18 Mart 2023

The Christmas Party


Christmas was probably her least favourite time of year. For most people Christmas conjures thoughts of snow, food, family and happiness. Christmas is none of that for Brooke, she lives in the southern hemisphere where it is Summer this time of year and her estranged family live on the other side of the world. Christmas is just another unpleasantly hot and lonely time of year.

About the only good thing about Christmas is her work Christmas party. Or more specifically the free booze at her work Christmas party. It might be the basic bottom shelf stuff, but it is free, so she knows she can’t complain. Talking about booze, getting ready for the party is thirsty work and so she grabs a cold beer from the fridge. It is also basic bottom shelf stuff, but standing naked in the kitchen of your apartment is not the time to be appreciating the latest Brut IPA.

She walks back into her bedroom and opens the closet. She’s never been a super fashion conscious girl, and looking at her various clothes would make that quite obvious to most people. Next to the closet is a full length mirror, she looks in it and sees what she thinks is a pretty average body for a 29 year old woman. She has pale skin, shoulder length straight brown hair, brown eyes, medium sized breasts, a little bit of a tummy and a hairy brown bush. She’d thought about trimming it or even shaving it off when she was shaving her legs before her recent shower, but she isn’t the hook up with someone at the work party type of girl so she didn’t bother.

She takes a big swig of the cold beer. The bottle is cold against her hand, and wet with condensation. She tries to remember when she last had sex, with someone other than one of the toys under her bed that is, and can’t. She’d broken up with her last boyfriend in March, after she found out he’d cheated on her with one of his co-workers, but it had been a while before that when they’d last done it. Maybe it had been Valentines Day she wonders, but remembers that her ex had cancelled their plans because he had to “work late”. Oh well, he was a bastard and she is glad to be rid of him. But she does miss having a hot dick sliding in and out of her.

“Mmmmm”, she moans, as her fingers tease her long meaty labia. Maybe she should skip the party and stay home and drain a battery or two in her toys. The tip of her index finger slips inside, and it seems the beer isn’t the only thing that is wet. The temptation is strong, but she’d have to come up with an excuse and telling her co-workers that she just really needed to masturbate all night is probably a breach of sexual harassment laws.

She finishes the beer and throws the bottle into the small bin next to the bed. Out of a drawer in the bottom of the closet she grabs a pair of plain black cotton panties and puts them on. Out of another drawer she grabs a blue denim skirt, it comes down to just above her knees and has actual pockets so she doesn’t have to worry about losing a bag.

She rifles through all the clothes on hangers and grabs an old faded green t-shirt. She’s had it for so long that she forgets which boyfriend from her University days it originally belonged to. It’s loose on her, and it has a few small holes, but green is Christmasy so it’ll do. She throws it on, not bothering with a bra because they just get too sweaty in summer.

Back in the kitchen she grabs her wallet, keys and phone, putting them in the pockets of her skirt. She ponders whether she’ll need anything else, she knows she doesn’t need tampons because the period tracking app on her phone told her she is “highly fertile” today. That makes her think about condoms, but she has already decided nothing like that is going to happen, so why bother. She grabs her handbag off the counter and looks through it, looking for inspiration. She finds some when she sees the small tin of breath mints, there will probably be seafood at the party so a mint might be needed. She puts the mints in her pocket, turns off the lights and leaves.


She taksim escort arrives at the party to see a large and mostly empty room. There is some tinsel hung up on the walls, a long table with various appetisers on one side and a bar at the end of the room. There is also no one here that she knows the name of. She heads to the bar and orders and bourbon & Diet Coke.

Taking the drink, she wanders over to the appetisers and nothing really catches her eye. Looking around she decides to walk to a random spot in the middle of the empty room and sip on her cold drink. It only takes a minute before some guy walks up and asks how she is. He works in the accounting department she thinks, but she can’t remember his name. Politely she engages in the usual small talk while mostly thinking about the sweet drink she is sipping.

A few other people sit down, and she is no longer the focus of the conversation. She silently sips her drink as they talk about whatever it is they’re talking about and she wonders when someone she actually wants to talk to will arrive.

Before long her drink is finished, so she excuses herself and walks to the bar for a refill. “Can I get it a bit stronger this time?” She asks the bartender, who responds “sure” and then free pours the tall glass to half full, and tops the rest with Diet Coke. She takes the beverage and walks off to the side, standing near a wall sipping and watching the rest of the party.


She has been sipping for maybe fifteen minutes when a really cute guy wanders over to her. “Hi I’m Max from I.T.”, he says, “what are you drinking?” Her first thought is that he doesn’t look like he’s in I.T., he’s got some good muscle under the Christmas themed Hawaiian shirt he’s wearing. Also his tight black jeans prove that he doesn’t skip leg day. She giggles and says, “guess”, thrusting the glass towards him. He takes it and has a sip. He winces over exaggeratedly and says “rocket fuel?” She giggles and says, “a stronger drink means less trips to the bar, and more time chatting with cute guys. Anyway I’m Brooke, I mostly browse Ebay waiting for the phone to ring”

“So you think I’m cute?” He says, and she responds “yep.” She’s not normally this flirty or forward, maybe she shouldn’t have got such a strong drink. “So another rocket fuel, it looks like you’re empty?” He asks as he points to the glass that she now notices is empty. Maybe she shouldn’t have drunk the strong drink so quickly either.

“Surprise me” she says, and giggles again.


He comes back with 2 glasses of “champagne”, she tastes it and can tell it is probably not even French, but it is cold and bubbly. She sips on it as they share the usual office small talk, that dumb manager who is totally oblivious to everything, the guy who is always microwaving tuna in the kitchen and that sort of thing. He’s quite funny, and smart. He notices as their glasses are empty again and he offers to get some refills.

This she likes because she can watch his tightly muscled butt in those jeans. I bet it will feel great when I grab them as he’s thrusting in to me later, she thinks, and is then shocked that she thought it. I just met this guy, I shouldn’t be thinking about fucking him she thinks, but then maybe she should. It has been almost a year since she last had a real dick thrusting into her wet pussy, maybe a quick Christmas fling is exactly what she needs.

She is startled out of her thoughts when he touches her on the shoulder and asks, “what were you thinking about?” She stammers a bit, trying to think of what she should say, and then before she knows what is happening she says “your butt in those jeans.” She flushes bright red, grabs the fresh glass of sparkling wine and sips nervously at it.

He looks genuinely shocked, and takes a few seconds before he responds, “I guess that time in the gym is finally paying off”. He steps in close to her, their bodies almost touching. topkapı escort Then leans in so he can whisper in Brooke’s ear, “to be fair I’ve been thinking similar thoughts, my butt does look good in these jeans”.

She bursts into laughter, loud enough that a few people glance in their direction before returning to their conversations. Once she composes herself she says, “we have so much in common.” She raises her glass, and quietly says, “a toast to your butt.” They clink glasses together and she lets her other hand softly caress his leg.

“So what now?” He asks nervously, and she looks at him with fire in her eyes. She then bites her lip a little, as lustful thoughts and alcohol swirl around in her brain. Part of her thinks that she isn’t the kind of girl to fuck a guy she just met, but another part of her, driven by hormones, thinks differently. That part of her wants him thrusting deep and hard inside her.

That part wins and she says, “well maybe we could skip the rest of the party, and find somewhere to open some presents?” She then winks, and gives his right butt cheek a quick squeeze with her hand that had been on his thigh. Before he can respond that hand grabs his, and she says “I’m sure you’ve got a sack full of presents for me.”

They both finish their glasses, put them on a nearby table and head towards the door.


They hail a cab and climb into the back, he gives his address and they begin the journey. It isn’t that far away, and closer than her place. Which is good because she just wants to unzip those jeans, straddle him, and fuck his brains out. Instead they both sit their nervously holding hands and looking at each other. She is looking at his muscles, and the obvious bulge in his jeans. She looks back up at his face and notices he is staring at her chest. Which is probably because without a bra her rock hard nipples are straining against the thin fabric, and they both know it isn’t because she is cold.

She locks eyes with him, and she can see the lust in his expression. She knows that he can probably see the same in hers.

The taxi pulls to a stop and Max pays the fare. They exit and he leads her to the front door of his apartment building.


As soon as they walk in the front door of this apartment they are all over each other. Kissing, groping, grabbing and grinding against each other. He then grabs at her shirt, trying to get it up over her breasts and the old fabric tears. He rips it off and flings it away. She moans and fumbles at his shirt buttons. Before she can get more than a few open he grabs her skirt and roughly pulls it down and lets it fall to the floor. He then steps back and buttons the rest of his shirt and drops it on the floor. All she can do is pant like an animal in heat as she sees the lightly haired muscles of his chest.

He steps toward her and grabs her by both butt cheeks through her panties and pulls her against him. She can feel his hard muscle against her soft breasts, and something even harder against her wet panties. His tongue pushes deep into her mouth as he thrusts his hard bulge against her. Both his hands are still on her cheeks, massaging them and pulling her harder against him.

The part of her brain that earlier thought she wasn’t this kind of girl has been overwhelmed by lust and booze and hormones. The more animal part is in full control and all it wants is to feel his hard cock deep inside.

She steps back from him and pushes her soaked black panties to the floor.

Max undoes his jeans and belt, then shoves them and his boxers to the floor.

“Whoa”, she says in shock. His cock isn’t the longest she has seen, but it is definitely the thickest. He is rock hard and she can see his big hairy balls dangling beneath. He smiles knowingly, and she realises she must not be the first to have the same reaction.

He steps out of his jeans and kicks off his shoes.

“That is tüyap escort a very big sack of presents”, she moans.

He casually strokes his shaft and asks, “will it put you on the naughty or nice list to help me empty it?”

“I don’t care”, says Brooke, “just fuck me.”

Brooke then lays back on the soft carpet of the floor and spreads her legs.


With a growl he dives on top of her. She can feel the warm tip of his cock against her wet labia. She thrusts her hips up to try and feel more and it slides away. He reaches down and aims it at her tight hole, but doesn’t put it in. He looks Brooke in the eyes, silently asking her if this is what she wants. A nagging thought in the back of her brain makes her think there is something she has forgotten, but her body is on fire with desire and she can’t think of it.

She nods and whimpers, “Fuck me. Please. I need it. I need all of you inside me.”

He thrusts forward. Hard. Her pussy is stretched open by his thick cock. Luckily she is about to ovulate, so her pussy is extremely wet and he slides in easily. Not that she can think about that, or anything other than the feeling of being fuller than she ever has been.

He begins short, hard, deep strokes. The head of cock pulling back so it is barely touching her cervix, and then pushing hard against it. Brooke has never been fucked like this and it is amazing. With each thrust she can feel the excitement building in her and she knows it won’t be long before she climaxes.

With every thrust he grunts, and she moans. Squishy, moist sounds fill the air as her wet lips cling to his hard shaft. His hairy balls slapping against her.

His strokes slowly increase in speed, as his grunts and her moans increase in volume.

Brooke’s brain is overwhelmed.

All she can think of is being fucked.

Of his dick making her cunt cum.

Of his dick cumming in her cunt.

Her boobs are bouncing back and forth. Rubbing against his tight chest. Both of them are covered in sweat. Both of them are working hard towards a shared goal, orgasm.

She thinks about how she just met him.

She thinks about how she is getting fucked by him.

She thinks about how she is highly fertile today.

Oh no, she thinks, before the wave of lust in her crests and she cums hard. The animal part of her is all that is left and it is getting what it wants. She screams, and grabs his butt and pulls him and his cock as deep into her as she can. Her pussy contracts, and the squeezing around his shaft pushes him over the edge too. He moans, and she feels wet pulses against her cervix.

Her climax jumps to a new level and her eyes roll back in her head. She arches her body against him and convulses over and over.

Drool is running out the sides of her mouth.

They both collapse to the floor in a sweaty pile.

He rolls off her, and she feels empty but still full at the same time.

She reaches a hand down and rubs a finger along the edge of her gaping vagina. She feels a small glob of his hot sticky seed on her labia. The same seed that is now coating the door to her fertile womb. At the thought she convulses slightly again and moans.

She thinks about how she’s not the kind of girl to fuck someone she just met, and realises she was kinda right, she’s actually the kind of girl to get bred by someone she just met. They didn’t just have sex, they didn’t just fuck, they just mated like animals.

She looks over at him on the floor next to her, and he asks, “so what are you thinking about now?” He then points to her hand which has slid up and is now rubbing his seed into the skin of her belly. She is filled with a feeling of warmth and says, “I think that puts us on the naughty list.”

“Why?” He asks, as he pulls her into a spooning position and puts his hand over hers on her belly.

“Well, you filled me with your presents and I’ll probably have to wait 9 months until I actually get them.”

“What now?” He asks again nervously, as his body betrays him and she feels his cock start to harden against her.

Brooke wiggles her hips and says, “it feels like someone wants to breed me again. So lets head to your bed so I can get on my hands and knees and beg you to fuck a baby into me.”

She feels him become rock hard, and smiles lustfully at him.

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