13 Mayıs 2023

The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark – Part IX


Jane: I sat back in Mark’s armchair after he had left the room, legs wide open, looking at Alex standing there naked with his riding crop in his hand. He looked so masterful, threatening, but masterful. His cock was hard as well. After a few moments I got up and knelt at his feet and then took his cock in my hand and began to lick his shaft. He stood there looking down at me as I licked and sucked him. “Does this please you?” I asked him. He tapped my thigh with the crop. “It would please me more to be fucking you in your bed.” He told me. I didn’t need telling twice. I picked up all our clothes and belongings and took him upstairs to my bedroom. As he slipped into bed I took off my Basque and stockings and slipped on my new nightie. I picked up the panties as well and held them in the air “Shall I bother with these?” I asked him. “What do you think?” He replied. I tossed them on the floor and slipped in beside him. It felt good; it felt so sexy slipping in beside him in those nice silk sheets. It added to the eroticism; made me feel wetter; made me feel hornier. I kissed him and then lay on my back and opened my legs for him. He accepted the invitation and slipped between them and kissed me. I could feel his cock pressing against my mound and I thrust against him hoping to make it slip inside me. It didn’t because he held back. “Beg me to fuck you!” He told me. “Please fuck me Alex.” I responded with another thrust at him. Again he held back. “Please Alex. Please Alex I need your cock.” I told him. He guided his cock to my opening. “Lie still.” He told me. “Lie still.” I lay still feeling the head of his cock poking the edge of my pussy lips. “I want you as my whore.” He told me. “I am your whore.” I told him. He pushed his cock deep inside me and then pulled out again. “No I mean a real whore.” He said. “Fuck not just me but fuck other men I bring to you. I want to watch other men fuck you as well.” He explained, before thrusting his cock inside me again and then withdrawing. izmir rus escort “I will fuck anyone for you Alex.” I told him as I reached up and pulled his face to mine. As we kissed he thrust again and then began a slow rhythmic fucking. “I want to see you open your legs for other men Jane.” He told me as he slowly fucked me. “Especially black men Jane. I want to see black men fuck you.” I thrust against him trying to quicken his stride. “I will fuck anyone you ask me to Alex. Anyone!” I told him as I felt the stirrings of a new orgasm. He responded with increased thrust and I responded by clawing at his back and telling him what a great fuck he was. It did not take long for him to empty his seed inside me. Mark: I didn’t know what was coming over me. If you had asked me a month or so ago would I have let anyone use a riding crop on me I would have given you an emphatic ‘NO’. Mind you, if you asked me a month ago if I would suck another man’s cock I would have been just as adamant. Jane was not the only one who had changed dramatically. I heard them walk past my bedroom door and took my cock in my hand. I wondered for a moment about just how many other households this scenario was being played out in. Just how many men were lying alone in bed just as I was while their wife or girlfriend was getting into bed with another man? I wanted to go and tuck them in. I had already turned down the bedclothes for her; I had even laid out her nightie set. I would have gladly helped her into it and then tucked her into bed. I would even have given her a good night kiss as she cuddled up close to Alex. I wondered about their fucking too. I wanted so much to see them couple together. I had heard them; I could imagine what they were doing; I could imagine what his cock looked like as it moved in and out of her; I could imagine how her pussy lips would look as his cock slid in and out of her. It was all easy to imagine but what was it like in reality. izmir otele gelen escort bayan What would it be like to stand there silently in the corner of the room and what them? I masturbated to my imaginings and then fell asleep. A while later I awoke again. It was cold without her; I wanted her beside me but she was asleep beside another man. My imaginings took hold once again and I masturbated. Jane: We lay for a little while afterwards talking as we cuddled. I asked Alex about what he had said as he fucked me; he was serious; he did want to share me with other men, not in a cuckolding way, but share me just the same. He told me that he had seen it before, wives and girlfriends starting out in a cuckolding lifestyle and experiencing their new found freedom with a flourish. They didn’t want to tie themselves down with just one lover; they didn’t want to settle into another relationship, they wanted freedom. He had helped other wives before and he wanted to help me. I could see where he was coming from. I too was enjoying my new found sexual freedom and I wanted to explore as well. I liked Alex; I wouldn’t say that I loved him but I was becoming fond of him. I didn’t want to settle into another one on one relationship with him even though I was enjoying every moment of our relationship but I wanted him there. I was glad that he was willing to share me; not just glad but also excited. I wanted his participation. I had often fantasised about a threesome with two males and Alex would be an ideal partner. We fucked again before slipping into a spoon position and falling asleep. We both woke up horny next morning and were eager to fuck but I had to get the girls off to school. Before Mark left to take them I asked him to come back before heading off to work. “I would like you to guide Alex’s cock into my pussy.” I whispered into his ear as I managed a quick grope of his bulge. I felt his eager response immediately. Mark: She smelt Escort Buca of sex next morning; she even tasted of it. I could smell it and taste it as I kissed her. I knew that if I were to rip open her dressing gown and take off her panties there would be a succulent feast for me but this wasn’t the time or place. The thought though made me horny. What made me even hornier was the knowledge of the fact that as soon as I had left she would be heading back to bed where Alex was waiting for her. She told me so after we kissed “Alex is waiting for me with a raging hard on.” She whispered. When she told me what she wanted me to do as I left it made me nearly cum in my pants. When I did return she was upstairs in bed waiting for me with Alex resting beside her. She sat up and sat on the edge of the bed and unbuckled my trousers and then took down my boxers. The bedclothes were pushed back and Alex was uncovered. I suddenly found myself looking at his cock. Jane noticed as she stroked my cock. “I think he wants to fuck me don’t you?” She said as she started to masturbate me. It was all I could do but nod in agreement. I found myself needing support as I got closer to coming and I leant on her shoulders as she masturbated me. Jane was talking to me as she stroked telling me how they had fucked that night; telling me that she enjoyed sleeping with Alex in her bed; telling that she would soon be spending the night with Alex in his own bed. I opened my eyes in amazement wondering if I had heard right. I had. Jane looked me in the eye and told me that she would soon be spending a weekend alone with Alex. I was beyond the point of no return; her timing was perfect. After I cleaned up I returned to the room to find Jane on her back in the middle of the bed. Alex was kneeling between her thighs; he had her legs in his hands and was lifting them onto his shoulders. His cock was precariously hovering over her pussy. “Guide it in for me Mark.” Alex said. I moved closer. I was nervous. It was a moment I had been waiting for. I reached down and took it in my left hand and as Alex moved back I pointed it towards her gaping pussy lips. They were swollen, pink and very wet with juices. Alex moved a little forward again and I held on to him as his thick bulbous head touched her lips. “That’s good cuckboy.” He told me.

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