19 Ocak 2023

The Dance chapter two


It was classic, and he knew it too. With a wink at mum, he went first to Matt who was on another planet and then quite politely asked dad if he was the driver of the Ford Mustang in the drive.He took half an hour trying to persuade dad to take a breath test, but he was far too drunk and in the end, he was arrested along with Matt for refusing.”On what charges?” Matt bellowed, but the officer shook his head and grinned at mum and me. “I’ll think of them before we get to the station sir,” he said politely. “But I have a video camera in my car, and when you’ve both sobered up in the morning, you might find the playback somewhat interesting.””Well that’s the end of my marriage for certain.” mum said after they’d gone. “And you know something, Lenny?””You’re pleased?” I speculated.”I’m bloody ecstatic darling, I really am pleased.”She noticed my hand then and examined it, I was able to move my fingers, so it wasn’t broken she announced.”Come on into the kitchen, I’ll put some salve on it.”She climbed on a chair to get the salve from the top shelf, and I couldn’t resist a sneaky peek up her skirt, God I thought her bum was gorgeous! But I was so engrossed in looking that it wasn’t until she cleared her throat noisily and asked if I liked the view that I realized she was watching me.”You’ve got a fabulous backside mum,” I laughed. “Far better than any I ever saw in Scotland.”She blushed and actually managed to smile.”Let’s get back to why you’d rather not say what you think of my site.””It’s outstanding mum,” I answered truthfully. “Full of quality and class, but you should find escort beylikdüzü a regular girl to work with and do a series about falling in love, get married even.””What, to a girl?””Yes, why not? Guys love that sort of thing, you know, white wedding gowns, lesbian bridesmaids, a proper church wedding, the whole shooting match, it’d go down a bomb mum.”She looked thoughtful as she dressed my hand.”Yes it probably would, but we’d have to pay a cameraman, and they don’t work for peanuts.””I know one who does.””Who?””Me.”She smiled and kissed my forehead,”Nice try Lenny, but in case you’ve forgotten, I’m your mother.””No, I’ve not forgotten mum,” I said with a laugh. “I’m just offering my help and advice.”She reached for my other hand and slapped some cream on the split knuckles.”If I didn’t know better Lenny,” she said with a smile. “I’d say that you were trying to chat me up.””If I were trying it on mum, I’d have my other hand up your skirt now stroking that gorgeous little bottom.””Cheeky sod,” but she giggled so at least I knew she wasn’t mad at me.She put a music C.D. on and opened two more cans.”I feel like celebrating darling,” she said, “I’m going to be free soon.””Do I take it then, that you’re going to divorce him?””You do indeed darling,” she said vehemently. “He’s belted me for the last time.””But he never touched you,” I said, although why I was defending him, I had no idea!”Only thanks to you Lenny, which reminds me.”She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine, just for the two seconds it took for her to kiss me, I was in escort akbatı heaven. I felt and enjoyed the pressure of her bra-less breasts against me, the pressure of her loins against mine, but all too soon she pulled away and said.”That’s just to say thank you, darling.””Wow,” I laughed. “Do you want anyone killed mum? If I get that as a reward every time, I’m your man.””Right then, so I know now how to get a kiss and a cuddle when I want one.””You can have a kiss from me any time mum.” I said and meant it, “I think I’d better put his car on the road it might just stop him from coming in.””I’m not going to hide from him, Lenny.””Neither am I mum, I just think it’s best if he doesn’t have any reason to come here at all.””Yes, you’re probably right.”We sank a lot of beers that night before staggering up to bed. I’d like to say that she came to me in the night and we made love all night long, but that would be fantasy, no we went to our own rooms although I did look up her skirt again as she went upstairs ahead of me!She was as bright as a button the next morning and singing to herself as the locksmith she’d called changed all the locks on the doors and windows. She certainly meant what she’d said about divorce because after we’d eaten breakfast, I went with her to her solicitor’s where she initiated divorce proceedings on the grounds of his violence.I thought she might want to discuss their joint finances in private so I asked her if she wanted me to leave, but she didn’t hesitate at all.”No darling, I want you to know everything about the financial side of things, escort beylikdüzü I’m useless with money, so I need you to help me.”She didn’t need me at all, but I managed to make myself useful when listing their assets, by mentioning the fishing lake dad had purchased a few years ago where he charged five hundred pounds per rod, per season. It was good money by any standards and dad had never declared it to the tax man, he’d paid cash for it and only dealt in cash for the licenses.”It was a masterstroke Lenny,” she said later as we dined in a city restaurant. “I’d never have thought about it, he always considered it to be his little perk.””Some little perk mum.” I laughed because from what little I knew about it, I could tell that dad had at least ten thousand pounds a year from it.”That might just deserve another little kiss,” she said teasingly and glanced at me from under her eyelids. I’d noticed that she sometimes did that with dad and it drove him mad for her, I could hardly believe that she was doing the same thing to me, but she was!”I was kind of hoping it might deserve a slightly longer kiss mum,” I laughed, “The effort of it has drained me.””Don’t push it buster, or you’ll get nothing, I saw you eyeing up that little secretary.””Well she was nice mum,” I laughed, and she agreed. “She was gorgeous.”We were in my car, an old banger that chugged and stuttered it’s way home, mum was laughing beside me, but encouragingly she was looking at me, and her eyes were alive with pleasure, she was genuinely happy.”I need to check the site darling,” she said. “Just for emails from the fans.”I poured us both out a drink as she booted up and then sat next to her, I was embarrassed at the content of many of the letters, I didn’t want to know what many of her fans wanted to do to her, I’d sooner have done them myself!

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