12 Mayıs 2023

The Deal: Getting Involved With Erin


“Oh, babe, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.I let his cock out and sighed.”I’m going to shoot those tits, Nina, just for you,” he let out, stroking her wood. I failed to even look at him, and just a bit down on my bottom lip as I watched his cock. ‘It’s not like you’ll eat me out though, but cum on my breasts after I suck you off, fucker.'”Yes,” he moaned before letting out his first cum shot.I didn’t respond and just waited for the whole thing to be over. I felt the hot seed blast onto my bosoms within twenty seconds or so, but I failed to grasp the appeal. Although he certainly loved it, so I let it happen again.”Oh, yes, you’re awesome,” he praised me before collapsing on the bed.I watched him get comfortable and pull the blanket over himself too. I surely knew it was game over, but I still stood up and kept my eyes on him also. Although, he closed his eyes and failed to speak.’And you’re not going to eat me out again, bastard. I suck your dick all the freaking time, but you won’t ever return the favor. I can only guess that you think that you just want me to stay quiet and just let it go again. Now you’re out of it,’ I thought before I sat down on the bed. “How many different ways can I say ‘Whatever’? I married you with no written contract saying you have to eat my pussy, but shit,” I whined, hitting the bed. “Is it really so much to ask for him just to lick me down here?” I asked, feeling my slit.I didn’t get an answer, but I sighed again. “This whole thing eats me up inside every day, and now I feel his cum drying on my tits. Fuck, what am I supposed to do?”I had no idea, but I peeked at him again and began grinding my teeth. I certainly didn’t want to harm him, but I felt my skin crawling. I turned my head after a minute and got up off the bed. I grabbed my robe and put it on myself.Then I went out the door and into the hallway. ‘Whoa, they’re kissing out here up against the wall.’ Their lips parted. “Oh, hi, Nina,” she greeted me, turning her head.”Hi, Erin, I see you and your girlfriend are having fun out here,” I laughed somewhat, glancing at both of them.My eyes stopped on her girlfriend. ‘And you’re shooting me a dirty look because?’ I thought before I glanced at Erin again. “How are you, Erin and you too, Sherri?” I asked, looking at her.Although, she failed to speak and turned her head to Erin. “I’ll be waiting,” she mentioned before kissing Erin and heading to Erin’s room.No one said a word until the door shut, and then I put my arms up. “Does your girlfriend hate me, Erin? I mean, I don’t think she has uttered more than fifty words to me, and you’ve been together for over six months now. She likes your dad, but doesn’t treat me with much respect. Is it just because I’m your step-mom and not your real mom?”No,” she objected, closing the gap between us and taking my hands in hers. “I might call you by your first name, but you’re still my mom. I love you as my real mom, you’ve been with me for ten years now, and even though I’m nineteen and an adult now, that doesn’t make you any less of a mother figure to me,” she assured me before smooching my cheek. “I love you, Nina.””I love you too, Erin.””What happened with you two, isn’t it date night?””Yes, but he didn’t feel like going out, and I didn’t bother fighting him.””I think you’re too good for him, Nina. He doesn’t treat you like the queen you are, you’ve always treated me like a real daughter rather than a step-daughter. I can’t thank you enough for that, but I’ll make it up to you somehow, some way.””No, your love for me is enough, but I suppose if you’re getting serious with Sherri in there, you could find out why she doesn’t like me.””Don’t worry about her, let’s just say her parents aren’t ecstatic about her being gay, that’s all. You helped me come out to my dad so she might be a little bitter about that. I got lucky when my dad married you.”I couldn’t help, but smile. She returned the favor and even pecked my cheek as well. Sefaköy escort So, we both stayed silent for a moment as I studied her pretty face and brown hair too.”You’re beautiful in that dress, by the way.””I know you bought this for my birthday a few months ago. It was our date night too, so I thought it was time to break it out. Good pick, by the way, I’m only sorry I haven’t worn it until now.””Don’t worry, Erin, I’m just glad you like it.”Then her door opened up. “Hey, Erin, do you think you could cut your chit chat short and pay some attention to your girlfriend?” Sherri whined.Erin slowly turned her head. “I’ll be there in a minute; I’m just talking with my mom, okay?””Whatever, just hurry up already. She’s only your step-mom,” she bitched before closing the door.”Okay, maybe she has a stick up her ass, but let’s just say she keeps me satisfied. I will definitely work on her for you, though. Just so we’re clear, if she does keep up her shit and making you feel uncomfortable, I’ll break it off with her. You’re more important to me than her, she might eat my pussy like a ninja warrior, but you give me something she can’t, a motherly love.””Good to know, Erin, and you seem to be growing into a free spirit.””Yes, she might be extra whiney because it’s my turn to munch on her twat tonight.””Okay, I won’t hold you up, sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow.””See you, Mom,” she added before kissing my cheek and going to her room.I didn’t know what to say or do, but she blew me a kiss before disappearing into her room. Even after she shut the door, I couldn’t make myself walk away. I had intended to get into the shower, but I couldn’t resist the urge to eyeball her door and let my right hand go into my robe.”Oh, yes,” I heard Sherri moan.”I can only hope you weren’t full of it, Erin, and now I’m out here, rubbing my cherry. You’re beautiful in every sense of the word, from your pretty face, straight brown hair, nice boobs, and smooth skin, too,” I muttered before a pause. “Shit, I think I just developed a small crush on my step-daughter.””Yes, just like that, Erin, you’re making me cum,” Sherri moaned.”Already?” I pondered, undoing my robe.I couldn’t resist the urge to come closer to the door. I didn’t push my head against it, but I could still hear every word Sherri let out because of Erin. I surely didn’t know what to make of my newfound feelings, but they did make my snatch leak a bit.I moved my fingers rather slowly and bit down on my bottom lip too. I felt the thrills going throughout my body, and it made me vibrate somewhat also. I loved my newfound feelings, but I couldn’t look at them, though.’I know it’s wrong to listen, but I can’t help it now, just from one minute to the next, I find myself hot for Erin at least. I don’t have those feelings for Sherri, but she just got inserted in there because she is Erin’s girlfriend. You were open about your oral sex life anyway, but now I don’t know what to think. As she mentioned, I’ve been in her life for ten years now, but I never had sexual thoughts about her.’I wasn’t sure just how long the show would go on, but I couldn’t turn down the temptation to keep listening. I even heard the weird licking sounds, even without my ear on the door. Needless to say, that lured me into pushing my ear on it.”Grab my tits too, Erin. Squeeze them and force out more cum, even more all over your face. I’ll do it, just watch, lovely lady.” ‘Well, you do love my step-daughter, Sherri, but you don’t even like me. I don’t know what your deal is, but you’re becoming hotter by association now. Erin must be making you feel extra good with her tongue and lips. Now I only wish she gave me details about how she eats you out. I know I can picture it, but I can’t watch her do it. Listening is disrespectful enough, but I can’t crack open this door, not even for a second. If Erin found out I was even listening, she wouldn’t hate me, but it would Escort Yenibosna definitely put our friendship at risk. Or, she might be happy, because she’d be able to see how turned on I am now. I’m speculating, but a step-mom can dream, can’t she?’Even as I heard Sherri moaning and making the bed creak, I still thought about the taboo aspect of it all. I knew it was wrong, but it just made it even hotter. My hand was submerged in my lady juice, and it revved my sexual engines into overdrive.”Oh, I love you, Erin, but forgive me,” I muttered before I grabbed onto the doorknob with my other hand.I cracked open the door just a few inches, but yet I didn’t just peek in there again. I got sight of Erin’s legs and feet, but that alone made me slather my lips a lot more. My fingers also made their way up into my snatch as well.”Yes, Erin, shove that tongue so far up there that it gets stuck. Then you’ll have to fuck me full time, you won’t have time to be with anyone else, not even your needy step-mom. I’ll hog you all to myself.””Hey, she deserves respect, Sherri. She may be just my step-mom, but I love her all the same. She might be a little needy, but she just wants to be the best mom she can be. So, if she wants to be involved in my life, then I have no intention of cutting myself off from her. She came along shortly after I lost my biological mom and supported my dad and me through thick and thin, so be nice.””Holy shit, anything for you, Erin. You seemed to have found my weakest spot, so keep eating that pussy.”Although, then I saw Erin’s legs disappear as she climbed up to Sherri. “I love you, Sherri, but don’t ever try to put a wedge between my family and I. That includes Nina, understand?” she asked before I heard a kissing sound.”Yes, shit, I already surrendered, didn’t you hear the last thing I said?””So, you’ll warm to my step-mom then?””Fine, yes, just get back down there and make me cum.”‘Don’t you love it when you listen?’ Erin pondered before she went back down to Sherri’s cherry.”Yes, you mean, but sweet woman. I’ll eat her out right in front of you if you want me to, that’s how well you’re munching on my snatch now, so quit talking and keep going.””Wow, you’re that good, Erin? You certainly have Sherri in the palm of your hand, maybe you’ll start inviting me out to go shopping with you two, or something. I don’t know how I’d feel about getting intimate with you two, but I’d surely do it if you wanted it. I’d let your girlfriend eat me out for hours as you watched, I don’t care if I’d be cheating because it seems like you’re trying to dethrone your dad as the loving leader. It seems he loves me less and less, but shit, I don’t know. I just know I have to see you again, please forgive me,” I cried somewhat before I opened the door a little bit more. “Fuck me, she was not shortchanging you at all, you’re fucking her like no body’s business. You’re like a porn star with that tongue, and you’re playing with her tits too. Wow, you’re both naked, but certainly sexy as hell too. Crap, I underestimated both of you,” I muttered, letting my eyes go all over them both.I kept my tongue going all over my lips, my fingers went in and out of my pussy, and my juice dropped so quickly, it nearly acted as a faucet. I watched Sherri react to the pleasure that Erin gave her, and her entire body shook too.”You have some nice tits, Sherri. I feel bad for watching, but you’re still intoxicating. I’ve seen them sticking out before, but now I can see them, and they have to be C-cups too. No wonder Erin loves you, if I were a lesbian, I’d want to fuck the shit out of you too. You’re a good one for my step-daughter because you’re praising her and caressing her head too as she eats your twat like an all you can eat buffet. I’m starting to like you now because at least you love Erin back. She is shaking her head back and forth, so she must be letting her tongue all over Halkalı escort bayan the inside your cunt too. You’re lucky, bitch. You’ve been cold to me, but she’s hot to you, though. Even with that bush, it’s not slowing her down at all. She has her fingers down there with your lips and has them spread out too.”Needless to say, I felt to be hot as hell, even in that somewhat cool hallway. I had to look right at Erin’s face. Her face was drenched in Sherri’s juice, so she had her eyes closed too. I could eyeball her without her ever knowing.”You’re stunning in every sense of the word, Erin. I don’t like girls, but you’re doing things to me now. I should just walk away, but I can’t. You have me sucked in, and now there is no escape. I already thought you were a princess, but now you’re a queen. You’re a pussy-eating queen indeed, Erin. Obviously, you’ve also made your girlfriend build up a resistance to cumming too. She has ordered you to make her shoot, but you haven’t gotten it done yet.”It didn’t matter though, considering just how much they both enjoyed each other’s company when no one else was around. No one they knew about anyway, so I had to revel in the sight before me, even though I could only see my step-daughter’s butt rather than her tits and twat.The very notion that Erin could eat pussy like that was beyond wild to me, and I could only conclude that I loved it solely because it was her. I saw Sherri jolting and scrubbing Erin’s head as well.Even though I wasn’t involved in the sexual ordeal, I still felt like the one that was getting my slit eaten. Although, my hand did all the physical work as they performed the mental work for me indeed.I didn’t know what I’d do after all was said and done, but I certainly savored every single second of the hot action as if I’d never ever get the chance to see it again. With that in mind, I assaulted my pussy with my hand like never before.I managed to keep a lid on my moaning, but of course, they were pushing me without ever knowing it. I surely knew I had a puddle on the floor by then, but I wanted to get it as big as possible from watching them.”You’re fueling me beyond belief, you sexy ladies. You’re both dazzling, and I haven’t even seen your whole body yet. I didn’t know about it an hour ago, but I want to see you, Erin. I desire to see those jugs, and that cherry you’re hiding.””Yes, yes, yes, Erin! You’re almost there, hit that g-spot for me. Make me shower your face, and then I’ll lick it all off for you. Do it for your bitchy girlfriend?””You’re not a bitch, Sherri, you just have a stick up your ass, and I’m going to yank it out,” Erin announced before fucking her again.”Oh, I love you, Erin, you’re the bomb,” I moaned, shedding a couple of tears.”Fuck yes, Erin, shove that tongue in there and lick my clit. You’ll get your sweet lady juice so much quicker, so do it, and don’t disappoint me.””And you’re the bossy type too, I like that, Sherri. Just don’t be a total floozy to my step-daughter, though. Treat her right.””Yes!” Sherri screamed, pulling Erin’s hair somewhat. “You’re making me shoot now, you lovely angel.””That’s what I’m talking about, now give her all your seed.”My eyes widened as much as possible, and I got the sexiest piece of eye candy imaginable: Sherri dousing my step daughter’s face.”Oh, you’re a squirter too, Sherri, you sly chick, give it all to her.”She surely did submerge Erin’s face, but she made it rather slow, and sexy too. I never envisioned seeing this before, but yet I had it right in front of me. I felt them wooing me effortlessly and had my heart grow for both of them.After Sherri couldn’t unleash another drop, they both leaned up, and she let her tongue onto Erin’s face to clean it off. I couldn’t help but smile too, as the chemistry between them showed itself in the best way possible.”Wow, you two do love each other. I’ve heard you two tell it to each other before, but now I can definitely see it vividly. I’m still masturbating to you two; I can’t stop it.”Although, as I kept my eyes on Erin’s face, she suddenly opened her eyes and happened to be looking at the door.”Shit,” I muttered, quickly moving away from the door.I just took off back to my bedroom with a beating heart and shut the door. I…

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