13 Mayıs 2023

The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds – Part 7


Claire awoke at six o’clock next morning. The bedside alarm was set early and pulled her away from Karl’s warm body. It also took her away from his huge erection that pressed against her bottom. She was used to waking next to a male with an erection pressing into her but nothing compared to Karl’s size. She rolled back to him after turning off the alarm and kissed him. She took hold of his cock and gave him a gentle squeeze. She so longed for his cock again; she longed for him to roll her over onto her back and take her. Hold her hands down into the pillows and fuck her long and hard, but it couldn’t be. They had to rise. They both showered and dressed and Karl slipped away with a promise to meet her in the cafe at lunch time, taking the evidence of his meal with Claire with him. Claire changed the bedding and took something for dinner from the freezer for her and Neil. After a small breakfast she headed off for work. She wasn’t looking forward to it. Not only was she tired but the events of the previous day were taking its emotional toll on her. The last twenty four hours had been like a roller coaster ride for her. Fortunately, she did not have to spend too much time on the department floor. She had her own office and had the excuse of stock-take preparation should any senior management take an interest. Karl met her at lunchtime and they had lunch together alsancak escort in the cafe. It was a far cry from lunch the day before; there was no seduction; no sex and no Jerome, either. There was also no touching; no kissing and no intimacy. She did quietly whisper to him, as they sat down, that she was wearing stockings. Karl called her a tease. She knew that he longed to get his hand under her skirt. She longed to feel his hand there too, touching her sex in the gentle way that he does. Claire went back to work afterwards feeling quite down as well as horny. She thought of Karl’s cock; his long, thick, dark skinned manhood. She could still feel its effects from the day before. She was consoled though by the fact that her day off was Monday. It was just three days away; just three days before she would feel his cock inside her again. Three days before she would feel his cock pulsating inside her again as it pumped its seed deep within. She had already planned to get away early that day and spend as much of the day as she could with him; she had already planned to buy some new lingerie especially to wear for him and she also planned to do a slow and teasing strip for him. Claire had never done a striptease for a man before; it was time to put that right. Neil arrived back home just after six o’clock that evening. He was enthusiastic alsancak escort bayan about some new job responsibilities that he had been given. It was a struggle for Claire to share his joy but she managed to stay attentive and interested. Later, she was pleased that he wanted an early night. Neil was tired from the travelling and she was tired from, well, all that fucking from the day before. Claire was glad to slip into bed beside him earlier than usual. Somehow she could still feel Karl’s presence in the bed. It was almost as if his firm, muscular, dark skinned body was lying next to her. Neil pressed up against her; she could feel his erection through the material of her pyjama bottoms. There was such a difference in size. There was also such a difference in the power as well. She couldn’t put her finger on it but it was almost as if, that when Karl’s erection pressed against her, she felt instinctively to turn over and spread her legs for him. She knew that Neil wanted sex; this was Neil’s normal approach. Press his erection against her and then put his arm around her waist and gently pull her onto her back. Karl had done that too the previous night but he hadn’t made such a timid approach. He pressed hard against her to let her know that he was ready and then pulled her onto her back, forcibly. Karl was escort alsancak a taker. Claire preferred to be taken. This time when Neil tried to pull she resisted. “You know, a strange thing happened to me at the hotel last night,” he suddenly said. “What?” she responded, a little annoyed. “I saw a guy take a woman, whom I presumed to be his wife, to another room and leave her there with another man.” Claire spun round immediately. “What?” “I came back from dinner and went straight up to my room,” he told her. “I came out of the lift and this couple came from their room, which was a couple of doors up from mine. I was in Room 44 and I guessed there’s must have been number 40 or 42. Anyway, he was fully dressed but she was wearing just a red silk nightdress, a bit like the one you bought a couple of years back. You know, the one lacy edge around the bust and… “ “Yes, I know,” she snapped impatiently. “They walked right past without looking at me. He looked a bit embarrassed but she had a smile on her face,” he went on. “I heard a knock on a door further down behind me and I turned and saw it open and she went inside. He stood outside even though the door remained open. Next thing, a man’s arm appeared holding her nightdress and he took hold of it and began to walk back. I quickly turned and got to my room but I saw him walk past through the spy hole.” “Wow.” “I know,” he said. “Unbelievable. He was black as well.” “Black?” “Yes. The man’s arm was black.” Claire took a few moments to collate what he had just told her. “He must have been a cuckold,” Claire told him. “The married man, I mean. Assuming that they were married.” “They were,” Neil told her.

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