18 Mart 2023

The Contest


Eddie Sloan and I have been friends as long as either of us can remember. We’ve always been very competitive, including a long-running argument about who has the bigger cock, more sexual stamina, and the greater self-control in the sack.

In college, we’d brag about how hard, thick, long, and enduring our respective erections had been on dates. At various times, we’d measure our dicks and there wasn’t much to choose between us: Eddie is a little longer; I’m a little thicker. So, the arguments settled into debates about who could stay erect longer with a woman, without shooting his load.

Even after we both married beautiful, sexy women, we continued comparing notes about our love-making sessions. It was always in fun, but there was an unmistakable edge to our boasting.

We’re in our late-twenties now, happily married, and still best friends. Our wives are close, too, and we do a lot of things together as couples. We’d never done any spouse swapping, but there always was a lot of good-natured flirting.

My wife, Michelle, is a statuesque Irish lass with flaming red hair. She is an animal in bed and her sex drive is every bit as strong as mine.

Eddie is married to Kimberly, a dead-ringer for Meg Ryan. She’s smaller than Michelle, but with a perfectly proportioned figure and nipples that seem always hard, a fact I can’t help but notice, since she often is obviously braless.

Last winter, the four of us shared a condo at a beach resort in Acapulco. We had a blast, and tried just about everything, from snorkeling to parasailing. We spent long hours at the pool and on the beach, and long evenings in restaurants and nightclubs. In such a romantic, exotic setting, we naturally were horny much of the time; the sexual innuendoes and wisecracks abounded. Inevitably, Eddie and I resumed our debates.

One night, after more that a few bottles of wine among us, our wives called our bluff.

“You guys have been talking about this shit forever,” Michelle said. “Why don’t you settle it, once and for all.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Kimberly. “Shit or get off the pot. We’re sick of listening to you guys going on about how macho you are. Prove it!”

Eddie and I looked at each other and grinned. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Let’s have a contest,” Michelle said, grinning broadly. “We’ll make up some rules and Kimberly and I will be the judges. We’ll do it before we leave here on Saturday. What do you say?”

“You’re on!” I exclaimed, emboldened by the wine. “Right, Eddie?”

“Sure,” Eddie agreed. “Maybe I can finally shut you up.”

We talked into the night about how to conduct the contest, and came up with these rules:

1. The guys had to do everything the girls told us to, and couldn’t do anything they didn’t tell us.

2. We both would be told to do the same things at the same time, for fairness sake.

3. The winner would be the guy who lasted longest before cumming.

4. We had to agree not to cum, either through sex with our wife or masturbation, between now and the contest.

5. The contest would be held the day after tomorrow, in the morning.

6. This was the best part: Kimberly would try to make me cum, and Michelle would try to make Eddie cum. That way, there would be no chance of a wife trying to help her husband win by delaying his ejaculation.

Everything else was up to Michelle and Kimberly, who agreed to talk the next day, without Eddie and me present, to plan what they were going to do.

I was semi-hard just thinking about what Kimberly might do to me. I wondered if she would get naked, and was afraid the sight of her erect nipples, alone, might make me cum.

Periodically throughout the next day, Michelle and Kimberly would go off by themselves, giggling and writing on a pad of paper. We found out later they spent much of the time talking about Eddie’s and my sex organs, sex habits, likes and dislikes in bed, etc. They also agreed on what they would do to us during what by now had become known as The Contest, in capital letters.

Eddie and I talked, too, comparing notes about our respective wives’ anatomy, and what we might expect the next day. It was pretty exciting stuff and we both were looking forward to it with great anticipation and a little apprehension. After all, this would mark the end of our long-running gebze escort debate and one of us would “lose.”

At dinner that night, Michelle and Kimberly told us The Contest would begin after breakfast in Michelle and my bedroom. I guess I hadn’t realized the four of us would be in one room, but it made sense, because then there could be no disagreement about who came first. The realization that not only would I be in some kind of sexual relations with Kimberly, but that I also would be watching my wife with my best friend, excited me even further. I couldn’t wait for morning!

It wasn’t easy that night in bed. My head was filled with images of me and Kimberly, Eddie and Michelle. I was extremely horny, which probably wasn’t good, since I didn’t want to start The Contest already aroused.

“I’m as hard as a rock just thinking about this thing,” I said to Michelle. “It’s really erotic.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m soaking wet.” It was all I could do not to reach between her legs, but I knew if I did, we’d be fucking within seconds. Instead, I groaned, rolled away from her, and said: “I wish you hadn’t told me that!”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “but it’s exciting for Kimberly and me, too. We really don’t care who wins your silly contest; we just want to have some fun.”

“You mean you won’t be rooting for me?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that,” Michelle replied, “but it’s just not as important to Kimberly and me as it seems to be to you and Eddie.”

“Just make sure you do your best to make him cum first,” I said.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Michelle said. “Kimberly and I agreed that we’d both go all-out. You guys aren’t going to know what hit you!”

While I was excited to imagine what Kimberly might do to me, I felt a pang of – I guess it would be jealousy – about Michelle going “all-out” on Eddie. With all those thoughts in my head, it took me awhile to fall asleep.

After breakfast the next morning, the four of us gathered in Michelle’s and my bedroom.

“OK,” Michelle said. “Let’s get started. Remember, you both have to do exactly what we tell you and nothing else. The guy who cums first loses. One more thing: Kimberly and I will do the talking. You guys are not to speak. Now, both of you get naked.”

Eddie and I stripped, and I couldn’t help notice Michelle looking at Eddie’s cock, which already was semi-hard. Mine wasn’t, which I took as a good sign.

“Lie down on the bed,” Kimberly instructed, “and play with yourselves until you’re both hard.”

It was a king-sized bed, plenty wide enough for all four of us. Eddie and I laid down and our wives stood at the foot of the bed, watching and grinning. Eddie was fully erect almost immediately; it took me a few minutes.

When we both were hard, the girls sat down on the bed, Michelle next to Eddie and Kimberly by me. They both started to stroke our cocks. I don’t know which was more exciting; having Kimberly do me or watching Michelle do Eddie. After a few minutes, I was feeling really good, but I felt under control and in no danger of cumming. Eddie was lying back with his eyes closed, also apparently OK.

The girls looked at each other, nodded, squirted some oil into their hands, and began rubbing it on our cocks. It was some stuff Michelle and I had brought and was flavored so it could be licked. My heart pounded when I thought about Kimberly licking or sucking me … and Michelle doing Eddie! Meanwhile, Kimberly kept stroking me and the oil heightened my arousal. I began to worry a little. Eddie still had his eyes closed and looked blissfully happy.

What happened next was a huge surprise. Both girls stood and stripped to the waist! There were my wife and my best friend’s wife with their tits hanging out and us naked on the bed! They put more oil on their hands and rubbed it all over their tits.

I could tell Michelle was hot, because she was getting that flush on her cheeks she always gets when she’s horny. And Eddie was staring at her pendulous 38-D tits and huge, dark areola with his mouth open. But what blew me away were Kimberly’s nipples. They looked as hard as erasers and were sticking out what looked like an inch or more!

“OK, guys,” Michelle said. We want you to lick our tits dry.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was beginning göztepe escort to think this contest was as much for the girls’ benefit as ours. They wanted us to lick their tits!

I began licking Kimberly’s rather small, but very firm, left breast from the perimeter in, finally reaching the stiff nipple. When my tongue passed over it, it sprung back as if it were on a strong spring and she made quiet, happy sound in her throat. When that breast was licked dry, I moved to the other. This time, Kimberly thrust forward slightly, eager to feel my tongue on her nipple.

I glanced at Michelle and Eddie. It was taking him quite a bit longer to cover the considerable surface area of her impressive breasts. Both of them seemed to be enjoying themselves and neither was paying any attention to Kimberly or me.

After a few minutes, Kimberly announced in a rather husky voice, “OK, that’s enough.” With that, both girls re-oiled their breasts and Kimberly said: “Now, guys, kneel in front of us on the bed and start rubbing your cocks between our breasts.”

Each woman lay back on the bed and pushed her breasts together. Eddie and I straddled each other’s wife and inserted our cocks into the crevices between those beautiful mounds. My cock protruded several inches out of Kimberly’s, but Eddie’s was completely buried within Michelle’s mammoth mammaries.

As I thrust forward and pulled back, I felt a growing desire to increase the tempo and pressure. I knew that inevitably would lead, within a few minutes, to ejaculation, so I deliberately slowed my pace. Kimberly was watching my penis peek out of her breasts, disappear, then reappear. Its head was bulbous and red and it was growing thicker and stiffer with each thrust.

About 20 minutes had passed since we began The Contest, and neither Eddie nor I had shot our load, so far. Michelle looked over at Kimberly and me and said, “OK, guys, get off us and lay down on your backs.” As we did so, the girls stripped off their shorts. Both now stood there wearing only small thong bikinis. “Anybody feel like cumming?” Michelle grinned.

“Mike does!” Eddie shouted, his long cock standing straight and tall. “He’s bursting, aren’t you, Mike?”

I grabbed my cock by the shaft and waved it threateningly. “Not me, Eddie; I can last for hours. You look like you’re ready to pump, though. How do you like my wife’s tits?”

At that comment, Michelle shot me a look that I interpreted as, “Be careful, Mike; you might get more than you bargained for.”

“Don’t you worry about Michelle and me,” Eddie countered. “Just let my little Kimberly do her thing with that teeny weenie of yours.”

“OK, big mouths; let’s get back to business,” Kimberly said. “Less talk and more action.”

My cock was slippery with the oil from Kimberly’s breasts, so when she suddenly began masturbating me, it felt really good. She used both of her hands, one immediately following the other, in a continuous downward stroke, from the tip to the base of my cock. The effect was electric and I knew if she kept doing that, it wouldn’t be long before I exploded. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the increasing urgency I felt in my groin.

Fortunately, she stopped the rapid stroking after a minute or so, and began stroking me slowly up and down with one hand, while playing with my right nipple with the other. This felt great, too, but didn’t produce the sense of imminent ejaculation I had just experienced. Rather, I now was at a pleasurable, but lower, level of excitement that I thought I could maintain awhile.

I looked across the wide bed and saw that Michelle was doing the identical things to Eddie that Kimberly was to me. But Eddie looked a little uncomfortable, as if he was making a deliberate effort at control. Maybe he’s going to blow, I thought, and at once hoped he wouldn’t. Not that I didn’t want to win The Contest, but I didn’t want it to end so soon. I was really enjoying this. So, too, I noticed was Michelle, who was intent on stroking Eddie’s long erection.

The girls looked at each other and Michelle barked, “Sit in the chairs!” as she and Kimberly simultaneously got off the bed. They had brought into the bedroom two of the chairs from around the table in the kitchenette, and it was toward haramidere escort these Michelle now motioned us to go.

As we moved to the chairs, I couldn’t resist stealing a look at Kimberly’s tight, high ass. I knew she worked out regularly at the gym, and her body showed it. Her legs were beautifully shaped, her abs were flat as a board, and the nipples on her perky tits were hard and long. Michelle, built for comfort, is softer and more rounded. With a gun to my head, I’d choose Michelle’s body type, but it sure was great looking at Kimberly.

Preceded by our proud erections, Eddie and I walked to the chairs; which were side-by-side, about three feet apart; and sat down. Turning their backs to us, Michelle and Kimberly wiggled their asses and sat down on us. A lap dance! I’d had them before – in fact, one time with Eddie when we went to a bachelor’s party at a strip joint – but I was always clothed. I wasn’t at all sure how it might work with me naked – and aroused – and Kimberly all-but-nude sitting on my lap.

I soon found out. Kimberly sat on the topside of my cock and began moving forward and back, rubbing the length of my cock, but not inserting it into her vagina. Michelle was doing the same with Eddie, who had a rapturous look on his face.

I was OK for about 30 seconds, then the urge to cum became strong and was growing stronger by the second. I started to moan and Kimberly increased the tempo of her movements in my lap. I glanced over and Eddie had his head thrown back, his eyes closed and his mouth in a grimace. I was pretty sure one of us was about to lose the contest.

Suddenly, Michelle and Kimberly jumped from our laps. “Don’t move!” Michelle ordered. She went to the nightstand by our bed and removed two condoms, handing one to Kimberly. Both of them then removed their thongs and stood completely naked in front of us! Michelle has a thick, reddish-blonde bush. Kimberly’s pubic hair was shaved into a neat and narrow strip above her pussy lips. They tore open the packets and walked back to the chairs with the condoms.

Kimberly knelt on the floor in front of me, placed the condom on the tip of my penis, and slowly unrolled it down my shaft. She then turned around and sat down on my cock (this time inserting it all the way into her vagina), her back facing me. She began rocking back and forth. I was ready to explode.

Michelle and Eddie were in an identical position and I noticed Michelle had one of her hands in her crotch, playing with herself as she moved back and forth on his cock. I assumed Kimberly was doing the same thing, although I couldn’t see her hands.

Just when I thought I couldn’t last another minute, Michelle let out a long, loud moan, the sound she always makes an instant before she cums. I looked over and saw her face contorted, her body trembling, in the throes of a strong orgasm. A few seconds later, Eddie emitted a strangled aaauuuggghhh and thrust sharply upward, lifting Michelle with him as his ass rose from the chair.

That did it for me. I relinquished all efforts at control and felt the hot ejaculate rise up my cock and shoot from me with that wonderful, indescribable feeling of pleasure. Almost simultaneously, Kimberly began yelling and shouting as she pounded hard against me.

All four of us had cum within about a 10-second span. Strictly speaking, I won The Contest, since Eddie’s orgasm came first, but in reality, we had climaxed almost at the same time. When we all had recovered enough to breathe normally, the girls stood up from our laps and Eddie and I removed the condoms from our slowly diminishing cocks.

“Hey,” Eddie said. “Let’s measure the cum in those things. I bet I shot a bigger load than you did.” We all just laughed and headed for the showers.

Later, when we were alone, I said to Michelle, “So, how was it with Eddie?”

“It was different,” she said. “I could feel his cock a little deeper in me than you usually reach, but it was too skinny. I like the way yours fills me up.”

“Did you think you’d have an orgasm when we planned all this?” I asked.

“That was my plan,” she said, grinning broadly. “That’s why I suggested to Kimberly that we play with ourselves while we were sitting on your laps. I can usually cum quickly when I masturbate and I figured when I did, Eddie wouldn’t be able to hold back. I was right, but you didn’t last much longer.”

Since that day, the four of us have talked about another session of changing partners, but somehow haven’t gotten around to it. We’re planning another vacation together in the fall and I think that may be the impetus. In the meantime, Michelle and I often get really horny talking about it.

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