18 Mart 2023

The Desk


This story is dedicated to the man who could get me to see things from a different perspective than my own. A man who taught me how “to let go” and to do it with grace, with dignity and maturity.


They had been planning this for months; for them to meet in person. They had even chosen an outfit together online for her to wear underneath her clothes. A matching bra, garter belt, and thong set. It was soft pink with black lace trim. She had also purchased black silk stocking with the line up the back.

Of course he had suggested to her — to go without the thong at all.

Her reply was a giggle coupled with “I’d think about it.” She had already decided what she was going to wear over her new bought outfit. She had chosen a mid thigh black spotted wool skirt, black 3 inch strappy heels, and a black sweater with buttons.

The sweater hugged her round full B cup tits. The skirt formed along her bottom perfectly. The heels would enhance and show off her sexy legs. The sweater with the buttons was a test of hers. She loved to be undressed slowly. The buttons would determine if he was as romantic as he had portrayed himself to be thus far.

She got up early the morning she was to fly up to him, feeling a little groggy from the restless night of sleep the night before, excitement filled her entire being as she leaped out of bed. She had showered then got dressed. She had cussed him out a bit as she fumbled and fought with the garter belt. She had never had one before, but she was determined she was going to figure the dang thing out.

She chuckled quietly as she finally got the strap hooked to the stockings thinking that’s one thing he’s going to struggle with, packing up the last of her things, she glanced at the clock and reached for the phone to give him a quick phone call to let him know she was on the way to the airport.

Her heart leapt a bit as he ended the call with the words, “I love you.”

The trip to the airport and boarding was relatively uneventful. Considering the early hour she just nodded off and only awoke again as the pilot’s voice spoke over the overhead indicating that they were taxing the runway.

Her hands starting to sweat a bit as her stomach knotted. The sense of unease failed to disappear when she was off the plane and walked into the arrival waiting section. Instead, her stomach knotted even more.

Her eyes began searching through the crowd looking for him. The thought of maybe he stood her up filling her thoughts as she unconsciously started to nibble on her bottom lip in hopes calming her breathing and heartbeat.

She located him…her breath caught as he looked at her for the first time in person. Their eyes met and both smiled at each other. Her feet carry her to him. In greeting he leaned over and pecks her on the cheek.

He slowly pulled out a single red rose from behind his back and he hands it to her.

Her face flushes, turning red as she notices him taking all of her in. Her soft, “thank you,” is muttered through her now parched lips.

The next few moments seemed to maltepe escort go in a blur — all she recalls is getting into the rental car and following his black Toyota Camry through traffic to his office.

He had always wanted to live out the fantasy of making love to a client.

She smiled as she thought of all the ways she wanted to fulfill his fantasies.

Finally arriving at the office building and they parked both their cars, he walked over to her and reminded her to give him 5 minutes before she walked up. He had already scheduled her on his books and had carved out at least 3 hours.

She watched him enter the building and walk up the steps to the second floor admiring his form as he walked. Her anticipation was beginning to build. She glanced at the clock every minute as time slowly ticked by. She made sure she waited the full 5 minutes as he has requested.

She took a deep breath, and entered the building. On arriving to the second floor there was a reception area. She asked for him by name and stated who she was. The receptionist kindly asked her to sit and wait while she contacted him.

With care she sat, she pushed the fabric of her skirt down forcing the fabric to conform to her thighs and maintain a level of decorum. If she sat otherwise the couple to the right of her may realize that she was quite exposed considering she had chosen to go without the thong. So, she stood almost saint like with her thighs tightly closed.

Inwardly though, the lust she was feeling was burning brightly — leaving her hot and bothered. So much so, that her pussy juices were beginning to ooze from her puss lips and drip down the contours of skin. The delicious waiting was just so provocative. She watched the door intently waiting for him to come get her.

Finally he peeked around the door, and professionally asked her to come on back to his office.

Her heart hammered away. Her breathing became erratic as she followed him.

When she arrived at his office he moved aside to allow her to walk in ahead of him. He wasted no time in locking the door. His eyes met hers as she blushed yet again.

She put her hand bag to the floor and stood in front of him. Turning as he passed.

It only took him a few strides to reach his black leather chair. He motioned her to approach.

She obeyed eagerly.

His arm went around her waist as he pulled her onto his lap.

She sat perched on his one leg as his other arm drapes over her hip, his lips seeking out her tongue tentatively at first, a very light whispery kiss. The exploration began for them with this — their very first kiss ever.

Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips meet hers. The kiss deepened as his hand dropped from her hip to her leg, grazing down the short length of the skirt to then let it slip under the fabric.

She quietly moaned as she allowed his tongue to enter her warm mouth, and felt his warm hand on her bare skin. His other arm tightened around her as the kiss intensified.

Her arms moved to encircle his neck.

His pendik escort fingers danced lightly on her thigh. Then, his hand moved up to cup her left breast.

She moaned again as his hand closed around the full orb, squeezing it, her tongue entangling with his as her need for him blazed hotter.

The kiss ended as he looked deeply into her eyes. His hand worked on each button of the sweater, undoing each.

She smiled as he passed this test.

His inhales softly as he viewed her tits nestled in the soft pink bra. He leaned into drop kisses on them, nuzzling, his hand returning to her thigh. Immediately, he slid under the skirt, moving upwards towards her warmth.

It was her turn for her breath to catch in her throat as his hand made contact with her already very wet bare slit. Her body instantly shuddered in response.

His murmurs against her cleavage appreciatively because of how wet she already is.

The sounds caused the wetness to increase.

He shifted under her as his other hand moved to her chest, pushing the bra off from her tits, exposing a nipple for him to suckle on. He tugged and pulled with his teeth. He also sank a single digit into her slick wetness.

Her eyes closed. Her head fell backwards. Her body hummed under his touch causing her to loss all concentration on time and space.

He added a second finger into her dripping cunt. She starts to grind and circle her hips as his fingers start to slowly fuck her cunt. His teeth closed around the now pert red nub, flicking his tongue over it, the sensation shooting right through her as her smooth velvety walls clamp around his two fingers.

He sensed she’s right on that edge. He added a third finger. This action stretched her very wet pussy.

The feeling of her pussy being filled in such a way sends her right over that edge. She emitted a lustful cry as she cums all over his deeply imbedded fingers and hand.

He very gently removed his now soaked digits from her still spasming cunt. He released her nipple from between his teeth. He immediately pulled her to him. He embraces her tightly as he passionately kissed her.

She is still mentally reeling from what just occurred.

He ends the caresses with a heady kiss, leaving her panting and breathless.

Her entire body was still trembling from the orgasmic aftershocks.

He spoke quietly in his low husky whisper against her ear, “I want and need to fuck that delicious cunt of yours now and I want you bent over my desk.”

Her only response was a groan of lust.

She stood up and turned to face his desk. Her palms folded over he edge of the top. She sensed him moving behind her. Her lust deepened at the rasp of the zipper being undone. She spread her legs farther apart as she felt his hands glide up the back of her thighs. Her skin responded to the material of her short skirt being pushed over her rounded ass.

Hoping to tease him, she wiggled her ass at him — inviting him.

His response being, “oh yeah I’m gonna fuck that sexy ass kaynarca escort of yours next.”

She felt him swiping along her wet bare slit. She leaned farther over the desk. Her hands slide forward to grab the desk end ahead of her. She feel him sink the head into her wet entrance. He continues to push the rest of his hard cock into her pussy slowly.

He is eased into her wanting to savor this moment — delight in her moaning as she feels his cock fill her cunt completely. He knows instinctively that she will cum again quickly. He starts to pull out and then push in again very slowly building up a rhythm.

She pressed and pushed back, trying to urge him to go faster, her breathing increasing along with her heartbeat.

He picked up the pace. Her moans and groans started to increase. She shifted her legs and starts to match his rhythm. Her need to cum and have him erupt in her only thought. She laid her body completely on the top of the desk and begins to speak her mind, “oh god! Fuckkk. Yesss. Fuck me! Harder! Pleeeasee…oh fuckkkk.”

He slammed his cock harder into her cunt and repeating the demanding pace encouraged by her sultry climaxing voice

“Oh fuckkkkk yesssssssss,” she gasps.

His breathing became more labored and heavy.

He pulled back his hand and smacks her right ass cheek, then her left. He was aware that she raised no objection. He swatted each cheek a few more times.

She yelped at each smack. The warmness of the swats radiate on her skin the sensation a delight to her and her moans flow out of her like purrs.

He admires the way her ass has turned a bright pink. He can feel the warmness of her ass against his legs as he starts to pummel her cunt. He gripped her hips and dug his fingers into them. He pulled her hips to him each time he slams deeply into her.

Her pussy continually quivered in response to the delicious torment.

They both realized they are close to the point of no return.

He continues to slam hard into her.

She can feel the edge of the desk being pressed against her ribcage with each thrust. Her juices pool around his shaft.

His cock swells and erupts plunging into her.

Her quick intake of breath, a loud gasp as her cunt closes like a vise around his cock. Her hot creamy liquid gushing out and runs down her inner thighs.

He holds himself deeply in her as the intense orgasm rips through her. His cock being milked by her rippling muscles. His cum continue to spurt out coating the insides of her pussy walls that are rippling.

They both gasped for breath as he releases the death grip he had on her hips. Slowly he pulls out his cum covered cock from her heated sex.

She sinks to the floor as her legs are unable to hold up her trembling body anymore.

He leans down to brush her tousled auburn locks away from her face. He kisses her forehead before he slumps into his leather chair. His breath ragged.

Her eyes gaze at him. Her light blue eyes now a dark blue glazed over with lust and desire. Her entire body flushed as she looks at him.

They both smile at each other because both of them know that once she leaves his office they are meeting later that night to continue the festivities.

But more importantly, they are smiling because they both know that he will forever smile whenever he looks at his desk…

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