“Ouch! Easy there, darlin’. No cops, this was… personal.” I drank half of my second drink and looked at Dottie.“Stan, another Gimlet for the boxer here, and lean on it. Then bring me the medical kit.” Stan sure did lean on it, seven inches of mostly gin and ice with just a hint of lime. Now that was an excellent fucking Gimlet.Dottie, actually Dorothy, tended to my wounds with some witch hazel and these strange little things in a paper wrapping. “What are these? Why are they sticky?”“It’s called a ‘Band-Aid’, they’re new. You just pull them off after a few days.”It felt nice having Dottie fix me up. Almost too nice. Sure, she was a great gal, and we had slept together several times in the past, ever since her husband died. But she was a nice girl who just had nice sex, and I was a cad, a rake, a womanizer. She wouldn’t stand for that. But the booze settled in, and she smelled good, and there would never be goons coming after me on account of her. That should mean something.She fixed me up a cheese sandwich and some tomato soup. My mouth hurt too much to eat anything really solid. It was about this time that Dash Chandler came into the bar and ran up beside me. “Ray! You okay? Stanley told me you got beat up. Who was it? Boy I tell you I’m gonna find those guys and give ‘em free knuckle sandwiches before I knock the shit outta them-”“Watch your language, young man,” Dottie admonished.“Sorry Mrs. Stokely. Ray, who were these guys?”I set my soup spoon down. “Couple a Krauts. I got set up by Ruth. She was trying to run away from her bad husband and she was using me as a decoy.”“I think I saw those guys. Tall? Blond hair? Expensive suits? I uh, I might need help to take those guys down. Can I have a beer, Mrs. Stokely?”I chuckled at Dash. Kid had a lot of spirit, but his height fell somewhere between mine and Stanley’s. Scrappy kid, though, and smart as a whip. He helped me out on a lot of my cases when I needed extra eyes and ears. His dad ran out on him years ago. I did what I could for him.“You old enough to drink, kid?” I ribbed him.“Yeah! I turned 18 last month! How could you forget? You got me laid, remember?” “Kid!” Dottie warned as she drew his Rheingold from the tap. “Keep talking like that and this will be the last beer you get here.”“You’re in a public place, kid, you gotta act respectable.” I dug in my jacket pocket and pulled out a diamond, carefully passing it to Dash. I lowered my voice so only he could hear me. “Take this to Donovan. You remember where he is? Good.” I told the kid everything I knew about Muller, the diamonds, and Ruth. “Finish your beer, kid. Then hustle up there and report back to me.”“You got it, Ray!”Dottie took away my dirty dishes and brought me my fourth Gimlet. “That’s your last free one. I assume these guys that hit you took your money.”“Of course.”“You mentioned Ruth. Did you mean… that Ruth?”In a moment of weakness a few years ago, I had told Dottie about Ruth. She knew the pain she caused me, and she held a pretty good grudge against her.“Yeah, that Ruth. Showed up outta nowhere with a big story and played me for a patsy. Now her husband’s goons are out to get me.”Dottie pulled out ‘Joltin’ Joe’ from under the bar, a baseball bat she had gotten signed by famous Yankee slugger Joe DiMaggio. “She, or those goons? They come in here, they’re gonna have trouble.”The regulars started coming in, patting me on the back and one even bought me a beer. They’d seen me beaten up before. It happens in this line of work. You show a man naked pictures of his wife with another guy, he wants to hit something, and there I am. My buddies here, though, were pretty upset when they found out it was Germans who hit me. The war in Europe was raging, and we all knew it was just a matter of time before America got dragged into it.I went to relieve myself, and when I came out from the back, Dottie was there in the narrow hallway.“Ray,” she began, wringing her hands. “What’s the matter, Dot?”She moved forward and put her arms around me, pressing her generous breasts against me. She kissed me, but she was careful to just kiss the right side of my mouth and avoid my split lip. She was always very thoughtful.“Ray, I…” A tear ran down her cheek. “I can’t stand to see you like this, all beat up. These guys are bad news, and they will be back. I think you should…” and her voice trailed off.“It’s okay, Dottie. I’ll be fine, really. I’ll be right as rain in a couple of days gölcük escort and-”“You should stay at my place,” she blurted out. “I know you’re living in that shack of an office; they know it too. You’ll be safe with me. They won’t know where you’ve gone.” I tried protesting, but she pressed her key into my hand. It had been a long day, and the thought of having Dottie watch over me felt… nice. I noticed something else in my hand, a pill.“What’s this?”“It’s not exactly legal, but it will knock out the pain and let you sleep.”Hmm, sounded like opium to me. I didn’t care. My head was throbbing from all of the hits it took today, and I knew I would be hung over soon. I went up the backstairs to Dottie’s apartment and let myself in.She kept a nice place, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I stripped down to my skivvies, took my pill, and fell fast asleep.- – – – -It took me a moment to get my bearings. The sun was up, I was in a bed, and there was flowery wallpaper. And someone was banging pots or pans. This certainly wasn’t my place. Oh yeah…I turned my head slightly and was immediately rewarded with a shot of pain from the side of my face. Oh yeah…Dottie came into the bedroom wearing some really small, lightweight robe. Her ample assets were nearly on full display. She had two little mounds that looked like they wanted to poke through the material.“Are you okay? I heard a… oh my.” She looked at my midsection. I just had a sheet over me, and, I’m proud to say, my Johnson was making quite a bump in the sheet.My throbbing head seemed to calm somewhat, and I laughed a little. “I think I’m okay, parts of me, anyway.”“I gotta turn off the stove,” she said with a sly smile. Half a minute later, she was pulling down the sheet and then my skivvies, too. She hiked up her robe and climbed on top of me. I held my hardness for her, and she slipped down easily on top of me.This was all new. We only ever did missionary, and with varying outcomes. We also only did it in the dark. Shades drawn and windows closed, too. I had never even seen her completely naked. So when she took her robe off, and her upper body jiggled and swayed, I was awestruck. “Grab my tits, Ray. Don’t you like them?”Who was this gal? Dottie never said words like “tits.” But I didn’t ponder that too long. I reached up and got two big handfuls of her abundant flesh. “That feels so good, baby. Grab them hard and just lie back. Let me fuck you, Ray.”Okay, I am going to have to do a complete investigation here. Who was this person pretending to be Dottie? But she rode me good. Slow but steady strokes as she looked into my eyes, and her face seemed flush with pure euphoria. I rocked my hips to meet her strokes, but she stopped me.“Shhh, Daddy. You rest, let Momma do the fucking.”“Daddy?” “Momma?” Good God, I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I had never been so hard. I squeezed her tits harder, and she just gasped… and fucked me faster. The mattress squeaked, the bed frame rattled and banged the wall, and both of us moaned as Dottie fucked me like a she-devil.“Fuck me, Dottie!” I grunted like a caveman; it was hard to talk. I pinched her nipples hard, and she collapsed on me. Her sex quivered and gripped me tightly. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pounded up into her. She bit my fucking shoulder as I squirted inside her, something I shouldn’t have done but couldn’t help. She trembled and shook for a full minute before calming down.She raised herself on her elbows and looked into my eyes again from just six inches away. The intimacy was nearly overwhelming. That wasn’t me. I fucked girls for fun, for sport, like I did Ruth yesterday. But there weren’t any feelings, and there certainly wasn’t any intimacy.“Kiss me, love.” Those actual words came outta my mouth. And Dottie kissed me so tenderly, so gently, and yet so soulfully, I felt as if I was being reborn and experiencing the world for the first time.After several minutes of loving kisses, Dottie raised up off of me. “I’ve got to go douche, we did something we shouldn’t have.”Slowly, I got up and followed her into the bathroom. She looked up but didn’t chase me away as she performed this very private function. “So, Dottie, things seem to have… changed since we last, um, you know.”“Since we last fucked? Yes they have. Do you like the new me?”“I lo-” Jesus Christ! I almost said, “I love you.” I needed to get a grip. “I really like the new you. What happened?”She stood there, one leg over the bathtub, as the water and semen mixture poured out of her. It was so strangely erotic. “Well, about three months ago my sister and her girlfriend came to town.”I raised my eyebrows. “I remember them. But, did you mean girlfriend? Or… friend who is a girl?”“Girlfriend,” she confirmed. “And, as you may recall, I was a little uptight when you and I used to fuck. Yes?”“A little.” That’s like saying summer in New York could be a “little” uncomfortable at times.“So they loosened me up, showed me a few things. And I learned it was okay to be sexy, to be sexual. It was liberating, Ray. I’ve been wanting to show you, and this seemed like the perfect time.”“Your… sister? You… did stuff with her?”“Story for another time, fella. Let’s get some breakfast. We’ve got to figure out what you’re going to do with these German boys.”We did eat breakfast, but we also made love two more times before we started thinking about the Germans and their diamonds. It was that morning that I discovered I never wanted to “fuck” Dottie again or any other woman for that matter. I only wanted to make love to Dot, my Dot.- – – – -Little Stanley unlocked the doors to Stokely’s, and a harried-looking man burst in. Tall and thin, his expensive suit and hat made him stick out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood. “Ray!” He shouted. “Is there a Ray Hammet here! Where is he?”He looked sorta familiar, but he wasn’t one of the Krauts. I decided to answer him. “Who wants to know.”He came over to me at the bar, and I recognized him as the guy Ruth met on the street after seeing me yesterday; she had laid one helluva kiss on him and then got in his car.“It’s you, isn’t it. You’re Ray.”“So what.”“So stand up, you, you… bad man!”I smirked. “Hey, watch it with the name-calling, buddy.”He brought his fists up as if to hit me, and I laughed. ”What are you laughing at? Stand up so I can hit you!”“Mister, if you managed to hit me at all you would break your thumb. It goes on the outside of your fist.”“Oh, I see. That makes sense.” He adjusted his fists. “Thank you. Now stand up!”

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