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Subject: The Council of Elders 9 Council of Elders: The Council is back in Session Chapter 9 By Kingeorge From the previous chapter: Marcus stepped onto the platform and reached up to hand his breeches to Sidney. When he did, Lord Espiton moved closer. The boys little bottom was now at eye level and he could not resist the temptation of planting a quick kiss on the boys bottom cheek. Marcus turned and looked down at the thinning gray hair of the elder. Lord Espiton gave the boy a sharp slap on the bare buttocks. “Be quick about it Lad. We still have two more hours before we arrive at my estate…and plenty more enjoyment awaits us on the journey.” And now, as our two travelers are half way to their destination, we look ahead at the small village of Brostroni, where Reverend Withers is preparing the Church choirboys for their special evening performance. He was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the carriage but the business at hand could not wait. Reverend Wallace Withers had been the Pastor at the Moravian Church since arriving in the village in 1730 AD. His tenure at the Church in Comeston ended with a splendid retirement dinner and prayer meeting. His parishioners were sad to see him resign. But at the age of sixty six, he advised them that it was time for him to leave and make way for a younger and more modernistic theologian. The good Reverand arrived in the small village of Brostroni, the very next day. Less than a week before, his predecessor, Reverand Berache had died suddenly, at the age of seventy three years. Berahe served the community for thirteen years before passing away during his sleep. Some residents of Brostroni believed that Reverend Berache demise was caused by a sudden heart attach. Others closer to him knew, that on the evening preceeding his death, he had three preteen boys in his bedroom. The housekeeper, Widow Widrial, had bathed all three of the boys and administered multiple enemas to them before escorting them into the bedchamber of the most holy man. Widow Widrial, as always, made sure there was an adequate amount of lubricating oil in the Reverends bedchamber. In addition, she checked to make certain there were the usual assortment of paddles, restraining straps, and artificial hand carved replicas of various noblemans penises. The hand crafted models were carefully carved from solid ivory using the members of the Council of Elders as inspiration. She recalled to the attending physician, that Reverend Berache retired very early that evening, shortly after the sunset. When she finished with her duties, she retired to her own room to finish sewing dresses and petticoats for the upcomming meeting of the Council of Elders. A half hour later, she heard a young voice cry out from the Reverends adjoing bedroom. It was a loud high pitched voice at first and gradually became a series of lower grunts. From the pattern of sounds coming from the boy, she could tell that the Reverend was thrusting his penis into his backside, at a much faster pace than he normally would. It was customary for the holy man to begin the evening by assigning each boy a location and having them bend over the mahagony desk in his bedroom. In this manner, the boys could see each others face, and reaction, as karşıyaka escort the Reverend walked around the desk, sodomizing each one at random intervals. The desk was sufficiently high enough, so that when the boys leaned forward, they had to stand on the tip of thier toes and balance themselves for the events to come. Reverend Berache would tease the lads at first. He would walk around the desk, stop behind a boy and rub the head of his cock up and down their crack. He would push in gently, so that the boy would prepare himself for the initial thrust into his backside. But nothing would happen. The Reverend would often pull back and move onto the next boy and do the same. The second or third time around, when the boy felt the head of his penis applying pressure, it was easy to assume nothing would happen. At that point, the youngster would let down his guard and relax his anus. Berache could sense that and would force his cock into the boys bowels with such a force, that the entire shaft would enter and his bollocks would smash against the boys backside. The Reverends thrust were so powerful, that at times, the boy was lifted up and his toes were no longer touching the floor. The entire weight of the boys body was now pressing the elders cock into his ass. After the boy had a chance to react to the seven inches of adult cock inside his body, the Reverend would remove his cock unceremoniously and move onto the next boy. One of his favorite techinques was, with certain lads, he would rotate around the desk in the opposite direction…to keep the boys on thier toes, never knowing for sure when his penis would advance. The Widow Widrial had been serving Pastor Berache for the past nine years following the untimely passing of her husband, Richard. Richard had been the Chairman of the Council of Elders for six and a half years. He was, by her own account, a decent man. To the best of her knowledge, he was never unfaithful to her with an woman or maiden in the village. She knew that on a daily basis, he was depositing his sperm into the mouths and rectums of nearly every boy in the village, which was common practice for a man of his age and stature in the community. He set an example for all other elders in the region to follow. Now, as she finished with a delicate pink and blue dresses, she held them up to the light. The new fabric supplied to her by the Council was so thin, that without a petticoat, the boys genitals would be completely visible through the dress. The shreaking sounds of the three boys were coming more frequently now and she anticipated that the Reverend was into the second game of the evening. After the Reverend tired of the teasing phase, in which all of the boys had felt his penis jammed into their bottom, he would give them a moment to rest. The second round would come as a surprize to them as well. Prior to the boys arrival, Widow Widrial would take a dozen small pieces of paper and write down a number on each slip. She would fold over the paper and place them into the Pastor’s cap. She would leave the cap on his desk for the special game he like to play with the boys. When the time came for Pastor Berache to play one of his favorite games, he explained the rules kartal escort to each of the boys. The boys appreciated the time spent explaining the rules as it gave their bottoms a chance to rest from the violent intrusions they had just experienced. “When it is your turn each one of you will draw a slip of paper from my hat. There will be a number from 0 to 12 on each piece. Before you look at the paper, you can accept it for yourself, or pass it to one of the other boys. That boy will then read the number out loud.” he said. “What does the number mean, Sir?” asked David, the oldest of the three. “You will find out after the first paper is drawn. It will be a surprize to you and I dont want to spoil your fun…or should I say, spoil my fun.” Pastor Berache laughed at his sly remark. The hat was first passed to Lucas, a twelve year old boy who had been brought to the village from one of the eastern territories a year ago. He pulled out a slip of paper and decided to pass it to David. David opened up the slip and read out loud: “Nine”. Reverend Berache stepped behind David and aimed his cock directly at the boys rosebud. He whispered to the boy, to count out loud. He warned him and the other two, that if you mis-count, then he would start over from the beginning. Having said that, he forced his cock fully into the twelve year olds ass, causing him to utter a sudden shriek. Leaving it in for less than a second, he pulled his cock completely out. “Well, what say you lad?” he asked. “One Sir!” “Good. Only eight more to go.” Pastor said. The other two boys grimaced along with David as the minister thrust his entire adult cock into the boy and pulled it completely out. David counted each step. His voice became shakey and his buttocks quivered until the ninth violation was complete. The hat was then passed to Willard, another boy who had been in the village for a fortnight. He had just turned eleven two months ago and had by all accounts, the tightest little ass that Reverend Berache had the pleasure of entering all year. Willard, hoping to draw a lower number, announced that he would accept the number on the slip. Reverend read the number out loud: “Twelve”. The boy braced himself for the throbbing cock that fully embedded itself into his rectum. Pastor had to stop after the tenth thrust to make sure that the boy had not fainted. He lowered his head on the ninth and tenth time, without uttering a word. Berache leaned over and asked him if he was alright. “Yes sir. I am not use to that form of sodomy. All the other times I have had this done to me, the elder would put it in and draw it out only part way before sticking it back it. I have not had this type where you pull it completely out and back in again. I am sorry I caused you to stop.” Willard said. “And where were we on the count by boy?” “That was eleven Sir”. Willard replied. Both boys looked at each other and at their Minister. They wondered if the elder realized the mistake. Reverend Berache looked at both of the boys and whispered to Willard. “The count is incorrect. We shall start over again” he said. Each thrust into the boy was followed by a kastamonu escort short delay, to allow him to regain his composure. After several minutes, the twelth thrust was completed and Pastor withdrew his cock from the exhausted preteen. The game progressed with Arthur of Dawlalt, the twelve and a half year old son of the Duke of Dawlalt, drew the number ten. He had played this game before on many, many occasions with the holy man. He knew after his fourth or fifth visit, that all of the numbers in the hat, were either a ten, eleven or twelve and that none of them were zero or any other number. Arthur kept silent about the rigged game. He knew that the Pastor was filling the boys with false hope that they would draw a low number. Being the son of the Duke of Dawlalt did not disqualify him from the repeated anal assaults on his young body. He had been in the program since his eleventh birthday, just as were all the commoners and no exception was made because of his fathers standing in the kingdom. Now, as the tenth and final thrust was over, he intentionally shouted “Nine Sir” as his way of pleasing the most holy Reverend. Berache smiled as if he understood the boys intent. “That is incorrect. We must now start over.” “One Sir” Arthur shouted. The Widow looked at her timepiece. The boys had been at it for nearly thirty minutes. She recognized young Arthurs voice as he cried out for the last time and knew that the games were over. The rest of the evening would be much calmer. The Reverend was a creature of habit. His sessions with the boys occurred on the first, third, and sixth day of each week. This week was no exception. His desk games usually lasted thirty to forty minutes. She knew very well what would come to pass during the rest of the evening. The three boys would join Pastor in his most comfortable bed. They would take turns sucking on his cock, feeding him their cocks, and positioning themselves over his erection and lowering their already sore bottoms onto his stiff organ. They would rotate frequently, until Reverend Berache ejaculated into each one of them. Each of them would fall asleep in his lavish bed, with a wonderous load of his cum inside their bowels. It would leak out during the night and puddle on the sheets. In the morning, Widow Widrial would awaken them, send them off to the baths, and change the sheets. On that fateful morning, as she entered the room, all three of the boys and Pastor were still. She approached each of the boys and examined their anus to insure no damage had been done during the night. Satisified that all three had been rigorously sodomized, she sent them off to get bathed. Pastor Berache had a smile on his face and his eyes wide open. She called for the Physician to come immediately, but she knew that he died doing the things he enjoyed most. Taking care of his flock. The following day, Reverend Withers was appointed by the Council of Elders to assume all responsibilies of the deceased Berache. And they decreed that he had assumed all the rights and privilages of such office. Withers presided over the funeral and said many kind words about his dear friend. Later that day, Reverend Withers began to the think about the arrival of his friend, Lord Espiton, and especially, about the virgin ass of his eleven year old companion. Wither’s cock began to swell under his robe and became obvious to Widow Widrial. “Please make sure there is adequate lube in my bedchambers on the evening that my guests will arrive.” he said. “Of course” she said.

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